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Prenatal question

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In a newborn,as they growup, which do
they learn to control last?

fingers,hands,arms,or legs?

I am thinking newborns as they grow up
learn to control either the fingers or hands last. But not sure,please help.

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    This is hardly prenatal. Control of appendages comes with experience. Many second graders do not have fine motor contol (eye finger coordination) to write. Every have a six year old try to catch a small ball? Or kick a soccer ball in a specific direction? or hit a ping pong ball?

    I don't think you can answer such a question without being specific to the skill involved.

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    Finger control would be last. Muscle control goes from large muscles to small.

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    I am studing in a prenatal pamphlet,
    and this question is on my assignment.

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    There are at least two trends for development — proximodistal and cephalocaudal, both prenatal and postnatal. The first indicates that the organs nearer (proximal) to the center of the body develop first, while the second indicates that development proceeds from head (cephalo) to tail (caudal). In humans, rather than from head to tail, it would be head to foot. Functional control follows structural development.

    I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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