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  1. Art please help!

    1.Which of the following is present in this painting? a. Mostly warm, bright oranges and reds b. Tactile texture the viewer can feel c. Contrast in value between light ad dark d. Radical balance from the painting's center Painting: Adoration of the

    asked on September 27, 2017
  2. Science

    Which Idea Is Conveyed In Both "Dust Of Snow" and Who Knows If The Moon's A.Nature can be playful B.Nature can be harsh C.Nature can be annoying D.Nature can be mysterious To Which Sense Do Both "Who Knows If The Moon's" and "Dust Of Snow Appeal Most

    asked on February 11, 2016
  3. Check my work

    Danielle likes to work alone and has strong math and analysis skills. She like the challenges of the outdoors and regularly records her observations. For which kind of job would she be most suited? Select two apply. a. Botanist b. Biology teacher**** c.

    asked on September 18, 2018
  4. art

    The artwork shown here was likely created for which of the following reasons ? A. Utilitarian reasons because it is a design for a building. B. Expressive reasons because it represents the artist's mood at the time. C. Entertainment purposes because it

    asked on August 30, 2016
  5. Check my work

    Jennifer is very social and outgoing. She doesn’t like to sit for long periods of time and she dislikes work that requires her to stay at her desk. Variety keeps her motivated. For which kind of job would she be most suited? Select two apply. a. Business

    asked on September 18, 2018
  6. Science

    heartworm is a type of worm that enters a dogs body through a mosquito bite. it produces offspring that lodge in a dogs arteries and food off of surrounding cells. which type of relationship is this a. mutualism b. predation*** c. commensalism d.

    asked on December 14, 2015
  7. Career guidance

    In which of the following would a person who work as a business administrator be interested select two that apply. a. Convincing someone to purchase a project b. Planning employee work schedules**** c. Typing memos and letters d. Writing facts, procedures,

    asked on September 18, 2018
  8. Philosophy/ethics

    1. Martha is tired of her son, Travis, forgetting to do his chores. she decides to tell Travis how his behavior is affecting the family and ask him to explain himself. what is Martha deciding to practice? a. confrontation**** b. respect c. responsibility

    asked on December 21, 2018
  9. Business

    1. to be a great asset to your company which of the following should you do? a. always look like you're working hard b. be a problem-solver c. be quiet and keep your eyes open d. be friendly with your boss**** 2. When you are required to team up with

    asked on December 20, 2018
  10. Math

    which customary unit would be best to measure the capacity of water in the dolphin tank at an aquarium A.fluid ounce B.quart C.gallon*** which customary unit would be best to measure the weight of all of your textbooks A.ounce B.pound*** C.ton which

    asked on December 9, 2015
  11. Math

    1.The difference of a number and sixteen A.n + 16 B.n - 16 C.16n*** D.n/16

    asked on November 30, 2016
  12. Geometry

    Name the angle that is supplementary to

    asked on February 23, 2016
  13. Science

    Which of the following is most likely an example of a predator adaptation. a. warning coloration b.keen eyesight c.thick body armor d.spines

    asked on December 14, 2015
  14. Math check my answers

    1. Evaluate. 8d - 10 for d = 4 A.32 B.22*** C.26 D.46 2. write an algebraic expression for the sum of 3 coins and c coins. A.c + 3*** B.c/3 C.3c D.c-3 3. Find the solution of the equation from the given numbers. x - 2 =16: 14, 18, 21, or 12 A.12 B.14

    asked on December 1, 2016
  15. Math

    1. what are the next three terms in the sequence –3, 6, 15, 24,... a. 35, 46, 57 b. 34, 44, 54 c. 33, 44, 56 d. 33, 42, 51**** 2. Geoff planted dahlias in his garden. Dahlias have bulbs that divide and reproduce underground. In the first year, Geoff’s

    asked on May 15, 2018
  16. 9th Grade Help Please

    Janelle is highly organized and love working to find ways to arrange graphs and data more effectively. She doesn’t handle conflicts with her friends well. She is able to picture solutions to problems vividly in her mind. For which job would she be most

    asked on September 18, 2018
  17. Language Arts

    When You Paraphrase A Line Of Poetry, What Do You Do a.You turn it into a question b.You put it in your own words c.You add humor to it d.You copy it down exactly Choose the best paraphrase of these lines from the limerick Said the fly, let us free let us

    asked on February 4, 2016
  18. Check my work

    Peter is creative and excels with visual presentation. He enjoys working in small groups and in an active work environment. Which jobs would match his personality? Select two that apply a. Business manager**** b. Chef c. Painter d. Waiter e. Software

    asked on September 18, 2018
  19. Literature

    Which of these factors helped to fuel the Industrial Revolution in Britain? A.longer life expectancy and bigger family size B.migration of landless farmers to urban regions C.growth in literacy rates among the working class D.improvements in medicine and

    asked on March 15, 2016
  20. MATH plz help

    what is the first step to evaluate this expression? 7^3 - 4 * 3 + 8 A. Exponent B. Subtraction C. Multiplication D. Addition

    asked on August 30, 2017
  21. Social Studies

    1.What led to increased trade between Europe and Asia A.The Black Death B.The Crusades C.The Hundred Years' War D.The Reconquista 2.Why Did Pope Urban II call for Christians to go a Crusade A.To Win Back The Roman Empire B.To Win Back Holy Land C.To

    asked on March 21, 2016
  22. Science

    suppose that you swat a bee it stings you. jerking your hand away from the bee is a... A) Motor Neuron B) Reflex** C) Stimulus D) Voluntary Motion

    asked on November 18, 2016
  23. Language Arts

    (1)The most catastrophic natural disaster in the United States was a category 4 or extreme, hurricane that struck Galveston, Texas, on September 8, 1900.(2) A 15-foot storm surge killed more than 8,000 people on the low-lying island.(3) In a effort to

    asked on December 2, 2016
  24. Art

    This brooch contains a miniature picture of american statesman Henry Clay likely owned by Clay or his ancestors this brooch is valued for what reason a.scholastic value b.provenance c.cultural value a museum is building a collection of works that

    asked on January 21, 2016
  25. Math

    Jennifer writes the letters M-O-N-T-A-N-A on cards and then places the cards in a hat. What is the probability of picking an M? a. 1/6 b. 1/7**** c. 6/1 d. 7/1

    asked on May 12, 2018
  26. Life Skills

    6. Carlos loves to spend time with his younger brother. Even though he is busy with school and work, Carlos always makes time for them to do things together what is this an example of? a. honesty b. justice c. priorities *** d. media 7. What is it called

    asked on January 8, 2019
  27. Check my work

    Which of the following are considered careers in government public service? Select two that apply a. accountants b. auditors c. community health workers**** d. social workers****

    asked on September 25, 2018
  28. Language Arts

    Which word in the following sentence is modified by an adverb? The baby crawled slowly toward her favorite toy. A.Crawled B.Baby C.Favorite D.Toy

    asked on November 23, 2016
  29. Science Plz help

    How were the Aborigine people affected when their children were forced to live with British families or in institutions?

    asked on March 7, 2017
  30. Language Arts

    Which resource would be most helpful in finding a synonym for sentimental? A. a thesaurus*** B. a dictionary C. an article D. an anthology

    asked on November 23, 2016
  31. Language Art

    The speaker in "Life Doesn't Frighten Me" says that mother goose, lions and kissy little girls are alike in that a.they do not frighten him or her*** b.only children fear them c.they are imaginary beings d.they make him or her laugh which sentence uses the

    asked on January 26, 2016
  32. Math

    Can someone explain to me in there own words How is using a conversion factor different than using proportions to convert measurement units and which one is easy because i don't understand

    asked on December 5, 2016
  33. Social Studies

    Why is ecotourism better for the environment than traditional tourism a.It changes native cultures b.there is a shortage of clean water c.traditional tourism only highlights d.ecotourism use few natural resources tourism is essential to the economies of

    asked on January 14, 2016
  34. Music

    the fugue allows what type of action in a piece of music? (1 point) A. the use of many voices to create a complex piece*** B. a key signature change when a new instrument is introduced C. the creation of one voice in a musical piece D. the introduction of

    asked on May 17, 2017
  35. Language Art

    Which word best fit conniving The king's conniving brother had his eyes on taking the throne. a.Impolite b.Lazy c.Mischievous d.sneaky

    asked on December 22, 2015
  36. Math

    Use inductive reasoning to describe the pattern. Then find the next two numbers in the pattern. 3,3.04,3.08,3.12,....

    asked on May 2, 2016
  37. Life Skills

    6. After much thought and consideration, Chloe has decided to live with her grandmother this summer in order to be closer to a dance school that she wants to attend. What is this an example of? a. A solution**** b. A problem c. Advice d. Challenge 7.

    asked on January 16, 2019
  38. Social Studies

    2.Which of the following is not a traditional Inuit food that Alyssa shares with her co-workers a.bannock, or fried bread b.raw narwhale c.caribou*** d.dried tea leaves 3.which groups make up Canada aboriginal population (select three) a.Quebecois****

    asked on January 9, 2016
  39. Language Arts

    Which word in the following sentence is a possessive pronoun? Joe's sister showed me the new puppy her family adopted. A.her*** B.Joe's D.sister

    asked on November 23, 2016
  40. Social Studies

    which of these judgments would the Koreans most likely make about the Japanese based on this excerpt? A. The Japanese unfairly limited Korean civil rights B. The Japanese managed the Korean economy poorly C. The Japanese had a much stronger military than

    asked on November 28, 2016
  41. Health

    proteins are made up of substances are called Amino Acids right ?

    asked on November 7, 2016
  42. Language Arts

    Which sentence use coordinate adjectives? A. Talia wore a pink, striped shirt.*** B. Talia wore a shirt, shorts, and shoes. C. Talia wore a pink shirt with stripes. D. Talia wore a pink shirt and shorts yesterday.

    asked on November 23, 2016
  43. Math Need Help Please

    Makeup two equations, one that is true and one that is false. Do not state which equation is true and which is false. Your classmates will have to determine which is which. Create an example of an open equation that uses the variable x and would require

    asked on September 17, 2018
  44. Social Studies

    what contributed to the rapid growth of japan economy following world war II A.a decrease in exported goods factories with modern technology C.a poorly educated workforce**** D.fewer loans being given to bussinesses

    asked on November 28, 2016
  45. Life Skills

    1. What step of the decision-making process provides you with resources? a. Define the problem**** b. Gather information c. Weigh and compare solutions d. Make a plan of action 2. Orlando has great time management. How do you think makes him feels a.

    asked on January 15, 2019
  46. Math

    There is an expression some people use that says, “What you put into it is what you get out of it.” People might use this expression to describe your skills at a sport or activity and how that relates to the amount of time and effort you spend

    asked on April 15, 2016
  47. Social Studies

    what was the maastricht treaty A.The agreement that reunified Germany B. The agreement that made the European Union C.The agreement that founded the Warsaw pact. D.The agreement that established NATO***

    asked on March 24, 2016
  48. Math

    There is an expression some people use that says, “What you put into it is what you get out of it.” People might use this expression to describe your skills at a sport or activity and how that relates to the amount of time and effort you spend

    asked on April 15, 2016
  49. Philosophy/ethics

    16. You find out that two of your friends aren't speaking to each other. What would be a good first step to take to help them resolve their problem? a. decide which one of them is causing the problem b. find someone else to talk to them c. listen calmly as

    asked on December 21, 2018
  50. Check my work

    1. Which of the following jobs is a school career? a. architect b. instructional coordinator c. office manager d. teacher***

    asked on September 19, 2018
  51. Music

    Which of the following terms best describes music made today, for today's audience? A. Modern B. Classical C. Contemporary**** D. Baroque

    asked on August 23, 2017
  52. Philosophy/ethics

    how can a person ethic or values ruin their performance at their workplace?

    asked on December 21, 2018
  53. Social Studies

    6. which of the following collects payroll tax? a. state and local governments b. federal government only c. state government only d. local and federal governments i think its a. or d.

    asked on March 27, 2018
  54. Language Arts

    many actors travel around the country to promote _________ latest movies A.Her B.Theirs*** C.Their D.His

    asked on November 10, 2016
  55. Music

    the c minor scale is the _______ of the c major scale. a. enharmonic b. chromatic c. parallel major d. parallel minor

    asked on April 4, 2018
  56. Math

    Is (1, 5) a solution to the equation y=x-2? a. yes b. no***** Is (-2, -6) a solution to the equation y=3x a. yes***** b. no

    asked on September 12, 2018
  57. Math

    Can you guys give me a example not a link please As part of their job, meteorologists make weather predictions from data. How accurate are their predictions? What are other scenarios in which you would use data to make a prediction? How would you defend

    asked on May 9, 2016
  58. Music

    the harpsichord creates what type of sound a. plastic b. deep c. light*** d. metallic

    asked on May 17, 2017
  59. History

    How did the Transcendentalist movement in the mid-1800s reflect American life at that time? What other movements did Transcendentalism inspire

    asked on May 4, 2016
  60. Music

    A ______ is made up of a drummer, bassist, and pianist or guitarist. A. Rhythm Section**** B. Orchestra C. Chamber Ensemble D. Choir

    asked on August 23, 2017
  61. Language Art

    The speaker dreams of holding a few grains of sand what is the meaning of creep How few! yet how they creep/Through my fingers to the deep stick grow crawl slip while i weep-while i weep! /O god can i not grasp /Them with a tighter clasp what is the

    asked on January 25, 2016
  62. Language Art

    Can anyone tell me about the cay the story?

    asked on December 31, 2015
  63. Music

    What two things do nearly all type of music have in common? A. Guitar and Drums B. Pitch and Rhythm**** C. Conductors and Composers D. Notation and Producers

    asked on August 23, 2017
  64. Check my work

    2. Which of the following jobs is a career in educational support? Select two that apply a. bus driver b. librarian*** c. receptionist d. statistician*** e. machinist

    asked on September 19, 2018
  65. Language Art

    Choose The Meaning That Best Matches The Word Honing A.Grinding B.Perfecting C.Filming D.Grooming

    asked on January 4, 2016
  66. Music

    who performs purely for enjoyment, not as a career? a. conductor b. professional**** c. sound designer d. amateur

    asked on April 27, 2018
  67. Math

    write a word phrase for 9 ÷ 3

    asked on December 2, 2016
  68. science

    Which of the following is not an example of potential energy? Chemical energy gravitational energy mechanical energy*** nuclear energy

    asked on March 28, 2016
  69. Math

    Which of the following is equivalent (-2)-5 A.-2 + (-5) B.-2 + 5 C.2 + (-5) D.2-(-5)

    asked on March 22, 2016
  70. English

    The most effective persuasive speech or advertisement uses all 3 rhetorical appeals. True False

    asked on September 28, 2017
  71. History

    What was Charles Darwin’s theory regarding plant and animal life

    asked on April 29, 2016
  72. Math

    Evaluate the expression when a = 6. a-24 A.-30*** B.-18 C.18 D.22

    asked on November 30, 2016
  73. Math

    What does it mean for an equation to be balanced and why must you keep an equation in balance? Can someone explain in there own words please

    asked on November 30, 2016
  74. Social Studies

    explaining how the Panama canal is a great example of countries working together for a common cause, and why tourism should be equally beneficial (no links please )

    asked on May 18, 2016
  75. Social Studies

    why building a positive relationship with Cuba through tourism would be beneficial to the United States. No links please

    asked on May 18, 2016
  76. Social Studies

    why American tourism would be beneficial to Cuba

    asked on May 18, 2016
  77. Social Studies

    why American tourism would be beneficial to Cuba (no links please)

    asked on May 18, 2016
  78. History

    Which of the following nations did the U.S. invade in 1989 after its leader was indicted (in the U.S.) for drug trafficking and had ordered the overturning of the results of his nation's free elections? A. Nicaragua B. Panama C. Iraq D. Grenada I thank D

    asked on May 3, 2016
  1. Algebra

    8.44 yd

    posted on April 29, 2019
  2. Life Skills

    1. b

    posted on January 15, 2019
  3. Life Skills

    6. C 8. C 9. B

    posted on January 8, 2019
  4. Philosophy/ethics

    Okay thanks

    posted on December 21, 2018
  5. Philosophy/ethics

    a. seems like a better answer to me

    posted on December 21, 2018
  6. Philosophy/ethics

    Thank you

    posted on December 21, 2018
  7. Business

    I got 15/19 thanks!

    posted on December 21, 2018
  8. Social Studies

    Everything is correct except for 18, 18 is b

    posted on December 1, 2018
  9. Check my work

    The answer was A.

    posted on September 19, 2018
  10. Check my work

    I think it's A or C

    posted on September 19, 2018
  11. Check my work

    nevermind a. right?

    posted on September 18, 2018
  12. Check my work


    posted on September 18, 2018
  13. Career guidance

    Thank you

    posted on September 18, 2018
  14. Math

    Thank you :)

    posted on September 12, 2018
  15. Math

    Thank You

    posted on May 15, 2018
  16. Math


    posted on May 11, 2018
  17. Music

    no, it's d.

    posted on April 27, 2018
  18. Music


    posted on April 27, 2018
  19. Music

    I have it the answer is d. right?

    posted on April 4, 2018
  20. Music

    Yes I'm still confused

    posted on April 4, 2018
  21. 7th grade math Ms. Sue please

    Kayliyah Is 100% correct, thank you :)

    posted on February 22, 2018