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  1. Chemistry

    For a certain reaction, ΔH° = –76.8 kJ and ΔS° = –225 J/K. If n = 3, calculate E° for the reaction at 25°C.

    asked on August 1, 2013
  2. History (PLEASE) stuck

    What did President James Polk hope to gain as a result of provoking a war with Mexico? control of the Rio Grande additional territory including California and New Mexico support from the Native Americans in the Southwest clarification of the border between

    asked on December 4, 2014
  3. Chemistry

    You dissolve 1.05 grams of an unknown diprotic acid in 200.0 mL of H2O. This solution is just neutralized by 5.00 mL of a 1.00 M NaOH solution. What is the molar mass of the unknown acid?

    asked on July 19, 2013
  4. math

    If r = 6 units and h = 12 units, what is the volume of the cylinder shown above? Use 3.14 for .

    asked on February 26, 2020
  5. History PLEASE!!!

    What action did President Polk take that resulted in the war between the United States and Mexico? A)He ordered troops to invade Mexico and capture Vera Cruz and Mexico City. B)He refused to return Mexican land that had been turned over by Santa Anna. C)He

    asked on December 4, 2014
  6. us history

    Can you help me with a thesis statement from this prompt: "Identify and discuss the turning points which marked the changing relationship between american colonists and the britich which eventually lead to the american revolution?" I only have the Boston

    asked on September 20, 2009
  7. Maths

    what are the strengths/advantages of a sine function?

    asked on June 17, 2015
  8. physics

    What is the resistance of a 40 watt light bulb if it is it to full brilliance by a current of .33amps?

    asked on May 16, 2010
  9. physics

    A man walks from point A and B and back to A.What is his displacement?

    asked on June 14, 2011
  10. Physics

    if the distance and height of a track increase, does the car's accepted velocity and acceleration increase?

    asked on June 24, 2015
  11. english

    "Not only is the aim of this presentation being to provide guests of the Day with a linguistic insight as to how profound this problematic topic is to modern-day society, it will also attempt to communicate to the audience plans of action of which to

    asked on June 21, 2015
  12. 11th grade

    what was the most major turning point which marked the changing relationship between american colonists and the british which sparked the start of the revolutionary war

    asked on September 20, 2009
  1. Need help 6th grade math


    posted on October 5, 2017
  2. Math

    Idk that's y im asking

    posted on January 12, 2015
  3. History PLEASE!!!

    So the first one is also correct ?

    posted on December 4, 2014
  4. History PLEASE!!!

    :D thank you, I was also tryna figure it out but these are the last two questions that confuses me.

    posted on December 4, 2014
  5. History PLEASE!!!

    :( ah thanks..

    posted on December 4, 2014
  6. History PLEASE!!!

    1. B ? 2. D ?

    posted on December 4, 2014