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Posted by John on Saturday, March 28, 2009 at 6:15am.

1. I believe her to be very careful.
(Can we omit 'to be' in this sentence?)

2. It's already summer. Leaves are dark green.

2-1. It's already summer. Leaves have dark green.
(Which one is correct?)

3. He kept her delicious cake.
3-1. The game kept me excited.
(Are both graammatical?)

4. Hey, listen! I wrote this song.
Really? Oh, it sounds/looks great.

(Are both, sounds and looks, correct?)

5. I asked they play at night, but they didn't listen.
(Is this grammatical? Check errors, please.)

6. Next morning she wore the dress to school.
(What is the part of speech of 'to school?' What does 'to school' modify?)

7. Her father sent some books for her from London.

7-1. Her father sent some books for her in London.
(Which preposition is correct?)

8. Her friend Youri made a bear doll for her.

8-1 Her friend Youri made a teddy bear for her.

(Which one is correct? are both OK?)

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