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Probblem #6
solve by multiplying through with the common denominator

(11)/(3)x + (1)/(6) = (8)/(3)x + (19)/(6)

Problem #20

the perimeter of a rectangle is to be no greater than 300in. and the length must be 125in. write an inequality representing the maximum perimeter.

i know that the perimeter is length times width...

#6. First, find the common denominator.

(22/6)X + 1/6 = (16/6)X + 19/6

(22/6)X - (16/6)X = 19/6 - 1/6

You should be able to take it from here.

#20. Area — NOT perimeter — is length times width. Perimeter is obtained by adding the length of all the sides.

300 > 2(125) + 2X, where X = width

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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