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Homework Help: chemistry

Posted by Lillian on Monday, May 21, 2007 at 10:54pm.

why does a can of soda explode in a hot car?

As the temperature rises, the gas (carbon dioxide that make the fizzle in soda pop)exerts more and more pressure until the container ruptures. Any gas heated tries to expand due to greater molecular motion.If it is contained, it exerts more pressure on the container. The same thing happens to a balloon in the sun.


I have to balance the following equation using the lowest number of coefficients
CH4 + NH3 + O2 -- HCN + H2O

I can get N,C and O to balance as follows
CH4 + NH3 + O2 -- HCN +2H2O

I can get H,C and N to balance as follows
CH4 + NH3 2O2 -- HCN + 3H20

Can anyone help me as I just can't seem to get all four to balance and I'm not sure where I'm going wrong

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