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  1. health

    Which of the following statements is CORRECT regarding deciding whether an alcohol sale is legal? A. IF a person looks over 21, they likely are. B. Few minors have physical characteristics of an adult. C. if a person looks like a minor, they likely are a

    asked on December 11, 2014
  2. MAH


    asked on April 3, 2013
  3. math

    The box and whisker plot below shows the numbers of text messages received in one day by students in the seventh and eighth grades at Lincoln Middle School.

    asked on March 23, 2017
  4. English

    Hi. :) What do the speakers of Sir Thomas Wyatt's "Whoso List to Hunt" and Edmund Spenser's "Sonnet 30" have in common? How are they different?

    asked on January 7, 2013
  5. Science

    An animal that has body parts arranged around a central point has: A.bilateral symmetry. B.radial symmetry. C.asymmetry. D.a distinct head and tail end.

    asked on October 3, 2017
  6. Math

    Small cubes with edge lengths of 1/4 inch will be packed into the right rectangular prism. How many small cubes are needed to completely fill the right rectangular prism? The height is 3 3/4 inches, the width is 5 inches, length is 4 1/2 inches. ( the

    asked on April 30, 2015
  7. geometry

    Kristen lives directly east of the park. The football field is directly south of the park. The library sits on the line formed between Kristen’s home and the football field at the exact point where an altitude to the right triangle formed by her home,

    asked on June 2, 2014
  8. Chemistry

    How much heat (in kJ) is evolved in converting 1.00 mol of steam at 145.0 degrees C to ice at -45.0 degrees C? The heat capacity of steam is 2.01 J/g* degrees C and of ice is 2.09 J/g*degrees C .

    asked on August 4, 2010
  9. Science

    Granite lasts a long time when it is used for building in areas where

    asked on March 10, 2017
  10. spanish NEED HELP!!!!

    Es época de elecciones nacionales. Durante el almuerzo, los empleados opinan y discuten de política. Completa el diálogo con los verbos en el imperfecto del subjuntivo. (FILL IN THE BLANKS) WORD BANK: aprobar dedicarse defender estar hablar juzgar saber

    asked on November 29, 2010
  11. stats

    Based on data from a statistical abstract, only about 10% of senior citizens (65 years old or older) get the flu each year. However, about 27% of the people under 65 years old get the flu each year. In the general population, there are 15% senior citizens

    asked on February 28, 2017
  12. algebra

    Rita is spending more time at home to study and practice math. Her efforts are finally paying off. On her first assessment she scored 58 points, then she scores 63 and 68 on her next two assessments. If her scores continued to increase at the same rate, on

    asked on April 17, 2018
  13. algebra

    Question #1 The price of 7 citrons and 10 fragrant wood apples is 88 units. The price of 10 citrons and 7 fragrant wood apples is 82 units. Find the price of a citron and the price of a wood apple. I used 17x=170?????? Question #2 $6300 is invested, part

    asked on March 24, 2012
  14. English

    If a thesis statement lists multiple supporting points, topic sentences ________. A. are not used B. follow the same order C. do not offer direction D. only address the first point

    asked on January 23, 2015
  15. chemistry

    Acetone, a common solvent has a density 0.79g/cm^3 at 20C. What is the volume of 85.1g of acetone at 20C? What is the mass of 125ml of acetone at 20C? Show your calculations.

    asked on September 19, 2014
  16. physiscs

    A 10g sample of an unknown ionic compound is dissolved, and the solution is treated with enough AgNO3 to precipitate all the chloride ion. If 30.1 g of AgCI are recovered, which of the following compound could be the unknown? A. NaCI B. NaNO3 C.BaCI2 D. Mg

    asked on November 14, 2010
  17. Social Studies

    describe the hardships and indignities faced by the africans from the time of being captured and transported to the americas to their life as enslaved laborers in the americas

    asked on December 11, 2018
  18. science

    what materials could have been found in the giant gas cloud that formed the solar system A hydrogen and helium B hydrogen and oxygen C carbon dioxide and oxygen D liquid and solid water

    asked on May 21, 2018
  19. Calculus

    A water tank has a shape of an inverted circular cone with base radius 3 m and height of 5 m. If the water is being pumped into the tank at a rate of 2 m^3 /min, find the rate at which the water level is rising when the water is 3 m deep.

    asked on November 22, 2010
  20. english check answer

    1) wary 2) inclination 3) dilemma 4) Sabotage 5) Retort 6) zeal 7) 8) demoralize 9) Irrate 10) Subsequent words Curt, Demoralize, dilemma,inclination, irate, retort, sabotage, subsequent, wary,zeal if my carpets need cleaning or i want a new cellphone

    asked on August 28, 2010
  21. Math

    math word problem a building 240ft tall casts a 100 foot long shadow. If a person stands at the end of the shadow and looks up to the top of the building, what is the angle of the persons eyes to the top of the building(to the nearest hundredth of a

    asked on April 29, 2013
  22. chemistry

    Determine how much heat (in kilojoules) is evolved or absorbed in the reaction of 1.05 g of Na with H2O: 2Na(s)+2H2O(l) →2NaOH(aq)+H2(g),ΔH∘=−368.4 kJ

    asked on February 11, 2016
  23. math

    what is 9 minus 3 divided by 1/3 plus 1?

    asked on May 7, 2016
  24. calculus

    fourth degree polynomial p(x) whose graph is symmetric about the y-axis, and which has a y-intercept of 10, and global maxima at (1,13) and (-1, 13).

    asked on November 7, 2011
  25. english vocab

    __________ 1-2 Already angry,the customer became more ___ when he __________ received only this __ response: No return. _______ 3-4 when I answer my phone and hear someone demand, "who is this?" _______ my _ is _ to "I'm the person whose phone was ringing.

    asked on August 28, 2010
  26. MATH

    Ginger has 12 plastic bead containers. The containers measure 1 inch on each side. How many rectangular prisms, each with a different-sized base, could Ginger make by stacking all of the bead containers?

    asked on March 23, 2016
  27. algebra

    Determine whether y varies directly with x, If so, find the constant of variation k and write the equation. x y 4 6.4 7 11.2 10 16 13 20.8 Would like for someone to explain if possible

    asked on September 10, 2012
  28. Computers

    Your sister is considering purchasing a tablet computer that utilizes RT as the operating system. She asks you if RT is any different from her Windows 8 desktop she has at home. What do you tell her? A. Unlike her Windows 8 PC, RT does not have a

    asked on June 12, 2015
  29. Physics

    Two vectors A. and B have magnitude A = 3.00 and B = 3.00. Their vector product is A x B= -5.00k + 2.00i. What is the angle between A and B?

    asked on June 30, 2010
  30. volume

    what is volume, if base area 56 in2, height 6 in

    asked on April 12, 2016
  31. math

    The cost of a student ticket to the school play is $7. Write an equation that correctly relates the cost, c, for a particular number of student tickets, s, purchased. Identify the independent and dependent variables.

    asked on April 8, 2015
  32. probability

    A set of five marbles is selected (without replacement) from a bag that contains 4 blue marbles, 3 green marbles, 6 yellow marbles, and 7 white marbles. How many sets of five marbles contain no more than two yellow ones?

    asked on September 11, 2011
  33. Social Studies

    Why do you think dictators need to find scapegoats for their nation's ills? Explain.

    asked on March 21, 2010
  34. Ancient history

    Read the summary. In 1250 BC, Mycenaean Greeks sailed across the Aegean to launch the historic invasion of Troy in present-day Turkey (1). The ensuing Trojan War inspired Homer’s epic poem, the Iliad (2). The Mycenaean attempt to sack Troy failed, and

    asked on October 11, 2018
  35. econ

    Assume Felix is willing to par $8 for a Star Trek pizza cutter. Tim also wants one but would only be willing to pay $6 for it. At a Star Trek convention,Felix manages to buy the last pizza cutter at the market price. In a strange twist of fate, however,

    asked on September 6, 2013
  36. Science. Answer Check

    1. A student studying a circuit diagram of a lightbulb, battery, and a switch correctly identifies it as a closer circuit. In this diagram, The lightbulb would be a. an insulator b. on*** c. disconnected d. off 2. The focus of gravity on an object on the

    asked on December 6, 2016
  37. english

    What type of clause or phrase is italicized in the sentence below? The play, a three-act farce, amused everyone. please help fast!!

    asked on May 8, 2012
  38. physics

    If 200 cm3 of tea at 95°C is poured into a 150-g glass cup initially at 25°C, what will be the common final temperature T of the tea and cup when equilibrium is reached, assuming no heat flows to the surroundings

    asked on October 13, 2015
  39. prob & stat

    An academic department with five faculty members—Anderson, Box, Cox, Cramer, and Fisher—must select two of its members to serve on a personnel review committee. Because the work will be time-consuming, no one is anxious to serve, so it is decided that

    asked on July 10, 2015
  40. phyics

    A tennis player places a 68kg ball machine on a frictionless surface. the machine fires a 0.057 kg tennis ball horizontally with a velocity of 38m/s toward the north. What is the final velocity of the machine? I used p1+p2=P1'+p2' but I can't seem to get a

    asked on January 8, 2018
  41. Geometry

    To reach a campsite, a hiker first walks for 2 mi at a bearing N 40 degree E. Then He walks 3 mi due east. What are the magnitude and direction of his hike from his stating point to the campsite? Round the distance to the nearest tenth of a mile and the

    asked on November 28, 2011

    Original Q: If you pour liquid into a tall, narrow glass, you may hear sound with a steadily rising pitch. What is the source of the sound? And why does the pitch rise as the glass fills? Additional question from me: What does it mean by the source of the

    asked on July 20, 2010
  43. Probability

    jeff has 8 red marbles, 6 blue marbles, and 4 green marbles that are the same size and shape. he puts the marbles into a bag, mixes the marbles, and randomly picks one marble. what is the probability that the marble will be blue?

    asked on April 24, 2016
  44. physics

    A 1-m-tall barrel is closed on top except for a thin pipe extending 5 m up from the top. When the barrel is filled with water up to the base of the pipe ( 1 m deep ). The water pressure on the bottom of the barrel is 10 kPa. What is the pressure on the

    asked on February 10, 2013
  45. social studies

    Why did military leaders overthrow the governments of Chile and Argentina in the 1970s? A. The governments had jailed and murdered political opponents. B. They feared their governments were moving toward communism. C. They thought their governments were

    asked on December 18, 2018
  46. math

    What is the recursive rule for an=2n+11? a1=13;an=an−1+2 a1=13;an=an−1+11 a1=2;an=an−1+11 a1=11;an=an−1+2

    asked on December 22, 2016
  47. Physics

    An airplane wing is designed so that the speed of the air across the top of the wing is 274 m/s when the speed of the air below the wing is 193 m/s. The density of the air is 1.29 kg/m3. What is the lifting force on a wing of area 25.0 m2?

    asked on December 8, 2011
  48. math

    A birch tree that is 4 ft tall grows at a rate of 1 ft per year. A larch tree that is 6 ft tall grows at a rate of 0.5 ft per year. Let the variable t represent time in years and h represent height in feet. In how many years will the trees be the same

    asked on February 9, 2017
  49. Math

    Jordan's football team gained 12 yards on their first play. On the second play, the team lost 8 yards. Which expression could be used to describe the total yards gained by Jordan's team?

    asked on January 10, 2017
  50. chemistry

    Pure aluminum has density 2.70g/cm^3. If we add a solid aluminum cylinder to a graduated cylinder containing 19.2 of water, and the water level in the cylinder rises to 24.7 ml, what is the mass of the aluminum cylinder?

    asked on September 19, 2014
  51. math

    Suppose you borrow $1,000 of principal that must be repaid at the end of two years, along with interest of 5 percent a year. If the annual inflation rate turns out to be 10 percent, (a) What is the real rate of interest on the loan? For this I got -5%. (b)

    asked on March 29, 2014
  52. georgraphy

    In the following passage written by a conquistador in 1540, what can you infer about how sick citizens were treated? “No one who was lazy or tried to live by the work of others was tolerated; everyone had to work. Thus on certain days each lord went to

    asked on October 24, 2016
  53. Physics

    Flywheels are large, massive wheels used to store energy. They can be spun up slowly, then the wheel's energy can be released quickly to accomplish a task that demands high power. An industrial flywheel has a 1.7 m diameter and a mass of 270 kg . Its

    asked on November 20, 2015
  54. algebra

    write a polynomial in factored form x^3-3x^2-10x

    asked on November 12, 2012
  55. Chemistry

    How much oxygen (in grams) will form from 44.2 mg of N2O5? 2N2O5(s) → 4NO2(g) + O2(g) ____× 10^-3(g) O2

    asked on April 1, 2017
  56. statistic

    A researcher conducts an experiment comparing three treatment conditions with a separate sample n = 8 in each treatment. An analysis of variance is used to evaluate the data, and the results of the ANOVA are presented in the table below. Complete all

    asked on August 28, 2012
  57. Psychology

    Describe three important functions of the self. Give examples of each.

    asked on June 21, 2013
  58. chemistry

    A compound with the percent composition shown below has a molar mass of 60.10g/mol. Find its molecular formula: C, 39.97% H, 13.41% N, 46.62%

    asked on February 15, 2013
  59. Chemistry

    Heart pacemakers are often powered by lithium-silver chromate “button” batteries. The overall cell reaction is: 2Li(s) + Ag2CrO4(s) --------> Li2CrO4(s) + 2Ag(s) Lithium metal is the reactant at one of the electrodes of the battery. Is it the anode or

    asked on May 7, 2011
  60. Algebra

    The Community Recreation Center is developing plans for a new sports facility. Community members can submit suggestions for the new facility, along with basic scale drawings of their ideas. Elena wants to include a new 15- by 30-meter basketball court in

    asked on April 7, 2017
  61. World History

    How did the policies of the Napoleonic Empire change Europe? Napoleon’s expansion policies led to a desire for self-rule throughout Europe. Napoleonic policies gave rise to the merchant class that went on to promote economic growth through innovation.

    asked on March 28, 2019
  62. English

    1. When taking notes from your sources, you should also ________. A. revise your research question B. write the information needed for your works cited list C. format your paper and works cited list D. find a topic for your research paper 2. Academic

    asked on April 17, 2015
  63. Physics

    A 27.59 kg child is on a swing that hangs from 2.26-m-long chains. What is her maximum speed if she swings out a 48° angle?

    asked on September 29, 2011
  64. World History

    What roles did colonies play in the global economy? Select all that apply Colonies provided resources for making manufactured goods in industrialized countries. Colonies provided imperial powers with more culturally diverse citizens. Colonies established

    asked on March 28, 2019
  65. Business and Administrative Communications

    I am just not sure about these questions. Any help is greatly appreciated. 1: Identify the sentence with correct subject-verb agreement. A: Although the trend is shifting, careers in science and technology continue to attract predominately men. B: Although

    asked on February 5, 2011
  66. Pre-Calculus

    1.The angle of elevation to top of a building from a point on the ground 20degrees and the angle of elevation from a point to 25 feet farther away is 12degrees. Find the height of the building. 2.From a point on the ground, the angle of elevation to the

    asked on January 13, 2011
  67. geometry

    for kite ABCD, if RA=15, and BD= 16, find AD

    asked on December 14, 2011
  68. Math

    A family has two cars. The first car has a fuel efficiency of 40 miles per gallon of gas and the second has a fuel efficiency of 30 miles per gallon of gas. During one particular week, the two cars went a combined total of 1250 miles, for a total gas

    asked on January 18, 2014
  69. English

    1. MLA formatting requires which of the following? A. double spacing throughout, including the Works Cited page B. half-inch margins C. a title page D. paragraphs indented one inch 2. In MLA, parenthetical references _______. A. are optional and may be

    asked on May 1, 2015
  70. English

    The topic sentence of a body paragraph provides a thesis link by ________. A. revising the thesis to fit the body paragraph B. introducing the thesis of the essay C. mentioning the general subject of the essay D. providing an example that underscores the

    asked on January 23, 2015
  71. precal

    A pole 12 meters tall is perpendicular to level ground. A taut wire that is 20 meters long extends from the top of the pole to the ground. What is the angle of elevation, to the nearest degree, from the bottom of the wire to the top of the pole?

    asked on October 27, 2011
  72. Chemistry

    Calculate the molar solubility of BaSO4 in a solution in which [H3O+] is 2.5 M. I can almost solve this on my own. If you know the following equations: BaSO4 = Ba2+ + SO42- SO42- + H+ = HSO4- HSO4- + H+ = H2SO4 and I know [H+] = 2.5 M along with the

    asked on October 25, 2010
  73. algebra

    The table shows a meteorologists predicted temperatiures for an April day in Washington D.C. Use quadratic regression to find a quadratic model for this data. Use the 24 hour clock to represent times after noon). time predicted temperature(F) 8a.m. 50.68

    asked on October 25, 2012
  74. Physics

    A certain spring stretches 6 cm when a load of 30 N is suspended from it. How much will the spring stretch if 50 N is suspended from it (and it doesn't rsach its elastic limit)? I don't understand what to do for this problem.

    asked on February 27, 2016
  75. math

    a cb radio station c is located 3 mi from the interstate highway h. the station has a range of 6.1 mi in all directions from the station. if the interstate is along a straight line, how many miles of highway are in the range of this staion?

    asked on May 15, 2012
  76. physics 121 hanging sign

    A sign has a mass of 1050 kg, a height h = 1 m, and a width W = 4 m. It is held by a light rod of length 5 m that is perpendicular to a rough wall. A guy wire at 23° to the horizontal holds the sign to the wall. Note that the distance from the left edge

    asked on July 14, 2010
  77. Maths

    Two missiles, 2420 km apart, are launched at the same time and are headed towards each other. They pass after 1.5 hours. The average speed of one missile is twice that of the other. What is the average speed of each missile?

    asked on August 4, 2017
  78. math

    What is the y-coordinate of the solution of the system of equations? y=2x+14 −4x−y=4 Enter your answer in the box. y = ?

    asked on February 8, 2017
  79. English

    1. To avoid using unnecessary colons, use the colon only after a/an ________. A. coordinating conjunction B. series of items C. main clause D. introduction 2. A(n) ________ introduction establishes your authority on the topic and sets the stage for the

    asked on February 13, 2015
  80. physics

    Jason applies a force of 4.00 newtons to a sled at an angle 62.0 degrees from the ground. What is the component of force effective in pulling the sled horizontally along the ground?

    asked on July 18, 2012
  81. Physics

    Two ropes are attached to a wagon, one horizontal to the west with a tension force of 30 N, and the other east and at an angle of 30° northward and a tension force of 40 N. Find the components of the net force on the cart. Show all your work.

    asked on December 10, 2011
  82. English

    Which of the following is a simple sentence? A. The store opened early and closed late to celebrate its annual sale. B. She left home on time, but she still arrived late due to traffic. C. After he compared the prices and features, he purchased the less

    asked on January 23, 2015
  83. economics

    You are the manager of a firm that receives revenues of $40,000 per year from product X and $90,000 per year from product Y. The own price elasticity of demand for product X is -1.5, and the cross-price elasticity of demand between product Y and X is -1.8.

    asked on September 9, 2013
  84. Whitaker

    A professor records the time (in minutes) that it takes 16 students to complete an exam. Compute the SS, the variance, and the standard deviation assuming the 16 students constitute a population and assuming the 16 students constitute a sample. (Round your

    asked on February 24, 2018

    I have two questions i need help on. Im pretty bad with colons and semicolons :/ 1. When two main clauses are joined together without the use of a coordinating conjunction, the clauses should be separated by a ____. A. semicolon B. comma C. colon D.

    asked on February 13, 2015
  86. Government

    Hi there, This isn't really, a question. I just want more thoughts about how the U.S. creates domestic policies and conducts foreign policy.

    asked on November 2, 2018
  87. Business

    14. When you first started your new business, you were so excited about the large volume of orders you had. One year later, you find that your orders are less than half of what they were in the beginning. What is the most probably cause of this decrease in

    asked on March 26, 2015
  88. physical science

    A satellite that is 4175 miles from the center of the earth, orbits with a period of 90 minutes. What is its centripetal acceleration?

    asked on October 6, 2011
  89. English

    Which of the following is an internal conflict? A. A sailor struggles to survive a shipwreck. B. A child struggles to make the right decision. C. A runner struggles to complete a marathon. D. A hiker without a map or supplies struggles and becomes lost in

    asked on April 9, 2019
  90. Science

    Under the 1980 Low-Level Radioactive Waste Policy Act, each state must take responsibility for its non-defense related, low-level nuclear waste. If nuclear waste was NOT regulated and disposed of properly, which of these could be a possible effect? A) The

    asked on August 16, 2016
  91. Physics

    two campers in a national park hike from their cabin to the same spot on a lake each taking a different path. the total distance traveled along path 1 is 7.5 km and that along path 2 is 8.2 km. what is the final displacement of each camper?

    asked on October 7, 2016
  92. Math

    A company manufactures x units of Product A and y units of Product B, on two machines, I and II. It has been determined that the company will realize a profit of $3/unit of Product A and a profit of $6/unit of Product B. To manufacture a unit of Product A

    asked on June 3, 2015
  93. college math

    A teenager's heart pumps an average of 7200 L of blood every 24 hours. what is the rate of change of volume of blood? That is per 1 hour

    asked on October 25, 2017
  94. chemistry

    A sprinter set a high school record in track and field, running 200.0 m in 21.0s . What is the average speed of the sprinter in kilometers per hour?

    asked on September 4, 2014
  95. math

    If the consumption function is C = $200 billion + 0.6Y, (a) How much do consumers spend with incomes of $8.25 trillion? I got 5.2 trillion for this. (b) How much do they save? ??

    asked on March 29, 2014
  96. Trig

    True or false? tan x = tan(x-6pi)

    asked on January 23, 2013
  97. alegebra

    when do sky divers use decimals ?

    asked on February 3, 2010
  98. PSY 369

    Explain two major differences between common sense understandings and social psychological theories. Illustrate with an example. What is the danger in relying on common sense or intuition in learning about the relationship between the individual and his or

    asked on June 11, 2013
  99. chemistry

    A solution contains naphthalene(C10H8) dissolved in hexane (C6H14) at a concentration of 14.52 % naphthalene by mass.Calculate the vapor pressure at 25 degrees C of hexane above the solution. The vapor pressure of pure hexane at 25 degrees C is 151 .

    asked on August 5, 2010
  100. 8th grade Algebra I (junior level math)

    Hello, I am currently in Unit 4-1 (Ratio, and Proportions) and I don't understand how pairs of ratios could form proportions. Could someone give me step by step instructions? Thank You

    asked on December 1, 2009


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