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  1. Music

    What Is It?

    posted on November 29, 2018
  2. Language Arts

    Thanks Dani!!! 100%!! Yass!!

    posted on November 28, 2018
  3. Language

    Yep I should had have Trusted the other for the one that said CCBB was right and I guess they are for all connexus users and fork 2018-19 it will be always the same so the answer is C C B B 100% I know because I took the wrong answers and got a 25% but u

    posted on November 27, 2018
  4. Science Plzz Help

    100% TYSM TO.. XoXo AND... Igot100% God Bless That's Wassup....

    posted on November 13, 2018
  5. Science

    You guys are Right Again!!

    posted on November 6, 2018
  6. math

    #"2018 The ANSEWERS are!:! D. A. B. A. C. Thank Me Later!

    posted on November 6, 2018
  7. language

    What the heck but I have A roblox account so look it up on roblox Freinds and just say Ren and there should be like 5 Renae Spencer's so pick the last one and there I am TYSM I am almost to a thousand Followers!

    posted on November 6, 2018
  8. Social Studies

    Yeah your wrong for Connexus but for your own school maybe right But yeah #2018 And Tim is Right 100% !!!!!!

    posted on November 5, 2018
  9. language

    Yes I don't trust u guys for some reason but eh I mean what the hell you know.

    posted on November 1, 2018
  10. english

    It did TYSM

    posted on November 1, 2018