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  1. History

    Which identifies the Department of Homeland Security’s online operation that monitors the Internet to detect cyber threats? Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative Cybersecurity Resource Center Cybersecurity National Action Plan National

    asked on August 5, 2018
  2. History

    Which best suggests why Russia, China, and North Korea engage in malicious cyberattacks? The populations of these nations rank high in computer literacy. Their languages feature non-English fonts which aid encryption. They are renegade states beyond the

    asked on August 5, 2018
  3. History

    What allowed for the shift of political and social ideas toward the heightening of anti-Semitism in Germany? Hermann Göering established the Gestapo to round up Jewish agitators and send them to labor camps. Josef Mengele reorganized the German film

    asked on August 11, 2018
  4. History

    Which best describes the political relationship between oil-producing states and their consumers? Consumer states use their economic influence to persuade oil-producing states to set lower prices on oil. The government of an oil-producing state has a

    asked on August 5, 2018
  5. History

    If humanity has passed the point where the oil supply is declining, which suggests the most practical response? start hoarding oil in underground tanks as a hedge against a future without oil increase funding for government agencies like NASA to find other

    asked on August 5, 2018
  6. History

    Which factor most contributed to the economic growth of the Asian nations located on the western shores of the Pacific Ocean? Cooperative inter-Pacific trade partnerships gave smaller countries enhanced bargaining power in setting prices for goods. Reduced

    asked on August 5, 2018
  7. chemistry

    the reaction of 7.10g carbon with excess O2 yields 12.25g of CO2. what is the percent yield of this reaction? I have tried everything and looked through all of my notes and nothing is working for stiochiometry

    asked on October 6, 2014
  8. History

    Which cyberattack carries the most serious threat? A phishing attack on a chain store compromises customer data. A malware attack shuts down the power plants in a large city. Hackers launch a malicious code that shuts down Facebook. A Trojan horse virus

    asked on August 5, 2018
  9. History

    How did the Chinese government react to the fall of Communist Russia? The Chinese government predicted that its own system could collapse, since it had been based on the Soviet Communist model. When Soviet states withdrew from the USSR, Chinese diplomats

    asked on August 5, 2018
  10. History

    Which identifies the relationship that Communist governments such as North Korea and China have with the media? News outlets are strictly prohibited by the government in Communist countries. The media has near-complete freedom in Communist countries as a

    asked on August 5, 2018
  11. math

    What is the volume of a cone which has a base diameter of 14 units and a height of 12 units?

    asked on November 16, 2018
  12. English

    Can someone please confirm that my answers are correct? Choose the correct pronoun to fit the context of the sentence. 1. The dog chewed ________ leash apart. A. its B. his or her C. it’s D. their E. its’ I think it's C 2. Is technology with all

    asked on May 16, 2018
  13. calculus 1

    A kite 100 ft above the ground moves horizontally at a speed of 10 ft/s. At what rate is the angle (in radians) between the string and the horizontal decreasing when 200 ft of string have been let out?

    asked on February 26, 2013
  14. Math

    Use Bayes' theorem to solve this problem. A certain virus infects 10 in every 5000 people. A test used to detect the virus in a person is positive 96% of the time if the person has the virus and 2% of the time if the person does not have the virus (false

    asked on July 31, 2020
  15. Math

    At a track meet with 190 participants, 20 participate in jumping events, 1/4 of these jumpers are female, and 1/2 of the total participants are female. What is the probability that a participant chosen at random is a jumper, given that the person is a

    asked on July 31, 2020
  16. History

    Which best defines electronic espionage? developing a pet restraint system that administers shocks through a collar teaching covert agents espionage skills through computer simulations spying on a government through the use of digital technology watching

    asked on August 5, 2018
  17. Math

    The probability that a student at a certain college is male is 0.498 . The probability that a student at that college has a job off campus is 0.712. The probability that a student at the college is male and has a job off campus is 0.315. Find the following

    asked on August 2, 2020
  18. Math

    Lyme disease is the leading tick-borne disease in the United States and Europe. Diagnosis is difficult and is aided by a test that detects particular antibodies in the blood. A study of 1000 people at risk for Lyme disease showed the results of the blood

    asked on August 2, 2020
  19. math

    In a certain population, the probability that a woman has red hair is 1/4. If a woman has red hair, the probability of her having freckles is 3/4. If she does not have red hair, the probability of her having freckles is 1/16 . Find the following

    asked on August 2, 2020
  20. chemistry

    A student placed 19.0g of glucose (c6h12o6) in a volumetric flask, added enough water to dissolve the glucose by swirling, then carefully added additional water until the 100ml.- mark on the neck of the flask was reached. The flask was then shaken until

    asked on February 28, 2010
  21. Physics

    Taking the age of Earth to be about 4 ✕ 109 years and assuming its orbital radius of 1.5 ✕ 1011 m has not changed and is circular, calculate the approximate total distance Earth has traveled since its birth (in a frame of reference stationary with

    asked on November 19, 2017
  22. MATH

    Given that logbase2 a+logbase2 b=3 , calculate all the possible integer values of a if b is also an integer value. Explain your reasoning.

    asked on July 15, 2013
  23. trigonometry

    An airplane is flying at an elevation of 5150 ft, directly above a straight highway. Two motorists are driving cars on the highway on opposite sides of the plane, and the angle of depression to one car is 35° and to the other is 55°. How far apart are

    asked on December 2, 2012
  24. History

    How did the collapse of the Soviet Union impact Germany? Germany experienced violent protests that led to the execution of Ceausescu. Germany removed their capitalist leaders and adopted a new constitution. A German Socialist federation emerged, leading to

    asked on August 5, 2018
  25. Algebra

    Michael's bank contains only nickels, dimes, and quarters. There are 63 coins in all, valued at $5.50. The number of nickels is 5 short of being three times the sum of the number of dimes and quarters together. How many dimes are in the bank?

    asked on July 30, 2018
  26. Physics

    At takeoff a commercial jet has a 45.0 m/s speed. Its tires have a diameter of 0.850 m. (a) At how many rpm are the tires rotating? Incorrect: Your answer is incorrect. rpm (b) What is the centripetal acceleration at the edge of the tire? 4764.70 Correct:

    asked on November 19, 2017
  27. History

    How did Japan attempt to solve its economic troubles during the Great Depression? The Japanese government began to invest in less capital-intensive industries to reduce overhead and promote international trade. The collapse of the US stock market caused

    asked on August 10, 2018
  28. music

    What is the main difference between Baroque and Classical music? I think barouge music is based on emotion but am not sure.

    asked on February 4, 2009
  29. algebra

    form a polynomial f(x) with real coefficients having the given degree and zeros. Degree 4; zeros:-3 +5i; 2 multiplicity 2 enter the polynomial f(x)=a(?)

    asked on November 20, 2012
  30. English

    Identify the subject and complete verb in each of the following sentences. 1. Please go to the store and buy some milk for the baby. A. you; go/store B. you; go/buy C. store; go/buy D. milk; go/buy I think that it's D (milk is the subject and go/buy is the

    asked on May 16, 2018
  31. chemistry

    how many moles of N2 (g) re present in 1.00 of N2 (g) at 100 c and 1 atm?

    asked on April 5, 2011
  32. Chemistry

    What are the products of Ba(NO3)2(aq)+K2CO3(aq)?

    asked on September 22, 2012
  33. Quantitative Chemistry

    Ignoring activities, determine the molar solubility (S) of Zn(CN)2 in a solution with a pH = 2.92. Ksp (Zn(CN)2) = 3.0 × 10-16; Ka (HCN) = 6.2 × 10-10. Completely lost!

    asked on July 23, 2012
  34. physics

    A special electronic sensor is embedded in the seat of a car that takes riders around a circular loop-the-loop at an amusement park. The sensor measures the magnitude of the normal force that the seat exerts on a rider. The loop-the-loop ride is in the

    asked on February 23, 2011
  35. algebra

    Ashley is going to rent a truck for one day. There are two companies she can choose from, and they have the following prices. Company A charges $95 and allows unlimited mileage. Company B has an initial fee of $75 and charges an additional $0.80 for every

    asked on December 21, 2016
  36. math

    there are 4 blue tile,s 3 yellow tiles, 5 red tiles, and 2 green tiles. he draws a tile replaces it, and draws another tile. what is the probability he will draw a blue tile on both

    asked on May 19, 2014
  37. chemistry

    The letters CHEMISTRY were spray painted in blue paint on the snow. After a while the sun comes out and the snow under the blue paint melts while the snow around the letters do not. Why did the snow under (rather than around) the blue paint melt?

    asked on November 19, 2013
  38. math

    Anne and Nancy use a metal alloy that is 20.45% copper to make jewelry. How many ounces of a 12% alloy must be mixed with a 25% alloy to form 100 ounces of the desired alloy?

    asked on July 30, 2018
  39. chem 130

    what mass of sodium hydroxide will be required to neutralize completely 1.60x10^23 molecules of HCl?

    asked on November 17, 2015
  40. Quantitative Reasoning (math)

    One out of every five people who buys ice cream buy vanilla ice cream. If a store sells 125 ice cream cones in one day, about how many will be vanilla? I know how to solve the proportion once I set it up, but I cant figure out how to set it up

    asked on September 10, 2014
  41. ratio

    given the proportion a/b=5/19, what ratio completes the equivalent proportion a/5= / ? a. a/19 b. b/19 c. 5/19 d. 19/b

    asked on March 19, 2014
  42. General Chemistry

    If 30 L of Oxygen are cooled from 200 degrees celsius to 1 degree celsius at constant pressure, what is the new volume of oxygen?

    asked on November 2, 2010
  43. Math (Statistics)

    I am to find the mean, variance, and standard deviation for the probability distribution. I don't even know where to start. Here is the problem x P(x) 0 0.19 1 0.32 2 0.28 3 0.21

    asked on March 14, 2011
  44. Math

    Suppose the price of an item increased by 8% a total of 13 times. By what percent did the price increase in total?

    asked on September 7, 2019
  45. History

    Which describes the situation in Yugoslavia following the fall of the Soviet Union? Post-Communist Yugoslavia experienced an intellectual and cultural renaissance, but its stricken economy never recovered. Torn by conflicting nationalistic beliefs,

    asked on August 5, 2018
  46. English

    Identify the part of speech or the form of a part of speech in the underlined portion of each sentence. 1. The yellow house down the street from me is for sale. (Down is underlined) a. preposition b. conjunction c. adjective d. adverb I think #1 is A, or

    asked on April 18, 2018
  47. Defense

    . Which of the following is not an example of an ethical dilemma a defense attorney may face? A) the prosecutor's winning record. B) client perjury. C) defense receipt of physical evidence. D) a confession in confidence. Would it be A?

    asked on March 22, 2015
  48. Geometry

    #19. Given a regular octagon, find the measures of the angles formed by (a) two consecutive radii and (b) a radius and a side of the polygon.

    asked on April 8, 2014
  49. calculus

    use the given zeros to find the remaining zeros of the function h(x)=x^4-9x^3+12x^2+138x-1360 zero:3-5i enter the remaining zeros of f please show work

    asked on December 1, 2012
  50. Chemistry

    A 5.00L reaction vessel contains hydrogen at a partial pressure of 0.588atm and oxygen gas at a partial pressure of 0.302atm. The equation is 2H2(g)+O2(g)-> 2H2O(g). Suppose the gas mixture is ignited and the reaction produces the theoretical yield of the

    asked on October 2, 2012
  51. Algebra

    Which of the following statements from Euclidean geometry is also true of spherical geometry? A) A line has infinite length. B) Two intersecting lines divide the plane into four regions. C) Two perpendicular lines create four right angles. D)The

    asked on October 17, 2011
  52. Astronomy

    Where do you have to be on the Earth to see the Sun at your zenith? If you stay at one such location for a full year, on how many days will the Sun pass through the zenith?

    asked on February 2, 2011
  53. History

    How did Belgium rule in Rwanda contribute to genocide? Belgium rule led to the mass killing of Rwandans through ethnic cleansing. Belgium King Nicholas I ordered his army to execute Tutsis throughout Rwanda. Belgium favoritism toward Tutsis led to

    asked on August 5, 2018
  54. object oriented programming

    Create a project named BankAccountTester. Create a class named BankAccount. A bank account has fields for a balance. The bank account balance should be initialized to 0. The bank account class should include a deposit which adds an amount passed to it to

    asked on July 21, 2018
  55. AP Chemistry Help!!

    When you light a candle, the paraffin wax soon begins to melt. Paraffin wax is a covalent compound. Can you classify the melting of the wax as a chemical change or a physical change? If so, which is it? If you cannot classify it as chemical or physical,

    asked on January 22, 2017
  56. Maths

    Buzz is three times as heavy as Jessie. If Buzz is 450g heavier than Jessie what is the weight of Buzz in grams?

    asked on July 26, 2016
  57. Chemistry

    Using calculations, determine how you would make a 525 ml pg a 0.50 M solution of Cl- ions using CaCl2. I am unsure how to do this question, I was going to use C1V1=C2V2 but with this I would be missing the first part of the equation. If that is the case,

    asked on February 2, 2016

    A service that repairs TV's and sell maintenance agreement for $9 a yr. the average cost for repairing a TV is $39 and 3 in every 100 people who purchased maintenance agreements have TV that require repair Find the services expected profit per maintenance

    asked on April 30, 2015
  59. Physics

    How much greater is the energy of a photon of ultraviolet radiation (λ = 3.00 × 10-7 m) than the energy of an average photon of sunlight (λ = 5.60 × 10-7 m)?

    asked on October 16, 2012
  60. math

    The 6th term in an arithmetic sequence is 74 and the 10th term is 62 , find the 50th term

    asked on December 18, 2011
  61. math

    a cylinder with a top and bottom has a radius 2x+1 and height 2x-1 . Write a simplifed expression for its a) surface area, SA= 2pie^2 + 2pierh b) volume, where V=pier^2h

    asked on October 9, 2011
  62. English

    Like adjectives, adverbs with one syllable form the ____ by adding -er to the positive. a. superlative b. attributive c. comparative d. appositive

    asked on January 4, 2011
  63. statistics

    A test of writing ability is given to a random sample of students before and after they completed a formal writing course. The results are given below. Construct a 99% confidence interval for the mean difference between the before and after scores. You may

    asked on October 21, 2009
  64. 10th grade

    In addition to sight how else do fish sense their surroundings?

    asked on September 23, 2008
  65. geometry

    What are the lengths of the legs of a right triangle in which one acute angle measures 19° and the hypotenuse is 15 units long?

    asked on October 19, 2016
  66. physics

    A ball thrown horizontally at 13.0m/s from the roof of a building lands 21.4m from the base of the building. How tall is the building?

    asked on February 5, 2015
  67. English

    All of the following statements about simple sentences are true except a. a simple sentence consists of a subject and a verb. b.a simple sentence may have two or more subjects. c.a simple sentence may have two or more verbs. d.a simple sentence may contain

    asked on November 11, 2014
  68. Physics

    Suppose that the gravitational acceleration on a certain planet is only 3.1 m/s2. A space explorer standing on this planet throws a ball straight upward with an initial velocity of 35 m/s a) What is the velocity of the ball 4 seconds after it is thrown?

    asked on September 7, 2013
  69. math

    monica spent 8/13 hours listening to tapes of beethoven and brahms. she spent 2/5 hours listening to beethoven. how many hours were spent listenign to brahms

    asked on March 24, 2013
  70. Chemistry

    Assuming that the gases are ideal, calculate the amount of work done (in joules) in the following reaction. Is work done on or by the system? A reaction in the Mond process for purfying nickel(0) tetracarbonyl at 50-100 degrees Celsius. Assume one mole of

    asked on October 23, 2012
  71. Chemistry Lab

    Hydrogen gas was collected over water in a eudiometer at 26 degrees celcius when the atmospheric pressure was 756 mm Hg. What was the pressure of the H2 gas?

    asked on October 15, 2012
  72. Chemistry

    Write the balanced chemical equation for the decomposition of sodium azide. If this is a redox reaction, show half reactions and determine if spontaneous. The chemical equation is 2NaN3(s) -> 2Na(s)+3N2(g) right? I am confused on the oxidation states for

    asked on October 8, 2012
  73. history

    Compare and contrast Populism and Progressivism. From what distinct groups of society did the two groups emerge? What was at the heart of their beliefs about how society should be organized? What were the Granger and Alliance Movements, and how did they

    asked on July 23, 2010
  74. chemistry II

    to what temperature (C) would a solution containing C6H12O6 in 200g of water have to be heated to have a vp of 89.5 mmHg?

    asked on February 23, 2010
  75. Business Communications

    I wanted to welcome you ASAP to our little family here in the States. It's high time we shook hands in person and not just across the sea. I'm pleased as punch about getting to know you all, and I for one will do my level best to sell you on America. are

    asked on October 7, 2006
  76. History

    How has the use of e-commerce impacted local markets? E-commerce has allowed for the rapid expansion of stock buying, which has increased the use of international manufacturing and reduced the need for local factories. Internet-based shopping has

    asked on August 11, 2018
  77. Physics

    Astrology, that unlikely and vague pseudoscience, makes much of the position of the planets at the moment of birth. The only known force a planet exerts on earth is gravitational. (a) Calculate the gravitational force exerted on a 4.00 kg baby by a 90 kg

    asked on November 19, 2017
  78. Math

    You want to have $60,000 college fund in 12 years. How much will you have to deposit now under the scenario below. Assume that you make no deposits into the account after the initial deposit. An APR of 8​% compounded daily. I know how to break the

    asked on May 27, 2017
  79. physics

    What is true about microscopic properties of an object? 1) They are just small versions of the macroscopic properties. 2) They are the properties of particles that make up the object. 3) They are the average of many properties of individual particles. 4)

    asked on October 29, 2016
  80. 4th grade math

    Write two 5-digit addends whose sum would give an estimate of 60,000

    asked on September 11, 2016
  81. Calc/Precalc

    Find the derivatives of 1. ln[(2x^3⋅2e^x)] 2. xy = cot(xy) 3. y = cos(x^3 + 27) I don't really know where to start with these. The answer is (3+x)/(x) for the first, y/-x for the second, and 35. -3x^2 sin(x^3 + 27) but I have no idea how they got there.

    asked on May 7, 2015
  82. Math

    If 2a = 3b, 1/3c = 6b^2, and b > 0, what is c in terms of a? The answer choices are: (A) 8a^2 + 6 (B) 8a^2 + 12 (C) 12a^2 + 6 (D) 18a^2 + 6 (E) 18a^2 + 12 Thank you!

    asked on August 4, 2014
  83. math

    The test scores for a math class are shown below 83,85,82,93,83,84,95,87,86,94 what is the standard deviation of the data set?

    asked on May 19, 2014
  84. chemistry

    If a tank contains 55.2 g of butane, what volume, in liters, of oxygen is needed to burn all the butane at 0.850 atm and 25 degrees Celsius? Need to show work too.

    asked on March 19, 2014
  85. math

    in the rhombus angle 1=140. what are angle 2 and angle 3? a. angle 2=140, angle 3=20 b. angle 2=40, angle 3=70 c. angle 2=40, angle 3=20 d. angle 2=140, angle 3=70

    asked on March 10, 2014
  86. chemistry

    given 10.8 grams of substance y,if the substance absorbs 231 kilojoules of energy and the specfic heat of substance is 6.55 J/g*0C what is the heat change

    asked on November 7, 2013
  87. calculus

    find the function that is finally graphed after the following transformations are applied to y=square root x in the order listed. a. reflected about the x-axis b. shift up 7 units c. shift right 5 units y=? would the answer be: y=sqrt(-x-5)-7

    asked on December 13, 2012
  88. Chemistry

    Is 3HCl(aq)+HNO3(aq)->Cl2(g)+NOCl(g)+2H2O(l) an oxidation-reduction reaction?

    asked on September 23, 2012
  89. Chemistry

    What are the oxidation states for each element in the equation 3HCl(aq)+HNO3(aq)-> Cl2(g)+NOCl(g)+2H20(l)?

    asked on September 22, 2012
  90. chem

    1) When a mixture of potassium chlorate and an appropriate catalyst is heated in an open test tube, potassium chloride and oxygen gas are produced. This reaction is not reversible, because a. the system reaches equilibrium b. the reaction does not go to

    asked on February 1, 2012
  91. Fitness

    describe the path that oxygen follows through the human body to reach muscle tissue and describe the path carbon dioxide follows from inside the cell to the outside envrionment

    asked on December 28, 2011
  92. Physics/Chemistry

    A steel bicycle wheel (without the rubber tire) is rotating freely with an angular speed of 18.00 rad/s. The temperature of the wheel changes from -100.0 to +300.0 degrees Celcius. No net external torque acts on the wheel, and the mass of the spokes is

    asked on February 15, 2011
  93. 5th grade math

    What didgit is in the thousands place 1,234.5678 would it be 1 or 7

    asked on November 18, 2010
  94. psychology

    what is the relationship between sensory adaptation and negative adaptation?

    asked on February 8, 2009
  95. biology

    how is the vertabrate skeleton organized, and what does each section include?

    asked on September 23, 2008
  96. object oriented programming

    Create a new Visual Studio application using C# named Desks that computes the price of a desk and whose Main() method calls the following methods: A method to accept the number of drawers in the desk as input from the keyboard. This method returns the

    asked on July 7, 2018
  97. science

    Ammonia, NH3, can be made by reacting nitrogen and hydrogen and the equation is N2 + 3H2 --> 2NH3 How many moles of NH3 can be made if 12 moles of H2 react with enough N2? mol

    asked on August 24, 2017
  98. Math

    The sun hits a flagpole that is 180 feet tall. The shadow that is cast is 215 feet. What is the angle of depression?

    asked on May 16, 2017
  99. geometry

    Point Y lies on segment XZ. If XY = 2.8 and XZ = 4.0, what is the length of segment YZ?

    asked on September 8, 2015
  100. algebra

    george drove to two town at 60 miles per hour and drove back home at 30 miles per hour. what is the distance to town if the whole trip took 9 hours hrs

    asked on July 30, 2015


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