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  1. math

    A car travel at constant speed from Q to R, a distance of 300 km apart. If the drive increases the speed by 5 km/h, the journey will take 2 hours less. Find the original speed of the car.

    asked on August 25, 2018
  2. Math

    A moving conveyor is built to rise 4 ft for each 5 ft of horizontal change. Suppose the conveyor runs between two floors in a factory. Find the length of the conveyor if the vertical distance between floors is 8 feet. (Round your answer to three decimal

    asked on August 20, 2018
  3. Chemistry

    State what happens on bubbling chlorine into a solution of iron (ii) chloride explain with equation

    asked on August 11, 2018
  4. math

    A number is chosen from the first 24 positive integers. Find the probability that: a) the number is divisible by 3 given that it is divisible by 4 b) the number is divisible by 6 given that it is divisible by 3 Just need help with either one, thank you for

    asked on August 2, 2018
  5. Science

    The amount of heat released when 2.8g of ethane is completely burnt in excess of oxygen is 200kj what will be the heat of combustion of ethane? Answer plz...

    asked on June 21, 2018
  6. math

    A sand volleyball court has an area of 144 square meters. Its perimeter is 50 meters. What are the dimensions of the volleyball court?

    asked on May 9, 2018
  7. Calculus

    A car travels along a straight road for 30 seconds starting at time t = 0. Its acceleration in ft/sec2 is given by the linear graph below for the time interval [0, 30]. At t = 0, the velocity of the car is 0 and its position is 10. What is the velocity of

    asked on May 6, 2018
  8. Physics

    An athlete with mass (m) running at speed (v) grabs a light rope that hangs from a ceiling of height H and swings to a maximum height of h₁. In another room with a lower ceiling of height H/2, a second athlete with mass 2m running at the same speed (v)

    asked on May 6, 2018
  9. Math

    Drawing at least one queen when you draw a card from a standard deck 5 times​ (replacing the card each time you​ draw, so there are always 52 cards in the​ deck)

    asked on May 6, 2018
  10. Calculus

    If ∑ n=0 to inf of 3x^n/n! is a Taylor series that converges to f(x) for all real x, what is the value of f ''(0)?

    asked on April 29, 2018
  11. Biology

    What biome as the largest biomass? Taiga? Where do migratory birds go to nest ? Which biome?

    asked on April 24, 2018
  12. Calculus

    If f is a vector-valued function defined by f(t) = (e^(2t), lnt), then what is f ''' (t)? A. 8e^(2t) - 2/t^3 B. (e^(2t), -2/t^3) C. (4e^(2t), -1/t^2) D. (8e^(2t), 2/t^3) E. 4e^(2t)/t^3 I think it is D.

    asked on April 17, 2018
  13. Math

    Nearest whole percent of 30.367271

    asked on April 12, 2018
  14. math

    At midnight the temperature was 21°c. Two hours later it was 3° colder. What was the temperature then

    asked on April 8, 2018
  15. math

    How many ways can we list the names Bobby, Billy, Mickey, Sally, Betty, Jimmy, Mary, and Fred?

    asked on April 2, 2018

    What mass of aluminium nitrate (Al(NO3)3) would be required to prepare 2.000 L of a 0.0160 M aqueous solution of this salt?

    asked on April 1, 2018
  17. Calculus

    Find dy/dx by implicit differentiation. (sin(pix)+cos(pix))^7=29

    asked on March 30, 2018
  18. math

    Yon made contributions to a Traditional IRA over the course of 25 working years. Her contributions averaged $3,000 annually. Yon was in the 26% tax bracket during her working years. The average annual rate of return on the account was 4%. Upon retirement,

    asked on March 30, 2018
  19. SS

    How did the 1980’s recession affect United States farmers? Since the population was rising, the demand for American farm products was high and family farms prospered. The recession did not impact farmers, only those living and working in urban areas. The

    asked on March 27, 2018
  20. SS

    What best explains why Canada is characterized as a mosaic rather than as a melting pot? Throughout Canada the only language spoken is French. Canadian culture encourages immigrants to blend together to form a single culture. Canadian culture is based only

    asked on March 26, 2018
  21. Math

    PLEASE HELP!!! 1. A sphere has a radius of 2x+3. Which polynomial in standard form best describes the total surface area of the sphere? Use the formula S=4πr^2 for the surface area of a sphere. 2. A carpenter is putting a skylight in a roof. If the roof

    asked on March 26, 2018
  22. physics

    In which situation is maximum work considered to be done by a force? The angle between the force and displacement is 180°. The angle between the force and displacement is 90°. The angle between the force and displacement is 60°. The angle between the

    asked on March 26, 2018
  23. physics

    10. A 3 kg block moves up a 40° incline with constant speed under the action of a 26N force acting up and parallel to the incline. What magnitude force must act up and parallel to the incline for the block to move down the incline at constant velocity?

    asked on March 20, 2018
  24. History

    Which statement about interest groups is true? A:Interest groups are funded by the House of Representatives. B:Interest groups are organized by Congress. C:Interest groups provide a representation of the majority D:Interest groups provide public awareness

    asked on March 14, 2018
  25. Calculus

    Find how many terms are required to approximate the sum of the series from 1 to infinity of (-1)^(n+1)/(n^3) with an error of less than 0.001. I think 11 terms are required.

    asked on March 7, 2018
  26. Ratio, proportions, and percentages

    A 6 foot tall man is standing near a tree on level ground as shown in the picture above the tree is 18ft if the man's shadow is 4ft long, how many feet tall is the tree

    asked on March 4, 2018
  27. English

    We were brought up together; there was not quite a year difference in our ages. I need not say that we were strangers to any species of disunion or dispute. Harmony was the soul of our companionship, and the diversity and contrast that subsisted in our

    asked on March 1, 2018
  28. math 1

    This isosceles triangle has two sides of equal length, a, that are longer than the length of the base, b. The perimeter of the triangle is 15.7 centimeters. The equation 2a + b = 15.7 can be used to find the side lengths. If one of the longer sides is 6.3

    asked on February 27, 2018
  29. History

    Which of the following statements about American citizenship are true? Select that apply (3points) A:To become a naturalized citizen, a court order must be issued. B:Natural-born citizens can be determined by location or relationship.*** C:Collective

    asked on February 26, 2018
  30. History

    Which best describes an impact of Italian aggression in the inter-war period? the end of a shaky alliance with France Germany’s first overseas empire increased U.S. intervention in Europe revived cultural ultranationalism

    asked on February 25, 2018
  31. math

    Laurie buys milk and bread for his family on the way home from school each day, paying with a $10 note. If he buys three cartons of milk and two loaves of bread, he receives 5 cents in change. If he buys two cartons of milk and one loaf of bread, he

    asked on February 23, 2018
  32. Math

    Suppose you decided to keep flipping a coin until it came up tails. Which of these is most likely? a.flipping the coin 11 times b.flipping the coin 12 times c.flipping the coin 14 times d.flipping the coin 13 times

    asked on February 13, 2018
  33. Opt math

    A flagstaff is placed one corner of a level rectangular playground 40m and 30m wide. If the angle of elevation of the top of the flagstaff from the opposite corner of the ground is 45°.calculate the height of the flagstaff.

    asked on February 11, 2018
  34. English

    Choose the correct word to complete the sentence. 1:We were pleased the read about....winning a place on the ticket. She.....her*** the Recycled Books and More store each night saves money on janitorial services. Him....His*** 3:A cat will

    asked on January 30, 2018
  35. meteorology

    Compared to the planet's average radius (6371 km or 3959 mi), the atmosphere is like the thin skin of an apple. About 99% of the atmosphere's mass occurs within about 32 km (20 mi) of Earth's surface. Hence, the thickness of the atmosphere represents only

    asked on January 25, 2018
  36. english

    "Borders" 1. What does the mother's refusal to state her nationality as Canadian or American signify? (1 point) that she resents govenmental interference in her life the she identifies with neither country that she comes from somewhere else that she is

    asked on January 22, 2018
  37. Physics

    A hair was used to form one end of an air wedge with two glass plates. The glass plates were in contact at the other end. When light of wavelength (4.6x10^-7m) was reflected from the air wedge, the 320th dark fringe coincided with the position of the hair.

    asked on January 18, 2018
  38. science

    The magnitude of the force that a baseball bat exerts on a ball is 50. newtons. What is the magnitude of the force that the ball exerts on the bat? a 250 N b 5.0 N c 50. N d 10. N

    asked on January 17, 2018
  39. English

    In "from The Diary of Samuel Pepy's" what conclusion can you draw about Samuel Pepys from his account of the Great Fire of London? A:He maintained relations with all social strata?*** B:He became a spokesperson of aristocracy. C:He felt responsible for

    asked on January 12, 2018
  40. math

    A ship moved from point B 12km away on a bearing of then moved westward to another point c20km which is on the bearing of N052w.calculate the distance /bc/

    asked on January 9, 2018
  41. Math

    Find the slope of the graph of the following: 9x - 3y =15 a. -3 b. 3 c. -1/3 d. 1/3 ****

    asked on January 8, 2018
  42. English

    Which of the following flaws belongs to the character of Odysseus? A) arrogance, because he feels superior to his men***** B) ungratefulness, because he disregards his men's sacrifice C) cowardice because he lies to the Cyclops about his identity D)

    asked on January 4, 2018
  43. English

    "But we by love, so much refined,/That ourselves know not what it is./Interassured of the mind./Care less eyes,lips, and hands to miss." Which best restates the paradox that Donne sets forth in these lines? A:Most people do not love their spouses

    asked on January 3, 2018
  44. English

    1. James Joyce was a great master of stream of consciousness. simple sentence*** compound sentence complex sentence compound-complex sentence 2. Joyce's, however, owed much to French novelist who had used the technique much earlier. simple sentence

    asked on December 28, 2017
  45. Physics

    A 0.45-kg ball, attached to the end of a horizontal cord, is rotated in a circle of radius 1.3-m on a frictionless horizontal surface. If the maximum speed of the ball is 14.7 m/s, how long does it take the ball to make on rotation if it is moving at its

    asked on December 7, 2017
  46. Art History

    What types of objects are typically found in the tombs of Egyptian rulers? A. commonplace items for everyday use B. rare objects and books from foreign lands C. only objects made of gold D. colossal stone figures of threatening figures, such as lions,

    asked on December 6, 2017
  47. Statistics

    Assuming that the probability of male birth is 0.5,find the probability that in the family of 4 children there will be A. 1 boy B. 2 boys C. At least a boy

    asked on December 5, 2017
  48. chemistry

    Does N2O violates the octet rule?

    asked on December 2, 2017
  49. Biology

    Can someone explain how negative feedback helps the body maintain homeostasis?

    asked on November 28, 2017
  50. Chemistry

    Calculate the molar enthalpy of reaction per mole of carbon in the following reaction: 3 C(s) + 2 Fe2O3(s) + 466 kJ c12-u3_files/i0210000.jpg 4 Fe(s) + 3 CO2(g) a. +466 kJ/mol C b. +155 kJ/mol C c. +117 kJ/mol C d. –466 kJ/mol C e. –155 kJ/mol C

    asked on November 26, 2017
  51. Journalism Lead Help

    I posted a question about this a hour ago about this. I just wanted some feedback to see if my lead answered the Who, the What, and the How. If it hasn't please give me some help to improve it please! Thank you! My lead about Online Journalism: Online

    asked on November 7, 2017
  52. Statistics

    based on a study by Dr.P. Sorita Soni at Indiana University, we know that the eye colors in the United States are distributed as follows: 42% brown, 35% blue, 11% green, 6% gray, and 6% hazel b) identify onw factor that might make this particular sample

    asked on October 13, 2017
  53. maths

    Q=6000-12p Determine the fee which should be changed to maximize daily beach revenues

    asked on October 11, 2017
  54. Chemistry

    The combustion of methanol (CH3OH) forms carbon dioxide and water vapor. A combustion reaction refers to a reaction of a substance with oxygen gas. What is the balanced equation?

    asked on October 10, 2017
  55. Health care management

    Which of the following statements about leaders is false? A. It's not important for the leader to have knowledge of the health care environment. B. Good leadership correlates with less employee turnover and more productivity and stability. C. Leaders often

    asked on October 8, 2017
  56. Fragments Eng 1010

    Each of the following word groups includes a subordinating word. One word group in each pair contains a fragment. Write “OK” after each complete sentence and “frag” after each fragment 1a. When John Lennon was a teenager, his mother, Julia, began

    asked on September 16, 2017
  57. Graphic Design

    What are the three main purposes of design?

    asked on September 12, 2017
  58. physics?

    Your bumper car is travelling at 2 m/s. The total mass of you and your car is 350 kg. An empty motionless bumper car with a mass of 250 kg is in your path. How fast in m/s will your car move after you collide with it head on?

    asked on September 7, 2017
  59. Business Math

    Abigail sells rice to store. she has a total of 125 cavans that she plans to distribute to three stores. if she gives 1/5 of what she has to store A can she devide the remaining equally to store B and C? how many store A and store B get?

    asked on September 3, 2017
  60. chemistry

    Examine the elements listed below. nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), arsenic (As) Which of the answer choices accurately describes a common property of these elements? they have the same amount of atomic mass they have the same amount of reactivity they have

    asked on September 1, 2017
  61. Math

    A continuous function f has domain of all real numbers. If f(-1) = 5 and f(1) = -5, explain why function f must have at least one zero in the interval [-1, 1]

    asked on August 31, 2017
  62. College Algebra

    Determine whether the equation defines y as a function of x y=1/x

    asked on August 30, 2017
  63. chemistry

    Examples of materials or substances that can be both beneficial and detrimental at the same time. Give two examples. please help

    asked on August 28, 2017
  64. math

    company A sells 53 cm model tv at price of 7000 whereas another B sells same model at price of 16800rs.what is ratio of their selling price?

    asked on August 10, 2017
  65. Alegbra

    Given: Angle 2 and Angle 4 are vertical angles m angle 2 = 125 degrees Prove: m angle 4 = 125 degrees

    asked on August 7, 2017
  66. Physics

    A gun of mass 0.1kg has a bullet of mass 0.1kg,the bullet laves the piston when fired at a velocity of 200m/s. Find the final velocity. (a) 20m/s (b) 23m/s (c) 30m/s (d) 45m/s (e) 15 m/s Please kindly help me with the questions I posted. Thank you

    asked on August 5, 2017
  67. Physics

    Two point charges, q1 and q2, of 4.00 uc each, are placed -6.0 cm and 6.0 cm away from the origin on the x-axis. A charge q3 of -1.00 uC is placed 8.0 cm away from the origin on the y-axis. a. Find the distance from q3 to q1 and from q3 to q2. b, Find the

    asked on July 30, 2017
  68. Teaching

    5) T/F. Assessment tests should be used to determine grade or level placement for children. 6) T/F. At least daily children should have a block of time for spontaneous, free play. 7) Authentic assessment I. is often referred to as performance assessment

    asked on July 17, 2017
  69. Maths

    If zeros of p(x)=2x2-7x+k are reciprocals of each other,then find the value of me

    asked on July 5, 2017
  70. Time rates

    A ladder 20 ft long is leaning against an embankment inclined 60 degrees to the horizontal. If the bottom of the ladder is being moved horizontally toward the embankment at 1 ft/sec, how fast is the top of the ladder moving when the bottom is 4 ft from the

    asked on June 19, 2017
  71. economics(gentle man) thankyou

    Define the following term using graphs and mathematical expression a)utility b)util c)iso cost d)indiffernce curve e)budget line f)monopolist g)!@#$%^&d demand curve h)social exploitation i)profit j)perfect competation market.

    asked on June 15, 2017
  72. maths

    It costs a publishing company $50000 to make books. The $50000 is a fixed cost or a cost that cannot change. To help the publishing company sell the books, a marketing company charges $4 for each book sold. If the company sells the book for $9 each, how

    asked on June 11, 2017
  73. Confidentiality in Allied Health

    Yolanda is reviewing a medical record for a patient who is receiving psychotherapy. As a part of her training in medical record confidentiality, she is aware that there are special guidelines regarding psychotherapy notes. Which of the following statements

    asked on June 8, 2017
  74. geometry

    A candle manufacturer sells cylindrical candles in sets of three. Each candle in the set is a different size. The smallest candle has a radius of 0.5 inches and a height of 3 inches. The other two candles are scaled versions of the smallest, with scale

    asked on June 2, 2017
  75. Physics

    15)A small ball of mass m is aligned above a larger ball of mass M = 1.2 kg (with a slight separation, as with the baseball and basketball of Figure (a)), and the two are dropped simultaneously from height h = 2.4 m. (Assume the radius of each ball is

    asked on May 25, 2017
  76. math

    multiply. give your answer in standard form. (2n^2-7n+2)*(3n+1)

    asked on May 10, 2017
  77. Science

    A cyclist speed up at a constant rate from rest to 8m/s to 6s. Find the acceleration of the cyclist

    asked on May 8, 2017
  78. physics pls help i found answer but its wrong

    Some dragonflies splash down onto the surface of a lake to clean themselves. After this dunking, the dragonflies gain altitude, and then spin rapidly at about 1100 rpm to spray the water off their bodies. When the dragonflies do this "spin-dry," they tuck

    asked on May 1, 2017
  79. Chemistry

    Of the following solids, which would have the highest melting point? Why? a. LiF b. LiCl c. LiBr d. LiI e. CsI My guess is LiF since it has F and F is the most electronegative element. However, I am not entirely sure.

    asked on April 20, 2017
  80. Math

    Population in a city was 8,60,000. In the next year, if it is increased by 14000 more one tenth of the previous population, the present population in the city?

    asked on April 20, 2017
  81. math

    In a rhombus ABCD, m∠A = 31°. Point O is a point of intersection of diagonals. Find the measures of the angles of triangle ΔBOC. I got 15.5 degrees for angle OCB and thats right all I need is the angles for OBC and BOC

    asked on April 10, 2017
  82. maths


    asked on April 9, 2017
  83. History

    Match each statement with the correct amendment. Some amendments will be violated more than once. Japanese who were suspected of spying sabotage or helping the enemy had their homes raided and had their things confiscated byt he FBI Amendment 3 and 4

    asked on April 5, 2017
  84. Math

    The roof of a solar house is elevated by an angle of 50° at the front and by an angle of 40° at the back. Write an equation to determine the angle at the peak. Use

    asked on April 3, 2017
  85. math

    240 people attended a for adults were R60 and for children R40. The concert raied R12800. How many adults and how many children attended???

    asked on March 28, 2017
  86. Math

    WHICH KIND OF FUNCTION BEST MODELS DATA IN THE TABLE 0 -1,1 -0.5, 2 0, 3 0.5,4 1 I'm thinking quadratic because they are constant 0 1.7,1 6.8,2,27.2,3 108.8, 4 435.2 total confused here the x = 1 but the y's have no real sequence linear no quadratic no

    asked on March 23, 2017
  87. Chemistry

    Calculate the wavelength, in nanometers, of the spectral line produced when an electron in a hydrogen atom undergoes the transition from the energy level n = 4 to the level n = 1.v

    asked on March 20, 2017
  88. math

    One number is greater than another by 40/11. If the smaller number is less than 47/22 by 1/2, find the numbers.

    asked on March 19, 2017
  89. chemistry

    Under the same condition temperature and pressure hydrogen diffuses 8 times as fast as gas y calculate the rmm of gas y the rmm of h=2

    asked on March 18, 2017
  90. Physics

    A block and a spool have the same mass, and are each pulled across a level, frictionless surface by a string, as shown to the right. The string pulling the spool is wrapped around it many times, and the other string is fastened to the center of the block.

    asked on March 15, 2017
  91. Social Studies HELP.

    10. What non-weapon tactic did the Allies use effectively against the Nazis? A. sending troops to non-combat areas to divert attention from the real target B. sending propaganda to European nations denouncing the Nazis C. sending battlefield communication

    asked on March 8, 2017
  92. Math

    Janet Foster bought a computer and printer at Computerland. The printer had a $620 list price with a $100 trade discount and 2/10, n/30 terms. The computer had a $2,200 list price with a 25% trade discount but no cash discount. On the computer,

    asked on February 24, 2017
  93. english 2

    In this scene the Sergeant compares Macbeth and Banquo to “As sparrows eagles, or the hare the lion.” Knowing that the eagle and the lion are predators and the sparrow and the hare are prey, what does Shakespeare reveal about the characters

    asked on February 17, 2017
  94. Algebra

    Find the sum of 35 terms of an arithmetic series of which the first term is "a" and the fifteenth term is "9a."

    asked on February 7, 2017
  95. Literature

    The concept of ambiguity in stories can be summed up with the statement, "characters A. keep running into additional conflicts." B. don't always live happily ever after." C. end up exactly where they had hoped." D. are sure of what they want in life." Is

    asked on February 7, 2017
  96. economics

    Indicate if each newspaper headline below deals with a microeconomics (micro) or a macroeconomics (macro) issue. Pepsi to Introduce a New flavor - micro Russia Devalues Currency - macro Red Cross Needs Blood- micro Microsoft Still Tied-Up in Legal battle -

    asked on January 29, 2017
  97. English

    In the Miranda decision, the Supreme Court ________ that officers ________ warnings to potential criminals.

    asked on January 19, 2017
  98. PE

    What is an example of flight path of projectile force and range? Explain from start to finish, the flight path of a projectile in the physical activity you chose.

    asked on January 18, 2017
  99. Algebra

    Find the sum of the odd integers from 1 through 49.

    asked on January 10, 2017
  100. data management gr.12

    How many different sums of money can you make with three coins of different denominations? Thanks

    asked on December 22, 2016