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  1. math

    Grandpa Mick opened a pint of ice crew. He gave his youngest grandchild 1/5 of the ice cream and his middle grandchild 1/4 of the remaining ice cream. Then, he gave his oldest grandchild 1/3 of the ice cream that was left after serving the others. Who got

    asked on March 16, 2016
  2. Chemistry

    A sample of nitrogen gas is collected overwater at a temperature of 23◦C. What is the pressure of the nitrogen gas if the atmospheric pressure is 744 mmHg? Answer in units of mmHg. Not sure of formula for this

    asked on May 7, 2015
  3. algebra

    Joe's electric made 17 customer calls last wk and 23 calls this week. How many calls must be made next week in order to maintain an average of at least 21 calls per week for the three week period? At least blank calls must be made to maintain an average of

    asked on May 20, 2011
  4. math

    from least to greatest, the perfect square factors of 3150 other than 1 are?

    asked on September 25, 2017
  5. math

    A chef has a 2 3/8 pound salmon filet. He slices the filet into 4 oz servings. How many pounds is each serving? How many 4-oz servings can the chef create from the filet. How many ounces of salmon are left over?

    asked on October 16, 2017
  6. Chemistry

    How many atoms of nitrogen are in 3.00g of N2O5?

    asked on October 27, 2014
  7. Algebra

    A bird leaves his nest and travels 20 miles per hour downward for x hours. On the return trip the bird travels 4 miles per hour slower and has six miles left after x hours. What is the distance of the entire trip? How long does the entire trip take

    asked on September 8, 2016
  8. math

    At Laurita's bakery 3/5 of the baked goods are pies and the rest are cakes. 1/3 of the pies are coconut. 1/6 of the cakes are angel-food. What fraction of all of the baked goods at Laurita's Bakery are coconut pies? What fraction of all of the baked goods

    asked on March 16, 2016
  9. Chemistry

    25.00 mL of heavy water (D2O where D is a hydrogen with a neutron in its nucleus) at 20 degrees C was pipetted into a 37.234 g beaker. The final mass of the beaker was 64.859 9 a- what is the density of heavy water at 20 degrees C b-The density of normal

    asked on September 20, 2012
  10. math

    justin spends 7/9 of his homework time on math and social studies. He spends 4/7 of this time on math. What fraction of the total time does he spend on social studies?

    asked on January 17, 2017
  11. math

    you have 120 pieces of fabric to make a blanket. each piece of fabric is a square with a side length of 6 inches. you use as many pieces of fabric as possible to screat a square blanket. What is the area of the blanket? How many pieces of fabric are left

    asked on September 25, 2017
  12. math

    michelle has some stamps. Her sister has half as many stamps as does. They have 1080 stamps in all. Home many stamps does Michelle have

    asked on October 19, 2016
  13. Chemistry

    Iron has density 7.87 g/cm3. If 52.3 g of iron is added to 74.5 mL of water in a graduated cylinder, to what volume reading will the water level in the cylinder rise? mL

    asked on November 12, 2014
  14. math

    in a jewelry store, rings make up 5/9 of the inventory. Earrings make up 4/15 of the inventory. How many times greater is the ring inventory than the earring inventory?

    asked on October 9, 2017
  15. math

    Mrs. Kong uses 1/3 of a stick of butter in a pie. She uses 5/8 of the remaining butter in a cake. What fraction of the stick of butter is left

    asked on January 17, 2017
  16. math

    finish the number pattern for the rule: 2n+1 3,5,... finish the number pattern for the rule: 4n+1 5,9,....

    asked on May 18, 2016
  17. math

    The mass of a box with 6 tennis balls is 2 kg 40 g. The same box with 10 tennis balls is 3 kg 160 g. What is the mass of the empty box?

    asked on April 26, 2016
  18. math

    Grandpa Mick opened a pint of ice crew. He gave his youngest grandchild 1/5 of the ice cream and his middle grandchild 1/4 of the remaining ice cream. Then, he gave his oldest grandchild 1/3 of the ice cream that was left after serving the others. Who got

    asked on March 16, 2016
  19. math

    Lily plants 80 seeds in her garden. Half of them are carrots. The rest are pumpkins and radishes. There are 6 more pumpkin seed than radish seeds. a. How many radish seeds are there? b. How many carrot and radish seeds does Lily plant?

    asked on November 2, 2015
  20. math

    Julian and Stacey needed 10 liters of water to fill a tank. Stacey filled the tank with 3 11/12 liters of water. Julian poured 1 2/5 liters less than Stacey into the tank. How much more water is still needed to fill the tank?

    asked on December 11, 2018
  21. statistics

    In a population of exam scores, a score of X = 48 corresponds to z = +1.00 and a score of X = 36 corresponds to z = -0.50. Find the mean and standard deviation of the population.

    asked on March 17, 2010
  22. chemistry

    Which of the following quantum numbers describes the shape of an orbital? A) principle quantum number (n) B) magnetic quantum number (ml) C) spin quantum number (ms) D) Schrodinger quantum number (S) E) (azithmal) angular momentum quantum number (l)

    asked on November 14, 2011
  23. math

    Ben sells 7/12 of the pottery he made. Of the remaking pottery, 3/5 are vases and the rest are bowls. What fraction of all the pottery is the unsold bowls?

    asked on January 17, 2017
  24. Math

    A bird leaves his nest and travels 20 miles per hour downward for x hours. On the return trip the bird travels 4 miles per hour slower and has six miles left after x hours. What is the distance of the entire trip? How long does the entire trip take

    asked on September 8, 2016
  25. microbiology


    asked on May 8, 2010
  26. math

    find the height in feet of a ball after 6 seconds in the air. after one second the ball is 148 feet in the air; after 2 seconds it is 272 feet in the air

    asked on June 16, 2014
  27. math

    ABCD is a rectangle of perimeter 48cm. AB=6 cm and CD=DE. What is the length of ABCD?

    asked on March 6, 2016
  28. stats

    raffle with a grand prize $500., 2 second place prizes of $100., 4 third place prizes of $50.. the raffle offers 250 tickets for $4. each. what is probability model , the expected value of a single ticket and the target of $200.to be raised can they expect

    asked on April 10, 2016
  29. math

    Zach's rope is 15 feet long. He cuts it into three pieces. 1st piece is 3.57 ft longer than the 2nd piece. 3rd piece is 2.97 feet longer than the 2nd piece. How long is third piece?

    asked on February 12, 2017
  30. precal

    Find all solutions of the equation in the interval , 02π . =2sin2x−2cosx Write your answer in radians in terms of π . If there is more than one solution, separate them with commas.

    asked on August 8, 2016
  31. Math

    Find the z-scores that bound the middle 55% of the standard normal distribution ____ small value _____ larger value

    asked on May 11, 2013
  32. trig

    What is the period, amplitude and phase shift for: y=2sin(3x-pi)

    asked on March 2, 2010
  33. Math

    Find the z-scores that bound the middle 55% of the standard normal distribution ____ small value _____ larger value

    asked on May 11, 2013
  34. calculus

    A water trough is 8m long and its cross-section is an isosceles triangle which is 60cm wide at the top, and the height is 60cm. The trough is not full. Give an expression for V, the volume of water in the trough in cm^3, when the depth of the water is d

    asked on October 15, 2017
  35. math

    James is painting his 10 by 8 foot bedroom wall that contains a 2 by 3 foot window. How many square feet of wall does he need to paint

    asked on November 15, 2016
  36. math

    how to write the expression 25 less than 12 groups of 15? 25-12(15)... is this correct

    asked on October 18, 2016
  37. MATH

    MAYA had $2740 in play money and Emily had $3560. Maya had to give some money to Emily. After that, Emily had 4 times the amount of play money as Maya. How much money did Maya have in the end? How much money did Emily have in the end?

    asked on October 22, 2015
  38. Business Math and Statistics

    You deposit $1,000 for 4 years at an interest rate of 2.0%. If the interest is compounded annually, how much money do you have after 4 years?

    asked on December 8, 2013
  39. physics

    A thin spherical shell of mass 4.00 kg and diameter 0.200 m is filled with helium (density ρ = 0.180 kg/m3). It is then released from rest on the bottom of a pool of water that is 4.00 m deep. (a) Neglecting frictional effects, show that the shell rises

    asked on January 26, 2012
  40. chemistry

    You are given 28.0 of aluminum and 33.0 of chlorine gas. Part A If you had excess chlorine, how many moles ofof aluminum chloride could be produced from 28.0 of aluminum?

    asked on September 17, 2012
  41. Language

    Seth has passed everyone in the race. What part of speech is "has passed"?

    asked on October 26, 2009
  42. History

    Why were the members of the Third Estate dissatisfied with their way of life under the Old Regime?

    asked on November 5, 2019
  43. math

    Donald is hiring employees for his new small business. He expects to produce 6 units per employee, and he expects demand to be at least 36 units per day. He plans to pay each employee a yearly salary of $50,000 and has a budget of $400,000 per year to pay

    asked on March 22, 2018
  44. math

    sam runs around a rectangular field 4 times a week. The field is 320 meters long and 240 meters wide. He runs 6 laps each time. What distance does he run in a week'

    asked on October 21, 2015
  45. Early Childhood

    Mrs. Bates watched David work a puzzle that he had chosen from the ones she put on the table. She listened and commented when David made guesses at the correct location for the pieces. This is an example of a/an __________ activity. A. structured B.

    asked on March 12, 2014
  46. Chemistry

    Merchants usually sell small nuts, washers, and bolts by weight (like jelly beans!) rather than by individually counting the items. Suppose a particular type of washer weighs 0.128 g on the average. What would 130. such washers weigh?

    asked on December 5, 2014
  47. math

    at a supermarket, pineapple juice sells at $1 per pint (16 oz). Greg wants to buy eighteen 40-ounce cans of pineapple juice from the supermarket. How much does he has to pay altogether.

    asked on October 12, 2017
  48. math

    maggie has 20 ribbons. Of them, 2/5 are polka dotted ribbons. How many ribs are not polka-dotted?

    asked on January 11, 2017
  49. Income tax

    Steve and Sue are married with three dependent children. Their 2015 joint income tax return shows $389,000 of AGI and $60,000 of itemized deductions made up of $30,000 of state income taxes and $30,000 of charitable contributions.

    asked on November 21, 2016
  50. Statistics

    Bookstore has a website for which 90 percent of their book sales are to out of state customers and not subject to the collection of sales tax . The sample proportion of all sales to out of state customers from samples of size 100 will vary in repeated

    asked on April 3, 2016
  51. math

    ned folded a set of origami figures. Of this set, 5/8 are cranes and 1/6 of the remainder are frogs. The rest are grasshoppers. What fraction of the origami figures are grasshoppers?

    asked on January 18, 2017
  52. math

    Alli's plant has a height of 6 meters. Rajon's plant grows 3/10 meter higher. How high does Rajon's plant grow.

    asked on December 2, 2015
  53. English

    To get in shape for a marathon, Shelby started running around the block a few times each morning.

    asked on February 27, 2019
  54. chemistry

    28.09 g of silicon contains 6.02 1023 silicon atoms. What is the mass in grams of 1.06 1025 silicon atoms? Can you help me please.

    asked on November 12, 2014
  55. spelling

    analogy glue as to sticks as thorns r too

    asked on January 27, 2010
  56. physical science

    A car is driving at an average speed of 100km/hr for 2 hours, then drives an average of 50.0km/hr for one hour. what was the average speed of the 3 hours? 100.0km/h 100.0km/h +50.0km/h =250.0km/3h 250.0km/3h divided by 3h =83.3km/h

    asked on June 15, 2015
  57. Math

    -5g - 6 for g = -2 A 4 B 16 C 10 D -13

    asked on November 2, 2018
  58. chemistry

    How much heat is required to warm 250.4 g of water from 22.6 C to 75.8 C given that the specific heat capacity of water is 4.184 J/gx degrees C?

    asked on November 3, 2011
  59. Chemistry

    According to his prelaboratory theoretical yield calculations, a student's experiment should have produced 1.41 g of magnesium oxide. When he weighed his product after reaction, only 1.33 g of magnesium oxide was present. What is the student's percent

    asked on December 6, 2014
  60. chemistry

    1/0.000015 in scientific notation. Please explain how to do this.

    asked on October 27, 2014
  61. geometry

    Triangle ABC has vertices A(-3,2) B(4.5) AND C(4,-1) Fin out wether the triangle is isosceles?

    asked on April 15, 2011
  62. world issues

    Imagine that you are advising President Obama as he develops his address to the nation on ISIS, what specific actions would you advise him to include in his strategy to deal with the ISIS crisis? (Based on the article: U.S. Weighs Direct Military Action

    asked on September 9, 2014
  63. math


    asked on October 16, 2017
  64. science

    describe the relationship among energy absorption, heat energy, and temperature

    asked on September 5, 2017
  65. math

    Riley told his mom that multiplying whole numbers by multiples of 10 was easy because you just count zeros in the factors and put them in the product... 7,000 x 600 = 4,200,000 Riley's mom said this strategy will not always works? Why not? Give example

    asked on November 10, 2015
  66. Finance

    A common stock is just paid an annual dividend of $2 yesterday. The dividend is expeccted to grow at 8% annually for the next 3 years, after which is will grow at 4% in perpetuity. The appropriate discount rate is 12%. What is the priceof the stock? What I

    asked on March 13, 2008
  67. Math 208

    Rectangle Dimensions: The length of a rectangle is 7 inches longer than the width. If the perimeter of the rectangle is 62 inches, find the measures of the length and width.

    asked on March 3, 2013
  68. Math

    if you roll a pair of fair six-sided number cubes, what is the probability of rolling two numbers whose sum is 2?

    asked on October 18, 2010
  69. paper (please edit)

    New England Healthcare (NEH) began its two teaching and research hospitals in 1994. Following the two hospitals merger, “several suburban acute-care hospitals had also elected to join the NEH system, as had a large number of primary-care medical

    asked on April 24, 2008
  70. math

    The area of a rectangle is 3/5 square meter. The width is 2/5 meter. What is the length of the rectangle? How many times greater is the length that the width?

    asked on October 16, 2017
  71. math

    you are making identical gift bags using 24 candles and 36 bottles of lotion. What is the greatest number of gift bags you can make with no items left over.

    asked on September 19, 2017
  72. math

    at a parade, there are "m" women and 3 times as many men as women. There are 6,352 fewer children than men. Find the number of men and the number of children respectively in terms of m. If m = 7,145, how many peole are at the parade?

    asked on March 13, 2017
  73. college chemistry

    What is the ratio of KC2H3O2 and HC2H3O2 in a buffer with a pH of 5.25? Ka = 1.8 x10-5?

    asked on November 16, 2011
  74. Math

    Mr. Jackson sold 3 computers in the first year. In the second year he sold 4 times as many computers. In the third year he was able to sell 6 times as many computers as the first year. How many did Mr. Jackson see in three years.

    asked on November 6, 2016
  75. math

    The produce manager receives 5 containers of green beans, each weighing 7 pounds. She divides the total amount of green beans into 3 equal-weight portions. What is the weight of the beans in each portion?

    asked on November 15, 2015
  76. chemistry

    Can somebody please answer my question.

    asked on December 6, 2014
  77. chemistry

    2.9 in3 of mercury to its volume in milliliters and its mass in kilograms

    asked on November 12, 2014
  78. math


    asked on October 11, 2017
  79. math

    a music store gives every 20th customer a $5 gift card. Every 50th customer gets a $10 gift card. which customer will be the first to receive both types of gift cards?

    asked on September 21, 2017
  80. Chemistry

    It takes 37.16 mL of 0.510 M HCL to neutralize 25.00 mL of NaOh. What is the concentration of the NaOH?

    asked on November 22, 2014
  81. finance

    Calculate the after-tax cost of preferred stock for Bozeman-Western Airlines, Inc., which is planning to sell $10 million of $6.50 cumulative preferred stock to the public at a price of $50 a share. Issuance costs are estimated to be $2 a share. The

    asked on February 25, 2011
  82. Math

    Factor Completely: I am really confused on how to start it. 12q^5w^2-36q^4w^3-120q^3w^4 Help please. :) Factor out 12q^3w^2: 12q^3w^2(q^2 - 3qw - 10w^2) Can we factor further? Yes. q^2 - 3qw - 10w^2 factors are (q - 5w)(q + 2w). We end up with this:

    asked on January 28, 2007
  83. Pre-Algebra

    A(2,5), B(3,1)

    asked on January 31, 2019
  84. math

    there are 8 people in a committee. each time they meet they shake hands with each other so that each person shakes everyones hand once each time they meet how many handshakes are there

    asked on June 1, 2016
  85. Math

    It takes Jaiden 5 and 3/4 hours to do her homework each week. It takes her 2 and 3/4 hours to complete her science and 1 and 1/2 hours to complete her math homework. How long does it take her to complete Social Studies homework? Use the numbers and

    asked on January 13, 2015
  86. Chemistry

    'calculate the mass in amu of 2.879 1023 xenon atoms'

    asked on December 6, 2014
  87. Chemistry

    What would be the molarity of a solution made by dissolving 126g K3PO4 into 1500 mL of water?

    asked on November 8, 2014
  88. Behavior Science

    Explin the communication process of neurons in the brain. List some common neurotransmitters and describe their effect on behavior.

    asked on March 28, 2010
  89. Pre algebra

    is 90.23 an irrational number?

    asked on December 6, 2019
  90. Finance

    Company Q has just paid a dividend of $1.40 per share. Its dividend is expected to grow at 5% per year perpetually. If the required return is 10%, what is the value of a share in company Q?

    asked on March 11, 2008
  91. Mathematics

    A ship sails 50 km on a bearing of 70 degrees. How far North is it from its starting position.

    asked on February 17, 2017
  92. Physics

    How much heat must be added to 1-kg of 0 degrees Celsius water to turn it into water at 50 degrees Celsius? If the water had been ice at 0 degrees Celsius, would that increase, decrease, or not change the amount of energy required?

    asked on October 24, 2016
  93. Math

    in figure LM = 18 ft, KM=16 ft and KN=14ft what is the area of KLM

    asked on March 3, 2016
  94. science

    There are three sources of resistance in a parallel circuit. Two of them are rated at 20 ohms, the other at 10 ohms. What is the circuits total resistance?

    asked on July 5, 2010
  95. Finance

    Company Q has just paid a dividend of $1.40 per share. Its dividend is expected to grow at 5% per year perpetually. If the required return is 10%, what is the value of a share in company Q?

    asked on March 10, 2008
  96. math

    word scramble help, enitmelgens, reaoprddrie, gteernartha, ouoetrrsaq, girlteahng

    asked on September 5, 2007
  97. math

    The height of a picture is 4.3 feet when rounded to the nearest tenth of a foot. What is the shortest possible height of the picture. Give answer to 3 decimal places

    asked on May 8, 2017
  98. PED 212

    Using the databases listed within the Ashford Online Library you will evaluate a research-based article from a peer reviewed journal. Your critique must be grammatically correct, properly cited, and utilize APA style of writing. Choose one of the following

    asked on February 26, 2012
  99. Math

    If teacher x gives a pop quiz on Monday and then every five classes, and teacher y gives a pop quiz on Monday and then every six days, how many school days will it be until both give quizzes on the same school day

    asked on January 31, 2012
  100. finance

    If you purchased a zero coupon bond today for $225 and it maturity value is $1,000 in 11 years, what rate of return will you earn on that bond?

    asked on January 30, 2011


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