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Math - Algebra 2 some1 plz help?

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in a certain math class, each student has a text book, every 2 students share a book of tables, every 3 students share a problem book, and every 4 students share a mathematics dictionary. If the total number of books is 75..

how many students are in a class?
how many students share tables?
how many students share a problem book?
how many students share a math dictionary?

write the equattion
solve the equation
find the solution
answer each question

Let X be the number of students. The total number of books is
X (texts) + X/2 (tables) + X/3 (problem books) + X/4 (dictionaries) =
(1 + 6/12 + 4/12 + 3/12)X = (25/12) X = 75
Solve for X.

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