Most popular questions and responses by sarah
  1. Language Arts

    In the multi-draft reading process what does a reader look for in the third reading? *This is a question from Connexus, and I really need help D:

    asked on April 9, 2015
  2. Drama

    In act 1 scene 2 of a christmas carol scrooge and marley, why does scrooge object to people enjoying christmas?

    asked on April 13, 2015
  3. english

    Which of the following is the best definition of a drama? a. a story with props b. a story with a happy ending c. a story written to be preformed by actors d. a story in which the main character eventually fails I think it's D, can anyone check me? Thanks

    asked on April 11, 2015
  4. Physics

    A grasshopper leaps into the air from the edge of a cliff at a 50 degree angle. He reaches a maximum height 6.74 cm above the top of the cliff and travels a total horizontal distance of 1.06 m. How tall is the cliff and what is the initial speed of the

    asked on June 12, 2015
  5. Physics

    A 1000 kg car pushes a 2000 kg truck that has a dead battery. When the drive steps on the accelerator, the drive wheels of the car push against the ground with a force of 4500 N. a) What is the magnitude of the force of the car on the truck? b) what is the

    asked on June 12, 2010
  6. Math -- Algebra

    Why Are Mr. and Mrs. Number so Happy?

    asked on April 22, 2008
  7. Physics

    a model of a helicopter rotor has four blades, each 3.40 m in length from the central shaft to the tip of the blade. The model is rotated in a wind tunnel at 550 rev/min. A) what is the linear speed, in m/s of the blade tip? B.) what is the radial

    asked on June 7, 2009
  8. Physics

    In the figure, a chain consisting of five links, each of mass 0.100 kg, is lifted vertically with constant acceleration of magnitude a = 2.50 m/s2. Find the magnitudes of (a) the force on link 1 from link 2, (b) the force on link 2 from link 3, (c) the

    asked on March 19, 2011
  9. Physics

    A track star in the long jump goes into the jump at 12 m/s and launches herself at 20.0° above the horizontal. How long is she in the air before returning to Earth? (g = 9.81 m/s2)

    asked on October 6, 2013
  10. chem

    A voltaic cell consists of a strip of cadmium metal in a solution of Cd(NO3)2 in one beaker, and in the other beaker a platinum electrode is immersed in a NaCl solution, with Cl2 gas bubbled around the electrode. A salt bridge connects the two beakers.

    asked on April 13, 2013
  11. artist

    1. The artwork pictured here best represents which message? a) Ideas and creativity can be shown with many different tools. b) It is important to use one type of tool because you understand how to use it. c) People can be limited by their ideas. d)

    asked on October 30, 2014
  12. Physics

    Two dogs pull horizontally on ropes attached to a post; the angle problem 1 between the ropes is 60.0 degrees. If dog A exerts a force of 270N and dog B exerts a force of 300N find the magnitude of the resultant force and the angle it makes with dog A's

    asked on June 8, 2009
  13. physics

    A certain orthodontist uses a wire brace to align a patient's crooked tooth as in the figure below. The tension in the wire is adjusted to have a magnitude of 21.12 N. Find the magnitude of the net force exerted by the wire on the crooked tooth.

    asked on October 5, 2011
  14. Economics

    Questions: Are the following workers more likely to experience short-term or long-term unemployment? Explain. a. A construction worker laid off because of bad weather. b. A manufacturing worker who loses her job at a plant in an isolated area. c. A

    asked on March 24, 2007
  15. physics

    What is the tension in the rope of this figure description? 60 kg person is hanging in the air on a rope attached to a pulley, with a 100 kg mass attached on other end that is touching the ground.

    asked on June 13, 2010
  16. physics

    It is possible to shoot an arrow at a speed as high as 100 m/s. (a) If friction is neglected, how high would an arrow launched at this speed rise if shot straight up? (b) How long would the arrow be in the air? Please help! I do not have any clue as to how

    asked on June 7, 2010
  17. Partial Pressure- Chemistry

    A gaseous mixture of O2 and N2 contains 31.8 % nitrogen by mass. What is the partial pressure of oxygen in the mixture if the total pressure is 445 mmHg?

    asked on September 23, 2008
  18. Civics

    2.   One main difference between the United States Constitution and state constitutions is that state constitutions  A. are much longer. B. don't provide for a legislature. C. can't be amended. D. don't have bills of rights. So your saying it's D?

    asked on March 29, 2015
  19. Math to Ms.Sue (urgent )

    11.   Lorenzo has a checkbook balance of $118.00. He writes two checks, one for $9.00 and one for $84.25. He then deposits $95.00. Finally, he uses his calculator to determine his new balance. Which one of the following series represents the correct

    asked on January 16, 2015
  20. Chemistry

    Ionization energy is defined as the minimum energy required to remove an electron from the ground state (n0) to infinity (n∞). Determine the wavelength of radiation required to ionize the hydrogen electron from the n = 2 energy level. Calculate the

    asked on October 26, 2009
  21. Chemistry

    Write the balanced chemical equation for each of these reactions. Include phases. When aqueous sodium hydroxide is added to a solution containing lead(II) nitrate, a solid precipitate forms. However, when additional aqueous hydroxide is added the

    asked on May 11, 2012
  22. Physics

    A bowling ball weighing 71.2 N is attached to the ceiling by a 3.80 m rope. The ball is pulled to one side and released; it then swings back and forth like a pedulum. as the rope swings through its lowest point, the speed of the bowling ball is measured at

    asked on June 15, 2009
  23. Physics

    A giant swing at a county fair consists of a vertical central shaft with a number of horizontal arms attahed at its upper end. Each arm supports a seat suspended from a 5.00 m long rod, the upper end of which is fastened to the arm at a point 3.00 m from

    asked on June 15, 2009
  24. biology

    Which best describes Francis Bacon’s contribution to the Scientific Revolution?

    asked on February 27, 2018
  25. Chemistry Help

    What is the ionic equation for: 2 HClO4(aq) + Mg(OH)2(s) ¨ Mg(ClO4)2(aq) + 2 H2O(l)

    asked on December 18, 2010
  26. Physics

    The four tires of an automobile are inflated to an absolute pressure of 2.0*10^5 Pa. Each tire has an area of 0.024m^2 in contact with the ground. Determine the weight of the automobile. Pressure*area= force. There are four tires.

    asked on May 10, 2007
  27. Math(problem solving)

    Four darts are thrown at this dartboard. If all four darts hit the board, how many different point totals are possible? there are 4 circles with point totals: working out from the middle bulls eye.. bulls eye = 9 2nd circle = 7 3rd circle = 4 outter circle

    asked on March 6, 2013
  28. math 3rd grade

    How can you use 4x7 to find 8x7? find the product. I don't understand this how can i expect my 3rd grader to understand.

    asked on November 26, 2012
  29. chemistry

    A voltaic cell that uses the reaction Tl3+(aq) + 2 Cr2+(s) ¨ Tl+(aq) + 2 Cr3+(aq) has a measured standard cell potential of +1.19 V. determine E‹red for the reduction of Tl3+(aq) to Tl+(aq).

    asked on April 14, 2013
  30. science

    Suppose you are hiking along a trail. Make a comparison between your displacement and your distance traveled. Check all that apply. -Your displacement must be less than your distance traveled. -Your displacement must be greater than your distance traveled.

    asked on September 12, 2015

    Suppose the moon rotated on its axis just as quickly as Earth. Would you still always see the same side of the moon from Earth? *HELP ME PLEASE*

    asked on January 8, 2014
  32. Chemistry

    Aqueous solutions of copper (II) sulfate, CuSO4, and potassium carbonate, K2CO3, a blue parcipitate of copper (II) carbonate forms in addition to one other compound. We have to write the balanced chemical equation for that but our teacher didn't teach us

    asked on September 24, 2016
  33. Physics

    A potter’s wheel with rotational inertia of 45 kg m2, is spinning freely at 40 rpm. The potter drops a lump of clay onto the wheel where it sticks a distance 1.2 m from the rotational axis at the wheel’s center. If the subsequent angular speed of the

    asked on June 29, 2009
  34. Chemistry

    Commercial vinegar was titrated with NaOH solution to determine the content of acetic acid, HC2H3O2. For 20.0 milliliters of the vinegar 26.7 milliliters of 0.600-molar NaOH solution was required. What was the concentration of acetic acid in the vinegar if

    asked on May 23, 2007
  35. Math

    What happens to the man who carries an ax in his teeth?

    asked on November 4, 2008
  36. chem

    3 Ce4+(aq) + Cr(s) ¨ 3 Ce3+(aq) + Cr3+(aq) What is the emf of this cell when [Ce4+] = 2.9 M, [Ce3+] = 0.11 M, and [Cr3+] = 0.015 M?

    asked on April 16, 2013
  37. Physics

    A Chinook salmon can jump out of water with a speed of 6.60 m/s . How far horizontally d can a Chinook salmon travel through the air if it leaves the water with an initial angle of θ=27.0° with respect to the horizontal? (Let the horizontal direction the

    asked on September 6, 2018
  38. World Geography

    Imagine you are an elected official with the responsibility of drafting legislation designed to protect our environment. What items will you include in your bill? Who will be responsible for the bill's implementation? Its enforcement? Your response should

    asked on March 6, 2014
  39. History

    Which battle was a major turning point for US and South Korean forces during the Korean War? a. Battle of Pork Chop Hill b. Spring Offensive c. Battle of Heartbreak Ridge d. Inchon Bay landing Is it D?

    asked on August 20, 2018
  40. Science

    When evolution was first proposed, which of the following was used as evidence to support the idea? 1.observations of nature 2.laboratory experiments 3.extensive fossil collections 4.genetic sequences 1.?

    asked on April 20, 2015
  41. MSU

    aluminum sulfate and sodium phosphate Express your answer as chemical equation.

    asked on October 6, 2011
  42. Math

    I need help with this I keep putting the numbers in wrong on the formula ! PLEASE HELP Price of article = $315.50 Down payment = $31.55 Monthly payment amount = $16.50 Duration of payments = 20 months True annual interest rate to the nearest tenth = %

    asked on June 24, 2013
  43. Physics

    A tennis player hits a ball at ground level, giving it an initial velocity of 24 m/s at 57 degrees above the horizontal. (a) what are the horizontal and verticla components of the ball;s initial velocity? (b) how high above the ground does the ball go? (c)

    asked on June 7, 2009
  44. Math

    A number cube is rolled 160 times. The number 2 comes up 39 times. what is the experimental probability of rolling a 2? What is the theoretical probability of rolling a 2? A. 39/160 ; 1/80 b. 1/6 ; 39/160 C. 39/160 ; 1/6 D. 121/160; 1/6 My answer is B. Is

    asked on April 29, 2015
  45. Chemistry

    Nitric oxide (NO) reacts with molecular oxygen as follows: 2NO(g) + O2(g) ¨ 2NO2(g) Initially NO and O2 are separated as shown below. When the valve is opened, the reaction quickly goes to completion. Determine what gases remain at the end of the

    asked on October 31, 2010
  46. chemistry

    Phosphorus pentachloride decomposes according to the chemical equation PCl5(g) -----> PCl3 (g)+ Cl2(g) Kc= 1.80 at 250 degrees C A 0.463 mol sample of PCl5(g) is injected into an empty 4.80 L reaction vessel held at 250 °C. Calculate the concentrations of

    asked on March 9, 2012
  47. college physics

    three carts of masses 4.0kg, 10kg, and 3.0kg move on a frictionless horizontal track with speeds of 5.0m/s, 3.0m/s, and 4.0m/s. The carts stick together after colliding. find the velocity of the three carts.

    asked on June 1, 2008
  48. Economics

    Suppose that the residents of Vegopia spend all of their income on cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots. In 2006 they buy 100 heads of cauliflower for $200, 50 bunches of broccoli for $75, and 500 carrots for $50. In 2007, they buy 75 heads of cauliflower

    asked on April 2, 2007

    Two bulbs are connected in parallel across a source of emf EMF = 10.0V with a negligible internal resistance. One bulb has a resistance of 3.0 Omega , and the other is 2.5 Omega . A resistor R is connected in the circuit in series with the two bulbs. What

    asked on August 23, 2012
  50. physics

    A car travels between the 100 meter and 250 meter highway markers in 10 second. The average speed of the car during this interval is...

    asked on March 13, 2011
  51. Chemistry

    If the literature value for the ΔHfus of water is 6.01 kJ/mol, how many kJ of heat energy would be required to completely melt 130 g of ice at 0°C?

    asked on April 16, 2012
  52. Chemistry

    The reaction of aqueous sodium bromide and aqueous lead(II) nitrate is represented by the balanced net ionic equation. 2Br-(aq) + Pb2+(aq) → PbBr2(s) Give the balanced ionic equation for the reaction. Include the states.

    asked on January 29, 2010
  53. English

    Choose the meaning of the bolded vocabulary word in each passage in the next six questions. I can't bold them so the word will be in caps. Check my answers * = My answer 1. "Once, the listener fancied that he could DISTINGUISH the accent of town's people

    asked on November 3, 2016
  54. Physics

    A boy kicks a rock off a cliff with a speed of 15.5m/s at an angle of 53.5° above the horizontal. The rock hits the ground 5.37s after it was kicked. How high is the cliff? I found the height of the cliff which is 7.45*10^1 m. What is the speed of the

    asked on January 29, 2017
  55. Physics

    A 200 g mass attached to a horizontal spring oscillates at a frequency of 2 Hz. At one instant the mass is at x=5 cm and has a Vx=-30 cm/s.Determine: a) the period ( i got T=.5s) b) the amplitude c) the max speed d) the total energy need equations to solve

    asked on July 7, 2010
  56. Calc

    If y=tanu, u=v-(1/v), and v=lnx. What is the value of dy/dx at x=e?

    asked on December 6, 2016
  57. math

    In a certain town, 25% of people commute to work by bicycle. If a person is selected randomly from the town, what are the odds against selecting someone who commutes by bibycle? A). 3:1 B). 3:4 C). 1:3 D). 4:1

    asked on September 18, 2010

    Calculate the change in entropy that occurs when 17.68 g of ice at -12.7°C is placed in 54.05 g of water at 100.0°C in a perfectly insulated vessel. Assume that the molar heat capacities for H2O(s) and H2O(l) are 37.5 J K-1 mol-1 and 75.3 J K-1 mol-1,

    asked on October 23, 2012
  59. Physics

    On a cloudless day, the sunlight that reaches the surface of the earth has an intensity of about 1.2 103 W/m2. What is the electromagnetic energy contained in 6.4 m3 of space just above the earth's surface?

    asked on October 28, 2013
  60. Literature

    What are some of the poetic devices used in this poem by Gladys Cardiff? -diction -end-stopped -lyric -symbol -syntax Bending, I bow my head And lay my hand upon Her hair, combing, and think How women do this for Each other. My daughter's hair Curls

    asked on January 12, 2011
  61. math

    A right triangle is formed in the first quadrant by the x- and y-axes and a line through the point (2,3). Draw a figure that illustrates the problem. What is the area of the triangle A as a function of the x-intercept of the line?

    asked on October 22, 2012
  62. Chemistry

    Write a net ionic equation for the reaction that occurs when excess hydrobromic acid (aq) and sodium sulfide are combined.

    asked on September 24, 2017
  63. Math

    A conical water tank with vertex down has a radius of 10 feet at the top and is 22 feet high. If water flows into the tank at a rate of 30 {\rm ft}^3{\rm /min}, how fast is the depth of the water increasing when the water is 14 feet deep? I have tried

    asked on October 5, 2014
  64. english

    Put parentheses around the adverb clause by placing the parentheses in their correct locations. He will not come unless you invite him.

    asked on March 30, 2016
  65. physics

    A ferris wheel rotates at an angular velocity of .036 rad/s. At t=0min your friend Seth is at the very top of the ride. What is Seth's angular position at t=3 min, measured counterclockwise from the top?

    asked on June 14, 2010
  66. Math to Ms.Sue

    1.   The Hamilton Brush Company issued 2,500 shares of common stock worth $100,000.00 total. What is the par value of each share?      A. $25.00 B. $400.00 C. $250.00 D. $40.00 My choice is either A C or D? I divided 100,000.00 by 2,500 and got

    asked on January 16, 2015
  67. Math

    Starting at the top, if you cut a square pyramid in half using a single cut, what is the shape of the newly-exposed section?

    asked on May 17, 2017
  68. physics

    Assume the truck is going at v0 = 25 m/s, and you're 20 m behind the truck. You decide to accelerate at a = 1.0 m/s2 to pass the truck. To pass safely, you also want to pass the truck by 20 m before moving back to the lane. Part A ) Estimate the time

    asked on January 13, 2016
  69. Chemistry

    I am so stuck on this problem: λ for one line of the hydrogen spectrum is .4118 x 10-4 cm. Use this value in the Rydberg equation to calculate the RH value using n1 = 2, and n2 = 5. I know 1/lambda = RH (1/n2 - 1/n2) 1/(.4118e-6 m) = RH (1/4 - 1/25) RH =

    asked on October 26, 2009
  70. Civics

    8.   Which one of the following provisions was part of the first draft of the Articles of Confederation submitted to the Second Continental Congress?  A. Appointment of George Washington as commander of the Continental Army B. Limited and restricted

    asked on March 10, 2015
  71. Chemistry

    Ammonium iodide dissociates reversibly to ammonia and hydrogen iodide. NH4I(s) NH3(g) + HI(g) At 400°C, Kp = 0.215. Calculate the partial pressure of ammonia at equilibrium when a sufficient quantity of ammonium iodide is heated to 400°C. Please help!

    asked on March 8, 2012
  72. Chemistry

    The thermal decomposition of 1.6608 g of MgSO4 * H2O produces 1.4446 g of a product in a well-behaved reaction. There are two possibilities: 1) MgSO4 * H2O(s) -> MgSO4(s) + H2O(g) 2) MgSO4 * H2O(s) -> MgO(s) + SO3(g) + H2O(g) Complete the following table,

    asked on February 10, 2018
  73. Civics

    1.   A basic position in American foreign policy has been that America must defend its foreign interests related to trade and security. The main foreign policy position opposed to this American policy is called  A. imperialism. B. militarism. C.

    asked on April 21, 2015
  74. Physics

    A curling stone with a mass of 18 kg slides 38m across a sheet of ice in 8.0 s before it stops because of friction. What is the co¨efficient of kinetic friction between the ice and the stone? (Note: you will need to calculate the acceleration of the stone

    asked on October 29, 2015
  75. Physics

    In the rectangle in the drawing, a charge is to be placed at the empty corner to make the net force on the charge at corner A point along the vertical direction. What charge (magnitude and algebraic sign) must be placed at the empty corner? (the rectangle

    asked on September 8, 2013
  76. Physics

    a 65-kg ice skater moving to the right with a velocity of 2.50m/s throws a .150kg snowball to the right with a velocity of 32.0m/s relative to the ground a) what is the velocity of the ice skater after throwing the snowball? b) a second skater initially at

    asked on April 26, 2012
  77. Algebra

    The height of Tower A is 940 feet more than Tower B. The two towers have a combined height of 1,540 feet. What are the heights of each​ tower?

    asked on May 22, 2016
  78. chemistry

    draw the skeletal structure line-angle (line-bond) mode of 2-isopropyltoluene. Identify the number of hydrogen atoms bound to each carbon in the structure.

    asked on October 13, 2016
  79. probability

    Assume that there is an urn containing seven $50 bills, six $20 bills, five $10 bills, four $5 bills, and one $1 bill and that the bills all have different serial numbers so that they can be distinguished from each other. A person reaches into the urn and

    asked on July 7, 2013
  80. Economics

    7. Suppose there are two possible income distributions in a society of ten people. In the first distribution, nine people have incomes of $30,000 and one person has an income of $10,000. In the second distribution, all ten people have incomes of $25,000.

    asked on March 8, 2007
  81. Social studies

    2: How might the Iroquois have been helpful in assisting the British troops in the surprise attack? a- the Iroquois likely had better knowledge of the area and could lead the British troops through the woods b- the Iroquois likely had better knowledge of

    asked on September 1, 2017
  82. Chemistry

    The concentration of barium ions in any solution can also be determined via gravimetric analysis. An impure sample of barium nitrate with a mass of 1.234 g, is completely dissolved in water and the resulting solution is reacted with an excess of aqueous

    asked on January 13, 2016
  83. Physics

    When a driver applies brakes to keep a car going downhill at constant speed and constant kinetic energy, the potential energy of the car decreases. Where does this energy go? Where does most of it appear in a hybrid vehicle?

    asked on January 2, 2011
  84. Chem

    Consider the following balanced equation: 2N2H4(g)+N2O4(g)→3N2(g)+4H2O(g) Complete the following table showing the appropriate number of moles of reactants and products. If the number of moles of a reactant is provided, fill in the required amount of the

    asked on April 27, 2016
  85. math

    In the voting for city council precinct 5 only 1/2 of all eligible voters cast votes. Shelley- 1/10 votes received and Daley 2/8 votes received. what fraction of all eligible voters voted for shelley? Daley? Who received the most votes? Thank you very much

    asked on November 15, 2011
  86. English

    Roosevelt is arguing that journalists must only attack misconduct when they have valid proof. They must not dig just for the sake of digging; it is offensive to good Americans. Which statement most effectively argues against this claim? a) Even sensational

    asked on March 8, 2016
  87. Civics

    2.   One main difference between the United States Constitution and state constitutions is that state constitutions  A. are much longer. B. don't provide for a legislature. C. can't be amended. D. don't have bills of rights. ? Can't find it. 

    asked on March 29, 2015
  88. Career Explorations

    PLEASE CHECK MY ANSWERS! 1. What previous work experience would a fire inspector be expected to have? A. police officer B. security guard C. fire fighter D. chemist ** 2. Which of the following is an example of a career in public safety? A. attorney B.

    asked on March 7, 2019
  89. Pre-calculus

    Complete the table assuming continuously compounded interest. (Round your answers to two decimal places.) Initial Investment: Annual % Rate: Time to Double: 8 yr Amount After 10 Years: $1700 I don't understand how to get in the initial investment of annual

    asked on October 11, 2015

    The linearization at a=0 to sqrt(6+6x) is A+Bx where A is:_____ and where B is:_____

    asked on May 19, 2012
  91. Math

    A drawer contains 22 black socks, 22 white socks, and 22 blue socks.  If the light is off and Matt reaches into the drawer to get his socks, what is the minimum number of socks he must pull out in order to be sure that he has a matching pair?

    asked on January 17, 2015
  92. Chemistry

    Automotive airbags inflate when sodium azide, NaN3, rapidly decomposes to its constituent elements according to the chemical equation, 2 NaN3 -> 2 Na + 3 N2. How many grams of nitrogen are produced when 1000 milligrams of sodium azide decomposes?

    asked on November 25, 2015
  93. Math

    The population of a town in 1920 was 3500 people. The town's population decreased linearly, and in 1927 the population was 3185. Find a formula for P, the town's population, in terms of t, the number of years since 1920.

    asked on September 9, 2016
  94. Economics

    advantages and disadvantages of allocating resources through the public sector

    asked on January 30, 2010

    A 1.0 kg metal head of a geology hammer strikes a solid rock with a velocity of 5.0 m/s. Assuming all the energy is retained by the hammer head, how much will its temperature increase?

    asked on November 2, 2007

    A 200g block slides back and forth on a frictionless surface between two springs, as shown. The left-hand spring has k = 130 N/m and its maximum compression is 16cm. The right-hand spring has k = 280 N/m. Find (a) the maximum compression of the right-hand

    asked on February 12, 2014
  97. Latin

    I saw the Tiber RIVER flowing through Rome. flumen fluminibus flumina fluminum Question 2 I love the POEMS of Vergil! carmen carmine carmina carminum Question 3 In his statue of Anchises, Aeneas, and Ascanius, Bernini did a beautiful job of depicting the

    asked on October 15, 2008
  98. Math

    If two pounds of meat will serve 5 people, how many pounds will be needed to serve 13 people?

    asked on December 7, 2016
  99. Calculus

    A landscape architect wished to enclose a rectangular garden on one side by a brick wall costing $60/ft and on the other three sides by a metal fence costing $50/ft. If the area of the garden is 102 square feet, find the dimensions of the garden that

    asked on April 9, 2016
  100. Chemistry

    Calculate the energy (in kJ/mol) required to remove the electron in the ground state for each of the following one-electron species using the Bohr model. (a) He+ kJ/mol (b) Li2+ kJ/mol

    asked on January 24, 2012


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