January 17, 2017

Homework Help: About Jiskha

Mission Statement: to revolutionize education technology in order to promote a fascinating and technologically advanced learning experience

Jiskha.com has long been the leader in internet education for K-12 students. The website assists thousands of children and teenagers with schoolwork everyday by publishing educational content and providing instant-help services for students who need urgent help. With dedicated fans and over two-hundred contributing writers, Jiskha.com successfully improves grades in the classroom and makes learning more enjoyable.

How does Jiskha.com help students?

Homework Help Forum
The homework help forum has been setup exclusively for students with simple homework questions. Anyone can ask questions, and questions are almost always answered within a couple days. A Jiskha.com certified teacher will often take time to answer some of the questions on the forum.

Homework Help Search
Students can search for topics by using the search feature. Results include articles, directories and questions that other students have asked in the past.

Directories of Articles and Links
After publishing a homework question on the forum, students can also browse the directories of articles and links in twelve different subject areas. There are hundreds of thousands of links and articles featured on Jiskha.com - all of which have been scanned for free and accurate educational content. The most popular subjects include math, science, English, and social studies.

How can I find out more about Jiskha.com?

Jiskha.com has been proudly featured in numerous media programs and publications and is supported by hundreds of school districts across America. An internet search for "jiskha" reveals over 100,000 other educational websites that support Jiskha.com.

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