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  1. math

    Arianna has a large piece of fabric that she wants to use to make some scarves. The number N of scarves she can make is inversely proportional to the area A of each scarf. If the area of each scarf is 3 square feet, then she can make 15 scarves. If the

    asked on May 12, 2016
  2. word problem math

    Dixon and his little sister Ariadne stand next to each other on the playground on a sunny afternoon. Their mother measures their shadows. Dixon's shadow is 18 feet long and Ariadne's shadow is 15 feet long. If Dixon is 6 feet tall, how tall is Ariadne?

    asked on November 16, 2015
  3. history

    Why is it difficult for an oppressive government to enforce a policy of digital censorship? (Select all that apply.) a. The Internet's design reads blockage as damage and self corrects b. All people have to sleep, but the internet is a 24 hour operation c.

    asked on August 2, 2019
  4. history

    Which are true of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? (Select all that apply.) a. It's made up of tiny bits of plastic b. It's spread out over different regions of the Pacific Ocean c. It's possibly twice the size of the continental United States d. It's made

    asked on August 2, 2019
  5. adding integers

    A stock lost 7 1/8 points on Monday and then another 1 7/8 points on Tuesday. On Wednesday, it gained 13 points. What was the net gain or loss of the stock for these three days? A) a loss of 22 points B) a gain of 4 points C) a gain of 18 1/4 points D) a

    asked on April 13, 2016
  6. Algebra

    Lesson 10: Quadratic Functions and Equations Unit Test answers please! I need the right ones

    asked on April 12, 2019
  7. Math

    A flying disc has a radius of 7 inches. What is the area of one side of the flying disc to the nearest square inch? Use 3.14 as an approximation for pi.

    asked on February 18, 2016
  8. Fluid Mechanics

    A cylindrical tank 2m diameter and 4m long with its axis horizontal, is half filled with water and half filled with oil of density 800kg/m^3. Determine the magnitude and position of the net hydrostatic force on one end of the tank. The answers should be

    asked on November 3, 2010
  9. math

    The clock face in a famous clock tower has a radius of about 5 meters. What is the area of the clock face to the nearest square meter? Use 3.14 as an approximation for pi.

    asked on May 10, 2016
  10. Computer Programming

    /* Develop a C program that will determine if a department store customer has exceeded the credit limit on a charge account. For each customer, the following facts are available: a) account number b) Balance at the beginning of the month c) Total of all

    asked on November 22, 2009
  11. math

    Which statements are true for irrational numbers written in decimal form? A. Irrational numbers are nonterminating. B. Irrational numbers are repeating. C. Irrational numbers are nonrepeating. D. Irrational numbers are terminating.

    asked on April 19, 2016
  12. Maths: Partial Differentiation

    1) If x = rcos theta and y = r sin theta, show that partial r / partial x = cos theta and find partial theta / partial x. 2) If z = sin theta.sin phi.sin gamma, and z is calculated for the values theta = 30degrees, phi = 45 degrees and gamma = 60degrees,

    asked on January 9, 2010
  13. Calculus

    The base of an isosceles triangle is 8 feet long. If the altitude is 6 feet long and is increasing 3 inches per minute, are what rate are the base angles changing?

    asked on May 11, 2016
  14. Math

    Which of the following problems would NOT have a solution? Five pizzas are shared equally among four people, and you want to know how much each person gets. Ten pizzas are shared equally among five people, and you want to know how much each person gets.

    asked on November 10, 2015
  15. Chemistry

    So I'm not exactly sure how to answer this problem. NaC2H3O2 is soluble Express your answers as ions separated by a comma. If the compound is not soluble, enter noreaction

    asked on November 13, 2012
  16. math

    A flying disc has a radius of 6 inches. What is the area of one side of the flying disc to the nearest square inch? Use 3.14 as an approximation for pi. A) 113 square inches B)452 square inches C)38 square inches D) 28 square inches

    asked on May 9, 2016
  17. Engineering Kinematic

    The particle travels along the path defined by the parabola y=0.5(x^2). If the component of velocity along the x-axis is v=5t [m/s], determine the particle's distance from the origin and the magnitude of its acceleration when t=1s. The initial condition is

    asked on October 16, 2010
  18. Phonemes

    I just wanted check my phonemes' division cow -c/ow (2 phonemes) tree- t/r/E (3) shopping - sh/o/p/i/ng (5) matter - m/a/t/e/r/ (5) gutters- g/u/t/e/r/s (6) horse h/o/r/se (4) car- c/a/r (3) chart /ch/a/r/t (4) see - s/e (2) saw- s/aw (2) sawing- s/aw/i/ng

    asked on March 12, 2013
  19. Math

    Tickets for a play cost Php 250 for adults and Php 200 for children.The sponsor of the show collected a total amount of not more than lhp 44,000 from more than 150 adults and children who watched the play. A. What mathematical statements represents the

    asked on September 13, 2017
  20. math

    The diameter of a hydrogen atom is about 5×10^-11 meter. Suppose 8.4×10^8 hydrogen atoms were arranged side by side in a straight line. Multiply these numbers to find the length of this line of atoms. What is the length in scientific notation?

    asked on May 19, 2016
  21. Statistics

    You look at the relationship between how much time people spend on the website ‘Bookface’ and how productive they are at work. time spent on Bookface is the predictor variable, and time spent working is the response variable. correlation between

    asked on March 22, 2017
  22. math

    The volume of Jupiter is about 1.43*10^15 cubic kilometers. The volume of Earth is about 1.09*10^12 cubic kilometers. The number of Earths that can fit inside Jupiter can be found by dividing Jupiter's volume by Earth's volume. Find this quotient and

    asked on May 19, 2016
  23. math

    Lisa and Katie are playing a card game, and a total of 900 points has been scored. Lisa scored 150 more points than Katie. If you let l= the number of points that Lisa scored, and k= the number of points that Katie scored, then the problem can be

    asked on May 18, 2016
  24. Calculus Antiderivative Problem

    An object moves along a coordinate line with acceleration a(t)=(t+2)^3 units per second per second. a). The initial velocity is 9 units per second. The velocity function is v(t) = b).The initial position is 2 units to the right of the origin. The position

    asked on November 8, 2013
  25. physics

    The amount of energy dissipated by a 100-W bulb in a common parallel circuit ____________________. a. All of these. b. None of these. c. is normally 100 joules per second. depends on the voltage supplied to the lamp. d. depends on how long the bulb is lit.

    asked on July 20, 2008
  26. plz help math

    The formula for the force between two objects is F=GMm/r^2 where M and m are the masses of the two objects, G is a constant, and r is the distance between them. Solve the formula for m .m=Fr^2/GM m=r^2/FGM m=GM/Fr^2 m=FGM/r^2

    asked on May 26, 2016
  27. Science

    Which of the following electromagnetic waves is not used for communication?

    asked on November 23, 2014
  28. chemistry

    Question: Consider this molecular-level representation of a gas. There are: 5 orange gas particles 6 blue gas particles 3 green molecules of gas (two particles attached together) If the partial pressure of the diatomic gas is 0.510 atm, what is the total

    asked on December 8, 2013
  29. Chemistry

    Consider the following reaction: 4NH3(g) +5O2(g) -->4NO(g) +6H2O(g) Suppose we have two flasks connected by a stopcock. In one flask, we have 2.0L of NH3(g) at a pressure of .500 atm. In the other flask, we have 1.00L of O2(g) at a pressure of 1.5atm. When

    asked on October 29, 2014
  30. precalculus

    what is the domain and range of log(tanx)? thanks! :)

    asked on February 17, 2020
  31. Calculus

    Given that lim (4x − 2) = 2 x→1 illustrate Definition 2 by finding values of δ that correspond to ε = 0.5, ε = 0.1, and ε = 0.05. ε = 0.5 δ ≤ ε = 0.1 δ ≤ ε = 0.05 δ ≤

    asked on September 9, 2018
  32. atlantic

    A car is designed to last an average of 12 years with a standard deviation of 0.8 years. What is the probability that a car will last less than 10 years?

    asked on April 6, 2017
  33. math

    Elimination was used to solve a system of equations. One of the intermediate steps led to the equation 9x=27 . Which of the following systems could have led to this equation? 4x+3y=24 −5x−3y=3 7x−2y=15 x+y=6 9x+2y=21 −9x−2y=21 10x−y=15

    asked on May 26, 2016
  34. math

    Video Villa rents classic video games for $2.50 for 5 days. New games rent for $3.50 for 5 days. If Rob rents c classic games and n new games, what is his cost per day, in dollars, for renting the games for 5 days? Select one: a. 0.50c+0.70n b. 0.50c+0.75n

    asked on May 13, 2016
  35. English (phrasal modals)

    Zach used to work at an independent record label. Negotiating could be exciting, but he was supposed to slant everything in the label’s favor. Some reps used questionable tactics. He couldn’t look at himself in the mirror if he treated people like

    asked on November 19, 2013
  36. Fluid Mechanics

    A circular disc having a diameter of 125cm is immersed in water so that the distance of its perimeter measured vertically below the water surface varies between 60cm and 150cm. Find the total force due to the water acting on one side of the lamina, and the

    asked on October 31, 2010
  37. Biology

    Okay, I need help. "If short hair (L) is dominant to long hair (l), then what fraction of the offspring produced by a cross of Llxll will be homozygous dominant? a) 1/2 b) 1/4 c) 1/3 d) none (no change of this offspring) The key says that it's d, but when

    asked on November 17, 2009
  38. physics

    The headlights, radio, and defroster fan in an automobile are connected in a. series with a switch for each. b. parallel with a switch for each. c. series without separate switches. d. parallel without separate switches. any help would be appreciated -

    asked on July 21, 2008
  39. English

    The poem small passing by I grid de kok is free verse so has no structure, but I am not sure what sound device is used to creat rhythm and form? Please help

    asked on August 29, 2016
  40. Math

    Which is the best approximation of the volume of a cylinder with a radius of 10 mm, and a height of 5 mm? Use 3.14 for pi.

    asked on February 2, 2016
  41. Math

    In science class, Savannah measures the temperature of a liquid to be 50^@ Celsius. Her teacher wants her to convert the temperature to degrees Fahrenheit. What is the temperature of Savannah's liquid to the nearest degree Fahrenheit?

    asked on November 16, 2015
  42. Physics

    A car goes around a curve on a road that is banked at an angle of 33.5 degrees. Even though the road is slick, the car will stay on the road without any friction between its tires and the road when its speed is 22.7 m/s. What is the radius of the curve?

    asked on September 19, 2012
  43. Math

    Twice the difference of a number and 3 is at most 28.

    asked on January 6, 2020
  44. word problem math

    Keith has p pennies, n nickels, and d dimes in his pocket. The total number of coins is 9. The expression 0.01p+0.05n+0.10d0.01p+0.05n+0.10d represents the value of the coins, which is equal to $0.53. He has two fewer nickels than dimes. How many pennies

    asked on May 17, 2016
  45. Math

    Dawn raises money for her school in a jog-a-thon. She will get three dollars for every lap she completes. If it takes 4 laps to jog 1 mile, and Dawn jogs a total of 12 miles, how much money will Dawn raise for her school?

    asked on November 6, 2015
  46. Physics

    A 42.0 kg swimmer with an initial speed of 1.50 m/s decides to coast until she comes to rest. If she slows with constant acceleration and stops after coasting 2.00 m, what was the magnitude of the force exerted on her by the water?

    asked on July 2, 2014
  47. chemistry

    What is the pressure in millimeters of mercury of 0.0115mol of helium gas with a volume of 211ml at a temperature of 25 degrees celsius? Ok so I've come up with many different answers but none are right. You convert the mL to L and the temperature to

    asked on February 20, 2013
  48. Thermodynamics

    a rigid vessel of volume 1m(^3) contains steam at 20bar and 400 degrees Celcius. The vessel is cooled until the steam is just dry saturated. Calculate the mass of steam in the vessel, the final pressure of the steam and the heat rejected during the

    asked on March 12, 2010
  49. Physics

    A 20.0 kg box rests on a table. what is the weight of the box and the normal force acting on it? A 10.0 kg box is set on top of the 20.0kg box. Determine the normal force that the table exerts on the 20.0kg box and the normal force that the 20.0kg box

    asked on September 3, 2009
  50. history

    Which explain elements that contribute to the success of virtual markets over brick-and-mortar stores? (Select all that apply.) a. Customers can engage in online shopping 24 hours a day b. The procedure for returns and exchanges is done by mail c. Shoppers

    asked on August 2, 2019
  51. Calculus

    Find the limit of the function algebraically. lim x approaches 0 (-7+x)/x^2

    asked on November 26, 2018
  52. math

    The volume of a pyramid varies jointly with the base area of the pyramid and its height. The volume of one pyramid is 24 cubic inches when its base area is 24 square inches and its height is 3 inches. What is the volume of a pyramid with a base area of 15

    asked on May 17, 2016
  53. Calculus

    A conical cistern is 10 ft. across the top and 12 ft. deep. If water is poured into the cistern at the rate of 1 cubic foot per second, how fast is the surface rising when the water is 8 ft. deep?

    asked on May 2, 2016
  54. Math

    On an average day, 34 customers buy a bag of grapes at Jerry's Market. There are an average of 47 grapes in each bag. Round to the nearest ten and then multiply to estimate the number of grapes Jerry's customers buy every day.

    asked on November 6, 2015
  55. Math

    An auditorium contains 315 occupied seats and was 7/9 filled. How many empty seats were there?

    asked on September 28, 2015
  56. Chemistry

    For 2 SO2(g) + O2(g) 2 SO3(g), Kp = 3.0 104 at 700 K. In a 2.00-L vessel the equilibrium mixture contains 1.58 g of SO3 and 0.136 g of O2. How many grams of SO2 are in the vessel?

    asked on October 20, 2012
  57. English III

    Hello there! (: If someone could proofread this summary for me that would so great! In Bob Herbert’s column, “Tweet Less, Kiss More” he addresses the negative impact technology’s left on society today. He states how it affects focus, safety, and

    asked on August 11, 2012
  58. Chemistry 121

    What is the lewis dot structure of C2H5F?

    asked on October 21, 2011
  59. technology for Spanish?

    Could you give me a link where I can try and download accent marks? I have tried going on some sites and I can't download accent marks.

    asked on October 22, 2009
  60. History

    "Although the economic growth of the United States between 1860 and 1900 has been attributed to a governmental policy of laissez-faire, it was in fact encouraged and sustained by direct government intervention." Assess the validity of this statement. Is

    asked on February 20, 2009
  61. physics

    A ball rolls down a hill mainly because of: a. an unbalanced torque b. an unbalanced force c. its rotational inertia d. angular momentum I think it is d - but I am unsure. Any advice?

    asked on July 22, 2008
  62. maths indices

    Simplify: (2x+3)^3/2 + (2x+3)^-1/2 / 2x+3 Can anyone explain how to work it out please? Thanks

    asked on October 13, 2007
  63. Math

    There are 50 lockers, numbered 1 throught 50, in a short hall at Phillips Middle School. Mr. Giannetti hid trears for his class in one of the lockers. He gave the class the following clues about the locker where the treats are located. Clue 1. The number

    asked on October 4, 2017
  64. Math

    A geometry class has a pizza party. there are 14 students that have a pizza. Each pizza has 8 slices. The teacher wants to buy the least number of pizzas so that they are the same number of slices for each student. (I know the answers, but I don't know how

    asked on September 21, 2016
  65. Chemistry

    How much ethylene glycol (C2H6O2, the major component of antifreeze) must be added to 1 L of water to keep it from freezing at -17 oC? Kf = 1.86 oC/m. I got 163.96 or 164 for my answer but that isn't correct and I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

    asked on September 11, 2016
  66. Chemistry

    Consider the following acid/base reaction CO3^2− + 2H^+ → H2O + CO2 that produces CO2 gas. 6 L of CO2 is collected at STP. What is the molarity of the HCl solution used in the reaction if 81 mL of HCl was needed?

    asked on April 12, 2016
  67. Math

    two boats leave the same port at the same time. one travels at a speed of 29 mph in the direction N 50 degrees E and the other travels at a speed of 35 mph in the direction S 70 degrees E. how far apart are the two boats after an hour.

    asked on October 28, 2015
  68. math

    What will the graph look like for a system of equations that has no solutions? A. The lines will be perpendicular. B. The lines cross at one point. C. Both equations will form the same line. D. The lines will be parallel. Is the answer B?? Thank you

    asked on April 30, 2015
  69. Math

    A) P is approximately (0.883, 0.469), is a point on the unit circle with angle 28 degrees estimate the following. Sin 152 degrees = Cos 152 degrees = please help me step by step

    asked on October 24, 2014
  70. mathematic

    The local skateboard company reports that when they produce and sell n skateboards in a week, the cost is represented by the modelc=850+76n . The revenue is represented by the model r=150n. If both C and R are in dollars, write an equation for the profit

    asked on September 30, 2014
  71. Calculus Antiderivative Problem

    A car traveling at 46 mph decelerates at 21 feet per second per second. a). How long does it take for the car to come to a complete stop? b). What distance is required to bring the car to a complete stop? An

    asked on November 8, 2013
  72. History

    Describe a patrician villa

    asked on October 8, 2013
  73. Spelling

    Here are the words that I have to unscramble to form a sentence. It seems like it might be missing a word. disease contagious could not he doctor his conceal from... I can only come up with a sentence if I add an extra "his". The rules do not say to add an

    asked on March 3, 2013
  74. Chemistry

    How many moles of gas must be forced into a 4.8L tire to give it a gauge pressure of 30.8psi at 30 degrees celsius? The gauge pressure is relative to atmospheric pressure. Assume that atmospheric pressure is 14.5L so that the total pressure in the tire is

    asked on February 20, 2013
  75. Physics

    The cheetah can reach a top speed of 114 km/h (71 mi/h). While chasing its prey in a short sprint, a cheetah starts from rest and runs 46 m in a straight line, reaching a final speed of 83 km/h. (a) Determine the cheetah's average acceleration during the

    asked on September 14, 2012
  76. algebra

    Determine the x-intercept and y-intercept of 3x - 6y = 12.(Points : 2) (9, 0) and (0, -3) (4, 0) and (0, -2) (-4, 0) and (0, 4)

    asked on February 3, 2012
  77. trig

    I don't know to find the derivative of the following trig functions. Please help. f(x)= cotx h(x)= secx i(x)= cscx

    asked on January 19, 2012
  78. chem 121

    Iron and oxide react to form iron(lll) oxide: 4Fe(s) + 3O2(g)+ 2FeO2(s) Determine the limiting reactant in each of the following mixtures of reactants: 2.0 moles of Fe and 6.0 moles of O2

    asked on November 18, 2011
  79. Maths

    Hi Please can you help? Really sorry for repeating the question but I wrote it incorrect before. Find the particular solution of the differential equation from dy/dx=2/27(x-3)ã(x^2-6x+23) / (y) (y>0. for which y = 2 when x = 1, and then give this

    asked on April 4, 2011
  80. physics

    Surprisingly, very few athletes can jump more than 2.0 ft (0.62 m) straight up. Use d = 1/2 gt2 and solve for the time one spends moving upward in a 2.0 foot vertical jump. Then double it for the "hang-time" -- the time one's feet are off the ground.

    asked on March 1, 2011
  81. Fluid Mechanics

    A closed tank, rectangular in plan with vertical sides, is 1.8m deep and contains water to a depth of 1.2m. The enclosed space above the water is pressurized with air up to 35kPa. If the length of one wall of the tank is 3m, determine the resultant force

    asked on October 31, 2010
  82. Physics

    A helicopter has two blades (see figure), each of which has a mass of 220 kg and can be approximated as a thin rod of length 6.7 m. The blades are rotating at an angular speed of 45 rad/s. (a) What is the total moment of inertia of the two blades about the

    asked on October 27, 2010
  83. personification poem

    for english class i have to write a poem personifying something. I chose to personify a picture in a picture frame. I am not at all good at poems and was wondering if you guys could read mine and tell me what changed i should make and if its really bad and

    asked on October 16, 2010
  84. Electronics

    A series circuit consists of a 12V source, a 470ohm resistor(R1), a 330ohm resistor(R2) and a diode. If the diode is reverse biased, what is the value of V(R1) and V(R2)?

    asked on April 17, 2010
  85. physics

    You know that you can safely stand on the hang-over end of a heavy plank that rests on a table. How far depends on your mass and the mass of the plank. Suppose you can stand on the end of a plank that overhangs the edge of the supporting table 1/4 its

    asked on July 22, 2008
  86. More art papers

    Out of these, which would be the easiest to write a 2 page paper on the life, times, and work of: Jacques-Louis David Eugene Delacroix Claude Monet Pierre Auguste Renoir Mary Cassatt Auguste Rodin Paul Cezanne Vincent van Gogh Winslow Homer Henri Matisse

    asked on February 15, 2007
  87. Tragedy of Julius Caesar

    I need to create a list of power shifts, starting from the opening scene of Act I. It's supposed to follow the exchange of power throughout the play. I'm having trouble knowing exactly who to include. For instance, in Scene I Act I - they would want the

    asked on February 6, 2007
  88. Poetry/Iambic pentameter

    I'm supposed to write a poem in iambic pentameter and then scan it (with stressed and unstressed marks). However, I can't seem to figure out where to put the marks over the words / figure out how to do it with syllables. Any help would be appreciated,

    asked on February 5, 2007
  89. Math

    Dan has 4 shelves.He has exactly 10 books on each shelf.Judy has 10 shelves. She has exactly 4 books on each shelf. Who has more books?

    asked on September 30, 2019
  90. Physics

    What is the magnitude of the acceleration of a speck of clay on the edge of a potter's wheel turning at 44 rpm (revolutions per minute) if the wheel's diameter is 31 cm?

    asked on November 19, 2018
  91. physics

    The Navstar Global Positioning System (GPS) utilizes a group of 24 satellites orbiting the Earth. Using "triangulation" and signals transmitted by these satellites, the position of a receiver on the Earth can be determined to within an accuracy of a few

    asked on November 19, 2018
  92. Calculus

    Identify the maximum and minimum values of the function y = 8 cos x in the interval [–2π, 2π]. Use your understanding of transformations, not your graphing calculator.

    asked on November 15, 2018
  93. Math

    Jane is buying squid balls and noodles for her friends.Each cup of noodles costs Php 15 while each stick of squid balls costs Php 10.She only has Php 70 but needs to buy at least 3 stick of squid balls. A. Write a system of linear inequalities to model the

    asked on September 13, 2017
  94. math

    The dimension of a rectangular garden are represented by (x+7) and (x-7) A. What is the area of the garden? B. It is possible that x=7?how about x=-7?explaine why or why not. C. What could be the value of x? Please answer steve

    asked on June 24, 2017
  95. physics

    A car brakes at constant acceleration from a velocity 226m/s to 12.5m/s over a distance of 105m.find; a)How much time elapses during this time interval. b)what is the acceleration. c)if the car continued to be braked at same constant acceleration how much

    asked on November 15, 2016
  96. math

    The area of a triangle varies jointly with the height of the triangle and the length of its base. The area of one triangle is 200 square centimeters when its height is 25 centimeters and its base length is 16 centimeters. What is the area of a triangle

    asked on May 17, 2016
  97. math

    Arianna has a large piece of fabric that she wants to use to make some scarves. The number N of scarves she can make is inversely proportional to the area A of each scarf. If the area of each scarf is 3 square feet, then she can make 15 scarves. If the

    asked on May 12, 2016
  98. Chemistry

    For the reaction H2(g) + I2(g) ⇀↽ 2 HI(g) at 425◦C, calculate [HI], given [H2] = [I2] = 0.000617 mol/L and K = 54.3.

    asked on April 23, 2016
  99. Chemistry Chemical Reactions pls help <3

    2AgNO3 + CaCl2 ---> Ca(NO3)2 + 2AgCl all of the substances involved in this reaction are soluble in water except AgCl which forms a solid at the bottom of the flask . Suppose we mix together a solution containing 12.6 g of AgNO3 and one containing 8.4 g of

    asked on January 13, 2016
  100. Math

    simplify each expression. Your answer should still be in exponential form and only have positive exponents. x^-b

    asked on October 29, 2015


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