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Fractions.. :S

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How would I work out this question...?
A car costs 1,150 after it was reduced by 15%. What was the original cost?


If x is the original cost, then
.85*x = 1,150 or
x = 1,150/.85

So I would divide by 85 and times by 15 and then add my answer to 1,150?

No, you would divide 1,150 by .85 and that would be the cost. You might need to round the number.

Oh by 0.85? Is that because 85% is equal to 85/100? I think I get it now! Thanks alot :D

If C is the original cost of the car, then your equation would look like this:

C - (15%)* C = 1150

This way, you start with the original cost but you are subtracting the 15% discount.

Are you good from there?

Yeah I think so, thanks :)

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