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  1. phyics (PLEASE PLEASE READ)

    a bicyclist is finishing his repair of a flat tire when a friend rides by at 3.5 m/s. two seconds later, the bicyclist hops on his bike and accelerates at 2.4 m/s^2 until he catches his friend? (a) how much time does it take until he catches his friend?

    asked on November 20, 2011
  2. Physics

    An empty rubber balloon has a mass of 0.012kg. the balloon is filled with helium at 0 degrees celcius, 1 atm pressure, and a density of 0.179 kg/m3. the filled balloon has a radius of 0.5 m. a)what is the magnitude of the buoyant force acting on the

    asked on March 4, 2010
  3. Art check please

    1. Rust on an artifact is an example of (1 point) chemical decomposition ******* chemical preservation physical decomposition physical preservation 2. What “preservation controversy” developed over the years relating to Michelangelo’s paintings in

    asked on January 23, 2015
  4. physics

    an astronaut on the planet zircon tosses a rock horizonally with a speed of 6.95 m/s. the rock falls through a vertical distance of 1.40 m and lands a horizontal distance of 8.75 m from the astronuat. what is the acceleration of gravity on zircon?

    asked on December 13, 2011
  5. physics

    starting from reast a boat increases its speed to 4.12 m/s with constant acceleration. (a) what is the boat's average speed? (b) If it take the boat 4.77s to reach this speed, how for has it traveled?

    asked on November 17, 2011

    1. A curator decides to display an eighteenth-century painting in a windowless room with controlled temperature and humidity. Pick the answer that best describes the reasons for her choice: (1 point) 1)The curator wants to make sure that the temperature

    asked on January 22, 2015
  7. physics

    an olympic long jumper i capable of jumping 8.0 m. Assuming hi horizonal speed is 9.1 m/s as he leaves the ground, how long is he in the air and how high doe he go? Assume that he lands standing upright that is, the same way he left the ground.

    asked on January 5, 2012
  8. Social Studies

    The Roman and Byzantine Empires Unit Test i really need help my grades are not that good i don't understand it plz help.

    asked on September 27, 2018
  9. algebra

    What were the headlines after a mad scientist trained two eggs to attack a candy store with sharp sticks ?

    asked on January 27, 2010
  10. Chemistry

    Calculate Delta H for 4NH3 + 5O2 --> 4NO + 6H2O using: N2 +O2 --> 2NO DH= -180.5 kJ N2 + 3H2 --> 2NH3 DH= -91.8 kJ 2H2 + O2 --> 2H2O DH= -483.6 kJ

    asked on June 30, 2010
  11. Univ-Phys

    One car has twice the mass of a second car, but only half as much kinetic energy. When both cars increase their speed by 5.0m/s, they then have the same kinetic energy. What were the original speeds of the two cars?

    asked on October 7, 2009
  12. social studies check

    Which of these is a non-monetary positive incentive for entrepreneurs? a) the need to hire and train workers *** b)the risk of starting a new enterprise c) the satisfaction of creating new products d) the responsibilities of running a business Pete's

    asked on September 12, 2014
  13. physics

    A child slides down a hill on a toboggan with an acceleration if 1.5 m/s2^2. If she starts at rest, how far has she traveled in (a) 1.0s,(b) 2.0s, and (c) 3.0s?

    asked on November 17, 2011
  14. Chemistry

    When 100.g Mg3N2 reacts with 75.0 g H2O, 15.0 g of NH3 is formed. What is the % yield?

    asked on December 7, 2018
  15. Chemistry

    Given the reactant side of the total ionic equation for the neutralization reaction of ammonium hydroxide (NH4OH) with hydrochloric acid (HCl), write the total ionic equation (also known as the complete ionic equation) by entering both the reactant and the

    asked on January 27, 2014
  16. math

    What do they call bowling in hawaii

    asked on October 29, 2010
  17. American government

    I'm writing a paper explaining how the constitution and its european influences support our modern ideas about american citizenship and the rights and responsibilities of being a citizen Can someone help me like give me some ideas I'm stuck on this paper

    asked on November 1, 2016
  18. Chemistry

    If the rate of formation of ammonia is 0.345 M/s, what is the rate of disappearance of N2? 1/2N2(g)+3/2H2(g)-->NH3(g) a. 0.173 M/s b. 0.345 M/s c. 0.690 M/s d. 245 M/s e. 0.518 M/s

    asked on July 30, 2012
  19. physics

    when babe ruth hit a homer over the 7.5-m-high right field fence 95 m from home plate, roughly what wa the minimum speed of the ball when it left the bat? Assume the ball wa hit 1.0 m above the ground and it path initially made a 38 degree angle with the

    asked on January 5, 2012
  20. chemistry

    A student completes a titration by adding 12.0 milliliters of NaOH(aq) of unknown concentration to 16.0 milliliters of 0.15 M HCl(aq). What is the molar concentration of the NaOH(aq)?

    asked on June 7, 2010
  21. chemistry

    the important industrial process for producing ammonia (the Haber Process), the overall reaction is: N2(g) + 3H2(g) → 2NH3(g) + 100.4 kJ A yield of NH3 of approximately 98% can be obtained at 200°C and 1,000 atmospheres of pressure. How many grams of N2

    asked on July 24, 2017

    the railway by edouard manet One of the characteristics of impressionism, which is pictured here, is? formal portraits dark color theme lack of attention to light usage capturing the human experience (I thought this one) Not sure though

    asked on December 10, 2014
  23. CHEM HELP!!!

    I don't get two questions out of my homework and I know the answers to them but just not how the answers were gotten. PLEASE HELP!! 1) A handbook gives the aqueous solubility of carbon monoxide at 0 C and 1 atm CO pressure to be 0.0354 mg CO per mL of

    asked on February 13, 2012
  24. physics

    A 70-kg fisherman in a 138-kg boat throws a package of mass m = 15 kg horizontally toward the right with a speed of vi = 4.8 m/s as in the figure below. Neglecting water resistance, and assuming the boat is at rest before the package is thrown, find the

    asked on March 27, 2012
  25. physics

    Air bags are designed to deploy in 10 ms. Estimate the acceleration of the front surface of the ba as it expands. Express your answer in terms of the acceleration of gravity g.

    asked on November 17, 2011
  26. math help please

    the amount of revenue brought in by states from motor vehicle licenses increased at a relatively constant rate of 499.79 million dollars per year from 1990 to 2000. In 2000, the states brought in 15,099 million dollars in revenue from motor vehicle

    asked on November 18, 2013
  27. math***help plz***

    please help me with math. A car travels 132 miles using 4 gallons of gas.At that rate,how far can the car travel using 7 gallons of gas? A.231 miles B.264 miles C.134 miles D.1,260 miles

    asked on February 6, 2014
  28. Statistics

    The Economic Policy Institute periodically issues reports on wages of entry-level workers. The institute reported that entry-level wages for male college graduates were $21.68 per hour and for female college graduates were $18.80 per hour in 2011 (Economic

    asked on March 23, 2015
  29. American Government

    How have NATO's operations changed over time ? A.) NATO only directs peacekeeping measures now B.) NATO no longer defends Western Europe C.) NATO has fewer member countries now than when it began D.) NATO's activities now include crisis management and

    asked on November 2, 2016
  30. MATH


    asked on September 5, 2010
  31. 3rd grade

    What is the Plural Possessive of elephant trunk ?

    asked on November 13, 2008
  32. Math

    How would you describe your understanding of rational numbers? (Select all that apply)

    asked on October 23, 2016

    An organic compound, X, will react with an excess of calcium metal to produce a salt with the empirical formula CaC4H6O4. What could be the identity of X? 1 ethanoic acid 2 butanedioic acid 3 methylpropanedioic acid With explanation please!

    asked on October 22, 2014
  34. science(CHECK ANSWERS)

    which of the following is the best example of transforming electromagnetic energy into thermal energy? A.when trees absorb sunlight for photosynthesis. B.when the interior of a car absorbs sunlight and warms up. C.when a solar panel absorbs sunlight to

    asked on February 5, 2014
  35. Chemistry

    Given the following data, determine the rate constant of the reaction 2NO(g) + Cl2(g) 2NOCl(g) Experiment [NO] (M) [Cl2] (M) Rate (M/s) 1 0.0300 0.0100 3.4 x 10–4 2 0.0150 0.0100 8.5 x 10–5 3 0.0150 0.0400 3.4 x 10–4 a. 1.13 M –2s–1 b. 9.44 M

    asked on July 30, 2012
  36. Algebra

    Alexis bought x boxes of cereal for $3 each, including tax, and paid with a $20 bill. Which expression represents the total amount of change she should receive. Whats the answer?

    asked on August 25, 2015
  37. Please help me!!!!

    2. Methane (CH4), ammonia (NH3), and oxygen (O2) can react to form hydrogen cyanide (HCN) and water according to this equation: CH4 + NH3 + O2  HCN + H2O You have 8 g of methane and 10 g of ammonia in excess oxygen. Answer the following questions: •

    asked on December 19, 2012
  38. Math

    While standing at the left corner of the schoolyard in front of her school, Suzie estimates that the front face is 8.9 m wide, and 4.7 m high. From her position, Suzie is 12.0 m from the base of the right exterior wall. She determines that the left and

    asked on December 3, 2010
  39. science

    you are riding to school on the bus in a snowstorm. through the window, you see a lighted sign that gives the temperature as 26 degrees, but you can't make out whether the temperature scale is Celsius or Fahrenheit. which is it and how do you know

    asked on January 14, 2013
  40. Physics

    An elevator lifts a total mass of 1.1 x 10^3 kg, a distance of 40 m in 12.5s. How much power does the elevator demonstrate?

    asked on December 4, 2012
  41. physics

    bill steps off a 3.0-m-high diving board and drops to the water below. At the same time Ted jumps upward with a speed of 4.2 m/s from a 1.0-m-high diving board. choosing the origin to be at the water's surface and upward to be the positive direction, write

    asked on November 22, 2011
  42. math

    Use a table of trigonometric values to find the angle è in the right triangle in the following problem. Round to the nearest degree, if necessary. cos è = 0.8192 A = 45 H =?

    asked on July 18, 2012
  43. chemistry

    Mno4- + So3-2 = Mno2 + sO4-2 (in neutral solution,but H+ ions will appear in the final question) solve this redox reaction and give me the method also Thank you

    asked on January 10, 2016
  44. Chem Help please!!!!!

    2. Methane (CH4), ammonia (NH3), and oxygen (O2) can react to form hydrogen cyanide (HCN) and water according to this equation: CH4 + NH3 + O2  HCN + H2O You have 8 g of methane and 10 g of ammonia in excess oxygen. Answer the following questions: •

    asked on December 19, 2012
  45. social studies HELP

    Check my answers please 1. Politics most informs a persons actions in a. Civic life *** b. work life c. private life d. school life 2. Which of the following best describes the purpose of the US Constitution? a. it restricts the rights of citizens b. it

    asked on September 12, 2014
  46. history

    Why was Vladiir Lenin unhappy with the results of the February Revolution?

    asked on February 17, 2010
  47. American government

    1.) Which of the following is true about the formal amendment process for the Constitution? A.) Any citizen may propose an amendment. B.) only Congress may propose an amendment. C.) both houses of Congress must pass a resolution to propose an amendment.

    asked on September 1, 2016
  48. Physical science

    Explain whether the size of an object’s displacement could be greater than the distance the object travels.

    asked on January 18, 2017
  49. Chem- REALLY URGENT!!!

    2. Methane (CH4), ammonia (NH3), and oxygen (O2) can react to form hydrogen cyanide (HCN) and water according to this equation: CH4 + NH3 + O2  HCN + H2O You have 8 g of methane and 10 g of ammonia in excess oxygen. Answer the following questions: •

    asked on December 19, 2012
  50. physics

    Only two forces act on an object (mass = 4.20 kg), as in the drawing. (F = 73.0 N.) Find the magnitude and direction (relative to the x axis) of the acceleration of the object. magnitude m/s2 direction ° counterclockwise from the +x axis The angle from

    asked on October 13, 2011
  51. math

    explain which is more accurate: measuring to the nearest millimeter or to the nearest eighth of an inch

    asked on October 21, 2012
  52. College Physics

    A 40 kg child is standing on the edge of a merry-go-round in a playground. Before they were deemed too dangerous, these were quite common. They were just huge rotating platforms you could sit on while someone spun you around in uniform circular motion

    asked on April 8, 2012
  53. Chemistry

    Decide which of the substances listed can form hydrogen bonds? H20 H2O2 HF NH3 NaF H2 NO CH4

    asked on March 22, 2009
  54. math

    i am a number between 60 and 100. my ones digit is two less than my tens digit. i am a prime number. what number am i? explain.

    asked on February 21, 2014
  55. Chemistry

    In a methane molecule (CH4) there are 4 single covalent bonds. In an octane molecule (C8H18) there are 25 single covalent bonds. How does the number of bonds affect the dispersion forces in samples of methane and octane? Which compound is a gas at room

    asked on March 17, 2009
  56. physics

    the great gray-green, greasy zambezi river flowa over victoria falls in south central africa. the falls are approximately 108 m high. if the river is flowing horizontally at 3.60 m/s just before going over the falls, what is the speed of the water when it

    asked on December 13, 2011
  57. Consumer Math

    On your last credit card statement, you had a previous balance of $567.18, payments of $120, a periodic rate of 1.56 percent, and new charges totaling $45.17. What is your new balance?

    asked on March 26, 2013
  58. Adv AP Honors Chemistry

    2. Methane (CH4), ammonia (NH3), and oxygen (O2) can react to form hydrogen cyanide (HCN) and water according to this equation: CH4 + NH3 + O2  HCN + H2O You have 8 g of methane and 10 g of ammonia in excess oxygen. Answer the following questions: •

    asked on December 19, 2012
  59. Geometry

    1.) what is the length of the line segment whose endpoints are (1,1) and (3,-3)? 2.) what are the coordinates of the midpoint of the line segment whose endpoints are (c,0) and (0,d)?

    asked on February 19, 2012
  60. math

    write a trinomial of degree 4 such that the GCF of its terms is 1

    asked on February 13, 2013
  61. Chemistry

    Combustion of a 0.1595 g of menthol (156 g/mol) produces .449 g of Carbon Dioxide and 0.184 g of Water. What is the formula of menthol? I am really confused as to where to start. I converted the Carbon Dioxide and Water to moles and got .102 mol for both

    asked on September 25, 2013
  62. Algebra

    You have 400 feet of fencing to enclose a rectangular plot. Find the length and width of the plot that will maximize the area. What is the largest area that can be enclosed? I'm not sure how to start. We haven't learned this yet in class.

    asked on January 12, 2016
  63. English

    In these lines from concrete mixers which context word provides a synonym for urban concrete mixers are urban elephants, Their trunks are raising a city a)Concrete b)Elephants ******THIS ONE**** c)raising d)city

    asked on January 22, 2015
  64. Algebra 1

    William, a logistician, needs to route a freight train that is 20 feet at its tallest point and 10 feet at its widest point within 3 days. The most direct path includes a single-track tunnel that needs 24 hour notice prior to use. If the tunnel is roughly

    asked on September 6, 2013
  65. math

    a post is driven into the ground. the first strike drives the post 30 inches into the ground. the next strike drives the post 27 inches into the ground. assume these distances form a geometric sequence, what is the total distance the post is driven into

    asked on April 22, 2013
  66. physics ( please help me)

    A 2.00kg block is pushed against a spring with force constant k=400N(m^-1), compressing it 0.180m. The block is then released and moves along a frictionless horizontal surface and then up frictionless incline with slope angle 37.0degrees. a. What is the

    asked on February 23, 2012
  67. math

    Mileys music has a sale on music cds. All music Cds are discounTed 15%. mariana's receipt indicates that she saved $3 on her cd purchase. What is the full price of her music cd before discount

    asked on November 30, 2016
  68. Math

    There is an expression some people use that says, “What you put into it is what you get out of it.” People might use this expression to describe your skills at a sport or activity and how that relates to the amount of time and effort you spend

    asked on May 8, 2014

    The maximum lift force on a bat is proportional to the square of its flying speed v. For the hoary bat (Lasiurus cinereus), the magnitude of the lift force is given by FL (0.021 N·s2/m2)v2 The bat can fly in a horizontal circle by "banking" its wings at

    asked on November 4, 2010
  70. physics

    what is the minimum riding speed needed to be able to hear the whistle? Remember, you can assume the following things: The whistle you use to call your hunting dog has a frequency of 21.0 kHz, but your dog is ignoring it. You suspect the whistle may not be

    asked on March 4, 2013
  71. Math Help Please!!!!

    The breaking strengths (say, y) for one foot square samples of a particular synthetic fabric are approximately normally distributed with a mean of 2280 pounds per square inch and a standard deviation of 10.6 psi. a) find the probability of selecting a 1

    asked on February 23, 2013
  72. Algebra 2

    A path of uniform width surrounds a rectangular garden that is 5m wide and 12m long. The area of the path is 168m^2. Find the width of the path.

    asked on November 4, 2014
  73. math

    In a motorcycle race, one lap of the course is 650 m. At the start of the race, John sets off 4 seconds after Tom does, but John drives his motorcycle 5m/s faster and finishes the lap 2.5 seconds sooner than Tom does. What is the speed at which each of

    asked on January 24, 2011
  74. Chemistry

    The ionization constant Ka of an indicator HIn is 1.0x10^-6. The color of the nonionized form is red and that of the ionized form is yellow. What is the color of this indicator in a solution whose pH is 4.00? (The question mentions that you can use the

    asked on February 26, 2014
  75. physical science

    A tennis ball is thrown vertically upward wih an initial velocity of 8.0m/s. A) What will its speed be wheen it returns to its tarting point? B) How long will it take for it to reach its starting poing?

    asked on April 16, 2009
  76. physics

    You are driving through town at 12.0 m/s when suddenly a ball rolls out in front of you. You apply the brakes and begin decelerating at 3.5 m/s^2.(a)How far do you travel before stopping?(b)When you have traveled only half the distance in part(a), is your

    asked on November 17, 2011
  77. science/math

    a skateboarder traveling at 7.0 meters per second rolls to a stop at the top of a ramp in 3.0 seconds. what is the skateboarders acceleration? is 2.3m/s correct

    asked on September 18, 2014
  78. math

    the sclae on a map is 1in:25mi. You measure 6.5in,between two towns what is the actual distance

    asked on October 21, 2012
  79. Math

    carpet at a British home supply store sells for 16 pounds(currency)per square meter.What is the price in dollars per square yard.

    asked on March 21, 2012
  80. American Government

    why does federalism create tension between state and national governments? A.) Both national and state governments share power. B.) state and local governments have no support from national government C.) states are not able to work with each other D.) the

    asked on September 4, 2016
  81. Chemistry

    To prepare a solution of NaCl, you weigh out 2.634 (0.002)g and dissolve it in a volumetric flask whose volume is 100.00 (0.08) mL. Express the molarity of the solution, along with its uncertainty.

    asked on October 2, 2016
  82. geometry

    If mS = 75°, what is mU?

    asked on November 2, 2012
  83. General Chemistry I

    The tomato is dropped. What is the velocity, , of the tomato when it hits the ground? Assume 82.7 of the work done in Part A is transferred to kinetic energy, , by the time the tomato hits the ground. Express your answer numerically in meters per second.

    asked on October 29, 2012
  84. Chemistry

    0.15 grams of benzene (C6H6) is dissolved into 4.7 grams of melted biphenyl. The freezing point of the mixture was determined to be 4.7 degrees below the freezing point of pure biphenyl. Based on these results, what is the Kf of biphenyl? (Use the standard

    asked on November 25, 2014
  85. drawing


    asked on February 28, 2014
  86. Math

    A cable TV company charges $24.95 per month for basic service and $6.95 per month for each premium channel. Ryans monthly bill is $45.80. How many premium channels does he receive What would be the algebra expression?

    asked on January 23, 2011
  87. Physics

    Two charged particles exert an electrostatic force of 27 N on each other. What will the magnitude of the force be if the distance between the two charges is increased to three times the original distance?

    asked on January 17, 2011
  88. math

    How many real number solutions does the equation have? y=-5x^2+8x-7

    asked on June 9, 2017
  89. American government

    How have NATO's operations changed over time ? A.) NATO only directs peacekeeping measures now B.) NATO no longer defends Western Europe C.) NATO has fewer member countries now than when it began D.) NATO's activities now include crisis management and

    asked on November 21, 2016
  90. science(check asnwer) !!

    please check my answer shoe companies imbed unique designs on the bottoms of the sneakers they manufacture.what is the main purpose of the designs on the bottoms of sneakers? A.to increase potential energy B. to decrease friction C. To increase friction(I

    asked on February 4, 2014
  91. phsyical science

    compare an atoms structure to a ladder. what parts of the ladder correspond to the energy levels of the atom/ identify one way a real ladder is not a good model for an atom.

    asked on October 15, 2008
  92. business math 141

    Two machines turn out all the products in a factory, with the first machine producing 45% of the product and the second 55%. The first machine produces defective products 8% of the time and the second machine 9% of the time What is the probability that a

    asked on November 12, 2011
  93. physics

    seagulls are often observed dropping clams and other shellfish from a height to the rock below, as a means of opening the shells. If a seagulls drops a shell from rest at a height of 14m, how fast is the shell moving when it hits the rock?

    asked on November 22, 2011
  94. science

    am confused. don't know what formula to use for this problem. A car traveling at a speed of 30.0m/s encounters an emergency and comes to a complete stop. How much time will it take for the car to stop if it decelerates at -4.0m/s?

    asked on September 17, 2014
  95. physics

    A bullet is fired from a rifle that is held 4.6 m above the ground in a horizontal position. The initial speed of the bullet is 1130 m/s. There is no error in the velocity value. (a) Find the time it takes for the bullet to strike the ground. (b) Find the

    asked on September 18, 2012
  96. English

    for the story the street of the Canon.. -how does pepe gonzalez behave when he first arrives in the village the night of the party? -What might Gonzalez's actions suggest about the kind of person he is? -How does Gonzalez arrange to dance with Sarita?

    asked on March 19, 2012
  97. Physics and Chemistry

    What chemical phenomenon accounts for the elasticity seen in solids? covalent bond hydrogen bond ionic bond all of the above.

    asked on June 6, 2009
  98. Language Arts Check please

    How has the political climate of boston changed since the beginning of the book? A. Previously, Bostonians considered themeselves loyal british subjects, but after parliament pass the tea act, they thought of themeselves as citizens of an independent

    asked on December 17, 2014
  99. physic

    Before practicing his routine on the rings, a 67 kg gymnast hangs motionless, with one hand grasping each ring and his feet touching the grounnd. Both arms make an angle of 24 degrees with the vertical.(a) If the force exerted by the rings on each arm has

    asked on November 6, 2011
  100. Univ Phys

    In a mountain-climbing technique called the "Tyrolean traverse," a rope is anchored on both ends (to rocks or strong trees) across a deep chasm, and then a climber traverses the rope while attached by a sling as in the figure . This technique generates

    asked on November 9, 2009


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