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I need help understanding the question. This is for a World War I project. Thanks.

Compare the ideologies, polocies and governmental methods of at least two 20th century dictatorial regimes [Germany, Italy, Spain, USSR] with absolute rulers from previous eras.

Thanks again.=]

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    I suggest you first make a list of the ideologies, policies, and government methods of Adolf Hitler of Germany and one of the other dictators.

    For instance: Hitler's ideologies included the superiority of the German people and the inferiority of almost everyone else -- including Jews, Poles, homosexuals, mentally retarded, and gypsies. His policy was to conquer, enslave, or murder these "undesirables." His methods inluded instilling fear in everyone by the use of the paramilitary and the Gestapo.

    Then think about the absolute rulers from previous eras that you've studied. Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Draco of Greece, and some of the medieval European kings come to mind.

    Make a list of their ideologies, policies, and governmental methods.

    How are they different? How are they similar?

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    Okay thank you so much. I understand this now. =]

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    You're very welcome. I'm glad it's clear to you now. :-)

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