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Hi i need help on solving this question.

The population, P(t) of a city is modelled by the function P(t)=14t^2 + 650t + 32000

When will the population reach 50000?

I want to know what we are looking for, and how to get to that answer. Tnx

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    Well t is the time I suppose. Since the question is asking for "when" then we are solving for t. So we want to find out when the population reaches 50000 and P(t) is the population at a certain time. Then substitute 50000 into P(t). Then solve for t. If you need further help or your answer checked, I'll be happy to help.

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    i am a polygon i am a quadrilateral my opposite sides are parallel and congruent. i contain perpendicular line segments. what shape am i

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    Huh? >.< rhombus.

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    Oh oops square*. I forgot about the perpendicular part.

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