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Homework Help: social studies

Posted by Neko34 on Wednesday, April 23, 2008 at 6:00pm.

i got this from my teacher
"creat your own nation-state"my project needs to include the following
-come up with a unique and intellectual name for the nation-state
-creat a map of your nation-state(identify the capital,major mountain range,rivers,lakes)
-create a world map and an indicator forthe location of your nation-state
-creat a flag for your nation-state
- identify what type of your nation-state would have(ex,monarch,president or dictator)
-identify the national religion
-write a national anthem
-a one page typed essay(12pt font,double spaced,1 inch mar gins)on the history of your nation-state(in the essay inciude the centralized government,religion
and language)

how do i do all of this?....

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