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yr 8 design technology

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Systems and Control- inputs ,process and outputs

1) public address system - input ?
2)table lamp - process ?
3) street lamp - input ?
4)burgular alam - process?
5)doorbell-output-doorbell sounds (ding dong is this right?)
6)car windscreen - input-?
7)refrigerater- output- cold air ( is this right ?)
8)calculator- input?
9)kitchen timer - process?
10)automatic night light - output - light comes on at set time ( is this right ?)
thanks for you help

  • yr 8 design technology -

    I will do a couple. You need to do your own thinking.

    1)public address system
    input:voice message
    process: amplification, and distribution to speakers
    output: loud message at selected sites.

    7) refrigerator: Input: temperature sensor
    Process: When internal temp is above preset temp, turn on refergerator compressor
    Output: Cold box with temp below a preset.

    10) auto night light.
    Input: light sensor sensiing light
    Process: if ambient light is below threshold, turn on light.
    Output: light on or off

  • re bobpursley-yr 8 design technology -

    thanks that's great! they were the main ones i was stuck on.thanks again

  • yr 8 design technology -

    ok what is the burglar system ?

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