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  1. Algebra

    Simplify (-24x^3+18x+6)/(6x+3) -4x^2+2x-2 4x^2-2x-2 4x^2+2-2 -4x^2+2x+2 I need a bit help on this. I don't know how to do it. I think the first step is divide 18x+6 with 6x+3 and 6x+3 divide by 6x+3. Am I on the right track? Please help

    asked on June 13, 2019
  2. Algebra

    Solve the following equation. Show all your work x/x-2+x-1/x+1=-1 Do you first do (x-2)(x+1)? I need help. I can't seem to get the idea of what to do. Thanks

    asked on June 16, 2019
  3. Music

    Hello! I have a question! The coda is considered to be what? I think its the development of the body in a sonata. Am I correct? Please tell me. I am not really good at music.

    asked on May 16, 2019
  4. Science

    I am really confused about this. If anyone can help it would be great! I already talked to my teacher about it and I still don't get it. I looked in my book, still no. Can anyone tell me please? How does density affect the speed of light? How does this

    asked on May 24, 2019
  5. Math

    Hello! If you can help me with these 3 questions I would love it! 1. How do you simplify sqrt5 + 6 sqrt 5? I think that it is 5 sqrt10. Am I correct? 2. 5 sqrt 7 +2 sqrt 175. I think the answer is 7 sqrt 182 3. What is the domain of this function y = sqrt

    asked on May 20, 2019
  1. Algebra

    Thank you for helping!

    posted on June 16, 2019
  2. Algebra

    Thank you!

    posted on June 14, 2019
  3. Science

    Thank you very much for your help. I appreciate it!

    posted on May 24, 2019
  4. Math

    Thank you for helping me on this!

    posted on May 20, 2019
  5. Music

    Thank you Ms. Sue.

    posted on May 17, 2019
  6. Science

    Hello! I am guessing YOU need an answer? No problem a future Royal Guardsmen can't handle! Do your own work! This is very good advice! If you don't get it, please ask again!

    posted on May 3, 2019
  7. Algebra

    .......I don't know if your right. I tried to solve them, but for the second question I got B... Are you correct or no?

    posted on April 26, 2019