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  1. business math

    Your brother just won the Power Ball lottery. He has the choice of $10,000,000 today or 30-year annuity of $500,000, with the first payment coming today. What rate of return is built into the annuity?

    asked on July 3, 2011
  2. trig, Phoenix College

    Where did the number 0.5736 come from or originated from? Will the horizon be closer or farther away when your eyes are closer to the surface? Will the horizon be closer or farther away when your eyes are farther from the surface?

    asked on March 21, 2011
  3. math

    Under what conditions might it be appropriate to use the mean? Median? Mode? When the median and mean are substantially different, what does that tell you about the data? What information does the range and standard deviation provide about the data?

    asked on December 15, 2009
  4. english

    i had a friend who brings sandwiches to campus each day.

    asked on March 3, 2016
  5. health

    components of health communication

    asked on July 14, 2010
  6. math

    is 3x+2e^(x-1) continuous at x=1?

    asked on June 1, 2010
  1. Economics/Math

    The demand curve for a monopolist is Qd = 500 - P and the marginal revenue function is MR = 500 - 2P. The monoploist has a constant marginal and average total cost of $50 per unit. a. Find the monopolist's profit maximizing output and price b.Calculate the

    posted on July 17, 2014