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  1. math

    Kyle spent half of his weekly allowance playing arcade games. To earn more money his parents let him weed the garden for $6.55. What is Kyle’s weekly allowance if he ended with $11.01? Show all of your work. (1 pts) * a) $8.90 b) $8.91 c) $8.92 d) $8.93

    asked on November 30, 2018
  2. Math

    I think the answer is wrong online so I would like to know what the correct answer is before I teach a student! If it takes 6 cubes to build 3 steps, how many cubes will be needed for 11 steps? It sounds so easy but my answer doesn't match the answer

    asked on August 4, 2008
  3. General Chemistry Project Ideas?

    Hi I'm a high school science teacher and I teach General Chemistry when we learn how chemistry relates to our everyday lives. Right now were learning about some common compounds. I need projects ideas regarding some common compounds relating to their

    asked on January 8, 2015
  4. Careers

    What does labour market information report about future trends for elementary school teachers? what is the level of performance expected for an elementary school teacher?

    asked on December 28, 2015
  5. General Chemistry!!!!

    Hi I'm a high school teacher. I teach General Chemistry. I'm looking for a textbook for my student. In this course we learn the basics of chemistry and how it relates to our everyday lives/world.

    asked on December 29, 2014
  6. economics

    what are welfare payments or consumer subsides

    asked on April 4, 2014
  1. socail studys

    Use these & you will get caught cheating

    posted on June 18, 2019
  2. Social Studies

    It might sound good, but it'll get you caught for cheating

    posted on May 16, 2019
  3. ELA

    We know of this website and answers and will issue honor codes accordingly when these answers are used on quizzes.

    posted on April 30, 2019
  4. Social Studies

    Ms. Sue, you are terrible

    posted on April 26, 2019
  5. Sand Dunes (Science)

    So everyone here is perfectly comfortable with cheating on tests? Even Ms. Sue?

    posted on April 4, 2019
  6. Math

    C = pi x d C=3.14 x 2.5 C = 7.85 Then divide 5280 by 7.85 = 672.6 revolutions in one mile

    posted on February 28, 2019
  7. Math

    C = 7.85 Then divide 5280 by 7.85 = 672.6

    posted on February 28, 2019
  8. social studies

    Who is Mr. Sue?

    posted on February 27, 2019
  9. Social Studies

    Are you lazy or dumb?

    posted on February 22, 2019
  10. Math

    Are you lazy or dumb?

    posted on February 22, 2019
  11. Health 😘

    3 is wrong

    posted on February 18, 2019
  12. Science

    You don't seem to know anything about this course.

    posted on February 8, 2019
  13. social studies

    Ms. Sue told you that 2 c was right. You need to pay attention!

    posted on February 6, 2019
  14. Math

    Contact your teacher!!! This answer is wrong and your teachers are here to help. Each one of us offers one on one tutoring and want to help you!! Copying answers will get a zero!

    posted on January 11, 2019
  15. math

    I mean 3/32

    posted on January 2, 2019
  16. math


    posted on January 2, 2019
  17. math

    my answer g

    posted on November 30, 2018
  18. Science--HELP!!

    i dont know why but i aprove of this

    posted on October 18, 2018
  19. Social Studies/ History

    How about you read & attend your lessons so that you don't need to come here to cheat?

    posted on October 16, 2018
  20. History

    You could also try not cheating on your test...

    posted on October 16, 2018
  21. Social Studies

    You could try studying, or asking your actual teacher for help instead of coming here to cheat too...

    posted on September 28, 2018
  22. Social Studies

    coming back and seeing all of these comments really broke my heart. I have resigned from connections academy since then, I just thought that I had found students who actually valued learning.

    posted on September 28, 2018
  23. Social Studies

    Am I though?

    posted on June 1, 2018
  24. Social Studies

    Ms. Sue, you are aware that you're helping kids cheat, right?

    posted on May 24, 2018
  25. Social studies

    You should try reading the book & learning instead of cheating & taking the easy way out

    posted on May 9, 2018
  26. HEALTH (check answers)

    @lun I know who you are. You are receiving a phone call today and getting suspended from Connexus Academy

    posted on April 10, 2018
  27. Social Studies

    If you use Abby's answer you are asking to get caught

    posted on April 5, 2018
  28. Socail Studies

    We teachers are not accepting cheating anymore. We will be 1pting out perfect scores and finding cheaters! Do not use this site or you will flunk the class that is a promise.

    posted on April 4, 2018
  29. social studies

    Mr. Skills & Ms. Sue, how about you not help kids cheat?

    posted on March 19, 2018
  30. Social Studies

    If you cheat you will be caught...

    posted on March 19, 2018
  31. Social Studies

    You will be caught if you cheat...

    posted on March 18, 2018
  32. SOCIAL STUDIES (CHECK answer) please

    If you are reading this, students of Connections Academy, you should stop. Get some help. The user you see above known as"KCUF" recently got in a lot of trouble for cheating on his school assignments. Although no one maybe watching, although you may never

    posted on March 8, 2018
  33. Social Studies

    100 thx

    posted on March 2, 2018
  34. Social Studies


    posted on February 27, 2018
  35. Social Studies

    If you are a Connections Academy student, asking for help with answers for your assessments will get you caught..;.

    posted on February 23, 2018
  36. Social Studies

    If you are a Connections student, and you use this, you will get caught...

    posted on February 6, 2018
  37. LA

    If you use Mr. Falcon's answer, please know that it is wrong and you will be caught for plagiarism.

    posted on February 1, 2018
  38. history

    Is that so Anon? So teacher want students to do research for a test? So it's ok for a student to ramble off some info that is at a college level, even though they barely understand 4 of the words that they find...

    posted on January 31, 2018
  39. English

    I also agree with Ms.Sue

    posted on January 16, 2018
  40. soical studies

    The correct answers for this quick check if you are in connexus are 1.B 2.D 3.B 4.B

    posted on January 16, 2018
  41. math


    posted on January 15, 2018
  42. social studies


    posted on January 15, 2018
  43. Social Studies

    Actually, this site is not used to help understand Dawson, it is used to cheat. If you provide students with "help", you are encouraging them top do this. f

    posted on December 20, 2017
  44. Chemistry

    These questions both come from an online school chemistry test. This student is violating our honor code. Please stop helping students cheat by simply giving them the answers.

    posted on December 16, 2017
  45. Chemistry

    These questions are from an online school chemistry test and this student is violating our school's honor code. Please stop helping our students cheat.

    posted on December 16, 2017
  46. math

    Connections Academy students...your teachers are watching and checking! We WILL catch you!

    posted on December 13, 2017
  47. Language Arts

    The answer to this question is.. Some might correctly say that the prelude to summer is Spring. The answer is spring.

    posted on November 27, 2017
  48. history

    I wouldn't rely on what Reed is saying either.. that's cheating too...

    posted on November 14, 2017
  49. extreme math help please

    Hello, I am a math teacher from the school where the test question is from ( Connections Academy) We can clearly tell when a student's work is not his or her own. Five of my students have already had Honor Code violations due to copying from this website.

    posted on June 2, 2017
  50. U.S. History

    This is a test question. Tests are CLOSED BOOK. Please adhere to the honor code.

    posted on March 31, 2017
  51. Language arts

    Please put the correct answers if you are putting answers online!

    posted on March 28, 2017
  52. Social Studies


    posted on March 28, 2017
  53. Physics

    You should have got 1.6*10^(-16) as your answer - Which is the value of 1keV.

    posted on March 24, 2017
  54. social studies

    Very true Melody, but what if the teachers know that you're coming here?

    posted on March 20, 2017
  55. social studies

    @Students You should care. You are not learning by cheating. This will not serve you well in life. You do this in college and you will be expelled. So either stop cheating or be prepared to ruin your life.

    posted on March 17, 2017
  56. American Government

    You should not be trying to find answers online. I teach this course and I am very disappointed to see students "fishing" for answers to tests online. YOU need to put in the work. Your grades are a reflection of the effort you put in.

    posted on March 15, 2017
  57. Religion

    Or you could just try studying and not cheating...

    posted on February 14, 2017
  58. Social Studies quiz PLEASE HELP

    Probably to be cheating on your assessments...

    posted on February 14, 2017
  59. social studies

    Probably not a good idea to be cheating on your assessments...

    posted on February 14, 2017
  60. history

    Do not copy and paste or use outside sources on your essay questions. Your teachers are aware of this site and you will be in violation of the honor code.

    posted on February 1, 2017
  61. Social Studies

    Write in your own words. 5 of your peers have already been caught violating the honor code! Don't be one of them!

    posted on January 30, 2017
  62. la history

    haha, you kids do not get it do you. YOU are supposed to answer these, not your teacher. And you say duh to us? We arent the ones trying to cheat online, good luck with that

    posted on January 30, 2017
  63. Social Studies

    Funny how all you have to do is google the Comp of 1850 and poof, information appears. Oh but wait, you actually have to read it and do some work to understand it. Guess you should just try to cheat huh? Good luck with that attitude :)

    posted on January 30, 2017
  64. connexus science

    Thanks Mrs. Sue, your sympathies are accepted. Our idea of helping students is much different than a students idea of helping, clearly. I am sure these students would be much more polite if they were not anonymous #keyboardwarrior

    posted on January 30, 2017
  65. Social Studies

    Here is your help. Read your text book, go through the lessons, if you have questions call your teacher. You're welcome :)

    posted on January 30, 2017
  66. Social Studies 6 B

    I dont feel like doing the reading? Heaven forbid you have to do something you don't want to. I guess you need to pay for the consequences of your actions then.

    posted on January 30, 2017
  67. Social Studies

    If you know where your text book is then read it.

    posted on January 24, 2017
  68. Social Studies

    Hi everyone, this is your social studies teacher Mr. D. Just wanted you to know that if you use these answers you will be violating the honor code. Have a great day.

    posted on December 13, 2016
  69. Social studies

    Your social studies teacher is watching, act accordingly

    posted on December 7, 2016
  70. social studies

    Your teacher sees all of these posts and intentionally leaves them up so he can bust cheaters. Think about that next time you want to cheat on your social studies test :)

    posted on December 7, 2016
  71. social studies

    Oh guess what, the answer is in your text book, try reading it?

    posted on December 7, 2016
  72. Social Studies

    Just a tip. Teacher here. Already given over 10 students disciplinary action from using this answer. Do your own work. This isn't a hard question if you do the lesson.

    posted on November 29, 2016
  73. SS and i need SOS. please help me

    33% is what you get when you try to cheat, its called Karma, now go do your homework

    posted on November 28, 2016
  74. Biology (please help!!)

    Hi Sara! As a TCAH Biology student, you are aware that using outside resources on a test is against the honor code. We will be in touch tomorrow to discuss the consequences of your behavior.

    posted on November 21, 2016
  75. Social Studies

    Go ahead, cheat, and then see what happens lol

    posted on November 16, 2016

    How does posting the questions from your test on here help anyone? Stop cheating

    posted on November 10, 2016
  77. Social studies: Jefferson's Presidency Quiz

    The only help for this kid is for him to help himself. The easy way out is not what should be taught. By the way, no one believes you graduated from college let alone Harvard with that amazing grammar and language LOL

    posted on November 7, 2016
  78. connections Academy sucks

    Wow so when things get tough you just cheat? Sounds like a great life philosophy, good luck with that.

    posted on November 7, 2016
  79. history

    Posting answers on here is an honor code violation and will get you a nice zero on your test. There is no substitute for actually learning the material

    posted on October 31, 2016
  80. History

    The school you are attending is now looking into this site for answer sharing. Those who have participated will be expelled.

    posted on October 31, 2016
  81. History

    Posting this online is an honor code violation. I have access to student files from this site so even if you post anonymously I can still see who is posting these. Stop trying to cheat!!!!

    posted on October 31, 2016
  82. Social Studies

    How about you learn the material and stop trying to cheat on your tests? Just posting this question is an honor code violation and your social studies teacher is aware of all of these. Use them and you will get busted. There is no substitute for actually

    posted on October 31, 2016
  83. social studies

    Just so you all know, I am also a teacher at the same school. If you use these sites you will be caught, you will get a zero, and you could be removed from school. STOP CHEATING and work hard to learn the material.

    posted on October 26, 2016
  84. Geometry


    posted on October 25, 2016
  85. Social studies

    Posting questions from your tests is an honor code violation, and pulling an answer from these sites will get you busted for cheating. Ms. Sue, you are aware that you are aiding students as they attempt to cheat on their tests? I imagine if you are a real

    posted on October 24, 2016
  86. Social Studies

    This is an honor code violation, you are not allowed to post materials from your test onto these sites. I am looking into who posted this and I will be contacting your parents soon. You may be removed from the school for doing this.

    posted on October 21, 2016
  87. Social Studies

    Posting material from your tests into this discussion is a violation of the honor code that you signed. I am looking into who is posting on here and I will be in touch with your parents soon. There is no substitute for actually learning the materials, quit

    posted on October 21, 2016
  88. social studies

    Hey I got an idea!!! Maybe instead of trying to cheat, maybe you could take the time to learn the material. Crazy idea right?

    posted on October 21, 2016
  89. Social Studies

    Using these sites to complete your social studies quiz will get you in trouble and is not worth it. Your teacher has seen all of these sites and you will get caught.

    posted on October 20, 2016