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Homework Help: Physical Science

Posted by mysterychicken on Saturday, May 9, 2009 at 11:17am.

I need help with some of these questions:

1.If you look at a red leaf, what describes what happens when you see it?
A.The leaf absorbs red light from our eyes
B.Our eyes reflect red light back to the leaf
C.Red light reflected from the leaf enters our eyes
D.The leaf radiates all colors of light except red to our eyes

2.Which of these objects would have the following characteristics: reflects a lot of light, absorbs a little light, and transmits almost no light?
A.drop of water of orange juice
C.lump of coal
I think it can either b C or D

3.Which best describes the light that plants transform into chemical energy by the process of photosynthesis? light
B.infrared light
C.ultraviolet light and blue light
Not sure about this one...D---??

4.What happens when light strikes the retina in our eyes?
A.Optic fibers send light to the brain
B.An image is protected on the lens of the eye
C.Light sensitive cells send impulses to the brain
D.Chemicals react to develop a photographic image
Not sure about this one either...C?


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