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western civilization

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were learning about ancient greece and for the test tomorrow i am supposed to explain how the various values described on the following apply to each of the disciplines of literature, philosophy, art and architecture, science and mathematics.

Classical Greek Values

1. Quest for reason and order .
• quest for a balanced society
• ideal of moderation: idea that to achieve this equilibrium, individuals should stay within what seem to be reasonable limits. Everything in due proportion, nothing in excess.
o In Greek drama, for instance, the chorus usually calls for moderation against the excessive passion or excessive pride (hubris ) of the main characters.

2. Humanism: the belief that human ability can triumph over the apparent chaos of the natural world.
• In sculpture, the interest in humanity led to an interst in portraying the human form realistically, while at the same time the quest for balance and order led artists to aim for ideal proportions of beauty, symmetry and balance. (Union of idealism and realism.)
• In architecture, designers were concerned with proportion and the balanced interrelationship of the parts.
o e.g. the sides of the Parthenon had a width-length proportion of four to nine, considered to be the most perfect proportion for appearance.

H.D.F. Kitto on the Greeks’ belief: “...that the universe is based on Reason, and that reasoning can disclose its inner reality. The road to the truth lies not through the sense but through the mind.”

sorry i know its a lot but i am soo confused. please help :) thank you so much!

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    Your question is incomplete -- please type in the rest, since copying/pasting is not working.


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    Here's a place to start:

    Check out Socrates, Plato, Aristotle,Eratosthenes, Hippocrates, and others.

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    Were I you, I would get my book, and a couple of sheets of paper. Fold the paper in half and write one of those catagories on each half. Then I would review my notes plus topic sentences from the book and write pertinent information on each of those topics. When I had gathered the information, then I would organize it into a logical outline that I could deal with on the test.

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    The Hellenistic period was rooted in Macedon, whose government took the form of a(n):

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