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  1. math

    The weight of a fish varies jointly as its girth and the square of its length. One fish weighed in at 24.6 lb and measured 35 in long with 24 in girth. How much would a fish 37 in long with 22 in in girth weigh?

    asked on August 27, 2013
  2. statistics

    A soft drink distributor was interested in examining the relationship between the number of ads (x) for his product during prime time on a local television station and the number of sales per week (y) in 1000’s of cases. He compiled the figures for 20

    asked on September 25, 2012
  3. Language arts

    How do you form the perfect tense of a verb? A.Use the Helping verb will and the base form of the verb. B.Use a form of the verb be and the last particle of the verb C.Use a form of the verb have and the present participle of the verb. D.Use a form of the

    asked on October 17, 2014
  4. Integrated Physics and Chemistry

    What are a few of the positive things the Equal Rights Amendment would have done for women in America?

    asked on February 2, 2015
  5. Math Statistics

    In general, what is the relationship between the standard deviation and variance? a. Standard deviation equals the squared variance. b. Variance is the square root of standard deviation. c. Standard deviation is the square root of variance. d. These two

    asked on September 29, 2012
  6. math

    A cylindrical tank has a radius of 15 ft. and a height of 45 ft. How many cubic feet of water can the tank hold?

    asked on June 21, 2012
  7. History 9th grade.

    Hey guys! I have a hard time on this question. I would really appreciate it if you could help me :) The question is: How did conflict and cooperation within early civilizations relate to the use of resources? The hard part is finding the details about this

    asked on September 9, 2017
  8. Physics

    When Babe Ruth hit a homer over the 10m -high right-field fence 110m from home plate, roughly what was the minimum speed of the ball when it left the bat? Assume the ball was hit 1.0m above the ground and its path initially made a 32∘ angle with the

    asked on September 11, 2014

    Dylan's Bicycle Shop offers a new bicycle on sale for $259.92 after a 10% markdown. What was the cost of the bicycle to Dylan if the markup was 30% based on the cost? (Round to the nearest cent.)

    asked on May 30, 2014
  10. college

    A 2 kg ball of putty moving to the right at 3m/s has a head-on inelastic collision with a 1 kg ball of putty moving to the left at 3m/s. What is the final magnitude and direction of the velocity of the stuck together balls after the collision?

    asked on June 8, 2010
  11. science

    name 5 solutions used at your house Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum but your question is not clear. 5 colutions for what?

    asked on March 12, 2007
  12. Algebra 1

    Hey could you help me? What is the sum? 7/4 + ( - 1/5 ) A:31/20 B:39/20 C:6/9 D:-7/20 Is it C?

    asked on September 15, 2017
  13. world history

    Check my answers for world history please? i put a star by my answer 1. What problems did Progressives hope to solve? a. Men’s right to vote b. Political corruption and respond to the needs of the people c. Take care of the rich *** 2. President Theodore

    asked on January 17, 2016
  14. math

    if a go-cart rider is traveling at 12 miles per hour how many hours will it take him to travel 3 miles? round your answer to the nearest hunderths place

    asked on November 22, 2015
  15. Math Statistics

    Are there any advantages or disadvantages to using data that follow a normal distribution?

    asked on October 19, 2012
  16. Math

    What is the volume of a cubed shaped box with edges 6 centimeters in length

    asked on June 21, 2012
  17. 8th grade physical science

    You are on roller blades on top of a small hill. Your PE is 1,000.0 Joules. The last time you check your mass was 60.0 kg. What is the height of the hill? if you start skating down this hill, your poetntial energy will be converted to kinetic. At the

    asked on January 19, 2012
  18. algebra 101

    If The sum of the measures of two complementary angles is 90° and If one angle measures 15° more than twice the measure of its complement, find the measure of each angle. What is The measure of one angle is 1 times the measure of the other. Find the

    asked on January 8, 2012
  19. intro chem

    which sample contians the greatest number of atoms. a)10.0g He b)25.0g Ne c)115g Xe

    asked on November 30, 2011
  20. medical claims and billing

    I may be over thinking this but I want to be sure I have it correct before I move on. I noticed another person had previously asked this question but I didn't see any answers or suggestions so I'll go ahead and ask it again. My scenario is as follows:

    asked on May 16, 2011
  21. physics

    Distinguish between properties of the two major types of supernovae: massive star supernovae and white dwarfs. All supernovae represent the explosions of stars, but current understanding suggests there are two basic types of supernovae: one that occurs

    asked on April 29, 2011
  22. English

    Biography of Jack London What were Jack London's ideas of the American Dream? How was his life could be a metaphor for The Call of the Wild? What were the historical events that occur that could impact his writing?

    asked on April 22, 2011
  23. Physics

    Can someone check if this is correct or not? Listed following are events or phenomena that occur during either the part of the sunspot cycle known as solar minimum or the part known as solar maximum. Match these items to the correct part of the sunspot

    asked on April 15, 2011
  24. English

    Jack London's Law of Life What is the "law of life"? How does it relates to naturalism?

    asked on April 14, 2011
  25. math

    it takes 35 minutes for mr morrison to drive 25 miles to work. rounded to the nearest mile per hour, what is the speed in miles per hour?

    asked on February 2, 2011
  26. Physics

    A 2 kg ball of putty moving to the right at 3m/s has a head-on inelastic collision with a 1 kg ball of putty moving to the left at 3m/s. What is the final magnitude and direction of the velocity of the stuck together balls after the collision?

    asked on June 8, 2010
  27. medical billing

    the file clerk discovered a medical record placed incorrectly in the permanent files by checking for _____ in the last set of two-digit numbers in the medical records numbers.

    asked on March 29, 2010
  28. Math

    Does anyone know the answer to THIS PIZZAZ WORKSHEET? What happens when joggers get mad?

    asked on November 13, 2008
  29. government

    what are the four common features found in the state constitutions of the thirteen colonies?

    asked on January 29, 2008
  30. science

    laws differ from theories because laws do not provide a) hypothesis b)description c)explanation d) statement

    asked on October 14, 2019
  31. math

    the advertised size of a pizza is the length if its diameter. what is the area of the crust of a 12in pizza ?

    asked on April 5, 2017
  32. Pharmacy

    Mrs. Montgomery, a regular customer, arrives at your pharmacy and needs a refill for her Synthroid, a prescription drug. While processing her order, you discover that she has no refills left on her prescription. It is 9:00 pm on Friday night and Monday is

    asked on March 9, 2017
  33. PreCalc

    6t + 5(t-1)/3 =4 Please help, I keep getting the wrong answer.

    asked on February 14, 2017
  34. Social Studies

    How Would You Describe the Land Elevation At The Start of His Journey In North America?

    asked on November 21, 2016
  35. Math

    Jessica has 8 1/7 pounds of dog food. Feeds 1/7 pound per day. How many days will dog food last?

    asked on October 31, 2016
  36. 7th Grade Math

    Sarah has $200 to spend. She buys a chair for x dollars and pays 6% sales tax. She has y dollars left. What equation models this situation? A. 200 - 0.06X = Y b. 200 - 1.06x = y C. 200 + 1.06X = Y D. 200 = 0.06X I chose answer A. Is that the correct

    asked on April 26, 2016
  37. Calculus

    Determine whether the sequence converges or diverges. If it converges, find the limit. (If an answer does not exist, enter DNE.) limit n approaches infinity of an = e^(−6/sqrt(n))

    asked on April 19, 2016
  38. math

    you deposit $200 in an account earning 3.5% simple interest. How long will it take for the balance of the account to be $221? is 1 year the answer?

    asked on March 13, 2016
  39. Math

    you deposit $200 in an account earning 3.5% simple interest. How long will it take for the balance of the account to be $221?

    asked on March 13, 2016
  40. Art (1 question)

    An artist places a notebook and pen in the gallery of his latest exhibition and asks viewers to leave comments about his work. He is trying to help audience members become what type of observers? Answers: A. Active Observers ** B. Reluctant Observers C.

    asked on February 29, 2016
  41. Language Arts

    1. Which of your senses can best help you picture this excerpt from “The Rider”? while you float free into a cloud of sudden azaleas / luminous pink petals that have / never felt loneliness . . . A. sight** B. taste C. hearing D. smell I think it’s A

    asked on February 17, 2016
  42. english

    is have a lv?

    asked on December 3, 2015
  43. english

    what is popular is it a adj?

    asked on December 3, 2015
  44. english

    what is p1 p2 p3 and p4 mean?

    asked on December 2, 2015
  45. measurement

    how many years are in 1 millennium?

    asked on December 1, 2015
  46. english

    what uncle dudley?

    asked on December 1, 2015
  47. wordly wise

    circle the letter or letters of each correct answer. which of the following can suffer from CONGESTION? A city streets B a theater lobby C a car D the passages in one's nose it can have more than one correct answer

    asked on November 25, 2015
  48. english

    what is quotation marks?

    asked on November 25, 2015
  49. measurement

    how many feet are in 1 mile and how many yards are in 1 mile

    asked on November 19, 2015
  50. english

    what is suddenly?

    asked on November 12, 2015
  51. math


    asked on November 11, 2015
  52. math

    i need HELP ON 22 problems!!!!!!!!!! PLZ HELP ME!!!!!

    asked on November 11, 2015
  53. math101

    need Damon help

    asked on November 10, 2015
  54. pre algebra

    molly paid 8% in sales tax on her holophone,a phone that shows the person you're talking to in 3D. if molly paid $416 in sales tax on the phone, what was its pre-tax price?

    asked on November 10, 2015
  55. traning a pomeranian

    how do u train a pomeranian to roll over?btw she is 4

    asked on November 10, 2015
  56. english

    what does emphatic form and progressive from mean?

    asked on November 10, 2015
  57. home

    how do i tell my mom that i can stay home alone at night? btw i am 14.

    asked on November 5, 2015
  58. ms.sue help

    what is possessive form?

    asked on November 5, 2015
  59. NEED HELP ASP English

    what is passive and active?

    asked on November 5, 2015
  60. NEED HELP for homeschool


    asked on November 4, 2015
  61. english

    PLZ HELP ME I AM 14. WHAT DOES "SCV"SCS"CD"CX" STAND FOR? PLZ HELP. on shurley english pg 65 level 8 checkup 28.

    asked on November 4, 2015
  62. Math

    Which equation does NOT have the set of all numbers as its solution? 1. |-x| = |x| 2. ||x|| = |x| 3. |-x| = -(-(-x)) 4. -(-x) = x I need help with this problem.

    asked on December 10, 2014
  63. Math

    Just like square roots are the inverse of squaring, cube roots are...

    asked on October 10, 2014
  64. Pre algebra

    Which statement is true? A.every realy number is an integer B.every rational number is a real number C.every rational number is a perfect square D.every integer is an irrational number An estimate for ✔️47 is between A.4&5 B.5&6 C.6&7 D.7&8 An estimate

    asked on October 9, 2014
  65. Algebra

    Estimate the value of ✔️45 to the nearest integer A.-7 B.6 C.-6 D.7 An estimate for -✔️66 is A.-6 B.-7 C.-8 D.-9 An estimate for ✔️123 is A.10 B.11 C.12 D.13. (The check mark is square root)

    asked on October 8, 2014


    asked on September 9, 2014
  67. Algebra

    In the correctly worked subtraction problem, each letter represent a different digit. what is the largest possible value of E? FLEA - BEE ------- MOLE

    asked on July 25, 2014
  68. math

    58, ____, ____, ____, ____, -2

    asked on October 8, 2013
  69. math

    Write the variation and find the quantity indicated. F varies jointly as q1 and q2 and inversely as the square of d. If F=12 when q1 =3, q2=9 and 9=3 The variation of F=

    asked on August 27, 2013
  70. math

    Assume that stopping distance of a van varies directly with the square of the speed. A van traveling 40 miles per hour can stop in 60 feet. If the van is traveling 68 miles per hour, what is the stopping distance?

    asked on August 27, 2013
  71. math

    is the area of a paperback book cover closer to 28 square inches or 28 square centimeters

    asked on June 11, 2013
  72. Business

    Would someone PLEASE HELP? A feature that most identified the Production Era was (A) A.the shift from production for use to production for exchange. B. the shift from proliferation of goods for agricultural use to industrial use. C. the emergence of the

    asked on June 9, 2013
  73. math

    Adult tickets for a play cost $19 and child tickets cost $17. If there were 36 people at a performance and the theatre collected $646 from ticket sales, how many children attended the play?

    asked on April 9, 2013
  74. science

    Which example below provides a complete scientific description of an object in motion? A The marble changed position quickly B The car traveled north C The marble moved 30 cm north in 6 seconds D The ball rolled 20 cm in 5 seconds

    asked on January 31, 2013
  75. Project Management

    Now that the company offsite 2-day training session project is over, conduct a postmortem review. Submit a 1- to 2-page memo that does the following: • Details the benefits and drawbacks of a postmortem review • Lists who should partake in this

    asked on November 24, 2012
  76. Project Budget

    For a Company Wide Compliance System Project Budget The project for the company offsite 2-day training session has been given a preliminary go-ahead. However a budget needs to be submitted for approval. Write a 2- to 3-page memo explaining the financial

    asked on November 11, 2012
  77. Math

    $175,000 loan with 6% fixed apr over 15 years. How much would the payment be?

    asked on October 22, 2012
  78. Math

    I need to find the critical value of what I have here so far, and I am stuck can someone please help ASAP ? Percent of children depressed: 4.3% 1250= n 4.3/100= s/1250 53.75= sample mean n=sample size After, mid 2010: Percent of children depressed: 5% 100=

    asked on October 15, 2012
  79. Math Statistics

    I am stuck can someone help me 19.2 - 21.1 ---------- 3.18 \/25

    asked on October 6, 2012
  80. Math Statistics

    A sample has a mean of M = 25. If one person with a score of X = 25 is added to the sample, what effect will it have on the sample mean? Why and how is there no effect on the sample mean? I am not really understanding this?

    asked on September 29, 2012
  81. Math Statistics

    A sample has a mean of M = 25. If one person with a score of X = 25 is added to the sample, what effect will it have on the sample mean?

    asked on September 29, 2012
  82. Math

    If you have 7 striped socks and 3 red ones. How many must you take away to be sure to have a striped pair?

    asked on September 20, 2012
  83. math

    They start riding bicycles towards each other in a plan to meet at the midway point. Each is able to ride at 7 MPH. They live 42 miles apart. One of them has a pet pigeon and it starts flying the instant the boys start traveling. The pigeon flies back and

    asked on June 26, 2012
  84. math

    (1)How much water can be held by a cylindrical tank with a radius of 12 feet and a height of 30 feet. (2)The diameter of a frisbee is 12 inches, what is the area of the frisbee

    asked on June 21, 2012
  85. algebra

    need helo solving this Equate y=-4 to y=mx+b. What is the value for m so that these equations are equivalent I need a fast response on how to solve this problem can someone help please?

    asked on March 30, 2012
  86. social studies

    How were religion and the Roman government related?

    asked on March 25, 2012
  87. algebra l

    what is 1/4+b=10 using addition principles only?

    asked on March 14, 2012
  88. 8th grade Physical Science

    What is the potential energy of a 3 kilogram ball this is on the ground?

    asked on January 19, 2012
  89. Math( 8th) Rate of change

    Khiry has money in a savings account at the bank that increases by the same amount of interesr each year. In 2003 khiry had $200 in the bank. In 2006, Khiry had $215 in the bank.In how mnany years will Khiry hav $230? The cost of gasoline per gallon in

    asked on January 19, 2012
  90. 8th grade physical science

    What is the kinetic energy of a 1 kilogeram ball is thrown into the air with a velocity of 30m/sec? How much potential energy does the ball have when it reaches the top of its ascent? How high into the air did the nall travel? Please help me help my child

    asked on January 19, 2012
  91. Math

    719 plus 210 write as a numerical or algebraic expression?

    asked on January 16, 2012
  92. math

    2y+6 for y =4. How do you solve this problem

    asked on January 11, 2012
  93. Algebra

    If Rick’s Automotive charges $50 plus $15 for each (15-min) unit of time when making a road call. Twin City Repair charges $70 plus $10 for each unit of time. Under what circumstances would it be more economical for a motorist to call Rick’s? show all

    asked on January 8, 2012
  94. Math, Please Help!!!

    a boat on a river has a 27 degree angle of elevation to the top of a dam and the dam is 1037ft from the river.How far is the boat from the base of the dam. is the answer sin27 degrees = 1037/x. =x =1037/sin27 degrees?

    asked on November 8, 2011
  95. Math, Please Help!!!

    Solve the Trigonometric equation for all solutions between [0,360)degrees. 2Sinx + 1 = 2.6635. Solve for x. does x equal 56.28degrees and 123.72degrees?

    asked on November 7, 2011
  96. Please Help!!!!!!

    Solve the Trigonometric equation for all solutions between [0,360)degrees. Sinx + 1 = 2.6635 Please, Please, Please Help Me!!!!!!!!!!

    asked on November 7, 2011
  97. Math, Please Help!!!

    solve the trigonometric equation sinx + 1 = 2.6635. Please help me!!!

    asked on November 7, 2011
  98. Math, Please Help!!!

    How can the right equation be converted into the answer on the left? (sec^4x)(tan^2x)=(tan^2x + tan^4x)sec^2x

    asked on October 26, 2011
  99. Math, Please Help!!!

    4/x^2 - 4x + 3 < 5/x^2 - 9 This is a rational inequality. it is 4 divided by x squared minus 4x plus 3 is less than or equal to 5 divided by x squared minus 9. Please help!!!

    asked on September 27, 2011
  100. Math, Please Help!!!

    how to divide x^3 -1 by x^2 - 4.

    asked on September 19, 2011


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