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  1. Math

    A lamp shade like that of fig 15.26 has a height of 12 cm and upper and lower diameters of 10 cm and 20 cm A.what area material is required to cover the curve surface of the frustum B.what is the volume of the frustum? ( Give both answers in terms of pie)

    asked on May 29, 2018
  2. maths

    A closed tin is in the shape of a cylinder of diameter 10cm and height 15cm.Use the value 3.14 for pier to find: a)the total surface area of the tin, b)the value of the tin to the nearest naira if tin plate costs 450 per m2.

    asked on November 15, 2018
  3. Math

    Evaluate 2 tan 240 degrees + 3 cos 12 degrees leaving your answer in surd form

    asked on June 22, 2019
  4. math

    two observers P and Q, 75 metres apart observes a kite (k) in the same vertical plane from the same side of the kite. The angle of elevation of the kote from P and Q are 35° and 95° respectively find the height of the kite to the nearest metre?

    asked on November 3, 2018
  5. Math

    A ladder 20 m long rest against a vertical wall so that the foot of the ladder is 9 m from the wall a. Find, correct to the nearest degree, the angle that the ladder makes with the wall b. Find, correct to 1 decimal place, the height above the ground at

    asked on May 9, 2019
  6. Math

    given that the energy E,varies directly as the resistance R,as the square of the distance D, obtain an equation connecting E,R and D.E=32/25 when R=8 and D=5 calculate the value of R when E=16 and D=5

    asked on February 21, 2019
  7. Chemistry

    What pressure would be required to compress 7.75litres of hydrogen at atmospheric pressure to 5litres?(1 atom=760mmhg=760 torr)

    asked on September 25, 2018
  8. math

    express 344cent in dollar

    asked on March 11, 2019
  9. Trigonometry

    if the lengths of the sides of an oblique triangle are 250 m. and the measure of the angle opposite of the later side is 37 degree 45'30", what are the possible lengths of the other sides?

    asked on April 21, 2017
  10. Math

    Find the vertical angle of a cone and the program radius when the height is given to you as 20cm

    asked on March 8, 2020
  11. physics

    Two forces P and Q whose resultant is 10Newtons are at right angles to each other. If P makes 30 degrees with the resultant, determine the magnitude of Q in Newton.

    asked on June 8, 2015
  12. Mathematics

    If 3, p, q, 24 are consecutive terms of an exponential sequence find the values of p and q hence find the sum of the first seven terms

    asked on January 27, 2020
  13. Physics

    A body of density 9.0g/cm^3 appears to have a mass of 27.0g in a liquid of density 1.2g/cm^3.what is the volume of the solid

    asked on December 8, 2019
  14. Chemistry

    Calculate the pH and the poH 0.0035moldm-3 H3 PO4 solution

    asked on October 22, 2019
  15. mathematics

    Three step P,Q and R are at a see. the bearing of P from R is 300° if (PQ)=8km (PR)=11km. (1).illustrate on a diagram (2).find the distance Q and R (3).find bearing of R from Q

    asked on April 20, 2019
  16. civic education

    how leader can protect the interest of the follower

    asked on October 26, 2018
  17. science

    A 25 ml solution of 0.5 M NaOH is titrated until neutralized into a 50 ml sample of HCl

    asked on June 27, 2018
  18. Math

    A secretary type 70 words in ten minutes. How many can she type in 2 whole number 3/4

    asked on October 11, 2017
  19. Trigonometry

    From the top of a building 85ft high, the angle of elevation of the top of a vertical pole is 11 degree 6'. At the bottom of the building the angle of elevation of the top of the pole is 26 degree 7'. Find the height of the pole and the distance of the

    asked on April 21, 2017
  20. t

    what are the measures of the other two angles of an oblique triangle if the angle between the 6.5m. side and the 10.5 m. side is about 60 degree

    asked on April 21, 2017
  21. Trigonometry

    You are making a garden in a triangular lot, and needed a top soil of mixed humus and fertilized. what is the area of the lot needed to cover by soil if the edge of the lot measures 10ft.,8ft. and 6ft.,?

    asked on April 21, 2017
  22. Trigonometry

    Directly below a 50m. high cliff is the side of a river. How wide is the river if the angle of depression from the edge of the cliff to the other side of the river is 57.68 degree

    asked on April 21, 2017
  23. Trigonometry

    what is the angle of elevation of the sun if the shadow of a 5'7" tall man is half the length of his height?

    asked on April 21, 2017
  24. Trigonometry

    how long is the cable that supports a 10m. high antenna if the cable is connected at the middle of the pole of the antenna and at the ground 6m. away from the base of the pole?

    asked on April 21, 2017
  25. math

    If the sum of n terms of the series 4+7+10+... is 209, find n

    asked on April 16, 2016
  26. Further math

    If the sum of the first n terms of the series 4 + 7 + 10 + ... is 209, find n.

    asked on April 16, 2016
  27. Physics

    a car moving at 10 metre per second was uniformly accelerated until it's velocity reaches 20 metre per second.It then maintains this speed for another 20s after which the brakes were applied and the vehicle was finally brought to rest after 10 seconds

    asked on February 3, 2016
  28. physics

    A man wished to travel due north in order to cross river 5kilometer wide flowing due east at 2kilometer per hour. If he can roll at 9kilometer per hour in still water, find 1. The direction in which he must head his boat in order to get to his destination

    asked on June 8, 2015
  29. chemistry

    what volume of 1.5mols of tetraoxosulphate (iv) is needed to react with 2grams of calcium

    asked on March 10, 2014
  1. math

    Pls, kindly sketch a diagram for better comprehension

    posted on June 15, 2020
  2. math


    posted on April 24, 2020
  3. maths

    I don't know

    posted on February 9, 2020
  4. Maths

    What is the full meaning of R

    posted on January 26, 2020
  5. Physics

    R^2=10^2+7^2-2x10x7cos130 degree R^2=149+89.9 R=15.46km Call me on 08125436870 or add me on what app for better clarification

    posted on October 30, 2019
  6. math


    posted on May 18, 2019
  7. math

    new general mathematic

    posted on March 11, 2019
  8. Math

    What about for two papers,and for one papers.

    posted on February 18, 2019
  9. Chemistry

    help please? i dont even know how to start

    posted on September 25, 2018
  10. maths

    45 and 30

    posted on August 7, 2017
  11. maths-constructions

    Construct a triangle ABC having line AB=70mm and angle AB=75 andCAB=60 respectively and inscribe the triangle

    posted on December 11, 2015