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Is this the answear to 36x^2 y^4 a^-2
72a x^-1 y

^ means power

Answear 1
2 a^3 x^-1 y^-3

Close, but now the exponent for x is wrong. The y term should be in the numerator too. Try again.

Here is how it is done. You need to concentrate on each step. You appear to be guessing although you may just be trying different ideas. Just one thing to remember. Change the sign of the exponent when moving a variable from top to bottom or the reverse. I assume you understand that the 36/72 = 1/2,
I usually try to move the negative variables first. Doing that, we move the a^-2 from top to bottom. That changes it to a^2 and that combines with the a already there to make a^3. Next! We have a x^-1 on bottom and we move that to the top to become x^1. That combines with the x^2 already there to become x3 in the numerator. Next! The y term is the only one left. We have a y^4 on top and y on the bottom. I usually try to go from lower exponent to higher exponent. That means we transfer the y on the bottom to the top. It becomes y^-1 and combines with the y^4 already there to become y3 in the numerator. Please post a response and let me know if you understand this. I hope this helps.

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