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  1. Physics

    what is the moment of interia of a solid cylinder of radius R=0.0950m thickness t=0.015m total mass M=3.565kg? show your work

    asked on October 13, 2011
  2. business

    Suppose that Paulie and Vinny each can produce ice cream or t-shirts. it shows the quantity of each good that Paulie and Vinny each can produce in one hour, respectively, if they devote all of their time and effort into making the good. paulie can make 3

    asked on September 25, 2014
  3. Reading

    Which action contributes to the theme "one can always depend on family for support"? A.

    asked on November 29, 2017
  4. math

    The sales tax rate is 7.4% a. Find the tax paid for a pair of shoes with a list price of $93. b. What is the total cost of the pair of shoes? A. $6.88; $99.88 B. $6.88; $93.68 C. $0.69; $99.88 D. $0.69; $93.68 I have no Idea, Please help!

    asked on November 27, 2017
  5. Health

    What type of health hazard could occur by wearing jewelry while preping food?

    asked on April 12, 2014
  6. Science(chemistry)

    Some students believe that teachers are full of hot air. If I inhale 2.2 litres of gas at a temperature of 18 degree Celsius and it heats to a temperature of 38 degree Celsius in my lungs,what is the new volume of the gas?

    asked on February 14, 2017
  7. Math: Trigonometry

    Quadrant III, csc(theta)= -1.25, find tan(theta) Quadrant IV, sec(theta)= 4/3, find cot(theta) Please provide the work for both. Thank you!

    asked on June 1, 2017
  8. World History

    how did the scientific and technological revolutions of the 1920s help set the stage for transportation in the United States today?

    asked on May 10, 2010
  9. Math

    Laverne has sixty-one coins, all of which are dimes and quarters. If the totoal value is $9.85, how many of each kind of coin she has?

    asked on January 13, 2010
  10. Maths

    A Rope Can Be Cut Into An Equal Lenght With No Rope Left Over.The Lenght Can Be 15Cm, 18Cm Or 25Cm.What Is The Shortest Possible Lenght Of The Rope?

    asked on November 1, 2018
  11. history

    Which of the following statements about President Andrew Johnson is true? A. He was raised under conditions of extreme poverty B. He was well educated, but he was a poor stump speaker. C. he was impeached and forced from office. D. He defended the planter

    asked on October 6, 2012
  12. physics

    4. A rat named Littleguy runs in a treadmill (a wire wheel) with a diameter d =8.00 inches. In 5.00 minutes, Littleguy makes the treadmill rotate 2.80 x 10² times. If the rat were running along the ground, how far would he have run? What was his average

    asked on September 7, 2012
  13. Biology

    The original high estimate of the number of protein-coding genes in humans was based partly on the number of different known proteins made by the human organism. How can the small number of genes now thought to be present account for this larger number of

    asked on March 25, 2013
  14. physics

    vector A has a magnitude of 40m at Angle =225°. if we want to add to A a vector B so as to produce a resultant along the positive x-axis that has a magnitude of 20m, what must be the components of B?

    asked on February 12, 2020
  15. science

    How can you tell if a hiker has to hike the steepest elevation? A) The contour lines are evenly spaced. B) The contour lines are spaced farther apart. C) The contour lines are spaced closer together. I really don't know! Please help, God bless you.

    asked on November 21, 2017
  16. Civics

    A text box reads, If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary ... the great difficulty lies in this, you must first enable the government to

    asked on January 11, 2015
  17. Biology

    Stem height in the pea plant is one of the traits studied by Mendel. The tall allele is dominant to the short stem allele. What is the probability of a tall offspring if two heterozygous plants are mated? What proportion of the tall offspring is likely to

    asked on March 25, 2013
  18. math

    a 45 inch rope is cut into 3 pieces. the first piece of rope is 3 inches longer than the other pieces of rope. what is the length of the longest piece of rope.

    asked on October 3, 2012
  19. chem

    An empty vial has a mass of 56.42 g. If the vial has a mass of 233.13 g when completely filled with liquid mercury (d = 13.53 g/cm3), what is the volume of the vial?

    asked on August 18, 2009
  20. science

    'Copper' pennies actually contain very little copper. If a penny contains 91.768 % of its total volume zinc and 8.232 % of its total volume copper, what is its density? (d of Cu = 8.95 g/cm3; d of Zn = 7.14 g/cm3.)

    asked on August 18, 2009
  21. Calculus

    Hello my problem is the next one: g is a function between the interval (a,b)and "p" is a fixed point in (a,b) that`s mean that g(p)=p. If g can be derivated in that interval and /g(x)/

    asked on August 28, 2016
  22. Physics

    Calculate the formula for coefficient of kinetic friction in an inclined plane with a pulley and two masses coonected by a rope. You can only use the weight of the two masses, the height where the second object is and the distance that the first object

    asked on April 6, 2016
  23. Mathematics

    x and y are positive integers such that 6^x + 2^y + 2 is a perfect square. Find all possible values of x and y.

    asked on February 6, 2015
  24. Math

    Proove that: a)2^(1/2) is not rational. b) prove that 2^(1/3) is not rational. I have managed to prove the first part, but i am stuck on the second can someone give me an hint please?

    asked on February 1, 2015
  25. English

    Help! Left my book in my locker and this assignment over George Orwell's novel 1984 are due this monday! My teacher gave us an assignment and the instructions are to find a quote from every chapter in part three and say how it shows Winston's downward

    asked on April 5, 2014
  26. math

    Sally needs 6 gallons of water, but she only has a 2 quart pitcher. How many times does she need to fill it up to make 6 gallons?

    asked on February 11, 2014
  27. physics

    Four long, parallel conductors carry equal currents of I = 9.50 A. The current direction of the current is into the page at points A and B and out of the page at C and D. Calculate the magnitude and direction of the magnetic field at point P, located at

    asked on November 6, 2013
  28. chemistry

    Molarity is to moles of solute over liters of solution as molality is to A. molar concentration over molal concentration. B. moles of solute over kilograms of solvent. C. molal concentration over molar concentration. D. moles of solute over moles of

    asked on July 26, 2013
  29. Chemistry

    Show the steps necessary to transform acid on left to compound on right... Make sure you use SOCl3.................. (CH3)3CCH2C(=O)OH ----------> (CH3)3CCH2C(=O)OCH2CH=CH2 (CH3)3CCH2C(=O)OH-----------> (CH3)3CHC(=O)N(CH2CH3)2

    asked on November 1, 2012
  30. Chemistry

    Show the steps necessary to transform the compound on the left into the acid on the right (CH3)3CCH2BR ------------------>(CH3)3CCH2C(=O)OH

    asked on November 1, 2012
  31. Chemistry

    Number these in order of ease of hydrolysis. 1= easiest to hydrolyze 4=hardest to hydrolyze C6H5C(=O)OC66H5 C6H5C(=O)OCl C6H5C TRIPLE BOND N C6H5(=O)NHC6H5

    asked on November 1, 2012
  32. Chemistry


    asked on November 1, 2012
  33. Physics

    A 2050 kg car rounds a circular turn of radius 18.5 m. If the road is flat and the coefficient of friction between tires and road is 0.680, how fast can the car go without skidding?

    asked on September 30, 2012
  34. physics

    A dentist's drill starts from rest. After 3.62 s of constant angular acceleration it turns at a rate of 2.70E+4 revolutions per minute. Find the drill's angular acceleration. Determine the angle through which the drill rotates during this period.

    asked on September 30, 2012
  35. math

    anthony is selling mugs . the wholesale price is $2.95. retail price is $5 what is the mark up what percent is that

    asked on May 14, 2012
  36. science

    a truck is travelling along a straight road at 72 km/hr.The driver saw a woman crossing and immediately steps on the brake.If the truck stops in 7 sec.what is its acceleration

    asked on October 3, 2011
  37. Physics

    At the instant the traffic light turns green, a car that has been waiting at an intersection starts ahead with a constant acceleration of 2.85m/s^2. At the same instant a truck, traveling with a constant speed of 19.0m/s, overtakes and passes the car. A)

    asked on July 9, 2011
  38. history

    What is the government's role in a traditional economy?

    asked on February 28, 2011
  39. Alegebra2

    1. Given f(x)=3^(x-2), simplify f(x+1)-f(x) into an expression of the form (a)(3^x) 2. Given the function f(x)=e^(x) ln x, write the equation(s) for any and all asymptotes. If the graph has no asymptotes, state that fact.

    asked on February 13, 2011
  40. Physics

    An elevator (mass 4700 kg) is to be designed so that the maximum acceleration is 6.00×10^-2 g What is the maximum force the motor should exert on the supporting cable? What is the minimum force the motor should exert on the supporting cable?

    asked on February 3, 2011
  41. Math

    Use factorization to simplify the given expression in part (a). Then find the indicated limit in part (b). (a) 3x3 + 9x2 + 9x + 3 x4 + x3 + x + 1 (b) lim x → −1 3x3 + 9x2 + 9x + 1 x4 + x3 + x + 1

    asked on January 27, 2011
  42. Math

    I have to make a true statement with this question: {All states west of the Rocky Mountains} {All states west of the Atlantic Ocean} I have to determine if the two statements are: Proper Subset is a subset of is not a subset of proper subset and is a

    asked on August 20, 2010

    SPARTAN: Enter the numerical energy values (X, Y, & Z) on the y-axis and calculate the Ea and G. (Note: This is a multipart problem. First input your values for X, Y, and Z. When you are satisfied with your values submit them and check the box Go on to

    asked on July 19, 2010

    SPARTAN: Answer the follow using the Energy Profile plot. More than one answer is possible for some questions. What chemical species are present... A. at the longest constraint distance? _____ (Use i, ii, iv, etc. for your answer) B. at the highest

    asked on July 19, 2010
  45. science

    Bill finds an unusual object and wishes to calculate it's density. He discovers a problem of accurately weighing it, because it won't stay on the weighing pan. To solve this he adds the object to a beaker containing 59 mL of distilled water and finds the

    asked on August 18, 2009
  46. algebra 2

    How do I graph this problem??? HELP!!! P = x-4y 3x - y < or equal to 7 2x - y > or equal to 3 y > or equal to x - 3

    asked on September 22, 2008
  47. algebra 2

    How do I graph this problem??? HELP!!! P = x-4y 3x - y < or equal to 7 2x - y > or equal to 3 y > or equal to x - 3

    asked on September 22, 2008
  48. Stats

    National Packing Materials Company claims its X20 box can hold loads up to at least 80 pounds. Smith Widget Company has been using the boxes for one year and feels the boxes fail at lighter loads. Hearing the complaints from Smith, the lead engineer for

    asked on September 14, 2008
  49. Maths

    In a school choir of 40 pupils there were 16 boys find: the ratio of boys to choiresters

    asked on August 14, 2020
  50. math

    Please tell me if I did a good job! (Question:) Write an equation with a variable on both sides of the equal sign that has infinitely many solutions. Solve the equation and explain why it has an infinite number of solutions. (My answer:) 3x + 5 = 3x + 5

    asked on December 13, 2017
  51. math

    How is an inequality different from an equation? Give a real-world scenario in which you would write an inequality rather than an equation. (Below is my real-world scenario, please check!) George has some money in his wallet. He's thinking of buying pizza,

    asked on December 11, 2017
  52. Reading

    I have this really long passage about how organic farming started small, but it grew quickly. From 1990 to 2010, sales of organic food in the United States increased from $1 billion to $26.7 billion. Fruits and vegetables represent the biggest percentage

    asked on November 28, 2017
  53. Math

    An artist transferred a rectangular design 13cm long and 6cm wide to a similar canvas 260cm long and 120cm wide.what is the scale factor

    asked on February 21, 2017
  54. Chemistry

    Products of elimination reactions are?: a) unsaturated b) electrophilic c)More hydrophilic than their reactants d)Heavier than the reactions If you could also explain why, that would be great :)

    asked on November 2, 2016
  55. Physics

    Hello, my problem is the next one: There are three objects that are launched at the Same time But with different angles( they describe proyectile motion ) . All the objects got the Same maximun height. My question is: Is the Initial velocity the Same for

    asked on October 11, 2016
  56. Physics

    Hello, I need that someone help me with this excersise. I have to calculate (USING INTEGRATION) the motion ecuation of a particle. The excersise give me the ecuation of the velocity that is v=14t-32 , the initial time t1=3 And the initial position of the

    asked on October 9, 2016
  57. Trigonometry

    Hello, is there any way to calculate arctan (2) without using calcultor? And what is that way?

    asked on September 19, 2016
  58. algebra

    Let R={(x,y)∈R×R│⟦3x⟧=⟦3y⟧}, where ⟦x⟧ ┤ denotes the greatest integer less than or equal to x. Show that R is an equivalence relation on R. Determine R⁄R .

    asked on June 26, 2016
  59. physics

    A Boeing 747 “Jumbo Jet” has a length of 59.7 m. The runway on which the plane lands intersects another runway. The width of the inter- section is 25.0 m. The plane decelerates through the intersection at a rate of 6.1 m/s2 and clears it with a final

    asked on April 28, 2016
  60. math

    in a Friendship Banquet 2 out of 5 roses are pink. If there are 6 pinks roses, how many total roses are in the banquet?

    asked on September 17, 2014
  61. math

    in an apartment building there are 4 tenants who own cats for every 1 tenant who owns fish. if there are 5 tenants who own fish, how many tenants own cats?

    asked on September 17, 2014
  62. Chemistry

    The decompostion of dinitrogen pentoxide has been studied in carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) at a certain temperature: 2N2O5→4NO2+O2 [N2O5] Inital rate (M/s) 0.92 ...... 0.95x10^-5 1.23 ...... 1.20x10^-5 1.79 ...... 1.93x10^-5 2.00 ...... 2.10x10^-5 2.21

    asked on June 24, 2014
  63. Math

    How would a company who manufactures “widgets” benefit in using normal distribution?

    asked on April 19, 2014
  64. Math

    I have $48. I spend $3 each day. I need to write an equation that represents the amount of money I have left in terms of the number of days since I started spending the money, and tell what each variable in the question represents.

    asked on November 14, 2013
  65. bioloy

    Which fraction of the genome contains the most information? Explain.

    asked on March 25, 2013
  66. GEOL 108

    Do you have the answers to exercise 30 in Darrel Hess's Physical Geography Laboratory Manual tenth edition?

    asked on October 18, 2012
  67. Physics

    The flywheel of a steam engine begins to rotate from rest with a constant angular acceleration of 1.39 rad/s^2. It accelerates for 30.3 s, then maintains a constant angular velocity. Calculate the total angle through which the wheel has turned 69.1 s after

    asked on September 30, 2012
  68. Physics

    A tire placed on a balancing machine in a service station starts from rest and turns through 4.71 revolutions in 1.29 s before reaching its final angular speed. Calculate its angular acceleration.

    asked on September 30, 2012
  69. Physics

    A 0.300 kg puck, initially at rest on a frictionless horizontal surface, is struck by a 0.215 kg puck that is initially moving along the x axis with a velocity of 2.14 m/s. After the collision, the 0.215 kg puck has a speed of 1.14 m/s at an angle of q =

    asked on September 30, 2012
  70. PHysics

    A 250 kg load is lifted 23 m vertically with an acceleration a = 0.185g by a single cable Determine the tension of the cable. =2900N Determine the net work done on the load. =? Determine the work done by the cable on the load. =66700 J Determine the work

    asked on February 25, 2011
  71. math

    whats the center of the hyperola 25y^2-144x^2+150y-576x-3951=0

    asked on December 29, 2010
  1. Chemistry

    Please show the steps

    posted on March 20, 2021
  2. Language Arts

    B is the correct answer I took the test and got it right.

    posted on February 2, 2021
  3. English

    2. A A. We went to the store, but we forgot to buy eggs. if the 2nd sentence is short without "," For example: He went to the store but he forgot.

    posted on May 23, 2020
  4. Social Studies

    its b

    posted on March 18, 2020
  5. Chemistry

    Move the decimal to the left once, and subtract one from the exponent.

    posted on June 21, 2019
  6. science

    Algebra student is 100% correct thanks your a life saver

    posted on May 19, 2019
  7. english

    In "A Day's Wait," the fact that the father leaves the boy and goes hunting shows that the father does not think his son's condition is serious. The quote from “A Day’s Wait” that best shows whom the boy is concerned about in the story would be this:

    posted on April 23, 2018
  8. math

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  9. math

    Thank you! have a great day :-)

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  10. 8th grade math for Ms. Sue please check

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  11. Social Studies

    thanks, natan!

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  12. L.A.Help!!!!!!

    You guys saved my life, with a 100% correct!

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  13. P.E HELP

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  14. Please help with 5 math questions

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  15. Math

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  16. SS

    1. B 2. A and D 3. B God bless you!

    posted on November 29, 2017
  17. Reading

    Thank you Rylie, It was A, I got 100%! Thank you and God Bless you :-)

    posted on November 29, 2017
  18. Math

    Don't Trust Princess27!!! The real answers are: 1. B 2. D 3. A 4. C 5. D GOD IS THE WITNESS THAT THESE ARE THE ANSWERS!!! 100% CORRECT

    posted on November 29, 2017
  19. Reading

    Thank you, Ms. Sue, god bless you!

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  20. math

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  21. math

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  22. math

    OOOOOh, I get it now Ms. Sue you are a lifesaver! $6.88 + $93 = 99.88 right?

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  23. math

    can you help me with that step please Ms. Sue?

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  24. math

    lol Ms. Sue, thanks for the tip. 93 * 0.074 = $6.882

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  25. Math

    Oh, lol China one

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  26. Science

    Truth Teller is correct

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  27. Can someone help me SS

    Ms. Sue, that "Ducksters" website helped me a whole lot! Thanks and God bless you.

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  28. Math: Trigonometry

    For the second problem, I got 4squareroot7/7

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