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  1. Geometry

    Mark wants to visit the 10 colleges he is considering attending. He can only spend the night at 3 of them. What is the probability that he spends a night at Rutgers University, a night at the University of Miami, and a night at Clemson University?

    asked on May 6, 2016
  2. Drivers Ed

    What does Road Construction 1500 FT mean?

    asked on June 6, 2016
  3. Physics

    In physics what does ω unit represent? rad/s ???

    asked on July 4, 2016
  1. Physics

    nvm i found it.

    posted on July 4, 2016
  2. Drivers Ed

    in 1500 ft you will face road construction

    posted on June 6, 2016
  3. Geometry


    posted on May 6, 2016