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  1. physics

    A high fountain of water is located at the center of a circular pool as in the figure. A student walks around the pool and estimates its circumference to be 177 m. Next, the student stands at the edge of the pool and uses a protractor to gauge the angle of

    asked on July 9, 2016
  2. physics

    A vector has an x-component of −21.0units and a y-component of 36.5 units. Find the magnitude and direction of the vector.

    asked on September 27, 2011
  3. Chemistry

    After 273 m3 of ethylene oxide at 748 kPa and 525 K is cooled to 293 K, it is allowed to expand to 1100. m3. The new pressure is _____kPa

    asked on November 19, 2019
  4. physics

    Rain drops fall on a tile surface at a density of 4585 drops/ft2 . There are 15 tiles/ft2 . How many drops fall on each tile? Answer in units of drops/tile.

    asked on July 2, 2016
  5. math

    Simplify. 8m+4n+7m−2n What is the answer? a.17mn b.15m + 6n c.15m + 2n d.m + 2n

    asked on March 30, 2018
  6. Math

    Natalie picked 135 blueberries in 15 minutes if she continues picking at that rate how many total minutes will it take her to pick 486 blueberries

    asked on February 28, 2018
  7. Physics

    A person walks 15.0° north of east for 3.70 km. How far due north and how far due east would she have to walk to arrive at the same location?

    asked on September 27, 2011
  8. algebra

    a purse contains $7.45 in quarters and dimes 13 more quarters than dimes how many quarters and how many dimes are there

    asked on May 1, 2020
  9. physicis

    A cylinder 15 cm long and 9 cm in radius is made of two different metals bonded end-to- end to make a single bar. The densities are 4.3 g/cm3 and 6.3 g/cm3. 15 cm 9 cm radius What length of the lighter-density part of the bar is needed if the total mass is

    asked on July 22, 2016
  10. algebra

    Solve the system of linear equations    x − 2y + 3z = 7 4x + 5y + z = −1 −x + y − 2z = −4 What is the value of z, y, and x?

    asked on July 9, 2016
  11. physics

    To protect her new two-wheeler, Iroda Bike buys a length of chain. She finds that its linear density is 0.62 lb/ft. If she wants to keep its weight below 1.6 lb, what length of chain is she allowed? Answer in units of ft.

    asked on July 1, 2016
  12. physics

    A plastic tube allows a flow of 11.3 cm3 /s of water through it. How long will it take to fill a 245 cm3 bottle with water? Answer in units of s

    asked on July 1, 2016
  13. Math


    asked on November 17, 2014
  14. Math

    What are three improper fractions to 4 1/2

    asked on March 5, 2014
  15. math

    what is the rule for this table 52 44 47 39 40 blank 36 28

    asked on February 20, 2014
  16. cultural diversity

    a speaker you over heard saying____was employing litrate style oral language.

    asked on April 5, 2013
  17. Geometry

    An aircraft takes off and climbs at a constant 29 degree angle until it reaches and altitude of 6 miles. At that point, how far away is the plane from the airport?

    asked on January 13, 2013
  18. algebra

    Factoring 12m^2n^2-8mn+1

    asked on November 19, 2012
  19. Chemistry

    A 1.5 liter flask is filled with nitrogen at a pressure of 12 atmospheres. What size flask would be required to hold this gas at a pressure of 2.0 atmosphere?

    asked on April 8, 2012
  20. Physics

    A block of mass m = 5.9 kg is pulled up a è = 21° incline as in the figure with a force of magnitude F = 34 N. (a) Find the acceleration of the block if the incline is frictionless. 1 Your response differs from the correct answer by more than 10%. Double

    asked on October 7, 2011
  21. Physics

    Two packing crates of masses m1 = 10.0 kg and m2 = 6.60 kg are connected by a light string that passes over a frictionless pulley as in the figure. The 6.60-kg crate lies on a smooth incline of angle 37.0°.

    asked on October 7, 2011
  22. physics

    A football punter accelerates a football from rest to a speed of 10 m/s during the time in which his toe is in contact with the ball (about 0.16 s). If the football has a mass of 0.50 kg, what average force does the punter exert on the ball?

    asked on October 6, 2011
  23. physics

    A football punter accelerates a football from rest to a speed of 10 m/s during the time in which his toe is in contact with the ball (about 0.16 s). If the football has a mass of 0.50 kg, what average force does the punter exert on the ball?

    asked on October 6, 2011
  24. economics

    how did the middle class grow?

    asked on September 20, 2011
  25. math

    Ben can complete 3 math problems in 21 minutes. If he continues working at the same rate, how long will it take Ben to complete 16 math problems? thanks .

    asked on March 13, 2011
  26. physics

    a car is going 8 m/s goes over a cliff 78.4 meters high. How far from the base does it land?

    asked on September 19, 2010
  27. Social Studies

    Where did the Egyptians go to expand their buisness?

    asked on December 2, 2008
  28. math

    how do I classify polygons ?

    asked on November 30, 2008
  1. math

    Now what is 1ⁿ00000000000000+³3333333333³33333333333333

    posted on February 12, 2020
  2. math

    I love it and you rock

    posted on February 12, 2020
  3. Science

    Thank you baby shark ;0 i got a 100%

    posted on September 10, 2019
  4. social studies

    Alexa i agree help please whats the answer? Describe the major physical and human features of the location where you live,such as the landscape,weather,and population.What theme of geography are you using in your description?

    posted on September 10, 2019
  5. Science Check answers please

    i need help with this

    posted on August 27, 2019
  6. Math

    is this for applications of percents unit 6 lesson 9 8th grade Essential Algebra Readiness (Pre-Algebra) A

    posted on December 16, 2018
  7. Science

    Think for the help.

    posted on September 13, 2018
  8. Math

    I dont know it does not make sence

    posted on May 14, 2018
  9. English help :)

    What is the theme of this play? A) helping those in need B) being honest with oneself C) showing kindness toward others D) fighting for an important cause

    posted on March 7, 2017
  10. history

    Urban resists

    posted on November 29, 2016
  11. physics

    it is on my physics assignment so, therefore its physics.

    posted on July 9, 2016
  12. SS

    Hi Kaitlyn I remember you from the Georgia Milestones

    posted on April 24, 2016
  13. history

    Underdeveloped nations

    posted on April 15, 2016
  14. physics


    posted on October 22, 2015
  15. math

    How estimating the quotient helps you place the first digit in the quotient of a division problem and how to explain my answer?

    posted on October 15, 2015
  16. Chemistry

    dry air 0% humidity is approximately 78% N2, 21% 02,1% Ar by moles. calculate thew molar massand density of dry air at 0% at 1atm?

    posted on November 22, 2014
  17. Earth Science

    #5 is plutons

    posted on September 29, 2014

    The second one is NOT B!

    posted on September 29, 2014
  19. science

    I have noo idea !! Help!!!!

    posted on April 13, 2013
  20. 4th grade

    write in words 8,042,176

    posted on September 18, 2012
  21. Economics(12 Multiple Choice)

    1.C 2.C 3.C 4.B 5.D 6.B 7.A 8.C 9.A 10.B 11.C 12.B

    posted on April 9, 2012
  22. math

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    posted on September 13, 2011
  23. global history

    how does madision refute the prevailing view that democracy was possilbe only in a small state?

    posted on November 25, 2009