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  1. Science

    Which choice most accurately explains what happens to the bonds between atoms when water changes to steam, and what becomes of the energy added during this phase change? A. When water changes to steam bonds between molecules break apart. After reaching the

    asked on April 2, 2019
  2. Chemistry, Heat and Phase changes(general chem II)

    From the data below, calculate the total heat (in J) needed to convert 22.00 g of icea t -6.00 C to liquid water at 0.500 C. melting point at 1 atm: 0.0 C Hfusion: 6.02 KJ/mol cliquid: 4.21 J/g C csolid: 2.09 J / g C My answer is about 300 J short of the

    asked on September 3, 2016
  3. Philosophy

    Choose the pair of words/phrases among the choices that exhibits the same logical relationship as the words/phrases in the following pair. building : blueprint (Points : 1) ship : sea cake : recipe bridge : island guitar : song

    asked on October 24, 2010
  4. SS

    Which of the following responsibilities are held by the federal government? Choose all that apply. (2 points) protecting national parks administering healthcare providing Social Security managing intercity traffic creating garbage collection services

    asked on October 5, 2016
  5. Biology

    Suggest why Ia and Ib alleles are dominant over Io allele. Why in IaIo genotype, the Io allele is masked

    asked on June 4, 2015
  6. math

    Select all the expressions that are equivalent to 10w - 8 + 6 - 4w. 2(3w - 1) (6w + 3) + (2w - 7) 6w - 2 (11w - 1) - (5w + 3) 3w + 7 + 3w - 9 14w + 14 2(5w + 7)

    asked on September 7, 2017
  7. sociology perspective

    Every four years in the United States there is a presidential election, and after the election, nearly half the population readily accepts the leadership of the person for whom they did not vote. This is an example of: egalitarian authority charismatic

    asked on February 12, 2009
  8. college

    Which of the following would NOT be considered discrimination? 1. Sue believes poor people are criminals. 2. Sue refuses to give Jane a ride to work because Jane is poor. 3. Jane, who is poor, vandalizes the cars of rich people who she believes are snobs.

    asked on February 5, 2009
  9. Geometry

    Can you help me.the lengths of the sides of a triangle are in the extended ratio 3:10:12. The perimeter is 400cm. What is the length of the longest side in centimeters.

    asked on February 11, 2015
  10. Biology

    During skeletal muscle contraction: Choose one answer. A. the A and I bands do not change length. B. cross bridges are formed between myosin and actin. C. minimal tension can be generated when the muscle is close to its normal resting length. D. the

    asked on November 7, 2010
  11. sociology

    Which of the following would be the best illustration of the expressive role in U.S. society, as developed by Talcott Parsons and Robert Bales? 1. A newly married woman keeps a spotless apartment and cooks beautiful gourmet meals. 2. On Saturday, Bill does

    asked on February 5, 2009
  12. Human Body Types

    I am looking for the genetic weaknesses that each genetic body type inherits, as I wish to form a chart that cross references these probable/possible weaknesses with factors such as eye colour/ hair colour and so forth. Can you or do you know of anyone who

    asked on June 23, 2005
  13. Chemistry

    What is the electron configuration of the element with 27 protons? Is it 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 3d7 4s2 or is that wrong?

    asked on May 24, 2018
  14. Chemistry

    If an element has 12 protons and 17 neutrons, how many electrons does it have? I think the answers twelve but I'm not sure?

    asked on May 24, 2018
  15. Chemistry

    Potassium superoxide, KO2, is used for producing oxygen and removing carbon dioxide in selfcontained breathing units, space shuttles, and other enclosed spaces. First the potassium superoxide reacts with moisture to release oxygen and produce potassium

    asked on October 10, 2017
  16. math

    Translate the following statement to an inequality. Then, find the solution. Four times the sum of a number and eight is greater than or equal to negative four. n ≥ -9 n ≤ -9 n ≥ -32 n ≤ -32

    asked on September 7, 2017
  17. chemistry

    Calculate the volume 2.3g of oxygen gas at 28 degrees celcius and 2.321 atm

    asked on March 12, 2015
  18. Chemistry

    A solution is prepared by dissolving 25.0 g of pure HC2H3O2 and 25.0 g of NaC2H3O2 in 700 mL of solution (the final volume). (a) What is the pH of the solution? (b) What would the pH of the solution be if 65.0 mL of 0.650 M NaOH were added? (c) What would

    asked on February 21, 2015
  19. statistics

    assume you have a data set from a normally distributed random variable. answer the following: will the random variable be discrete, continuous, or neither? How do you know? I believe its continuous but cant explain why will the data be qualitative or

    asked on June 29, 2013
  20. math

    how to go by doing a personal cash flow statement is it like the regular budgetfor your house.

    asked on April 12, 2013
  21. math

    how many ways can you arrange three banks on a shelf

    asked on August 13, 2012
  22. Accounting

    Imagen Arquitectonica of Tijuana, Mexico is contemplating a major change in its cost structure. Currently, all of its drafting work is performed by skilled draftsmen. Alfredo Ayala, Imagen's owner, is considering replacing the draftsmen with a computerized

    asked on April 30, 2012
  23. Accounting

    E6-9 (a,b) Tiger Golf Accessories sells golf shoes, gloves, and a laser-guided range-finder that measures distance. Shown below are unit cost and sales data. Pairs of Shoes Pairs of Gloves Range Finder Unit sales price $100 $30 $250 Unit variable costs 60

    asked on April 30, 2012
  24. Physics

    A 170 -pF capacitor is connected in series with an unknown capacitance, and as a series combination they are connected to a battery with an emf of 25.0 V. If the 170 -pF capacitor stores 135 pC of charge on its plates, what is the unknown capacitance?

    asked on March 2, 2012

    Discuss the three types of management styles that are reviewed in your course materials (Scientific Management, Human Relations Management, and Systems Management). * Which style do you believe would be the most effective to use in the criminal justice

    asked on February 8, 2011
  26. algebra

    it has been found that the world record for the men's 10,000 meter run has been decreasing steadily since 1950. the record is approximately 28.7 minutes minus 0.05 times the number of years since 1950. assume the record continues to decrease in this way.

    asked on October 9, 2010
  27. Calculus

    A kicker is setting up for a field goal. The goal is 120 feet away and 10 feet high. The kicker can give an initial speed of 75 ft/s to the ball. What range of angles of elevation are possible to kick the ball so it passes over the goal?

    asked on October 6, 2010
  28. Pre-Algebra

    A 9 foot ladder leans against a building at a point 7 feet above the ground. At what height would a 15 foot ladder touch the building if both ladders for the same angle with the ground? Propotion? But I just get a decimal...

    asked on January 5, 2010
  29. sociology perspective

    A person is hiking in the Canyonlands of Utah, and she realizes that the beautiful panorama that is unfolding in front of her could not have happened by accident; there must have been some wonderful plan and power that created this and many other wonderful

    asked on February 10, 2009
  30. sociology

    #1. Although it does not endorse traditional gender roles, which sociological perspective implies that dividing tasks between spouses is beneficial for the family unit? A. Functionalist perspective B. Conflict perspective C. Interactionist perspective D.

    asked on February 5, 2009
  31. social studies

    Why did many early Virginia cities develope along the Fall Line?

    asked on September 27, 2007
  32. English

    Imagination Unit Test: questions 10 - 16 10. Complete the sentence with the word or phrase that has the most positive connotation. When we saw her barefoot and wearing flowers as a crown, we knew the girl was A. Free spirited B. Out there C. (eccentric) My

    asked on April 26, 2019
  33. History

    What was the significance of the Battle of Tannenberg in World War I? The defeat of British forces shifted the Allied war focus to defeating the Ottoman Empire. The attack on civilians by German war boats during the battle led to the United States entering

    asked on October 18, 2018
  34. Chemistry

    What is the electron configuration of the element with 27 protons?

    asked on May 24, 2018
  35. Chemistry

    Explain why a model of the atom is crucial to understanding chemistry and in explaining the behavior of matter.

    asked on May 24, 2018
  36. Mathematics

    Use f(x) = 2x + 5 and g(x) = x^2-1 to determine the following( simplified where possible): (g * f)(3)

    asked on January 7, 2018
  37. math

    Translate the following statement to an inequality. Then, find the solution. Three times the sum of a number and five is greater than or equal to negative six. n ≥ -7 n ≤ -7 n ≥ -3 n ≤ -3

    asked on September 6, 2017
  38. calculus

    Find the length of the curve given by the equation y= intergral from -pi to x of sqrt(cos(t)) dt for x between -pi and pi. I think I know to do this- at least part of it. I am using the fundamental theorem of calculus and the arc length formula, but I

    asked on August 2, 2017
  39. science

    this is a follow up question from my last one with the exact question If you dissolve 200 g of salt in 20 l of water, what is the density of that solution of salty water? Hint: In this particular example, assume that the total volume doesn’t change when

    asked on February 25, 2017
  40. science

    If I dissolve 200g in 20 litre of water what is the density of the salty water. please help

    asked on February 25, 2017
  41. Math

    $2,000 principal earning 3%, compounded annually, after 3 years.

    asked on October 21, 2016
  42. math

    Two digits over two digits equals three digit decimal (_.__) Can only use 0-9 once

    asked on October 3, 2016
  43. Life orientation

    Give five consequences that xenophobia have on comunities.

    asked on May 14, 2015
  44. exams

    Could you please give me some details about SAT scholarship exam?

    asked on May 14, 2015
  45. Algebra

    1. Tell whether x and y show direct variation. a. 5x - 3y = 0 b. x = y - 2 / 9 2. The variables x and y vary directly. Use the values to find the constant of proportionality and write an equation that relates x and y. a. y = 4; x = 6 b. y = 2; x = 10

    asked on May 6, 2015
  46. Physics

    A tiny source emits sound uniformly in all directions. The intensity level ar a dist. Of 2m is 100dB. How much sound power is the soure emitting?

    asked on April 17, 2015
  47. math

    Ted is helping his father plant their vegetable garden this year. They will put a fence around the garden. Ted measures the length of the garden, which is 6 feet. His father tells him that the width is twice the length. How much fencing do Ted and his

    asked on April 7, 2015
  48. Math

    Need help with this. A concrete path of width 1m and thickness 10cm is to be placed around you pool. Find the number of cubic meters of ready mixed concrete required to lay the path. Additional Info: pool area is 25.75 without concrete around it. I have

    asked on March 8, 2015
  49. Geograph

    Where is Indonesia ?

    asked on March 8, 2015
  50. Physics

    Suppose you had a circuit with three resistors in series and you measured I=7.0 milliamps; V = 14.7 volts; V1= 3.5 volts and V2 = 1.4 volts. What would be the voltage across the third resistor? What would its resistance be?

    asked on February 18, 2015
  51. Physics

    Suppose you had a circuit with three resistors in series and you measured I=7.0 milliamps; V = 14.7 volts; V1= 3.5 volts and V2 = 1.4 volts. What would be the voltage across the third resistor? What would its resistance be?

    asked on February 17, 2015
  52. question/curiousity

    A nurse decides to write a book, and a lawyer decides to illustrate the book.. what do the two have in common? my ans: Two potentially turn a hobby into a second career?

    asked on February 11, 2015
  53. math

    Jake has $2.80 in dimes and quarters. he has 7 more dimes than quarters. how many quarters does he have?

    asked on June 7, 2014
  54. physics

    A block with mass m = 24.0 kg slides down an inclined plane of slope angle 41.4 ° with a constant velocity. It is then projected up the same plane with an initial speed 3.80 m/s. How far up the incline will the block move before coming to rest?

    asked on February 22, 2014
  55. physics

    Buffy is rolling along in her 12.7 kg wagon at 3.6 m/s (in the positive direction) when she jumps off the back. She continues to move forward at 1.2 m/s relative to the ground. This causes her wagon to go speeding forward at 9.51 m/s relative to the

    asked on February 9, 2014
  56. physics

    A block of wood with a mass of 4.62 kg sits on the edge of a table that is 0.99 m tall. A bullet with a mass of 70.5 g traveling with a speed of 450 m/s is shot into the block and is lodged in it. Assuming that no energy is lost to friction, how far from

    asked on February 9, 2014
  57. physics

    A balistic pendulum is made from a block of wood with a mass of 2.78 kg. A bullet with a mass of 39 g is shot into the block causing it to rise 29.1 cm. What was the speed of the bullet?

    asked on February 9, 2014
  58. Physics

    An electron is released between two metal plates 40.0mm apart experiences an acceleration of 1x10^12m/s^2. Determine the potential difference across the plates.

    asked on December 16, 2013
  59. Surveying

    I am looking for horizontal distance between 2 points. My slope distance is 153.97' and a vertical distance of 91degrees 32minutes 45seconds.

    asked on September 21, 2013
  60. statistics

    a random sample from the population of registered voters in california is to be taken and then surveyed about an upcoming election. What sample size should be used to guarantee a sampling error of 3% or less when estimating p at the 95% confidence level?

    asked on June 29, 2013
  61. statistics

    A woman and her son are debating about the average length of a preacher's sermons on Sunday morning. Despite the mother's arguments, the son thinks that the sermons are more than twenty minutes. For one year, he has randomly selected 12 Sundays and found

    asked on June 19, 2013
  62. statistics

    What sample size is required from a very large population to estimate a population proportion within 0.05 with 95% confidence? Don't assume any particular value for p. A. 271 B. 38 C. 385 D. 767

    asked on June 19, 2013
  63. Algebra

    The volume of it is 1125 cubic inches, the length is 18 inches, and the width is 15 inches. Can you also show me how to do because I have a test on Friday! Thanks!!! :)

    asked on March 5, 2013
  64. Chem

    in the reaction NO3+CaCl2=2AgCl+Ca(NO3)2, how many grams of excess will remain when 20 grams of AgNO3 are reacted with 15 grams of CaCl2

    asked on February 25, 2013
  65. finance

    what is the future value of $2,000 in a bank account for 6 years at 4 percent compounded bimonthly

    asked on August 1, 2012
  66. Accounting

    Spencer Company manufactures and sells three products. Relevant per unit data concerning each product are given below. Product A B C Selling price $9 $12 $14 Variable costs and expenses $3 $9.50 $12 Machine hours to produce 2 1 2 Compute the contribution

    asked on April 30, 2012
  67. math

    if a 1100 lb motorcycle(w/2 passengers)is doing 40mph,how long will take to come to a complete stop?

    asked on March 31, 2012
  68. math

    a boy buy a bike for 45$ then sells it for 65$ then buys it back for 90$ then sells it agian for 125$ what percent of money did he make

    asked on January 12, 2012
  69. calculus

    Evaluate integral from -2 to 3 of 4 lxldx

    asked on December 10, 2011
  70. stati

    12. Suppose 80% of students finish high school. Of them, 50% finish college. Of them, 20% get a master’s degree. Of them, 30% get a Ph.D. (i) What percentage of students get a Ph.

    asked on November 24, 2011
  71. statistics

    Assuming that the data are normally distributed with a mean of 45 and a standard deviation of 3.25, what is the z-score for a value of 40?

    asked on October 20, 2011
  72. algebra

    Find the slope, if it exists x+5y=10

    asked on May 24, 2011

    Let a = 349, M = 492186. Show that gcd(a;M) = 1. Hence find the mutliplicative inverse, a^-1 mod M

    asked on May 9, 2011
  74. Math

    A company has factories located in New Jersey, Ohio, and Georgia where it manufactures handbags, shoes, and belts. How many days should the company operate each factory in order to exactly fill the order of 2150 handbags, 2300 shoes and 2500 belts? Use the

    asked on February 22, 2011
  75. math

    how do you add a negetive and a positive faction? -5/8 + 2/9 = ?

    asked on January 20, 2011
  76. algebra

    write a linear equation to model the situation. Use unit analysis to check your model. You borrow $40 from your sister. To repay the loan, you pay her $5 a week.

    asked on January 4, 2011
  77. 8th grade

    Solve 3r + 18 ¡Ü 6r

    asked on December 11, 2010
  78. science

    A farmer planted a field of Bt 123 corn and wants to estimate the yield in terms of bushels per acre. He counts 22 ears in 1/1000 of an acre. He determines that each ear has about 700 kernels on average. He also knows that a bushel contains about 90 000

    asked on November 13, 2010
  79. Human Physiology

    A subject with a body weight of 60 kg was injected with 10 ml of a 1% (w/v) solution of Evans Blue. After 10 min, the blood was sampled and found to contain 0.035 mg ml^-1 of the dye. What is the subject’s plasma volume in litres?

    asked on November 8, 2010
  80. Biology

    You are given the following protein sequence: NH2-Met-Trp-Trp-Met-Trp-Met-COOH What was the sequence of the mRNA? You must write your answer 5' to 3' direction, starting with the first nucleotide of the mRNA and ending with the last nucleotide of the mRNA.

    asked on November 2, 2010
  81. Spanish

    Me gusta ver el ____ de b`eisbol No puedo jugar Estoy ___ ocupado Vamos a la ___ de cumplean~os de paco help on these last three please?

    asked on September 12, 2010
  82. Algebra (repost)

    Can you help me on this problem as well? (or anyone.) Solve each inequality and check your solution. h - > -7 4 (bumping)

    asked on May 10, 2010
  83. Algebra

    "Do the two inequalities have the same solutions? Wriet yes or no. -5x > 0 x > 0 Solve each inequality and ch eck your solution. 9x > 81 help please? -thanks

    asked on May 10, 2010
  84. government

    what is Third way urbanism?

    asked on May 1, 2010
  85. philosophy

    What makes pity the such a horrible emotion? How is it counter to Nietzsche conception of the good? Please I don't know where to start!!!!!

    asked on April 17, 2010
  86. Philosophy

    What are the differences between phenomenal and noumenal worlds?

    asked on April 16, 2010
  87. Physics

    a) A microphone has an area of 5cm^2. It receives during a 4.0 s time period a sound energy of 2.0*10^-11 J. What is the intensity of the sound? b) using intensity from a) what is the variation in pressure in the sound wave, delta P ? Use T=293 K and

    asked on February 21, 2010
  88. Pre-Algebra

    Directions: Find the missing measure of each angle How do I do this? It's a triangle, angle one 2x + 15 x 45degrees

    asked on February 3, 2010
  89. Pre-Algebra

    Please help me. Thanks It's Pythagorean Theorem: A boot leaves port and travels 18 miles north and 15 miles east. How far from port is the boat? I have drawn a picture, 15² + 18² = c² ²= squared. Thanks... meh please someone help mewith this, thanks.

    asked on January 14, 2010
  90. Pre-Algebra

    Well, this problem is really stumping me, so here it is. Directions: In each problem, first draw a picture of the situation to the right of the problem. Then decide whether the problem involves measuring length or area growth to help you answer the

    asked on January 5, 2010
  91. life science

    how do fungi liv e without water and in extreme cold?

    asked on December 17, 2009
  92. how children learn

    which of the following questions ia a thinker/doer most likely to ask?

    asked on December 14, 2009
  93. skills for the effective teacher aide

    Acc to the SMCR model, problems in communication can arise when the speaker fails to do what?

    asked on December 14, 2009
  94. math,

    3/4 is= to something over 12

    asked on November 18, 2009
  95. Pre-Algebra

    Can I have someone check this please? I wouldn't want to do the whole page, then find out I had done them all wrong. :( [Percents of Change] A $100 digital watch is now $72 Decrease, 72/100 = negative percent. 100/72.00 = .72 .72 - 1 = 30%? Thanks. 30% is

    asked on October 27, 2009
  96. Pre-Algebra

    Is this correct? If I'm mistaken, please correct it for me, and show me how. Thanks. [Fractions, Decimals, and Percents.] 33 & 1/3 of $90 = $21.00 100% of 500 = $500 1% of 500 = $5.00 50% of 70 = $35.00 100% of 70 = $70.00 Thanks, you don't have to tell me

    asked on October 25, 2009
  97. Pre-Algebra

    I don't know how to do these problems. 33 and 1/3% of $90 66 and 2/3% of $90 199% of 70

    asked on October 25, 2009
  98. Physics

    The figure below shows a standard man intending to do reverse curls in a gym (standing up with Tension up, weight of arm down and force down). He holds his arms straight, using an overhand grip to hold the bar. If the mass of the bar is given as 146 kg,

    asked on October 2, 2009
  99. 7th grade Pre-Algebra

    Factor each number completely 110 480 I don't know how to do factor tree's, they're tricky, :\ Please help

    asked on September 29, 2009
  100. 7th grade Pre-Algebra

    OK !! I've asked for help so much, I've been on this site for 2 hours, and I still havent got what I wanted, :\ "Represent each expression using positive esponents" e^-4 f Would it just be 1/e^4f?

    asked on September 22, 2009


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