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quick algebra question

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When asked what quadrant the coordinate (0,0) is in, should I put None or Origin as my answer?

It is by definition the origin. It is not in any of the four quadrants.

I would put "origin."

Orgin would get my vote too.
I think in anlaytic geometry the plane is partitioned as origin, axis and quadrants.

After a second look at your question I think I missed what was being asked. The coordinate (0,0) is certainly the origin, but that's not what the question is asking. The question specifically asks:
"When asked what quadrant the coordinate (0,0) is in..."
It seems to me the answer to this part has to be none. It would have to be all or none, but I don't remember the origin being included with any quadrant. Hopefully I read it correct the second time.

having trouble with algebra 2 can someone help me

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