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  1. math...

    how can I tell if a sequences is airthmetic, geometric or neither? determine the first three terms of each and determine if each are airthmetic, geometric or neither. 1) tn=5t n-1+ 3 wheret 1=2 first three terms: 3,13,23 airthmetic 2)t(n)= -3(4)^n first

    asked on October 18, 2006
  2. newspapers!

    What are the advantages of being able to read newspapers from different countries? Just like getting another person's viewpoint in a personal conversation, you get other views of events from different countries via their newspapers. It might make you aware

    asked on December 7, 2006
  3. Litotes

    What is the effect of a Litotes in a essay? under Related Figures (in that site) is miosis, a more extreme form of litotes.

    asked on November 27, 2006