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  1. physics

    An apple crate with a weight of 225 N accelerates along a frictionless surface as the crate is pulled with a force of 14.5 N as shown in the drawing. What is the horizontal acceleration of the crate?

    asked on January 8, 2017
  2. physics

    A car, starting from rest, accelerates in the +x direction as in the figure. It has a mass of 1.10 × 103 kg and maintains an acceleration of +4.40 m/s2 for 2.60 s. Assume that a single horizontal force (not shown) accelerates the vehicle. Determine the

    asked on January 12, 2017
  3. Science

    A girl standing on a bridge throws a stone vertically downward with an intial velocity of 15.0 m/s into the river below. If the stone hit's the water 2.00 seconds later what is the height of the bridge above the water?

    asked on March 3, 2016
  4. Calculus

    Use geometry to evaluate the integral from negative 3 to 3 of f of x, dx for f of x equals the square root of the quantity 4 minus the square of the quantity x plus 1 for x is between negative 3 and 1 including negative 3 and 1, and equals the absolute

    asked on March 5, 2017
  5. physics

    The drawing shows three objects rotating about a vertical axis. The mass of each object is given in terms of m0, and its perpendicular distance from the axis is specified in terms of r0. Rank the three objects according to their moments of inertia, largest

    asked on February 3, 2017
  6. physics

    A high-jumper, having just cleared the bar, lands on an air mattress and comes to rest. Had she landed directly on the hard ground, her stopping time would have been much shorter. Using the impulse-momentum theorem as your guide, determine which one of the

    asked on January 17, 2017
  7. math

    Madison spent 5/8 of her savings on a microwave oven & a refrigerator. She used 4/7 of the amount she spent to buy the refrigerator. The refrigerator cost $280 more than the microwave oven. How much savings did Madison start with?

    asked on January 1, 2013
  8. Physics

    The passengers in a roller coaster car feel 50% heavier than their true weight as the car goes through a dip with a 20 m radius of curvature. What is the car's speed at the bottom of the dip?

    asked on October 27, 2010
  9. Math

    How do I find the next number in the patter, 5,11,29,83,245 ? I think it's 454, but not sure how to figure it

    asked on January 17, 2008
  10. Math

    32,48,72,108...Arithmetic or geometric I think it is arithmetic Then Find common difference or ratio multiple of 12? What are the next 3 terms 120,132,144 What is the "zero" term 12 not sure what this means though What is the equation? 12n * n

    asked on February 9, 2016
  11. pre calc

    Find all solutions of the equation tan^5 x - 9tan x =0. The answer is Ak\pi where k is any integer, the constant A= ??.

    asked on April 14, 2013
  12. Algebra 2

    What is the relative maximum and minimum of the function? f(x) = 2x^3 + x^2 -11x A - The realative maximum is at (-1.53,8.3) and the realative minimum is at (1.2,-12.01) B - The realative maximum is at (-1.53,12.01)and the realative minimum is at (1.2,

    asked on January 25, 2017
  13. math

    At a festival, 2/7 of the number of girls was equal to 3/5 of the number of boys. There were 165 fewer boys than girls. How many children were at the festival in all?

    asked on January 1, 2013
  14. Geometry

    Hi, I'm having a difficult time understanding a couple of Geometry questions on my homework and I'd really appreciate it if someone could answer them and explain to me how to get the same answer. Question 1: A regular pentagon has an apothem of 3.2 m and

    asked on March 15, 2012
  15. Calculus

    Find the equation of the tangent line to the curve (piriform) y^2=x^3(4−x) at the point (2,16−−ã). a. Find dy/dx at x=2. dy/dx= b. Write the equation of the tangent line to the curve.

    asked on June 25, 2013
  16. Physics

    A car accelerates from 12m/s to 25m/s in 6.0s. What is its uniform acceleration? How far did it travel in this time?

    asked on February 11, 2014
  17. mathematics

    A printing shop charges a 75-cent minimum for the first 8 photocopies of a flyer. Additional copies cost 6 cents each. Represent the cost of c copies if c is greater than 8.

    asked on July 14, 2020
  18. Chemistry

    A 25.0 mL sample of 0.100 M propanoic acid (HC3H5O2, Ka = 1.3 ✕ 10-5) is titrated with 0.100 M KOH solution. Calculate the pH after the addition of the following amounts of KOH. a) 20.0 mL b) 25.0 mL c) 30.0 mL

    asked on July 6, 2020
  19. physics

    The drawing illustrates an overhead view of a door and its axis of rotation. The axis is perpendicular to the screen. There are four forces acting on the door, and they have the same magnitude. Rank the torque τ that each force produces, largest to

    asked on February 1, 2017
  20. Math

    Jacob mixes the letters J,K,L,J,K,M,N and P throughly. Without looking Terry draws one letter. Expressed as a fraction, decimal and percentage what is the probability the K will NOT be the letter terry selects A. 1/4,0.25,25% B.3/4,0.75,75% C. 4/3,1.33%,

    asked on May 18, 2016
  21. Math

    Use the function rule to complete the table. -10x + y = 4 X -2 -1 0 1 2 Y * * * * *

    asked on March 9, 2016
  22. Calculus

    find the absolute extrema of f(x)=sin pi x on [-1,2] Not sure how to do this problem....

    asked on April 28, 2012
  23. Chem 151

    A solution of ammonia and water contains 3.50×10^25 water molecules and 5.00×10^24 ammonia molecules. How many total hydrogen atoms are in this solution?

    asked on September 13, 2011
  24. mathematics

    The charges for a telephone call are $0.45 for the first 3 minutes and $0.09 for each additional minute or part of a minute. Represent the cost of a telephone call that lasts m minutes when m is greater than 3.

    asked on July 14, 2020
  25. English

    which is narrative element is described as a short truth theme ,conflict ,or resolution i think theme Am i right plz help thxs

    asked on September 29, 2019
  26. Geography

    Why did the neolithic agricultural revolution mark a turning point in history?

    asked on November 2, 2016
  27. Physics

    A girl standing on a bridge throws a stone vertically downward with an initial velocity of 15.0 m/s into the river below. If the stone hit's the water 2.00 seconds later what is the height of the bridge above the water?

    asked on March 3, 2016
  28. Physics

    The mass of a beetle is 0.000004kg. If a beetle's center of mass rises 0.75 mm while it is pushing against the floor and then continues to travel up to a height of 250 mm above the floor, what is the magnitude of the force exerted by the floor on the

    asked on October 22, 2015
  29. Statistics

    Random samples of size n = 90 were selected from a binomial population with p = 0.4. Use the normal distribution to approximate the following probabilities. (Round your answers to four decimal places.) (a) P(p̂ ≤ 0.49) = (b) P(0.37 ≤ p̂ ≤ 0.49) =

    asked on November 3, 2014
  30. math

    A certain brand of cereal costs $3.25 per box before sales tax is added. When you buy 5 or more boxes of this cereal you receive 1 additional box for free. What is the average cost per box of cereal for 6 boxes before sales tax are added ? Please helpp

    asked on February 5, 2013
  31. physics

    A force of 0.053 N is required to move a charge of 36 µ a distance of 30 cm in a uniform electric field. What is the size of the electric potential difference between the two points?

    asked on January 12, 2012
  32. Math

    There are 5 red marbles, 8 blue marbles, and 12 green marbles in a bag. What is the theoretical probability of randomly drawing a red marble and then a green marble? 10%

    asked on September 20, 2018
  33. physics

    Two arrows are fired simultaneously with the same speed of 30.0 m/s. Each arrow has a mass of 0.100 kg. One is fired due east and the other due south. What is the magnitude of the total momentum of this two-arrow system?

    asked on January 17, 2017
  34. Math

    x^(log10x)=100 I'm not sure how to do this at all...

    asked on August 25, 2014
  35. Chemistry

    Calculate ΔH∘f (in kilojoules per mole) for benzene, C6H6, from the following data: 2C6H6(l)+15O2(g)→12CO2(g)+6H2O(l) ΔH∘ = -6534kJ ΔH∘f (CO2) = -393.5kJ/mol ΔH∘f (H2O) = - 285.8kJ/mol

    asked on April 20, 2014
  36. Chemistry

    Assuming that the specific heat of the solution is 4.18 J/(g⋅∘C) and that the calorimeter itself absorbs a negligible amount of heat, calculate ΔH in kilojoules for the reaction CaO(s)+H2O(l)→Ca(OH)2(aq) When 1.045 g of CaO is added to 50.0 mL of

    asked on April 20, 2014
  37. Chemistry

    1) A dog has the same mass for 3 years. State whether this represents an equilibrium or steady state situations, and give your reasons. I'm not sure if I got this question right... I think this is a steady state because the dog is opened to the environment

    asked on November 25, 2013
  38. chemistry

    in the reaction of magnesium metal with hydrochloric acid to produce magnesium chloride and hydrogen gas. If 4.59 mol of magnesium and 4.59 mol of hydrochloric acid are reacted, how many moles of magnesium chloride are produced ?

    asked on August 26, 2013
  39. Calc

    Oscar Corporation is planning to construct an elliptical gate at its headquarters. The width of the ellipse will be 5 feet across and its maximum height along the center will be 3 feet. The company wants to place two bright spots at the foci of the

    asked on May 1, 2013
  40. Chemistry

    1. Pentane gas (C5H12) combusts with oxygen gas (O2) to form water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Write a balanced chemical equation for this reaction and explain the scientific principle (statement) that requires the balancing of an equation to make it

    asked on January 15, 2013
  41. Physics

    A photocell shows photoelectric effect when green light shines on it. Which of the following is correct if a green light is replaced by a blue light? Electron emission would get stopped. Electrons are emitted with more velocity. Electrons are emitted with

    asked on October 24, 2012
  42. geometry

    An architect needs to design a rectangular room with an area of 75 ft What dimensions should he use in order to minimize the perimeter? Round to the nearest hundredth, if necessary

    asked on January 6, 2012
  43. Calculus

    The demand function for a product is modeled by : p=10,000(1-(3/3+e^-0.001x) Find the price of the product if the quantity demanded is (a) x=1000 units and (b) x=1500 units. What is the limit of the price as x increases without bound?

    asked on November 7, 2010
  44. Chemistry

    What mass of CO2 could be absorbed by 1.34 g of CaO?

    asked on February 28, 2010
  45. phys

    When a car is weighed, it is allowed to move over a scale which records a reading as the front wheels go over the scale, and a second reading when the rear wheels go over the scale. The weight of the car is equal to A) the weight under the front wheels. B)

    asked on November 21, 2006
  46. Science

    The increase in use of electricity and oil as well as the as the expectation that dependency on foreign oil will (blank)over the next ten years has lead to the restructuring of current energy policies A)double B)triple C)decrease D)stay the same

    asked on January 14, 2020
  47. math

    The circumference of a circular garden is 65.94 feet. What is the diameter of the garden? Use 13.4 for and do not round your answer.

    asked on April 11, 2019
  48. physics

    The table that follows lists four pairs of initial and final angles of a wheel on a moving car. The elapsed time for each pair of angles is 1.5 s. For each of the four pairs, determine the average angular velocity (magnitude and direction as given by the

    asked on February 1, 2017
  49. physics

    In a science fiction novel two enemies, Bonzo and Ender, are fighting in outer spce. From stationary positions, they push against each other. Bonzo flies off with a velocity of +1.7 m/s, while Ender recoils with a velocity of -3.3 m/s. Determine the ratio

    asked on January 17, 2017
  50. physics

    Three forces act on a moving object. One force has a magnitude of 76.5 N and is directed due north. Another has a magnitude of 46.3 N and is directed due west. What must be (a) the magnitude and (b) the direction of the third force, such that the object

    asked on January 11, 2017
  51. Chemistry

    Water drips from a faucet into a flask at the rate of two drops every 5 seconds. A milliter of water is 20 drops. What volume of water, in liters, will be collected in 2.5 hours.

    asked on September 26, 2016
  52. Statistics

    Find the critical value za/2 that corresponds to a=0.12.

    asked on November 20, 2015
  53. Chemistry

    I need chemistry help. I think 1. c, 2.b, & 3.a (please tell me why or why not and help me set up the problems if possible) 1.) The following half reaction has been balanced except for the electrons. How many and where should the electrons be included? 14

    asked on November 30, 2014
  54. since and cosine please help me!

    Simplify and write the trigonometric expression in terms of sine and cosine: ((2+tan^2 x)(sec^2 x))-1 = (f(x))^2 f(x)= ???

    asked on April 14, 2013
  55. math

    How does a Hawaiian Baritone laugh?

    asked on October 27, 2010
  56. Calculate the oscillation frequency f of the H2 mo

    When displaced from equilibrium by a small amount, the two hydrogen atoms in an \rm H_{2} molecule are acted on by a restoring force F_{x}=-k_1 x with k_1 = 510 N/m. Calculate the oscillation frequency f of the H2 molecule. Use m_eff = m/2 as the

    asked on April 15, 2010

    A concert loudspeaker suspended high off the ground emits 35 W of sound power. A small microphone with a 1.0 cm2 area is 50 m from the speaker. (a) What is the sound intensity at the position of the microphone? (b) How much sound energy impinges on the

    asked on February 25, 2010
  58. physics

    A mountain climber, in the process of crossing between two cliffs by a rope, pauses to rest. She weighs 520 N. As the drawing shows, she is closer to the left cliff than to the right cliff, with the result that the tensions in the left and right sides of

    asked on January 8, 2017
  59. calculous (check)

    If air resistance is neglected, a falling object travels 13 ft during the first second, 39 ft during the next, 65 ft during the next, and so on. These distances form the arithmetic sequence 13, 39, 65, ... .In this sequence, a(subscript)1 = 13 d equals 26.

    asked on December 12, 2014
  60. Chemistry ASAP

    Using a table of standard electrode potentials (such as the one in your textbook), calculate the standard cell potential for a cell made by placing a zinc electrode in a Zn2+(aq) solution which is connected by an electrolyte to a Ag+ (aq) solution

    asked on May 13, 2014
  61. Pre-Algebra

    The treasurer of the student body at a college reported that the receipts from a recent contact totaled $916; Furthermore, he announced that 560 people had attended the concert. Students were charged $1.25 each for admission to the concert, and adults were

    asked on February 1, 2014
  62. chemistry

    Calculate the number of hydrogen molecules formed when 5.6 mL of ammonia at STP is decomposed by the following reaction: ___NH3 „³ ___ N2 + ___ H2

    asked on September 25, 2013
  63. chemistry

    determine the mass of CO2 produced when 51.2 g of CaO is reacted with 50.0 g of C according to the unbalanced equation CaO + C --------CaC2 =CO2

    asked on August 26, 2013
  64. physics

    a mechanic uses a chain and bloc pulley to lift a 875-kg engine 4.0 m to the top of the garage. the downward force on the chain over the 4.0 m distance is 5.0 x 10^4 N. a)calculate the work done in raseing the motor b)how much useful work was done c)what

    asked on January 12, 2013
  65. science

    When scientists use one of their five senses to gather information, they are?

    asked on January 8, 2013
  66. Finance

    A firms growth rate is 8%, the ROA = 10%, the debt ratio is 20%. The stock is selling at $36. What is the return on equity?

    asked on June 26, 2012
  67. math

    Find the mystery number im a number between 300 and 400 im divisible by 3 and 4 . but not 9 my tens digit is a square number the sum of the hundreds digit and the tens digit is a prime number. find the mystery number

    asked on November 8, 2011
  68. psychology

    According to Piaget, egocentrism refers to?

    asked on October 27, 2011
  69. algebra

    what is the exponent of 289

    asked on September 22, 2011
  70. Chemistry

    Dinitrogen tetroxide decomposes to nitrogen dioxide: N2O4 (g) ---> 2NO2 (g) Delta H rxn: 55.3 kJ At 298 K a reaction vessel initially containing .100 atm of N2O4. When equilibrium is reached, 58% of the N2O4 has decomposed to NO2. -What percentage of N2O4

    asked on July 18, 2011
  71. geometry

    the angle of depression from d to f measures 10 degrees. if df equals 300m, find df. round to the nearest tenth.

    asked on February 18, 2011
  72. English

    Early Inklings Short Essay by John Updike. The title, “Early Inklings” is an example of a pun (a witty play on words that suggest a double meaning) . Explain the pun and the meaning of the title. I don't even know where to start... Also, How

    asked on January 28, 2011
  73. Algebra

    Four circles with centers A,B,C,and D are mutually tangent. The areas of circles A,B,C, and D are 25pi, 100pi, 16pi, and 225pi respectively. How many units are in the perimeter of quadrilateral ABCD?

    asked on December 5, 2010
  74. Physics

    how much work is required to lift a 98-N block of ice if A) it is lifted a vertical distance of 5-m.? B) you push the same block of ice up a 7-m long ramp using in acompare to the work required in b.? C) How does the work required in A compare to the work

    asked on November 7, 2010
  75. Math

    Determine the Greatest Common Factor

    asked on May 20, 2019
  76. algebra

    in the diagram below, what is the relationship between the number of rectangles and the perimeter of the figure they form?

    asked on November 1, 2018
  77. Algebra2

    determine if the hyperbola is vertical or horizontal then find the vertices foci and asymptotes y^2/25-x^2/100=1 My answers Horizontal?

    asked on May 16, 2017
  78. Physics

    A car of mass 1.33 103 kg is initially moving on a level road at a speed of 18.0 m/s. Compute the increase in temperature of the brakes, assuming that all the mechanical energy ends up as internal energy in the brake system. Assume a total heat capacity of

    asked on April 11, 2017
  79. Physics

    Ice of mass 12.0 kg at 0.00° C is placed in an ice chest. The ice chest has 3.10 cm thick walls of thermal conductivity 1.00 10-5 kcal/s · m · C° and a surface area of 1.20 m2. (a) How much heat must be absorbed by the ice before it melts? (b) If the

    asked on April 11, 2017
  80. Math

    use the remainder theorem to find the remainder when P(x) = x^4-9x^3-5x^2-3x+4 is divided by x + 3 please help me start this problem I have no idea

    asked on February 21, 2017
  81. physics

    United States currency is printed using intaglio presses that generate a printing pressure of 8.1 x 104 lb/in2. A $20 bill is 6.1 in. by 2.6 in. Calculate the magnitude of the force (in pounds) that the printing press applies to one side of the bill.

    asked on February 7, 2017
  82. physics

    Accomplished silver workers in India can pound silver into incredibly thin sheets, as thin as 3.00 x 10-7 m (about one hundredth of the thickness of a sheet of paper). Find the area of such a sheet that can be formed from 3.70 kg of silver.

    asked on February 7, 2017
  83. physics

    The drawing shows two blocks that are placed at the ends of a massless board. The board is balanced on a support that serves as an axis of rotation. The block on the left has a mass of 5.8 kg. What is the moment of inertia of this system about the axis of

    asked on February 3, 2017
  84. physics

    An auto race takes place on a circular track. A car completes one lap in a time of 22.8 s, with an average tangential speed of 37.3 m/s. Find (a) the average angular speed and (b) the radius of the track.

    asked on February 1, 2017
  85. physics

    A meter stick is rotated about the end labeled 0.00 cm, so that the other end of the stick moves through an arc length of 6.04 cm. Through what arc length s does the 25.0-cm mark on the stick move?

    asked on February 1, 2017
  86. physics

    A centrifuge is a device in which a small container of material is rotated at a high speed on a circular path. Such a device is used in medical laboratories, for instance, to cause the more dense red blood cells to settle through the less dense blood serum

    asked on January 26, 2017
  87. physics

    There is a clever kitchen gadget for drying lettuce leaves after you wash them. It consists of a cylindrical container mounted so that it can be rotated about its axis by turning a hand crank. The outer wall of the cylinder is perforated with small holes.

    asked on January 26, 2017
  88. physics

    A 3.67-g bullet, traveling at a speed of 484 m/s, strikes the wooden block of a ballistic pendulum, such as that in Figure 7.14. The block has a mass of 186 g. (a) Find the speed of the bullet/block combination immediately after the collision. (b) How high

    asked on January 19, 2017
  89. physics

    The drawing shows three particles that are moving with different velocities. Two of the particles have mass m, and the third has a mass 2m. The third particle has a velocity of v3 = +5.1 m/s. At the instant shown, the center of mass (cm) of the three

    asked on January 19, 2017
  90. physics

    Four very thin rods, each 13 m long, are joined to form a square, as part (a) of the drawing shows. The center of mass of the square is located at the coordinate origin. The rod on the right is then removed, as shown in part (b) of the drawing. What are

    asked on January 19, 2017
  91. physics

    A 2.9-kg cart is rolling along a frictionless, horizontal track towards a 1.5-kg cart that is held initially at rest. The carts are loaded with strong magnets that cause them to attract one another. Thus, the speed of each cart increases. At a certain

    asked on January 17, 2017
  92. physics

    A 53.8-kg skater is standing at rest in front of a wall. By pushing against the wall she propels herself backward with a velocity of -1.33 m/s. Her hands are in contact with the wall for 0.960 s. Ignore friction and wind resistance. Find the average force

    asked on January 17, 2017
  93. physics

    The hail comes straight down at a mass rate of m/Δt=0.0690 kg/s and an initial velocity of v0= -15.0 m/s. Suppose that the hail described there bounces off the roof of the car with a velocity of +14.0 m/s. Ignoring the weight of the hailstones, calculate

    asked on January 17, 2017
  94. physics

    Only two forces act on an object (mass=3.19 kg), as in the drawing. Find (a) the magnitude and (b) the direction (relative to the x axis) of the acceleration of the object.

    asked on January 8, 2017
  95. math

    The length of a rectangle is 7 units and its width is 5 units. What is the approximate length of the diagonal of the rectangle? A. 4.9 units B. 6 units C. 8.6 units D. 9 units

    asked on December 16, 2016
  96. Physics

    The 500 kg video display will be raised to its position 20 m above the arena floor by a motorized winch powered by a 12 volt battery. If the battery capacity is 100 A-hr and the system is 100% efficient, how many times could the display be lifted into

    asked on October 14, 2016
  97. Calculus

    Find an equation of the tangent line to the graph of f at the given point. f(x) = x + (4/x), (4,5) I tried using the limit process a lot, but it didn't quite work. If possible, please use the limit process. Thanks a lot to whoever answers this question.

    asked on September 27, 2016
  98. Geometry

    Triangle ABC is given by the points A(1,1), B(3,2), C(2,3). Consider each rule of transformation. Does the rule result in an image with points A'(2,2), B'(6,3), and C'(4,4). (x,y) transforms into (x,y+1) y/n (x,y) transforms into (2x,2y) y/n (x,y)

    asked on September 22, 2016
  99. math

    Four friends shared a candy bar. The first friend ate 1/4 of the candy bar, the second friend ate 1/3 of the candy bar, and the third friend ate 1/6 of the candy bar. How much of the candy bar did the fourth friend eat? (Leave your answer as a fraction in

    asked on September 6, 2016
  100. Chemistry<--------

    Sulfur dioxide in the effluent gases from coal-burning electric power plants is one of the principal causes of acid rain. One method for reducing SO2 emissions involves partial reduction ofSO2 to H2S followed by catalytic conversion of the H2S and the

    asked on April 21, 2016


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