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A. Identifying Subjects and Predicates
If the simple subject is in parentheses, write SS on the line. If the simple predicate is in parentheses, write SP. Write CS if the words in parentheses are the complete subject and CP if they are the complete predicate.

1. Ichabod Crane (had come to Sleepy Hollow from Connecticut.)
2. The (schoolmaster) lived with a different family every week.
3. He (enjoyed) the hospitality and good cooking of the neighborhood housewives.
4. (This nervous man) was quite superstitious and fearful of shapes in the shadows.
5. Crane (fell) in love with the beautiful Katrina Van Tassel, the daughter of a wealthy Dutch farmer.
6. Crane's (rival) for the affections of Katrina was local hero Brom Van Brunt.
7. One dark night in the forest, (Ichabod Crane) was terrorized by a figure on horseback, the ghost of a headless horseman.
8. The frightened schoolmaster (disappeared that night after a desperate chase through the woods.)

B. Identifying Complete Sentences
Read each of the following groups of words. If the words form a complete sentence, write CS on the line. If the words form a sentence fragment, write F, and tell whether the fragment is missing a subject (MS) or a predicate (MP) or both (MSP).

1. Washington Irving, one of the first American writers.
F (MP)
2. Told the story of Ichabod Crane in "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow."
F (MS)
3. This short story has become an American classic.
4. In the quiet New York village of Sleepy Hollow with distinctly American characters.

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