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  1. Physics

    An ideal massless spring is fixed to the wall at one end. A block of mass M attached to the other end of the spring oscillates with amplitude A on a frictionless, horizontal surface. The maximum speed of the block is V_m. The force constant of the spring

    asked on March 25, 2007
  2. Physics

    A spring has a force constant of 100N/m and an unstretched lenght of .07 m. One end is attached to a post that is free to rotate in the center of a smooth table. The other end is attatched to a 1 kg disc moving in uniform circular motion on the table,

    asked on March 25, 2007
  3. Physics

    A stone is thrown straight up. At the top of the path, the net force acting on it is (ignore air resistance) a) greater than its weight b) greater than zero, but less than its weight c) instantaneously equal to zero d) equal to its weight At the very top

    asked on October 3, 2007
  4. Physics

    A wheel with rotational inertia I is mounted on a fixed, fricitonless axle. The angular speed w of the wheel is inccreased from zero to w_f in a time interval T. 1: What is the average net torque on the wheel during the time interval, T? a) w_f/T b)w_f/T^2

    asked on March 25, 2007
  5. math

    random sample of size 36 is taken from a population with mean 50 and standard deviation 5. Find P( x¯ < 51.5).

    asked on August 5, 2019
  6. physics

    A solid object floats with three-fourths of its volume beneath the surface of eater. What is the object's density? Give answers in g/cm^3. p_o=? p_object/p_water = v_water/v_object p_o/(1 g/cm^3) = ? for the volume side would it be 3/4 so that p_o/(1

    asked on December 3, 2007
  7. Middle Math

    My math calculator prompted me with this question 6E-7. My answer to this question is 0.00000007

    asked on March 30, 2015
  8. Science

    A golf ball and a ping-pong ball are dropped in a vacuum chamber. When they have fallen halfway down, they have the same... A.speed B.potential energy C.kinetic energy D.Rest Energy my thought is that its c, kinetic energy...but i'm not 100% sure

    asked on January 23, 2007
  9. algebra

    The denominator of a fraction is 3 more than twice the numerator. If both the numerator and denominator are decreased by 7 and the simplified result is 7/19 find the original fraction

    asked on March 30, 2017
  10. Physics

    you lift a 10 N physics book up in the air a distance of 1m at a constant velocity of .5m/s. What is the work done by the weight of the book? a) +10 J b)-10 J c) +5 J d)-5 J 10 N is the force of gravity and to find work you do this: W=F_g(change in

    asked on October 10, 2007
  11. Logic

    Mrs. Orlof teaches two history classes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Yesterday she gave the same test to both classes. Anyone who failed the test must take a retest. Since a greater percentage of students who took the morning test failed

    asked on August 12, 2012
  12. Organic chemistry

    What are two reasons why the crude product in most reactions is not pure?

    asked on April 4, 2010
  13. physics

    How much absolute (total) pressure must a submarine withstand at a depth of 120m in the lake. Give answer in kPa. (Use 10m/s^2 for g). h=120m p_water = 1 g/cm^3 = 1000 kg/m^3 p_atmosphere = 101.3kPa P_total = ? P_water =density *g*h =1000*10*120 =1200000Pa

    asked on December 3, 2007
  14. O Chemistry

    In the reaction p-aminophenol + acetic anhydride --> acetaminophen , 4.5 ml of water is added into the flask with the p-aminophenol and acetic anhydride at the beginning of the experiment. What is the purpose of this water?

    asked on April 4, 2010
  15. Math

    What did the baby buzzard say when it saw an orange in the nest I got misspelled jumbo

    asked on October 21, 2015
  16. Physics

    A ball is tossed straight up from the surface of a small spherical asteroid with no atmosphere. The ball goes to a height ewual to the asteroid's radius and then falls straight down towardd the surface of the asteroid. What forces if any act on the ball

    asked on March 26, 2007
  17. chemistry

    After the precipitation of the Group I cations as chlorides by the reaction with HCl, nearly all of the precipitate dissolves in hot water. Which ion(s) are present? Which ion(s) are absent?

    asked on October 16, 2019
  18. Math

    Chelsea had made six of seventeen free-throw attempts. How many consecutive free throws must she make to raise her percentage of free throws made to exactly 50 percent?

    asked on September 30, 2012
  19. Physics

    A plane flying horizontally at a speed of 50m/s and at an elevation of 160m drops a package. two seconds later it drops a second package. How far apart will the two packages land on the ground? a)100m b)162m c)177m d)283m i think the answer is a) I got

    asked on September 25, 2007
  20. chemistry

    How many moles of gas must be forced into a 5.0 L tire to give it a gauge pressure of 33.6 psi at 28 ∘C? The gauge pressure is relative to atmospheric pressure. Assume that atmospheric pressure is 14.8 psi so that the total pressure in the tire is 48.4

    asked on April 9, 2016
  21. Physics

    Suppose that a car traveling to the West (-x direction) begins to slow down as it approaches a traffic light. make a statement concerning its acceleration. a) the car is decelerating and its acceleration is positive b)the car is decelerating and its

    asked on September 21, 2007
  22. science

    Object A and B both start at rest. They both accelerate at the same rate. However , object A accelerates for twice the time as object B. What is the distance traveled by object A compared to that of object B? a) the same distance B) twice as far c) three

    asked on September 6, 2007
  23. Physics

    When a block slides a certain distance down an incline the work done by gravity is 300 J. What is the work done by gravity if this block slides the same distance up the incline? a) 300 J b) zero c) -300 J d) It cannot be determined without knowing the

    asked on March 26, 2007
  24. Math

    How you can quickly calculate the mean of the following test scores without adding the numbers. 76,73,78,75

    asked on April 29, 2017
  25. stat

    smith is a weld inspector at a ship yard. he knows from keeping track of good and substandard welds that for the afternoon shift 5% of all welds done will be substandard. If smith checks 300 of the 7500 welds completed that shift, what is the probability

    asked on April 21, 2016
  26. Chemistry

    Write an equation for the reaction that takes place when each base is added to water. A) LiOH B) (CH3)2NH.

    asked on July 11, 2014
  27. Chemistry

    How many carbon atoms are there in a diamond (pure carbon) with a mass of 50 ?

    asked on September 8, 2012
  28. Math- Statistics

    A random sample of size 36 is to be selected from a population that has a mean μ = 50 and a standard deviation σ of 10. * a. This sample of 36 has a mean value of , which belongs to a sampling distribution. Find the shape of this sampling distribution. *

    asked on February 8, 2011
  29. Chemistry

    I am completely lost in chemistry. Everything the teacher says sounds like a different language to me and I am usually really good in the class. Can someone help me do this problem please? An element "E" is present as 10E (The 10 is like an exponent to the

    asked on October 22, 2007
  30. science

    A ball of mass m is attached by two strings to a vertical rod. as shown above. The entire system rotates at constant angular velocity about the axis of the rod. a)Assuming is large enough to keep both strings taut, find the force each string exerts on the

    asked on April 8, 2012
  31. Math

    From an 8 inch by 10 inch rectangular sheet of paper, squares of equal size will be cut from each corner. The flaps will then be folded up to form an open-topped box. Find the maximum possible volume of the box.

    asked on April 9, 2011
  32. Biology

    Part 1: Genetics – From Genes to Proteins, Mutations (Chapter 10) Overview: Genetic information in DNA is transcribed to RNA and then translated into the amino acid sequence of a Protein. A) Step 1 - Transcription: During the process of transcription,

    asked on June 12, 2009
  33. physics

    A rectangular box of negligible mass measures 5m by 1m by .5m. How many kgs of mass can be loaded onto the box before it sinks in the water? V=5*1*.5 = 2.5m^3 density of water =1g/cm^3 =1000 kg/m^3 I also know that when the density of the mass is greater

    asked on December 3, 2007
  34. Chemistry

    consider the reaction at 298K. 2H2S(eq) + SO2-----3S(s) + 2H2O (g). Calculate Grxn under these conditions. PH2S=2atm Pso2 =1.5 atm PH2O + 0.01atm

    asked on May 1, 2015
  35. science

    I'm doing a lab for Le Chatelier's Principle. I'm concerned that all my answers sound very similar. Can someone help me and let me know if my answers are making sense? ~Thanks 1.) How is the reaction Zn(OH)2 Zn^+2 + 2OH- affected by adding OH- I think

    asked on March 20, 2015
  36. algebra

    A 24 meters pole is held by a three guy wire into vertical position. Two of the guy wires are of equal length. The third wire is 5 meters longer than the other two and is attached to the ground 11 meters farther from the foot of the pole than the two equal

    asked on February 23, 2015
  37. math

    Emily spent 1/2 of her money at the grocery store. Then, she spent 1/2 of what was left at the baker. Next she spent 1/2 of what was left on a cd. She spent the remaining $6.00 on lunch. How much money did she start with ?

    asked on January 20, 2015
  38. Math

    In a group of 37 children, 14 had a dog, 20 had a cat, and 12 had both a dog and a cat. How many children had neither a dog nor a cat as a pet? 23 8 35 15 Is the answer 15? I think it is 15

    asked on March 31, 2013
  39. Science

    How many grams of oxygen gas would be needed to react with 75 grams of hydrogen gas

    asked on January 8, 2013
  40. Sociology

    What does the author think best explains the number of lower-class offenders in the criminal justice system? a) They have higher offending rates. b) They have higher rates of recidivism. c) There are both disparities in crime rates and discrimination in

    asked on November 11, 2012
  41. Algebra

    Use symbols to write the expression and then evaluate it Thirty six squared divided by six cubed The given expression symbol is? Evaluate it

    asked on September 23, 2012
  42. Science

    The biochemical conversion of Glucose, C6H12O6, into pyruvic acid, C3H4O3, is an important step in the TCA (Kreb’s) cycle which forms a part of the metabolic breakdown of glucose (to produce energy). C6H12O6 (s) + O2 (g) → 2C3H4O3(l) + 2H2O (l) glucose

    asked on October 22, 2011
  43. algebra

    If a baseball player hits a homerun and runs the bases, what is his displacement?

    asked on August 23, 2011
  44. history

    what were vietcong hideouts?

    asked on August 7, 2011
  45. Math

    Use the distributive property to rewrite this expression, then simplify the new expression if possible; -4(z+3)

    asked on March 2, 2011
  46. Algebra

    (8x^3 - 14x^2 - 27x - 9) / (4x + 3)

    asked on February 9, 2011
  47. statistics

    A consumer magazine has contacted a simple random sample of 33 owners of a certain model of automobile and asked each owner how many defects had to be corrected with in the first 2 months of ownership. The average number of defects was x with (with line

    asked on October 15, 2009
  48. Social

    How similar or dissimilar are the experiences of U.S. minorities today? Does the difference in French and U.S. citizenship laws have any impact on the acceptance and integration of minorities into society? How so? I have had such a hard time finding any

    asked on September 28, 2009
  49. Biology

    Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis co-exist as paired metabolic processes. Photosynthesis uses light energy to convert carbon dioxide into glucose, a simple sugar, in two steps, the light dependent and light independent reactions. Oxygen is produced

    asked on June 12, 2009
  50. accounting

    I am having a hard time of figuring this out can you please help me? In what circumstances would each approach to stakeholder impact analysis (moral standards, 5-question, and Pastin’s approach) be most useful?

    asked on April 6, 2009
  51. math

    Mr. Jackson is preparing bags of treats to give trick or treaters on Halloween. He has 48 pieces of candy and 60 pieces of gum. He uses all the candy and gum, and he puts the same ratio of candy to gum in each bag. What is the largest number of bags he

    asked on September 30, 2008
  52. Algebra II

    Bolivian coffee sells for $4.59 per pound, and Columbian coffee sells for $5.95 per pound. How many pounds of each coffee should be mixed to produce 4000 pounds of a mixture that will be sold for $5.10 per pound? I think this is a system of equations but

    asked on October 7, 2007
  53. Physics

    A jumper in the long-jump goes into the jump with a speed of 10m/s at an angle of 30 degrees above the horizontal. Use g=10m/s. a) how long in the air is the jumper before returning to the Earth? b) How far does the jumper jump? for a) I got .001s as the

    asked on September 26, 2007
  54. Physics

    A car starts from rest and accelerates at 5m/s^2 for 4s, then maintains that velocity for 3 seconds and then decelerates to a rate of 2m/s^2 for 3 seconds. How far does the car travel? I would have to add the total distance throughout the trip. And to find

    asked on September 21, 2007
  55. Physics

    Which of the following is an accurate statement? a) a vector cannot have zero magnitude if one of its components is not zero b) the magnitude of a vector can be less than the magnitude of one of its componenets c) if the magnitude of vector A is less than

    asked on September 19, 2007
  56. Physics

    When is the average velocity of an object equal to the instantaneous velocity? a) always b)never c) only when velocity is constant d)only when velocity is increasing at a constant rate c) would be the answer since you could cross out a). I do know that

    asked on September 9, 2007
  57. science

    An average human heart rate is 70 beats per minute. How many times it beats over 70 year lifetime? use scientific notation. 365 = the number of days in a year 70 years /1 * 365 days / year = 25,550 25,550/1 * 24 hours/ day = 613,200 613,200/1 * 60 minutes/

    asked on September 2, 2007
  58. physics

    Water discharges from a horizontal, cylindrical pipe at the rate of 5.00x10^-3 m^3/s. At a point in the pipe where the cross-section is 1.000x10^-3 m^2, the absolute pressure is 1.60x10^5 Pa. What is the pipe radius at a constriction if the pressure there

    asked on May 3, 2019
  59. Physics

    Two chunks of ice are sliding on a frictionless frozen pond. Chunk A, with a mass ma= 5.0 kg, moves with initial velocity va1= 2.0 m/s parallel to the x-axis. It collides with chunk b, which has a mass mb= 3.0 kg and is initially at rest. After the

    asked on March 23, 2019
  60. Math

    What is the relationship between the point (4,7) and the vector (4,7)? Illustrate with a sketch.

    asked on August 29, 2018
  61. Math

    On a map scale is shown is 1 inch equals 5 miles. If an island is 2.5 in.² on the map what is the actual area of the island

    asked on July 24, 2017
  62. Chemistry

    Human blood contains glucose at a typical concentration of 0.100% (W/V). At this concentration, how many grams of glucose would be found in one liter of human blood?

    asked on March 12, 2017
  63. Math

    Let f(x)= -3x+4 and g(x)= -x^2 +4x+1. Find and simplify g(k)

    asked on December 6, 2016
  64. Math

    Give an example of a function from everyday life.(fill in blanks):______ depends on_____, so _____is a function of _______.

    asked on December 6, 2016
  65. Math

    Simplify each expression. Sqrt of 128m^3n^5/sqrt of 81mn^7

    asked on December 6, 2016
  66. Chemistry

    Among the solubility rules previously discussed is the statement: Carbonates, phosphates, borates, and arsenates—except those of the ammonium ion and the alkali metals—are insoluble. (a) Write the expression for the equilibrium constant for the

    asked on November 27, 2016
  67. chemistry

    How many joules of heat are removed to completely covert 70.0 grams of water to ice at zero Celcius?

    asked on April 11, 2016
  68. Intro to Chemistry

    When calcium carbonate is added to hydrochloric acid, calcium chloride, carbon dioxide, and water are produced. CaCO3(s)+2HCl(aq)=CaCl2(aq)+H2O(l)+CO2(g) How many grams of calcium chloride will be produced when 27.0 g of calcium carbonate are combined with

    asked on November 10, 2014
  69. Biology

    How many calories are required to heat 10 ml of water from 25 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius?

    asked on April 13, 2014
  70. personal finance

    If you believe that a firm will grow rapidly in the future, you should buy its? a. common stock b. notes c.preferred stock d. notes

    asked on April 11, 2014
  71. chemistry

    how many mL of 1M HCL is used to make: 100mL of 0.1M hcl 250Ml OF 0.5M hcl 10Ml OF 0.01m hcl

    asked on March 29, 2014
  72. algebra

    Solve the equation or formula for the indicated variable S=5rTf foRT answers are T=s/5-r,, T=25r/s,, T=r2-5s,, T=s/5r2

    asked on February 25, 2014
  73. History

    Which of the following was Eisenhower's most significant legislative achievement? A. The Highway Act of 1956 B. The establishment of modern Republicanism C. The extension of Social Security benefits D. Increasing the minimum wage

    asked on November 24, 2013
  74. English

    Which of the following statements about literary movements is not true?

    asked on September 10, 2013
  75. Intro to Healthcare Statistics

    Discuss how statistics are generated and how statistical information is used by healthcare organizations. Explore the NC State Center for Health Statistics at the following website and discuss at least two types of statistic health information that NC

    asked on August 25, 2013
  76. Business Math

    Three of every seven sales transactions at Dollar Discount are on credit cards. What percent of the transactions are NOT credit card sales? (Round percentages to the nearest tenth.)

    asked on August 15, 2013
  77. BUSN

    Can you reconcile the little things with the trends in customer relations? To help get started, identify and discuss several 'little things' and trends in customer relations.

    asked on July 29, 2013
  78. Math-Algebra

    The area of a rectangle is represented by 5x^2+19x+12. What is the length?

    asked on March 29, 2013
  79. Math

    Why area is measured in square feet? And why is volume measured in cubic feet?

    asked on February 14, 2013
  80. Math-Geometry

    I have to calcualte the volume of a cone. The height is 2.1 ft, and the base is 2 inches. I keep coming up with the answer of 8.792 cu ft. There is 4 choice answers given: 0.061 ft,0.610 ft,6.125 ft and 2.016 ft. I have tried several calculators, none of

    asked on February 12, 2013
  81. cist1305

    third edition exercise 2 an object oriented approch to programming logic and design

    asked on January 27, 2013
  82. Inductively

    how do you do reason inductively evaluate (1)50 explain reasoning?

    asked on October 4, 2012
  83. chemistry

    how many cars are there in a long freight train, if it takes the entire train 2.30 minutes to pass a station at 45mph? each car is 40 ft long.there are 5280.0 feet in a mile.

    asked on August 23, 2012
  84. statistics

    You are designing a study to determine whether music has an effect on learning. Previous research indicates that the standard deviation to learn a task is 3.4 minutes. How many subjects would you need to ensure with 90% confidence that the estimate is

    asked on April 29, 2012
  85. College math

    1.Find the height to the nearest foot of a tree that makes a 50-foot shadow when a 2 ft. 6 in. pole is used to make a shadow of 3 feet.

    asked on April 26, 2012
  86. chemistry

    something connects a 16 resistor, 23 resistor, and 34 resistor in series and then connects the arrangement to a 36 v dc source. how much current is in the circuit?

    asked on December 3, 2011
  87. Chem

    if salt has the solubility product expression Ksp={Br3+}2{S2-}3 what is the equilibrium equation for the solubility?

    asked on December 3, 2011
  88. Business Finance

    The new credit manager of Kay's Department store plans to liberalize the firm's credit policy. The firm currently generates credit sales of $575,000 annually. The more lenient credit policy is expected to produce credit sales of $750,000. The bad debt

    asked on August 4, 2011
  89. Algebra

    Find an equation of the line having the given slope and containing the given point. M=4/5, (7,-8) I can totally due the equation y+8=4/5x-28/5 but keep getting the answer wrong. I cannot figure out how subtracting 8 they get the answer y=4/5x-68/5 PLEASE

    asked on June 14, 2011
  90. Math


    asked on May 25, 2011
  91. maths

    Formalize the following english statements as quantified WFF. Let S(x) be the predicate "x is a student," B(x) the predicate "x is a book," and H(x,y) the predicate "x has y, " where the universe of discourse is the universe, that is the set of all

    asked on March 21, 2011
  92. Maths

    Two cyclists depart from the same point. One travels due East at 18km/hr while the other travels North-West at 20km/hr. How long will it be before they are 80km apart?

    asked on March 15, 2011
  93. Algebra

    write a numerical expression for the phrase & simplify 129 less than -34

    asked on March 2, 2011
  94. Statistic

    Case 6.4 Maternal Serum Screening Test for Down syndrome Please keep in mind that I do not have a Math back ground so this is brand new to me and like a foreign language that I have never seen nor heard spoken before. Thank you for your help in advance.

    asked on February 5, 2011
  95. Algebra

    What is the equation for finding the revenue if you have a pizza selling for $15.00, total cost of $55.00 and labor is $4.00.

    asked on February 2, 2011
  96. algebra

    The length of an altitude of a triangle is 1/3 the length of the side to which it is drawn. If the area is 6 square cm., then what is the length of the altitude?

    asked on January 6, 2011
  97. religion

    what is a religious settlement

    asked on November 7, 2010
  98. diversity

    Elements of Classroom Management

    asked on November 5, 2010
  99. Physics

    Specifically, which of the following best expresses your view: i. Many physics concepts make a lot of sense and connect to everyday experience; but formulas are more of a problem-solving tool than a sense-making tool. ii. It really depends on the formula.

    asked on March 28, 2011
  100. Analytical Chemistry

    When BaCl2-H2O (s) is dried in an oven, it loses gaseious water: BaCl2-H2O BaCl2(s) + H2O (g) enthalpy change - 63.11 kJ/mol at 25 degrees C entropy change - +148 J/(K-mol) at 25 degrees C Calculate the vapor pressure of gaseous H2O above BaCl2-H2O at

    asked on October 25, 2010


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