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advanced functions HELP!!!

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the function S(d)=93logd+65 relates the speed of the wind, S, in mile per hour, near the centre of a tornado to the distance that the tornado travels, d, in miles.

a)Calculate the avg. rate of change for the speed of the wind at the centre of a tornado from mile 10 to mile 100.
b) Calculate the approx. rate of change of the wond at the centre of the tornado at the moment it has travelled 10th mile and its 100th mile.

  • advanced functions HELP!!! -

    your last few posts all deal with basically the same method, only the function equation differs.

    a) find S(10) = 93log10 + 65 = 158
    then find S(100)

    avg rate = (S(100) - S(10))/(100-10)

    b) from a) S(10) = 158
    consider S(10.01) = 93log(10.01) + 65
    = 158.04

    so appr. rate of change at 10th mile
    = (158.04-158)/(10.01-10)
    = appr 4 mph

    repeat the same steps for the 100th mile
    (I got 0.4)

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