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  1. Chemistry

    How many milliliters of 0.258 M NiCl2 solution are needed to react completely with 20.0 mL of 0.153 M Na2CO3 solution? How many grams of NiCO3 will be formed? The reaction is Na2CO3(aq) +NiCl2 (aq)----> NiCO3(s)+2NaCl I solved for the 1st part, 11.8 M

    asked on March 22, 2015
  2. Quantitative Analysis

    The "standard deviation of the sample score" divided by the "square root of the sample size" is the formula for computing the ...? A. Coefficiant of Determination B. Absolute Deviation C. Variance D. Standard Error

    asked on November 6, 2013
  3. Quantitative Analysis

    All "Factorial ANOVAs" share the characteristic of...? A. Having one dependent variable B. Relying on post hoc procedures to reject the Null Hypothesis C. Having two or more independent variables D. Applying corrections for multiple comparisons

    asked on November 6, 2013
  4. Chemistry

    Consider a 67-g chunk of ice (∆Hfus = 6.0 kkJ/mol) in a beaker immersed in a water bath. To produce just enough heat to melt the ice, how many moles of solid NaOH (∆Hsoln = -445.1 kJ/mol) must you dissolve in the water bath? Please show all work.

    asked on June 19, 2013
  5. Quantitative Analysis

    Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) results in the calculation of the F Statistic and interpretation of this statistic will inform you as to...? A. Which mean significantly differs from others B. Whether one or more of the means is significantly defferent from

    asked on November 7, 2013
  6. English

    In "the Most Dangerous Game," the character of Zaroff serves a a(n)_______ to the protagonist, sharply contrasting Rainsford's personality. This problem has no answer choices, but it is a fill-in-the-blank. I don't know what it is for the life of me. Any

    asked on April 20, 2017
  7. Chemistry

    Calculate the energy in Joules, of a photon of blue light have a frequency of 5.0 x 10^14 hertz. E=hv v=C/ƛ v= 3.00x10^8/5.0x10^14= 6x10^-7 E=(6.626x10^-34) (6x10^-7)= 3.9x10^40 Joules What am I doing wrong? I got this wrong on my exam and have a final

    asked on April 26, 2015
  8. Physics

    Starting from rest, a basketball rolls from the top of a hill to the bottom, reaching a translational speed of 3.83 m/s. Ignore frictional losses. (a) What is the height of the hill? I've tried to use the mgh=1/2mv^2. I think it's because it's

    asked on November 21, 2014
  9. Quantitative Analysis

    Decision rules in quantitative analysis are set by...? A. Conventional Wisdom B. Researchers C. Mentors D. Deans (I feel like the answer is B...just want to be sure - thanks!)

    asked on November 8, 2013
  10. Quantitative Analysis

    Under conditions where a large sample is used in experimental research, and "power" of a statistical test is maximized, it is possible to have statistically significant results, yet a fairly small...? A. Ethical concern B. Effect size C. Set of assumptions

    asked on November 8, 2013
  11. college physics

    a man is traveling at 43 km per hour , a child jumps out in front of his car 13 meters ahead , with a deceleration rate of 8 meters per second squared, and a reaction time of .5 seconds , will the man stop before hitting the child

    asked on September 8, 2011
  12. body science

    I have to do this for an open ended question on my unit test and i am not sure if i did it right can you please check my answers? It is fill in the blank. And the choices are: Arteries,Artium,Body,Carbon Dioxide,Lungs,Veins,Ventricle. You may youse these

    asked on April 5, 2016
  13. Quantitative Analysis

    To make meaningful causal inferences when conducting quantitative analyses, one must employ...? A. Dummy coding when using regression models B. Parametric methods of analysis robust in relationship to violation of basic assumptions C. T-Tests and Analysis

    asked on November 7, 2013
  14. Quantitative Analysis

    In ANOVA, the "error variance" is typically reflected in...? A. Between group differences B. Between group variances C. Within group variance D. Within group associations

    asked on November 5, 2013
  15. english

    what type of sentence is I hereby declare Tuesday Shakespeare Day.

    asked on August 20, 2012
  16. anatomy and physiology

    Which of the following processes is achieved through osmosis?

    asked on November 5, 2010
  17. anatomy and physiology

    When you swallow a peanut, the peanut first comes in contact with the?

    asked on November 5, 2010
  18. anatomy and physiology

    What cellular process involves mitosis?

    asked on November 5, 2010
  19. anatomy and physiology

    A dog bites a large chunck of flesh from a man's leg. The large, open wound will likely heal bt the process of what?

    asked on November 5, 2010
  20. chemistry

    For the reaction: Mg + 2 HCl => MgCl2 + H2 a) How many grams of HCl are required to react with 62.0 g of Mg?

    asked on March 11, 2010
  21. Algebra

    1. Total distance traveled varies directly with the amount of time spent traveling. If traveling 4.5 hours results in 180 miles traveled, write the direct linear variation equation. Then determine how long it would take you to travel 320 miles, assuming

    asked on November 5, 2016
  22. Science help immediately

    You are exercising on a hot day. Your body temperature goes up. You begin to sweat. The sweat cools your body. Sweating is an example of: A. Input. B. Process. C. Output. This D. Feedback. or this?

    asked on September 2, 2016
  23. Art

    Color was used in this image to create all of the following except -Emphasis of the central figure -symmetrical balance -unit*** -radial balance

    asked on October 6, 2015
  24. Physics

    A fullback preparing to carry the football starts from rest and accelerates straight ahead. He is handed the ball just before he reaches the line of scrimmage. Assume that the fullback accelerates uniformly (even during the handoff), reaching the line with

    asked on May 24, 2015
  25. Chemistry

    Sodium vapor lamps are often used in residential street lighting. Sodium gives off two yellow lines of light having frequencies of 5.09 × 1014 Hz and 5.08 × 1014 Hz. What is this wavelengths of light in nm? would I start by using the following formula

    asked on April 6, 2015
  26. chemistry

    What is the formula for the following problem What is the kinetic energy, in joules of a mole of oxygen moving at a speed of 225m s ⁻1? Should I use KE= 1/2mv2 Thanks

    asked on March 28, 2015
  27. chemistry

    I'm having trouble balancing this equation in a basic solution. Cr(OH)3 + Br2 -----> CrO4{2-} + Br{-} Do I do start this with half reactions Thanks

    asked on March 22, 2015
  28. Chemistry

    I am having difficulty with balancing this acidic solution; I2+OCl{-} ----> IO3{-} +Cl{-} I get: I2 = OCl{-} +2H2O -----> IO3{-} +Cl{-} + 3H{+} The charges don't balance... What am I doing wrong?

    asked on March 21, 2015
  29. Algebra

    I am a parent trying help my son, who has trouble understanding and remembering how to work his math. I never had this math, so it is hard for me to explain it. If I see it worked out. Then I can explain it, (I, Think) here is the problems. A ball is

    asked on February 1, 2015
  30. Math

    I am a parent trying help my son, who has trouble understanding and remembering how to work his math. I never had this math, so it is hard for me to explain it. If I see it worked out. Then I can explain it, (I Think) here is the problems. A ball is tossed

    asked on February 1, 2015
  31. math

    Mitch used 25% of his monthly savings to buy a guitar if the cost of the guitar was $96 how much did he save that month

    asked on January 15, 2015
  32. Algebra

    "Using distributive, associative, or commutative property, prove that x^2 - 4 is equivalent to (x - 2)(x + 2)." Firstly, which property would I use to solve this and show equivalence? Secondly, which steps would I need to take in order to show this/obtain

    asked on January 12, 2015
  33. Quantitative Analysis

    The circumstance where the Null Hypotheses is rejected when it is actually true is known as...? A. Type I Error B. Mundane realism C. Experimental incongruence D. Type II Error

    asked on November 6, 2013
  34. Algebra 2

    y varies jointly as x and z, and y=98/3 when x=2 ans z=7. Find y when x=7 and z=3. Options: A: y=7/3xz; 49 B: y=6/7xz; 18 C: y=14/3xz; 98 D: y=3/7xz; 9

    asked on June 22, 2013
  35. Algebra 2

    y varies jointly as x and z, and y=98/3 when x=2 ans z=7. Find y when x=7 and z=3. Options: A: y=7/3xz; 49 B: y=6/7xz; 18 C: y=14/3xz; 98 D: y=3/7xz; 9

    asked on June 22, 2013
  36. Chemistry

    Rank the following molecules in order of increasing boiling point. NH3, CaCl2, Ar, CO, HF This is what I have, am I correct or on the right track? CaCl2, HF, NH3, CO, Ar

    asked on March 29, 2013
  37. Intermediate Macro Economics

    To complete the analysis, Chuck wants to know more about the revenue that he can generate from his farm. The price of corn, p(y), depends on how much Chuck produces. The price function is speci ed as p(y) = 3 0:05y c. The revenue that Chuck can generate

    asked on January 30, 2013
  38. math/algrebra

    find the first five terms of the sequence whose nth term is given. (-2)^n + 2^n

    asked on October 10, 2012
  39. Algebra

    What is the additive inverse of -2^5?

    asked on October 10, 2012
  40. Statistics

    The distribution of heights of women aged 20 to 29 is approximately Normal with mean 63.6 inches and standard deviation 3 inches. The height (± 0.1 inch) of the middle 68% of young women falls between a low of inches and a high of inches.

    asked on September 4, 2012
  41. Physics

    How much energy (in cal) is required to raise the temperature of 15.0g of isopropyl alcohol from 10.0 C to 25.0 C?

    asked on September 3, 2012
  42. World Geography

    I am need of some pages from Penn Fosters World Geography book if anyone could scan them if they have the book?

    asked on June 1, 2012
  43. Finance

    Th e Seneca Maintenance Company currently (that is, as of year 0) pays a common stock dividend of $1.50 per share. Dividends are expected to grow at a rate of 11 percent per year for the next four years and then to continue growing thereaft er at a rate of

    asked on November 20, 2011
  44. eth125

    Explain what is meant by the model or ideal minority. How is this label both a positive and negative one? How has the media contributed to prejudice and discrimination against Asian Americans? How might these problems be remedied? What does the Japanese

    asked on March 8, 2011
  45. math

    Please help me... How do I express the following products in scientific notation?? 1)(2.964 x 10^8) divided by (52 x 10^2) 2)(24.5 x 10 ^ negative 8) divided by (3x10^2) 3)(8.1 x 10^ negative 9) x (4 x 10^2)?

    asked on February 27, 2011
  46. algebra

    Could someone please explain to me how to do this problem, and also what the answer is? I don't understand !! (8x10^4) x (4.43 x 10^9). THANKS SO MUCH!

    asked on February 27, 2011
  47. algebra

    what is (8.1 x 10^-9) x (4 x 10^2)?

    asked on February 23, 2011
  48. Anatomy and Physiology

    Mr. Jones, angry at Dr. Bob, throws a punch at him but misses. Dr. Bob sue for battery. Why will Dr. Bob lose?

    asked on January 20, 2011
  49. anatomy and physiology

    Bone mineral density scans are required to detect early signs of osteoporosis because normal x-rays don't detect it until what percent of bone density is gone?

    asked on October 31, 2010
  50. Math

    90 is twice as much as?

    asked on March 29, 2011
  51. geometery

    Jill's car tires are spinning at a rate or 120 revolution per minute. If her car tires' radii are each 14 inches, how far does she travel in 5 minutes?

    asked on July 29, 2010
  52. Chemistry

    Determine the resulting temperature when 150 g of ice at 0 deg.C is mixed with 300 g of water at 50 deg C.

    asked on February 23, 2010
  53. math

    how do i evaluate the integral of secxdx

    asked on February 7, 2010
  54. world history

    What did people use before batteries were invented?

    asked on September 23, 2009
  55. world history/economy

    In your opinion could you cope without the invention of the hybrid?

    asked on September 23, 2009
  56. french

    Can you check this please Directions: Remplacez Christine par Christine et Juliette. Christine est dans le train. Elle lit. Elle dit que le livre qu'elle lit est très intéressant. Christine a aussi des cartes postales à écrire. Elle écrit ses cartes

    asked on September 22, 2009
  57. finance

    17. Collins Office Supplies is considering a more liberal credit policy to increase sales, but expects that 9 percent of the new accounts will be uncollectible. Collection costs are 5 percent of new sales, production and selling costs are 78 percent, and

    asked on May 11, 2009
  58. COM 220

    in what ways are full sentence outlines more beneficial than topic outlines? if someone asked wouldnt it be simplir just to write your paper then to create a full sentence outline? how would you answer?Explain your response what steps will you take your

    asked on May 7, 2009
  59. Algebra (check answers)

    Could you please check my answers we are using substitution to solve each system of equations. And at the end of every solution you are supposed to have an answer as a coordinate. 1. x=2y x+y=3 Answer (1,2) 2. 2y=3 x-y=10 Answer: (10,10) 3. y=x+7 x+2y= -21

    asked on April 27, 2009
  60. Romeo and Juliet quick n fast question

    In act 5 is Tybalt, Paris, and Romeo the three characters who lie dead in the tomb with Juliet?

    asked on April 26, 2009
  61. Quick science question #2

    Why are the reactions in the 1st and 2nd stages of photosynthesis called "light reactions."

    asked on April 25, 2009
  62. quick Science question

    How is the energy in sunlight used? I need help on this question especially since I don't have a textbook.

    asked on April 25, 2009
  63. French

    Could you please check my answers thanks so much God Bless. Directions: Answer according to the cues) 1. Qui fait les courses? (Élodie) Answer: Élodie fait les courses? 2. Elle fait les courses quand? (le samedi matin) Answer: Elle fait les courses le

    asked on March 19, 2009
  64. Principles of microeconomics

    Thos question comes from Gregory Mankiw Principles of Microeconomics fourth edition. I am not sure how to do this problem. Can you help me please. The government places a tax on the purchase of socks. A. Illustrate the effect of the tax on equilibrium

    asked on November 29, 2008
  65. contemporary issues in american edu

    describe the role you think schools should play in teaching students values and strategies to help them overcome these challenges

    asked on September 15, 2008
  66. chemistry

    Q: If the temperature is constant, what change in volume would cause the pressure of an enclosed gas to be reduced to one quarter of its original value? I think if the chance in volume increases, the pressure of the gas decreases. Q: Assuming the gas in a

    asked on March 4, 2008
  67. science

    why do you think that the electronegativity value for hydrogen is so high given its location in the table?

    asked on November 14, 2007
  68. biology

    If a new family of mountain lions moved into the ecosystem, how wouls that affect the original mountain lion populatoin short and long term

    asked on September 12, 2007
  69. Chemistry

    How does Boyle's Law apply to our breathing process? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "'Boyle's law' breathing" to get these possible sources:

    asked on May 27, 2007
  1. Science !

    What’s the number for star 102.5 buffalo ny

    posted on October 4, 2019
  2. Office finances

    C. Endorsement

    posted on November 21, 2016
  3. Science help immediately

    nvermind it's feedback

    posted on September 2, 2016
  4. Science last question

    so since you said size does not matter so the object with more mass is the one that has a stronger gravitational pull?? am i right??

    posted on April 27, 2016
  5. body science

    really? i thought i was wrong but thank you soo much!!!!!!!

    posted on April 5, 2016
  6. Social Studies

    #5 is C and #7 is A 100% Guaranteed Right answers just did the test

    posted on March 21, 2016
  7. Health.. NEED HELP ASAP

    the answers for the whole test are a d a a b b c c a b i got 100% ;)

    posted on January 8, 2016
  8. Algebra

    I know the answer: equation= y= -0.05x+6.7 ur welcome :)

    posted on January 7, 2016
  9. Statistics (Central Limit Theorem)

    Dear, Zam Ham, No because they are normal . If any questions ZAM HAM lemme know

    posted on September 29, 2015
  10. Fire protection eng

    200 foot

    posted on September 29, 2015
  11. Help: Social Studies (Please check my answers)

    Hey that made me have a 40 in Social Studies for JUST them FIVE questions and NOW IT IS GONNA RUIN MY Social studies B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot whoever posted that on here its a C.. :'(

    posted on September 29, 2015
  12. math 3

    Please help me how do you get 88 I need this for my homework now!

    posted on December 16, 2014
  13. science

    B because mass will always stay the same, but weight increases or decreases depending on gravity. Since you are getting further from the Earth's gravitational field, your weight will decrease, but your mass stays the same.

    posted on November 21, 2014
  14. MATH

    One thousand four hundred Fourteen hundered

    posted on September 9, 2014
  15. Math

    How did u find the answers?

    posted on April 17, 2014
  16. investing


    posted on April 5, 2014
  17. eth125

    I need help answering this question. What does the Japanese American internment teach us about our society? Discuss why there was not an Arab American or Muslim American internment after 9/11.

    posted on March 8, 2011
  18. world history/economy

    Can I say this?? I say no because it saves oil, and energy.

    posted on September 23, 2009
  19. world history/economy

    Sorry, I forgot to type in car

    posted on September 23, 2009
  20. Algebra (check answers)

    If you know how to do this substitution let me know but if you don't that's okay. Also, the last one I redid I got 52:30

    posted on April 27, 2009
  21. French

    Thanks for your help I really do appreciate it.

    posted on March 19, 2009