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  1. science

    which of the following is the best course of action when it comes to using natural resources

    asked on November 7, 2013
  2. Chemistry

    1. Which metal is the most easily oxidized? A.) highly active metal *B.) moderately active metal C.) slightly active metal D.) an inactive metal 2. What happens in a voltaic cell? *A.) Chemical energy is changed to a electrical energy. B.) Electrical

    asked on March 27, 2013
  3. Statistics

    Suppose that grade point averages of undergraduate students at one university have a bell-shaped distribution with a mean of 2.62 and a standard deviation of 0.43. Using the empirical rule, what percentage of the students have grade point averages that are

    asked on September 18, 2017
  4. pcc

    A volume of 40.0mL of aqueous potassium hydroxide (KOH) was titrated against a standard solution of sulfuric acid (H2SO4). What was the molarity of the KOH solution if 21.7mL of 1.50 M H2SO4 was needed? The equation is

    asked on July 15, 2013
  5. math

    Renee is a sales associate at a store. She earns $80 a week plus a 15% commission on her sales. Last week, she sold $200 worth of items. What is the total amount Renee earned for the week? How much did she earn from commission?

    asked on April 15, 2015
  6. Math

    Pam served her apple pie on a 13 inch diameter dish. She wanted to tie a ribbon around the dish to make it a little more festive. How long does the ribbon need to be in order to fit around the dish?

    asked on March 16, 2014
  7. chemistry

    what is the maximum number of grams of PH3 that can be formed when 6.2 g of phosphorus reacts with 4.0 g of hydrogen to form PH3

    asked on March 21, 2010
  8. College Chemistry

    For each trial, enter the amount of heat lost by the calorimeter, qcalorimeter. Be careful of the algebraic sign here and remember that the change in temperature is equal to the final temperature minus the initial temperature. Report your answer using 4

    asked on April 12, 2013
  9. algebra 2

    what is the proper thing to say when you introduce a hamburger?

    asked on June 25, 2009
  10. Geometry

    At a campground, a rectangular fire pit is 5 feet by 4 feet. What is the area of the largest circular fire that can be made in this fire pit? Use 3.14 for π. Round to the nearest square inch.

    asked on February 9, 2017
  11. Math

    Write a measurement division story problem for 5/12 divided by 1/6

    asked on October 16, 2019
  12. chemistry

    Calculate the temperature change in the water upon complete melting of the ice. Hint: Determine how much heat is absorbed by the melting ice and then use q =mC*Delta T to calculate the temperature change of the 314 g of water. under the following

    asked on November 17, 2010
  13. physics

    A 5.75 µC and a -2.61 µC charge are placed 19.8 cm apart. Where can a third charge be placed so that it experiences no net force?

    asked on January 25, 2011
  14. science

    In the cabin of a jetliner that cruises at 600km/h, a pillow from an overhead rack falls into your lap below since the jetliner is moving so fast, why doesn't the pillow slam into the rear of the compartment when it drops? What is the horizontal speed of

    asked on September 9, 2015
  15. algebra

    whats the difference between a 16 ounce brick and a carpenter?

    asked on August 18, 2015
  16. Physics

    An airplane flies 220 km due east, makes a right-angle, and then flies 400 km due north. Find the magnitude of the plane's displacement from it's starting point. Neglect the culrvature of the earth

    asked on September 14, 2014
  17. Pre-Calculus

    Two polynomials P and D are given. Use either synthetic or long division to divide P(x) by D(x),and express the quotient P(x)/D(x) in the form P(x)D(x) = Q(x)+ R(x)D(x) . P(x) = 6x4 − 3x3 + 29x2, D(x) = 3x2 + 13

    asked on September 14, 2014
  18. Chemistry

    If 100g of Methane are burned in this reaction to cook my dinner, How many moles of Carbon dioxide are produced?

    asked on March 21, 2019
  19. chemistry

    how to write a net ionic equation of CaS+CuCl2

    asked on April 16, 2010
  20. Physics

    Suppose a gust of wind has carried a 52-μm-diameter dust particle to a height of 340 m. If the wind suddenly stops, how long will it take the dust particle to settle back to the ground? Dust has a density of 2700 kg/m^3, the viscosity of 25∘C air is

    asked on March 5, 2019
  21. physics

    A ball is projected upward at time t = 0 s, from a point on a flat roof 10 m above the ground. The ball rises and then falls with insignificant air resistance, missing the roof, and strikes the ground. The initial velocity of the ball is Consider all

    asked on October 11, 2015
  22. math

    What is the unit rate? 1500 meters in 6 seconds?

    asked on July 10, 2013
  23. Math

    How many square inches of crust would it take to cover the bottom of a pie dish with a 15 diameter?

    asked on March 16, 2014
  24. Math

    Becca wants to make a giant cherry pie to try to break the world record. If she succeeds in making a pie with a 20 foot diameter, what will be the total distance around the pie?

    asked on March 16, 2014
  25. Physics

    A 61 kg skateboarder wants to just make it to the upper edge of a "quarter pipe", a track that is one-quarter of a circle with a radius of 2.89 m. What speed does he need at the bottom?

    asked on September 29, 2011
  26. Physics

    A mass m=400g hangs from the rim of a wheel of radius r=15cm. When released from rest, the mass falls 2.0m in 6.5sec. Find the moment of inertia of the wheel

    asked on March 21, 2012
  27. Math

    The number, N, of people who have heard a rumor spread by mass media by time, t, is given by N(t)=a(1−e−kt). There are 6 million people in the population, who hear the rumor eventually. If 5% of them heard it on the first day, find the percentage of

    asked on February 24, 2013
  28. Calculus

    The number, N, of people who have heard a rumor spread by mass media by time, t, is given by N(t)=a(1−e−kt). There are 6 million people in the population, who hear the rumor eventually. If 5% of them heard it on the first day, find the percentage of

    asked on February 24, 2013
  29. Math

    A marine surveyor uses a rangefinder and a compass to locate a ship and an island in the vicinity of the coast on which she stands. The rangefinder indicates that the island is 379 ft from her position and the ship is 600 ft from her position. Using the​

    asked on October 29, 2016
  30. Calculus

    Your firm offers to deliver 250 tables to a dealer, at $160 per table, and to reduce the price per table on the entire order by 50 cents for each additional table over 250. Find the dollar total involved in the largest possible transaction between the

    asked on November 3, 2014
  31. math

    Write three number that are greater than 1,543,000 but less than 1,544,000

    asked on October 18, 2010
  32. applied chemistry

    A 50.0mL volume of AgNO3, solution contains 0.0285 mol AgNO3 (SILVER NITRATE). What is the molarity of the solution?

    asked on March 7, 2012
  33. financial math

    Rate: 7% Payments: 360 @ $665.31 Total Interest: $139,511.60 How much will be repaid for this loan? $ 239,511.60239,502.40100,000.00 What percentage of this total is total interest? What will be the average amount per payment for interest? $

    asked on October 18, 2016
  34. physics

    As shown in the diagram, a bullet of mass 7.0 g strikes a block of wood of mass 2.1 kg. The block of wood is suspended by a string of length 2.0 m, forming a pendulum. The bullet lodges in the wood, and together they swing upward a distance of 0.40 m from

    asked on January 4, 2016
  35. math

    Irrational Perimeter and a Rational Area of a rectangle. a can = b can = Or, if it's impossible, explain how. Help me I'm confused.

    asked on August 12, 2016
  36. math seriously help me

    Sally graphs the geometric sequence an = 2(3)n - 1 on a coordinate plane where she plots an on the y-axis and n on the x-axis. This graph is the same as the graph of which type of function? A) cubic B) linear

    asked on May 5, 2017
  37. Precalculus

    A ball is dropped from a cliff that is 224 feet high. The distance S (in feet) that it falls in t seconds is given by the formula S=16t^2. How many seconds (to tenths) will it take for the ball to hit the ground?

    asked on September 13, 2013
  38. please help

    Two point charges are fixed on the y axis: a negative point charge q1 = -34 μC at y1 = +0.19 m and a positive point charge q2 at y2 = +0.32 m. A third point charge q = +8.9 μC is fixed at the origin. The net electrostatic force exerted on the charge q by

    asked on May 10, 2016
  39. math

    The scatter plot shows the study times and test scores for a number of students. How long did the person who scored 81 study? A. 50 minutes B. 81 minutes C. 16 minutes D. 100 minutes helppppppp!!!!!

    asked on October 15, 2012
  40. chemistry

    Calculate the relative molecular mass of a gas if a 500cm3 sample at 20¢ªC and 1 atomic mass of 0.66g

    asked on June 21, 2011
  41. science

    What kind of terrain and landforms would indicate the prior existence of a valley glacier.

    asked on June 28, 2019
  42. math

    Determine if the Mean Value Theorem for Integrals applies to the function f of x equals the square root of x on the interval [0, 4]. If so, find the x-coordinates of the point(s) guaranteed to exist by the theorem.

    asked on November 16, 2018
  43. math

    Find the equation of the line of best fit for the points (-4,10) (-1,5)(2,-1)(3,-6)(5,-7)

    asked on June 25, 2018
  44. Physics

    How much work does a 50 kg student to climb 3 meters high stairs

    asked on January 20, 2016
  45. Chemistry

    Can I know the molarity of acid rain?

    asked on September 13, 2015

    A car, moving along a straight stretch of highway, begins to accelerate at 0.024 m/s 2 . It takes the car 61.8 s to cover 1 km. How fast was the car going when it first began to accelerate?

    asked on February 2, 2019
  47. physics

    A thin 12 cm long solenoid has a total of 460 turns of wire and carries a current of 2.1 A. Calculate the magnitude of the field inside near the center.

    asked on April 3, 2010
  48. math

    To date, Jay Ward has xumulative earnings of $ 107,600. This week he is paid $3,000. What is the total amount of Social Security tax for this week? Assume a rate of 6.2% on $110,100 for Social Security and 1.45% for Medicare.

    asked on November 28, 2015
  49. Math

    A sum of money was shared among Aaron,Ben,and Charles in the ratio 2:5:7.If Charles's share was $1,180 more than Aaron's share,what was the original sum of money shared?

    asked on November 13, 2019
  50. chemistry

    Jessica's teacher has asked her to bring her 0.40 moles of sodium chloride to the laboratory. She should bring approximately _______ grams.

    asked on March 29, 2012
  51. physics

    Argon is a monatomic gas whose atomic mass is 39.9 u. The temperature of eight grams of argon is raised by 95 K under conditions of constant pressure. Assuming that argon behaves as an ideal gas, how much heat is required?

    asked on April 11, 2016
  52. Calculus

    A manufacturer sells a certain article to dealers at a rate of $20 each if less than 50 are ordered. If 50 or more are ordered(up to 600) the price per article is reduced at a rate of 2 cents times the number ordered. What size order will produce the

    asked on January 27, 2010
  53. Physics

    A airplane has a speed of 290 km/h and is driving at an angle of 30 degrees below the horizontal when the pilot releasese a radar decoy. The horizontal distance between the release point and where the decoy hits the ground is 700m. a) How long is the decoy

    asked on October 24, 2006
  54. physic

    Between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, several thousand small objects called asteroids move in nearly circular orbits around the Sun. Consider an asteroid that is spherically shaped with radius r and density 3000 kg/m3 . You find yourself on the surface

    asked on October 10, 2015
  55. Stoichiometry


    asked on February 17, 2017
  56. math

    what is monomial a monomial is one term containing variables or constants. see merriam webster website too. look up monomial. hope it helps!

    asked on February 12, 2007
  57. science

    You throw a vall toward a wall with a speed of 25m/s and at an angleof 40 degree above the horizontal. The wall is 22m from the realease point of the ball. a) How far above the release point does the ball hit the wall? b) What are the horizontal and

    asked on October 24, 2006
  58. Chemsitry

    A student reacts 0.506 grams of aluminum with excess KOH and H2O according to reaction one from the lab manual. 2Al + 2KOH +6H2O ---> 2K[Al(OH)4]+3H2 Enter your answers in numerical format. How many moles of aluminum was reacted? How many moles of

    asked on October 28, 2017
  59. Chemistry

    In this experiment the only source of Ca2+ ions is Ca(OH)2. Using the experimental Ksp value, calculate the slubility of Ca(OH)2 (in mol/L) in .30 M NaOH. Experiment Ksp = 1.69x10^-5

    asked on April 24, 2011
  60. Chemistry

    How many grams of Oxygen are needed to react with 100g of Nitrogen monoxide?

    asked on March 21, 2019
  61. chem

    How many liters of 12.3 molar NaOH stock solution will be needed to make 12.4 liters of a 1.2 molar NaOH solution? Show the work used to solve this problem.

    asked on April 6, 2011
  62. science

    A student throws a ball upwards from the ground level where gravitational potential energy is zero. At a height of 15 m, the ball has a potential energy of 60 J, and is moving upwards with a kinetic energy of 40 J. Ignoring air resistance, the maximum

    asked on December 5, 2019
  63. Physics please help!!

    A satellite is in a circular orbit very close to the surface of a spherical planet. The period of the orbit is 2.23 hours. What is density of the planet? Assume that the planet has a uniform density.

    asked on March 4, 2013
  64. Probability help!?

    I have a bag of 20 m&m's. 6 are red; 7 are blue; 4 are green; 3 are yellow. if I took one out, what is the probability of picking yellow??? Help. t.y. Pr yellow= waystogetyellow/total= 3/20 Is there a way to illustrate this? thank you. (for some reason, I

    asked on March 4, 2007
  65. Statistics

    List Six deceptive graphical techniques.

    asked on November 26, 2009

    A 14 cm diameter circular loop of wire is placed in a 0.58 T magnetic field. (a) When the plane of the loop is perpendicular to the field lines, what is the magnetic flux through the loop? (b) The plane of the loop is rotated until it makes a 36° angle

    asked on April 3, 2010
  67. Calculus

    I am standing on the roof of a building with a pea shooter, and I shoot a pea up into the air from a height of 80 feet. The pea reaches its maximum height 2 seconds after I shoot, then falls to the ground. Give the position of the pea as a function of time

    asked on December 8, 2015
  68. math-circles

    The area of two circles are in a ratio of 4:9. If both radii are integers, and r(1) - r(2) = 2, what is the radius of the larger circle?

    asked on December 16, 2016
  69. math

    Suppose a 25-foot ladder is leaning against a wall making a 63 degree angle with the wall. How high up th wall is the end of the ladder?

    asked on March 19, 2015
  70. math

    Mr. Smith currently produces 45,000 bushels of potatoes a year. He Can increase his harvest by an average rate of 3% annually. How many years will it take until he can produce 50,000 bushels per year?

    asked on February 12, 2014
  71. physics

    A tetherball leans against the smooth, frictionless post to which it is attached. The string is attached to the ball such that a line along the string passes through the center of the ball. The string is 1.30 long and the ball has a radius of 0.170 with

    asked on February 25, 2008
  72. algebra

    find the periodic payments necessary to accumulate the amount given in a sinking fund. Assume end of period deposits and compounding at the same intervals as deposits. $70,000 in a fund 7% per year, monthly payments for 5 years Thank you your time is

    asked on March 7, 2017
  73. Math

    Find two numbers the exact answer is between. 6x7381

    asked on September 25, 2013
  74. math

    there are 5 pounds of apples in one bag. Make a table to show how many pounds of apples are in 6 bags

    asked on November 29, 2015
  75. statistics

    If boys and girls are equally likely to be born, what is the probability that in a randomly selected family of 6 children, there will be at least one boy? (Find the answer using a formula. Round your answer to three decimal places.)

    asked on March 30, 2014
  76. math

    - Juwan and Jake both have money in their pockets. If Juwan gave Jake 15 cent then they both would have the same amount of money. However, if Jake gave Juwan 15 cent , then Juwan would have 5 times as much money as Jake would have. How much money do Juwan

    asked on November 7, 2012
  77. math

    A video game store charges a monthly membership fee of $7.50 but the charge to rent each movie is only $1.00 per movie. Another store has no membership fee but it costs $2.50 to rent each movie. How many movies need to be rented each month for the total

    asked on September 26, 2010
  78. Calculus

    A manufacturer sells a certain article to dealers at a rate of $20 each if less than 50 are ordered. If 50 or more are ordered(up to 600) the price per article is reduced at a rate of 2 cents times the number ordered. What size order will produce the

    asked on January 27, 2010
  79. Chemistry

    How much water can be produced from the complete reaction of 2.56 L of oxygen gas, at STP, with hydrogen gas answer in units of g.

    asked on March 29, 2011
  80. us history

    What changes were brought upon by the Progressive Era?

    asked on October 5, 2008
  81. science

    Which of the following is NOT found in animal cells? a. cell wall b. cell membrane c. organisms d. prokaryotes I think the answer is cell wall, but I'm not sure. Cell walls are only found in plant cells as far as I know. yes, a

    asked on March 25, 2007
  82. Chemistry

    How many grams of MgCl2 are required to make 350mL of a 0.56M solution of MgCl2?

    asked on February 28, 2011
  83. optics ray tracing

    light travels in a straight line, why is this important for the technique of ray tracing?

    asked on March 21, 2010
  84. Physics

    I am not sure how to setup this problem. I posted it earlier and "BOB PURSELY" responded we are happy to critique your thinking. I have know idea how to solve this problem or even where to start. Please help!!! A tetherball leans against the smooth,

    asked on February 25, 2008
  85. geometry

    Given the equation of the circle (x – 9)2 + y2 = 484 , where is the center of the circle located at?

    asked on November 12, 2013
  86. math

    wat is the squre root of 309

    asked on March 3, 2007
  87. algebra

    The perimeter of a rectangular piece of plastic is 22 millimeters. The area is 30 square millimeters. What are the dimensions of the piece of plastic?

    asked on January 27, 2015
  88. Science

    If the temperature rose from 25C to 45C how many degree Fahrenheit would that be

    asked on September 10, 2014
  89. Applied physics

    two men are carrying a 12m uniform ladder on their shoulders. Man A is 1.0m from one end, and man B is 3.0m from the other end. If the beam has a mass of 200kg, determine the load supported by each man.

    asked on March 31, 2012
  90. Physics

    A coefficient of kinetic friction, k , is needed to stop a car in a distance D on dry pavement with the wheels locked if the car starts from speed V_0. What coefficient of kinetic friction (in terms of k ) is needed to stop this car in the same distance if

    asked on February 19, 2008
  91. english

    In the United States, cell phones are a very popular item. What are all VERBS both "Action" and "Be."

    asked on May 16, 2016
  92. math

    Find the experimental probability. Sheila drew single marbles from a bag, recorded the outcome, and replaced the marble. In 50 draws, Sheila drew 20 white marbles and 30 black marbles. What is the experimental probability that the next marble will be

    asked on May 31, 2016
  93. Physics

    How many grams of ice must be added to 100 grams of water at 60 degrees so that its temperature drops to 20 degrees celcius? As far as i know I have to use: (Mass)*(specific heat of water) *(finaltemperature - initial temperature = ??

    asked on January 7, 2010
  94. haematology

    discuss how the body manages to maintain the cellular components whithin the reference range in an a healthy individual

    asked on February 13, 2013
  95. statistic

    A company is considering installing new machines to assemble its products. The company is considering two types of machines, but it will buy only one type. The company selected eight assembly workers and asked them to use these two types of machines to

    asked on January 23, 2011
  96. Algebra

    What is the answer for 2-11×^2-8×+6×^2

    asked on May 3, 2019
  97. Math

    The percent grade of a highway is the amount that the highway raises or falls in a given horizontal distance. For example, a highway with a four percent grade rises 0.04 mile for every 1 mile of horizontal distance. a. How many feet does a highway with a

    asked on April 4, 2014
  98. applied chemistry

    a 69.3g sample of oxalic ac acid, H2C2O4, was dissolved in 1.000L of solution. How would yo prepare 1.00L of 0.150M H2C2O4 from this solution?

    asked on March 8, 2012
  99. Chem

    A 12.3 vessel was found to contain N2, Ar He, and He. The total pressure in the vessel was 987 torr and the partial pressures of nitrogen, argon, and helium were 44 torr, 486 torr, and 218 torr, respectively. What was the pressure of neon in the vessel?

    asked on November 11, 2010
  100. Biology

    When living cells break down food molecules, energy is A)stored as a phosphate group added to ADP. B)stored as ATP. C)released as heat. D)all of the above

    asked on October 28, 2010


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