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14. “pattern” (line 21) means:
(A) design
(B) formula
(C) link
(D) obligation
15. “focus on” (line 35) means:
(A) concentrate one’s attention on
(B) study the behaviour of
(C) supervise the activities of
(D) impose living conditions on
16. “accommodate” (line 45) means:
(A) help
(B) feed
(C) support
(D) host
17. “closeness” (line 50) means:
(A) comfort
(B) ressemblance
(C) proximity
(D) isolation
18. “family-oriented” (line 52) means:
(A) encouraging marriages
(B) restricting birth-rate
(C) with family cohesion traditions
(D) encouraging family businesses

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    Please do your work and we will be happy to help you with corrections.

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