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  1. Physics

    A many Mass 90kg is moving at a constant velocity,he has kinetic energy of 2205j.calculate his velocity

    asked on February 21, 2018
  2. mathematics

    A town A is 130km from a town B is on a bearing of 127.5° what is the bearing of B from A

    asked on August 5, 2020
  3. chemistry

    Balance the following chemical equation: C3H7OH(l) + O2(g) CO2(g) + H2O(g)

    asked on February 6, 2012
  4. Health

    Which aspect of health would this scenario affect? A friend sends you a hurtful e-mail. Social Health. Mental Health. Emotional Health. (MY ANSWER)

    asked on August 11, 2016
  5. Mathematics

    a paper cone has a base diameter of 8cm and a height of 3cm.calculate the volume of the cone in terms of pie and make a sketch of the cone and hence use Pythagoras theorem to calculate its slant height and calculate the curve surface area of the cone in

    asked on July 22, 2020
  6. Trigonometry

    A plane leaves airport A and travels 560 miles to airport B at a bearing of N32E. The plane leaves airport B and travels to airport C 320 miles away at a bearing of S72E. Find the distance from airport A to airport C.

    asked on February 10, 2016
  7. Art

    This image represents culture and history because? It shows traditional practice for a group of people. (MY ANSWER) It show how people dress in everyday life. It depicts an important event and political celebration. It shows normal daily activities for

    asked on August 30, 2016
  8. Social studies

    15.which of the following best describes the legacy of the crusades? A.muslim nations in the middle east experienced a renaissance. B.western europe experienced dark age created resentment between christian and muslim nations. (MY ANSWER) D.christian

    asked on March 29, 2016
  9. Science

    which of the following describes scientific inquiry? (1 point) a statement that describes what scientists expect to happen in an experiment facts, figures, and other evidence gathered through observation the diverse ways in which scientists study the

    asked on August 15, 2016
  10. Chemisty

    The radius of a lead atom is 175 pm. How many lead atoms would have to be laid side by side to span a distance of 1.58 mm?

    asked on January 17, 2012
  11. ART

    Artists are driven to create art for many different reasons. What seems to be the purpose for this artistic creation? For an aesthetic purpose. (MY ANSWER) For an entertainment purpose. For a utilitarian purpose. This is the picture down below. Starry

    asked on August 11, 2016
  12. Social studies

    Which of the following statements is true? All search engines will provide the same results when you enter the same query. All search engines use the same amount of advertisements. Some search engines are also browsers. (MY ANSWER) Search engines often

    asked on February 24, 2016
  13. english

    9. What personality trait does Odysseus reveal when he devises a plan to listen to the Sirens' song and yet escape destruction? (1 point) irritability loyalty curiosity generosity10. Read the following passage from the Odyssey: Tell me, where was it, now,

    asked on February 5, 2014
  14. Math

    Which unit would you use to measure the amount of juice in a glass? Gallons. Quarts. Pints. (MY ANSWER) Ounces.

    asked on February 5, 2016
  15. Math

    The angle of elevation of the top of a vertical pole from a height 1.54m above a horizontal ground is 40 degree.the foot of the pole is on the same horizontal ground and the point of observation is 20m from the pole.calculate,correct to 3 s.f (a)the height

    asked on March 7, 2020
  16. Science

    How does altitude affect climate? The higher the altitude, the colder the climate will be. (MY ANSWER) The lower the altitude, the older the climate will be. The higher the altitude, the hotter the climate will be. Altitude is not related to climate.

    asked on January 29, 2016
  17. Health

    Your environment includes which of the following? Select only 2 responses. Social conditions.(MY ANSWER) Physical conditions. Advocacy.(MY ANSWER)

    asked on August 18, 2016
  18. Language arts

    Which statement about dialogue in drama is true? 1.Dialogue is usually not as important in drama as it is in a short story? 2.Dialogue is very important in drama because I develops the plot and characters. (MY ANSWER) 3.Dialogue in drama is usually

    asked on March 1, 2016
  19. Social studies

    Select the phrase that correctly completes the sentence. The value of the dependent variable in a function is always __________ the value of the independent variable. A.greater than B.dependent on (MY ANSWER) C.equal to D.less than

    asked on February 19, 2016
  20. Art

    Which of the following items is the best example of functional art? Stones. A vase. (MY ANSWER) A paper clip. A rag.

    asked on May 1, 2016
  21. Physical Education

    What type of muscle is only found in one place in the body? Cardiac muscle. (MY ANSWER) Ligament muscle. Skeletal muscle. Smooth muscle.

    asked on March 3, 2016
  22. math

    Electron Tube Electronics made 50,000 TVs last month. If 3.5% of them were high definition, how many high definition TVs were produced?

    asked on November 23, 2013
  23. Chemisty

    Wire is often sold in pounds spools according to the wire guage number. That number refers to the diameter of the wire. How many meters are in 3-Ib spool of 12 gauge aluminum wire? A 12-guage wire has a diameter of 0.0808 in. Aluminum has a density of 2.70

    asked on January 19, 2012
  24. Health

    Which of the following people is most likely to have the highest self-esteem? A 15-year-old male A 15-year-old female A 50-year-old female A 50-year-old male (MY ANSWER)

    asked on October 27, 2016
  25. Chemisty

    The volume of a single niobium atom is 9.46E-24 cm3. What is the volume of a niobium atom in microliters?

    asked on January 18, 2012
  26. Math

    Due to evaporation, the water level in Wesley's aquarium dropped 2 cm a week during the first three weeks in July. What integer represents the change in water level during the three-week period? -2 cm. -3 cm. -6 cm. -9 cm.(MY ANSWER)

    asked on August 19, 2016
  27. Math

    complete the function table below for the function F(x) =x2=2 . the numbers in the second row of the completed table make an arithmetic sequence ?.

    asked on January 3, 2012
  28. math

    a bicycle wheel has a diameter of 24 inches. there are 32 spokes evenly distributed around the wheel. how far apart is each spoke?

    asked on February 12, 2020
  29. Math

    At noon, the temperature was 12. It rose 8 during the afternoon, and then dropped 28 by midnight. What was the temperature at midnight? -18 -8 (MY ANSWER) 6 50

    asked on August 19, 2016
  30. LA

    Which of the following is an example of direct characterization? Two characters explain why they are angry with a friend. The story's narrator describes a character's personality and appearance. (MY ANSWER) One character reacts to another's unkind remark.

    asked on August 12, 2016
  31. Language Arts

    1.Which Idea Is Conveyed In Both "Dust Of Snow" and Who Knows If The Moon's A.Nature can be playful (MY ANSWER) B.Nature can be harsh C.Nature can be annoying D.Nature can be mysterious 2.To Which Sense Do Both "Who Knows If The Moon's" and "Dust Of Snow

    asked on February 22, 2016
  32. Social studies

    Which of the following best describes a way in which the United states had helped the Mexican economy to grow? Allowing Mexican workers in the United states to send remittance home. Signing NAFTA to encourage free trade. (MY ANSWER) Providing financial

    asked on February 1, 2016
  33. math

    bill gets paid $20 just for accepting a yard job he then earns $3 for every hour spent pruning or weeding flowers. write a recursive function to model his total earnings at his job.

    asked on February 18, 2020
  34. Social studies please help soon I'm timed please

    Which religion considers the epic poem about Krishna one of the most important texts? A: Buddhism B:Hinduism C: judaism D: Zoroastrianism

    asked on September 15, 2016
  35. Science

    Which of the following is not part of the cell theory? Cells are the building blocks of life. All living things are made up of cells. All cells are created from other cells through cell division. (MY ANSWER) The nucleus is the control center of the cell.

    asked on August 11, 2016
  36. Health

    Which of the following could be directly related to not getting enough sleep? You have a negative outlook on in general. You have lack of concentration. (MY ANSWER) You have supportive relationships.

    asked on August 11, 2016
  37. Mathematics

    Make x the subject of the relation:1+ax 1 -ax =p/q

    asked on August 9, 2016
  38. Health

    Which of the following describes a major influence that causes teens to try tobacco. Advertisements describing the dangers of tobacco. Peers using peer pressure to try smoking. Family members smelling of smoke and becoming sick. Friends discussing the

    asked on March 31, 2016
  39. Social studies

    The Renaissance shifted the direction of learning to reflect the ideals of ____? Humanism. (MY ANSWER) Revolution. Conservation. Communism.

    asked on March 8, 2016
  40. Math

    no more than 12 people can enter the haunted house every 10 minutes. which inequality represents the situation? 1.a < 12 2.a < 12 (MY ANSWER) - 3.a > 12 4.a > 12 -

    asked on March 7, 2016
  41. Health

    What reason do studies show why more people with high blood pressure and diabetes live In the suburbs than in the city? There are much better doctors in the city who treat those diseases more effectively. (Maybe) People re not as physically active and rely

    asked on February 18, 2016
  42. Health

    The best thing to put on severe sunburn to help relive the pain is? Cocoa butter. Cold water. (MY ANSWER) because it said to not apply any lotions. Ointment. Vaseline.

    asked on February 18, 2016
  43. Science

    When water droplets in a cloud combine, become too heavy, and fall to the ground, you are experiencing? Evaporation. Condensation. Precipitation. (MY ANSWER) Transpiration.

    asked on January 28, 2016
  44. social studies

    What has been the result of free market policies in Mexico? Greater economic growth. (MY ANSWER) Les trade with other countries. Poor relations with the united states. Increased profits for small farmers.

    asked on January 22, 2016
  45. Social studies

    Why did Aztecs build chinampas? To defend against attackers. To protect their food stores. To provide additional farmland. (MY ANSWER) To escape the Spanish.

    asked on January 21, 2016
  46. Maths

    solution if x=cosec A + cos A and y=cosec A-cos A then prove that (2/x+y)sqare+(x-y/2)sqare-1=0

    asked on September 25, 2014
  47. math

    sin è = 0.1736 O = ? H = 11

    asked on July 19, 2012
  48. Chemisty

    Give the number of significant figures in the following number? 0.00546

    asked on January 17, 2012
  49. math

    A video streaming company offers two monthly plans. Plan A: $3 per video viewed, plus a flat rate of $8 per month Plan B: $5 per video viewed and no additional flat rate A. Write an inequality to determine when the cost of viewing n videos using Plan A is

    asked on November 20, 2017
  50. Language

    Which of the following is an example of personification? 1. The kitten lapped the milk greedily from its bowl before lying down to take a nap. 2. The flames form the campfire danced wildly and created mischievous shadows on our tent. 3. The coins in the

    asked on June 2, 2017
  51. Health

    1. The way in which your emotions affect your physical and overall health is part of? Setting goals. heredity. The mind-body connection. (MY ANSWER) Your cultural environment. 2.In order to make healthy choices, You must to _______ risks. Ignore. Advocate

    asked on September 1, 2016
  52. Art

    Creativity has allowed or innovation for many industries. How has creativity affected the energy industry? It has allowed for the same traditional energy sources to continue being used for generations.(MY ANSWER) It has allowed for new energy source to be

    asked on August 30, 2016
  53. Art

    Why might the artist want to capture this particular scene? Picture) The criminal case,By Honore Daumier The court case would only impact a small amount of people. The court case involved important Individuals or important subject matter.(MY ANSWER) The

    asked on August 30, 2016
  54. Math

    You decide you will buy a stock only if it shows an overall increase over the next 30 days. The first 10 days it has an average daily increase of $0.30. The next 10 days it has an average daily decrease of $0.45. The last 10 days, It has an average daily

    asked on August 26, 2016
  55. Math

    (-1.15) x 3.2 = Please explain.

    asked on August 19, 2016
  56. ART

    This artist was able to create a piece of art that? Is only utilitarian. Is only aesthetic. Is both utilitarian and aesthetic.(MY ANSWER) Is neither utilitarian nor aesthetic. Picture.) Pair of lidded vases by unknown artist.

    asked on August 16, 2016
  57. Science

    After creating a prototype, which of the following would not be an appropriate next step in the design process of new technology? Research the need. Test product safety. Troubleshoot problems. Obtain a patent.(MY ANSWER)

    asked on August 11, 2016
  58. Art

    buildings were created for a utilitarian purpose. Which of the following changes would not be practical to enhance the purpose of the building. Adding additional windows to each apartment building. Attaching movie screens on the side of each building to

    asked on August 11, 2016
  59. Art

    For which purposes was this piece of art most likely created? Aesthetics and expression. Entertainment and historical. Utilitarian and aesthetics. (MY ANSWER) Picture. Net pattern bowl by unknown artist.

    asked on August 11, 2016
  60. Ed tech

    Using a graphic organizer in the prewriting process can do all of the following except. Organize the writers thoughts. Help narrow the writer's topic. Research a writer's story. (MY ANSWER) Help make the writing more detailed.

    asked on August 11, 2016
  61. Art

    What is the role of art criticism in evaluating a work of art? To harshly judge a piece.)MY ANSWER To share an emotional reaction. To give an educated opinion.

    asked on May 4, 2016
  62. Social studies

    5.which of the following was a factor in the fall of the roman empire? A. one emperor united the empire B. the roman army weakend (MY ANSWER) C. taxes fell D. price decreased 6.Which of the following contributed to the rise of cities in the High middle

    asked on March 28, 2016
  63. Art

    Over time, abstract art has become a recognized and valued part of art history. This is an example of. Deterioration of artistic standards.(maybe -_o) Changes in artistic style over time. (MY ANSWER) Different interpretation of what makes good art. The way

    asked on March 9, 2016
  64. Social studies

    Pick the correct term for this definition: characteristics, practices, and customs that are passed down through family, clan, gender groups, or a larger cultural group? Culture. Synthesis. Heritage. (MY ANSWER) Cultural context.

    asked on March 9, 2016
  65. Social studies

    Which of the following is an example of a peninsula? The Alps. Eurasia. The great European plain. Scandinavia. (MY ANSWER)

    asked on March 8, 2016
  66. Language arts

    1.A saturated meadow, 2.Sun-shaped and jewel-small, 3.A circle scarcely wider 4.Than the trees around were tall: 5.Where winds were quite excluded, 6.And the air was stifling sweet 7.With the breath of many flowers, 8.A temple of the heat. 9.There we bowed

    asked on March 1, 2016
  67. Language arts

    1.A saturated meadow, 2.Sun-shaped and jewel-small, 3.A circle scarcely wider 4.Than the trees around were tall: 5.Where winds were quite excluded, 6.And the air was stifling sweet 7.With the breath of many flowers, 8.A temple of the heat. 9.There we bowed

    asked on February 29, 2016
  68. Social studies

    Why did Pope Urban II call for christians to go on a Crusade? To win back the Roman empire. To win back the holy land. (MY ANSWER) To conquer the Byzantines. To conquer the Muslims in Spain.

    asked on February 23, 2016
  69. Math

    A science class planted a tree in the school courtyard that was 6 inches tall. It is growing 4 inches each week. Write a function rule for the height, h, of the tree based on the weeks, w, since it was planted. h = 6w + 4. h = 4w + 6. (MY ANSWER) h = 4w. h

    asked on February 19, 2016
  70. Health

    Overly active oil glans ma cause which condition. Acne.(MY ANSWER) dermis. Diabetes. Fatigue.

    asked on February 18, 2016
  71. Social studies

    Which scenario illustrates how hair keeps you healthy and free from germs? A person with a thick head of hair usually get fewer colds than someone who is bald because their head stays warmer during. A person with thicker nose hairs probably filters out

    asked on February 17, 2016
  72. Science

    Which statement best explains why tropical climates are so hot. They receive little rain. They receive more direct sunlight than other regions. (MY ANSWER) They lack vegetation. There are more hours of sunlight in tropical areas than other regions.

    asked on February 4, 2016
  73. Science

    Which climate is warm, wet, and located on the edges of the tropics? Temperate marine. Highlands. Temperate continental. (MY ANSWER) Polar.

    asked on February 4, 2016
  74. Art

    George Washington’s false teeth do not hold aesthetic appeal for most viewers. Which reason best describes why have they been preserved in a museum? They are valuable because of their owner. (MY ANSWER) They have survived remarkably well, given their

    asked on February 3, 2016
  75. Art

    While fragile works of art might be best preserved in a locked box, museums routinely display such objects. Why do museum professionals feel it is important to share these artifacts? Museums like to take risks. Museums are required by law to showcase their

    asked on February 3, 2016
  76. Science

    Which of the following safety measures should you observe when there is lightning. Stay away from objects made of plastic. Stay away from metals and other objects that conduct electricity. (MY ANSWER) Stay near open windows. Stay on the roof of your house.

    asked on January 28, 2016
  77. Health

    Which statement defines your righs as a consumer? 1 the right to information, 2 the right to consumer protection by the government, and 3.... The right to complain. The right to avoid fraud. The right to evaluate claims. The right to not pay. (MY ANSWER)

    asked on January 27, 2016
  78. Language arts

    Which of the following words is a synonym for beseeched in the following sentence? Nathan beseeched his parents to stop making him walk to school in the rain. negotiated. begged. (MY ANSWER) questioned. argued.

    asked on January 26, 2016
  79. chmistry

    A 4.98 g sample of aniline (C6H5NH2, molar mass = 93.13 g/mol) was combusted in a bomb calorimeter with a heat capacity of 4.25 kJ/°C. If the temperature rose from 29.5°C to 69.8°C, determine the value of ΔH°comb for aniline.

    asked on June 18, 2013
  80. literary


    asked on February 3, 2013
  81. math

    Ten times a number equals ten more than eight times a number. what is the number?

    asked on January 31, 2012
  82. college alg

    A particular style of shoes costs the dealer $97 per pair. At what price should the dealer mark them so he can sell them at a 10% discount off the selling price and still make a 30%profit?

    asked on January 31, 2012
  83. Chemisty

    The compound copper(II) nitrate is a strong electrolyte. Write the reaction when copper(II) nitrate is put into water

    asked on January 22, 2012
  84. Chemisty

    The mass of a single niobium atom is 1.54E-22 grams. How many niobium atoms would there be in 312 milligrams of niobium?

    asked on January 18, 2012
  85. vocabulary

    i need to put 20 vocabulary words in a story helpp!!

    asked on October 6, 2011
  86. math

    6 men have 6 bags each, each one has 6 cats and they had 6 kittens how many legs in all

    asked on January 24, 2011
  87. Math

    Evaluate the stationary points of the function f(x,y)=xy left x{2}+y{2}-1 right

    asked on October 23, 2019
  88. calculus

    Find the area bounded by the given curves y= 7cos(x) and y=7cos^2(x) between x=0 and x= π/2.

    asked on March 20, 2019
  89. Games

    Why do games have ads

    asked on January 2, 2018
  90. Geometry

    Help! I need a 7 step proof of 4 triangles cut by two intersecting transversals. E IS THE MIDPOINT OF Ac. And two lines are parallel . Prove E is also the midpoint of something else

    asked on September 18, 2016
  91. Social studies

    Mr. Lee received a raise at a job this year, but he finds that he has less money to spend each month. What is the most likely reason for this situation? The supply of goods and services has risen. Unemployment has dropped across the country.(MY ANSWER)

    asked on September 14, 2016
  92. physics

    What is the magnitude of tension on each cord 18 degrees 4.75 kg

    asked on September 11, 2016
  93. Art

    Creativity has allowed or innovation for many industries. How has creativity affected the energy industry? It has allowed for the same traditional energy sources to continue being used for generations. It has allowed for new energy source to be discovered

    asked on August 31, 2016
  94. ART

    This art piece was created primarily to? Express political views by representing historic figures in a political setting. Create a utilitarian tool for instruction on anatomy. Express moods and feelings through use of color. Record cultural and historic

    asked on August 31, 2016
  95. L.A

    Which of the following resources will help you plan your autobiographical narrative? an online encyclopedia. A timeline. A KWL chart.(MY ANSWER) A local newspaper.

    asked on August 29, 2016
  96. L.A

    Has anyone read Two kinds from the joy luck club?

    asked on August 24, 2016
  97. Social studies

    Goverments must provide soe goods and services because? Producers cannot limit who uses them. Only some people wish to use them. Private companies are unable to make them. (MY ANSWER) Consumers distrust private suppliers of them.

    asked on August 23, 2016
  98. Health

    All of the traits passed biologically from parent to child are known as. Risk factors. Behavior. Heredity.(MY ANSWER) Environmental influences.

    asked on August 18, 2016
  99. Art

    The art of photography creating many new options for artists to create images and messages. This image is successful in Portraying the message of the importance of a large family. Showing the women having a conversation with the child standing next to her.

    asked on August 18, 2016
  100. Math

    1. 1-(-3) = A. -4 B. - 2 C.2 D. 4 (MY ANSWER) 2. -9 - 2 = A. -11 (MY ANSWER) B. -7 C. 7 D. 11 3. -9 - 2 A. -14 (MY ANSWER) B. -4 C.4 D. 14 4. -64 - (-83) = A. -147 B. - 19 C. 19 (MY ANSWER) D. 29 5. the balance listed on kims bank statement was $65 in

    asked on August 15, 2016


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