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  1. algebra 2

    A drama club is planning a bus trip to new york city to see a broadway play. the cost per person for the bus renatl varies inversely as the number of people going on the trip. It will cost $30 per person if 44 people go on the trip. How much will it cost

    asked on May 19, 2014
  2. physics

    A 60.0-kg skier with an initial speed of 12.0 m/s coasts up a 2.50-mhigh rise and angle is 35 degrees.Find her final speed at the top, given that the coefficient of friction between her skis and the snow is 0.0800. (Hint: Find the distance traveled up the

    asked on July 14, 2013
  3. Statistics

    Accrotime is a manufacturer of quartz crystal watches. Accrotime researchers have shown that the watches have an average life of 32 months before certain electronic components deteriorate, causing the watch to become unreliable. The standard deviation of

    asked on November 16, 2016
  4. Statistics

    The weights of the fish in a certain lake are normally distributed with a mean of 15lbs. and standard deviation of 6lbs. If a sample of 5 fish are taken from the lake, find the probability their means weights are between 12.6 lbs. and 18.6 lbs.

    asked on October 30, 2013
  5. statistics

    A survey for brand recognition is done and it is determined that 68% of consumers have heard of Dull Computer Company. If a survey of 800 randomly selected consumers is to be held would it be unusual for 554 of them to recognize Dull Computer Company?

    asked on October 30, 2013
  6. The Binding Energy of Electrons?

    An X-ray photon of wavelength 0.954 nm strikes a surface. The emitted electron has a kinetic energy of 935 eV. What is the binding energy of the electron in kJ/mol? [KE =1/2 mv^2; 1 electron volt (eV) = 1.602 x 10^- 19 J]

    asked on November 26, 2012
  7. Science--HELP!!

    Can you please check my answers: 1. Dalton's idea that atoms cannot be divided into smaller parts was disproved by the discovery of _________ (electrons?) 2. The description of the structure of the atom is called ______ (atomic model?) 3. In a water

    asked on June 4, 2015
  8. can you please look over my answers? clauses

    Can you please look over the answers that I have for the different clause questions? Thanks ahead of time! Ohh, & S-subject, DO-direct object, PN-predicate noun, OP-object of preposition. Thank you! [What I wanted to do] was to finish my work. S The

    asked on December 11, 2011
  9. I don't understand this chemistry problem?

    The question reads: Place the following elements in order of decreasing atomic size: selenium, chlorine, fluorine, rubidium, calcium, and sulfur. I looked this up on a periodic table and my answer was: Rb, Se, Ca, Cl, F, S. This is still marked wrong, and

    asked on December 3, 2012
  10. Language Arts Ms. Sue?? Writeacher?? Reed?

    "President Lincoln's Declaration of Emancipation, January 1, 1863 by Frances E. W. Harper It shall flash through coming ages, It shall light the distant years; And eyes now dim with sorrow Shall be brighter through their tears It shall flush the mountain

    asked on April 22, 2015
  11. Expected Value extended warranty

    A company estimates that 0.2% of their products will fail after the original warranty period but within 2 years of the purchase, with a replacement cost of $450. If they offer a 2 year extended warranty for $55, what is the company's expected value of each

    asked on October 6, 2016
  12. Physics

    A 710kg car drives at a constant speed of 23m/s . It is subject to a drag force of 500 N. What power is required from the car's engine to drive the car (a) on level ground? (b) up a hill with a slope of 2.0∘ ?

    asked on November 23, 2013
  13. Social Studies

    Why were members of the Third Estate frustrated with the French government? A. They opposed the wars that had been fought during the 1700s. B. They believed the government should help prevent crop failures. C. They thought they paid too much in taxes. D.

    asked on May 11, 2019
  14. Kinetics Problem II

    The data below were collected for the following reaction: 2NO2 (g) + F2 (g) ->2NO2F(g) A: Calculate the value of the rate constant, k. B: What is the overall order of the reaction?

    asked on January 30, 2013
  15. Physics

    Two coupled boxcars are rolling along at 4.0 when they collide with and couple to a third, stationary boxcar. 1.) What is the final speed of the three coupled boxcars? 2.) What fraction of the cars' initial kinetic energy is transformed into thermal

    asked on December 2, 2012
  16. Spanish

    Fill in the blanks with questions based on the cues. Remember to use correct capitalization and punctuation. can someone please check my homework 1. ¿? / no / estudiar / tú / en la biblioteca / hoy / por qué A. ¿ Por qué tú no estudiar hoy en la

    asked on February 23, 2014
  17. Chemistry - Photons

    Water is exposed to infrared radiation of wavelength 2.5×10−4 cm. Assume that all the radiation is absorbed and converted to heat. How many photons will be required to raise the temperature of 2.5 g of water by 2.5 K? -------------------------- I tried

    asked on December 7, 2012
  18. Chem

    The mass of a beaker is 5.333g. After 5.00 mL of a concentrated hydrochloric acid solution is pipetted into the beaker, the combined mass of the beaker and the hydrochloric acid sample is 11.229 g. From the data, what is the measured density of the

    asked on September 1, 2015
  19. Physics

    The artist Anya Calderona constructs the mobile shown in the figure.(Figure 1) In the illustrated configuration, the mobile is perfectly balanced. Assume the strings and crossbars are massless. If Anya decides to make the star twice as massive, and not

    asked on November 13, 2012
  20. Chem

    This question is also confusing me… The density of diamond is 3.51 g/cm^3 and the density of platinum is 21.43g/cm^3. If equal masses of diamond and platinum are transferred to equal volumes of water in separate graduated cylinders, which graduated

    asked on September 1, 2015
  21. physics

    A 65 kg skier speeds down a trail, as shown in Figure 5-24. The surface is smooth and inclined at an angle of θ = 20° with the horizontal. (a) Draw a free-body diagram for the skier. (Do this on paper. Your instructor may ask you to turn in this

    asked on January 13, 2010
  22. Math

    2 neon lights are turned on at the same time. One blinks every 4 seconds and the other every 6 seconds, how many times will they blink at the same time?

    asked on September 21, 2015
  23. Sat Math

    0.2B + 0.1S = C Rhia is using the above equation to investigate the carbon footprint, C, in kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, for her morning commute which S miles are by subway and B miles are by bus. How many kilograms of (CO2) per mile does

    asked on August 1, 2018
  24. Chemistry

    Gaseous methane (CH4) reacts with gaseous oxygen gas (O2) to produce gaseous carbon dioxide (CO2) and gaseous water (H2o) . What is the theoretical yield of carbon dioxide formed from the reaction of 0.16g of methane and 0.83g of oxygen gas?

    asked on December 6, 2014
  25. Gas Law Chemistry

    I need help on these two questions: If a certain gas occupies a volume of 16L when the applied pressure is 8.0atm , find the pressure when the gas occupies a volume of 4.0L . A certain gas is present in a 12.0L cylinder at 4.0atm pressure. If the pressure

    asked on October 25, 2012
  26. Algebra 2

    Suppose you are researching the eating habits of people your age. What sampling method could you use to find the percent of students in your grade who eat five servings of fruit and vegetables each day? What is an example of a survey question that does not

    asked on April 23, 2013
  27. Math

    a punter kicked the football into the air with an upward velocity of 62 ft/s. its height in feet after t seconds is given by the function h = -16t^2 + 62t +2. What is the maximum height the ball reaches? How long will it take the football to reach the

    asked on March 8, 2015
  28. Calculus

    A ladder 15 feet long is leaning against a building so that end X is on level ground and end Y is on the wall. Point 0 is where the wall meets the ground. X is moving away from the building at a constant rate of 1/2 foot per second. (a.) Find the rate in

    asked on February 5, 2012
  29. Geometry

    Points $A$ and $B$ are on a circle centered at $O$, and point $P$ is outside the circle such that $\overline{PA}$ and $\overline{PB}$ are tangent to the circle. If $\angle OPA = 32^{\circ}$, then what is the measure of minor arc $AB$, in degrees?

    asked on June 26, 2015
  30. English/11th grade

    I have a few questions on my English homework. The directions state: Analyze the sentence to select the adverb clause, subordinating conjunction, and the word(s) modified. 1. When you obey your parents, you please the Lord. Adverb clause: _____

    asked on January 13, 2012
  31. Physics

    Identical point charges of +2.1 ìC are fixed to diagonally opposite corners of a square. A third charge is then fixed at the center of the square, such that it causes the potentials at the empty corners to change signs without changing magnitudes. Find

    asked on January 24, 2013
  32. Geometry

    Which one of these is NOT a step used when constructing an inscribed square using technology? A. Create a circle using the center with given points tool. B. Connect the points with a line through the center of the circle. C. Mark the points of intersection

    asked on January 20, 2015
  33. Calculus - Functions?

    #1. A cubic polynomial function f is defined by f(x) = 4x^3 +ax^2 + bx + k where a, b and k are constants. The function f has a local minimum at x = -1, and the graph of f has a point of inflection at x= -2 a.) Find the values of a and b #2. Let h be a

    asked on February 21, 2011
  34. physics

    A 50-kg block is pushed a distance of 5.0 m across a floor by a horizontal force Fp whose magnitude is 150 N. Fp is parallel to the displacement of the block. The coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.25. A) What is the total work done on the block? B) If

    asked on February 13, 2012
  35. physics

    A science student is riding on a flatcar of a train traveling along a straight horizontal track at a constant speed of 18.0 m/s. The student throws a ball along a path that she judges to make an initial angle of 68.0° with the horizontal and to be in line

    asked on September 18, 2012
  36. physics

    A rotating wheel requires 7.00 s to rotate 28.0 revolutions. Its angular velocity at the end of the 7.00-s interval is 97.0 rad/s. What is the constant angular acceleration (in rad/s) of the wheel? rad/s2

    asked on October 17, 2016
  37. Calculating Rate Constants

    I'm really stuck with this one. Here's the rate law and the data that is needed. I appreciate any help Rate= k[I2]X{[H+]Y[CH3COCH3]Z Column 1 - Trial Column 2 - Volume of 0.0010 M I2 Column 3 - Volume of 0.050 M HCl Column 4 - Volume of 1.0 M acetone

    asked on February 13, 2013
  38. Science

    ____ bacteria carry out the conversion of gaseous nitrogen to a biologically useful form of nitrogen. My answer is "nitrogen-fixing" (This is fill in the blank)

    asked on March 14, 2014
  39. educatial technology

    which of the following statements is true of a time management plan? a. it is a work in progress that will need to be altered many times b. the plan you create is the one you should stick with c. you dont need to schedule breaks or free time d. it isnt

    asked on February 23, 2018
  40. Science

    Which step in the nitrogen cycle is accelerated at the beginning of the eutrophication process? A. denitrification B. nitrogen fixation C. producer uptake of nitrogen D. consumer decomposition

    asked on March 3, 2014
  41. Math

    F(x)= 3/2x +b In the function above, b is a constant. If f(6)=7, what is the value of f(-2) ?

    asked on November 27, 2016
  42. chemistry

    I have tried virtually everything, i can't fogure out this problem. I have 2K^+ + SO4^2- + Ca^2+ + 2I^- --> CaSO4(s) + 2K^+ + 2I^-. but it is incorrect and i dnt see how, can u help me? Write balanced complete ionic equation for K2SO4 (aq) + CaI2 (aq)CaSO4

    asked on October 4, 2010
  43. Physics

    A person carries a plank of wood 2 m long with one hand pushing down on it at one end with a force F1 and the other hand holding it up at 50 cm from the end of the plank with force F2. If the plank has a mass of 20 kg and its center of gravity is at the

    asked on July 14, 2013
  44. Physics

    A 23 kg suitcase is being pulled with a constant speed by a handle that is at an angle of 25° above the horizontal. If the normal force exerted on the suitcase is 155 N, what is the force F applied to the handle?

    asked on January 14, 2010
  45. Pre Calculus

    Find the number of units that produces maximum revenue given by R = 900x-0.1x^2, where R is the total revenue in dollars and x is the number of units sold.

    asked on October 3, 2018
  46. Alegerba Help!

    Use equal intervals to make a frequency table for the average number of movies per person. You do not need to show tally marks. Country Average Number of Movies Turkey 0.5 Japan 1.2 UK 1.3 Finland 1.3 Austria 1.5 Germany 1.8 Spain 2.2 Sweden 2.2 Denmark

    asked on March 27, 2014
  47. Geometry

    M is the midpoint of JK. find the coordinates of K. 1. J (-8,4) M (-1,1) 2. J (9,-5) M (5, -2) 3. J (0,11) M (-3,2) Please help me with this! I need help on this step by step. Thank you!

    asked on January 1, 2016
  48. Chemistry

    For the following balanced equation: 2 Ag+ (aq) + Cu(s) ---> Cu2+ (aq) + 2 Ag(s) Which letter corresponds to the correct cell notation at standard state conditions? A. Cu2+(aq)/ Cu(s) // Ag(s) / Ag+(aq) B. 2Ag+(aq)/ Cu2+(aq)// 2Ag(s)/ Cu(s) C. Ag+(aq) /

    asked on May 8, 2008
  49. statistics

    1997, a survey of 940 house holds showed that 15 of them use e-mail. Use those sample results to test the claim that more than 15 % of households use email. use a 0.05 significance level. which of the following is the hypothesis test to be conducted a. h0

    asked on December 10, 2012
  50. English-Author's Purpose

    5. Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine shared a similar purpose for writing. What was their purpose? (2 points) to express and reflect to persuade to inform to invite Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independance and Thomas Paine wrote the

    asked on September 29, 2011
  51. Math

    An airline runs a commuter flight between Portland and Seattle, which are 145 miles apart. If the average air speed could be increased by 40 miles per hour, the travel time would be decreased by 12 minutes. What air speed is required to obtain this

    asked on November 2, 2011
  52. Math

    What is a ratio equivalent to 36:20

    asked on November 3, 2014
  53. Physics

    A sphere of mass 3.0X10^-4 kg is suspended from a cord. A steady horizontal breeze pushes the sphere so that the cord makes a constant angle of 37 degrees with the vertical. find a) the magnitude of that push and b) the tension of the cord. I looked

    asked on November 12, 2006
  54. LAW

    1. Which of the following can be considered impermissible inducements by the prosecution? A. Prosecutor threatens the defendant with increased charges against a third party. B. Prosecutor threatens the defendant with decreased charges against a third

    asked on January 9, 2014
  55. Chemistry - Lewis Dots

    Draw the molecule by placing atoms on the grid and connecting them with bonds. Do not identify the charge on each of these species. Include all lone pairs of electrons. H3COCH3 Draw the ion by placing atoms on the grid and connecting them with bonds. Do

    asked on December 4, 2012

    The size, mass, and arrangement of atoms affect the density of a substance. If a substance has a low density, what can you guess about the size, mass and arrangement of the atoms that make up that substance?

    asked on July 16, 2013
  57. physics

    Children slide down a frictionless water slide that ends at a height of 1.80 m above the pool. If a child starts from rest at point A and lands in the water at point B, a horizontal distance L = 2.46 m from the base of the slide, determine the height h of

    asked on October 28, 2016
  58. Chemistry

    Consider the reaction 5Br(aq) + BrO3(aq) + 6H^+(aq)-> 3Br2(aq) + 3 H2O(l? The average rate of consumption of Br- is 1.16×10-4 over the first two minutes. What is the average rate of formation of Br2 during the same time interval?

    asked on January 30, 2013
  59. physics

    A string is wound is tightly around a wheel. When the end of the string is pulled through a distance of 10 cm, the wheel rotates through 5 revolutions. What is the radius of the wheel?

    asked on March 6, 2012
  60. physics

    A person is riding on a Ferris wheel of radius R. He starts at the lowest point of the wheel. When the wheel makes one complete revolution, is the net work done by the gravitational force positive, zero, or negative? Do you need to know how the speed of

    asked on February 13, 2012
  61. Physics

    I need help with this physics problem: A child slides down a playground slide; the coefficient of kinetic friction is uk=0.25, and angle that the slide makes with the horizontal is 28.0 degree. She begins from rest and slides through a vertical height of

    asked on February 25, 2009
  62. Math(HELP!)

    A farmer has 120 feet of fencing to enclose a rectangular plot for some of his animals. One side of the area borders on a barn. a.) If the farmer does not fence the side along the barn, find the length and width of the plot that will maximize the area? b.)

    asked on October 15, 2015
  63. Chemistry!

    Liquid A has vapor pressure X, and liquid B has vapor pressure Y. What is the mole fraction of the liquid mixture if the vapor above the solution is 30% A by moles? 50% A? 80% A? (calculate in terms of x and y) I'm a little bit confused because I thought

    asked on December 21, 2014
  64. college

    how would you go about doing this type of problem thank you You are trying to raise a bicycle wheel of mass x and radius r up over a curb of height h . To do this, you apply a horizontal force . 1. What is the least magnitude of the force that will succeed

    asked on May 18, 2009
  65. Math

    If a seed is planted, it has an 85% chance of growing into a healthy plant.if 8 seeds are planted what is the probability that exactly 3 don't grow ?

    asked on May 4, 2016
  66. Probability/Statistics

    Using diaries for many weeks, a study on the lifestyles of visually impaired students was conducted. The students kept track of many lifestyle variables including how many hours of sleep obtained on a typical day. Researchers found that visually impaired

    asked on July 11, 2009
  67. english / compare & contrast essay

    Hey guys!! I was hoping someone could critique/view/edit me essay for me? :) It's a compare and contrast essay on Mother Tongue by Amy Tan, and How to Tame a Wild Tongue by Gloria Anzaldúa. I'm a hs junior but i'm also taking college english~critical

    asked on January 27, 2012
  68. Math

    The sides of the rectangle are in the ratio of 4:7. If its length is 31.5 in., find the width, the perimeter, and the area of this rectangle.

    asked on February 7, 2017
  69. History

    "We are here... this evening because we are tired now. And we are determined here in Montgomery to work and fight until justice runs down like water, and righteousness like a mighty stream. There is never a time in our American democracy that we must ever

    asked on June 29, 2015
  70. Could you please check over my english? :)

    I'm working on an English assignment and I've answered most of them, but I'm not too sure about these ones.. If you could check over my answers that would be amazing! Thank you so much in advance :) In the following sentences identify the main clause. Find

    asked on December 13, 2011
  71. Language Arts Ms. Sue?? Writeacher?? Reed?

    Which of the following sentences contains a pronoun in the objective case? -What costume should I wear to the party tonight? -Maybe Martha will loan me something.*** -Her costumes are always the best. -She won first prize in a Halloween contest last year!

    asked on May 14, 2015
  72. Chemistry

    If 1.0 mL of 6.0M HCl is added to 499 mL of water to give exactly a 500 mL solution, what is the molarity of the dilute solution?

    asked on May 6, 2012
  73. Stats

    In the past, the mean running time for a certain type of flashlight battery has been 9.8 hours. The manufacturer has introduced a change in the production method and wants to perform a hypothesis test to determine whether the mean running time has

    asked on November 22, 2014
  74. Probability

    A number cube has six faces numbered 1 to 6. John tossed two number cubes several times and added the number each time.

    asked on January 31, 2013
  75. Sat Math

    The bottom of a ski slope is 6,500 feet above sea level, the top of the slope is 11,000 feet above sea level, and the slope drops 5 feet vertically for every 12 feet traveled in the horizontal direction. From the top of the slope, Kayla skis at an average

    asked on August 1, 2018
  76. Science

    Meteoroids can form when comets break apart, creating dust clouds. True or False? I think it's true.

    asked on March 25, 2015
  77. Spanish

    write four different questions in spanish for the following sentence. 1. La profesora Gutierrez ensena contabilidad. 2. Ustedes necesitan hablar con el profesor de economia. 3. carlos busca el libro de arte. 4. Mariana canta en el coro de la universidad.

    asked on February 23, 2014
  78. Chemistry

    what happens in a condensation reaction head-to-tail joining of monomers side-by-side joining of monomers cross-linking of monomers*** substitution of halogen

    asked on May 25, 2016
  79. Statistics

    1. A poll of 700 persons attending the Taste of Chicago showed that 455 persons, 65% of the sample, believed that the food was overpriced. It is estimated that 1,250,000 persons attend the Taste. Statistics suggest that, although 65% plus or minus 5% of

    asked on September 12, 2014
  80. Physics

    A cue ball traveling at 4.0 m/s makes a glancing, elastic collision with a target ball of equal mass that is initially at rest. The cue ball is deflected so that it makes an angle of 30° with its original direction of travel. (a) Find the angle between

    asked on November 7, 2010
  81. Chemistry

    A student collected H2 gas in a buret by displacing water at 22.0 °C. The buret could not be submerged deep enough in a water bath to equalize the pressure. The water level in the buret was 18.2 cm above the water level in the water bath. The volume of

    asked on January 23, 2013
  82. Physics

    Two spheres are cut from a certain uniform rock.One has radius 4.50 cm.The mass of the other is five times greater. Find its radius.

    asked on September 24, 2011
  83. general chemisty

    Calculate the freezing point of a solution of 20.0 g methyl salicylate, C7H6O2, dissolved in 800 g of benzene, C6H6. Kf for benzene is 5.10°C /m and the freezing point is 5.50°C for benzene. A) -1.05°C B) 1.05°C C) 4.45°C D) 6.54°C

    asked on September 26, 2010
  84. Maths

    In a box of chocolates, •one-fifth are plain chocolate •one-sixth are white chocolate •the other 38 are milk chocolate. How many chocolates are there in the box?

    asked on July 16, 2016
  85. math

    Catherine borrowed $19,000 on June 20, at 10% interest. If the loan was due on September 17, what was the amount of interest on the loan using the exact interest method?

    asked on June 23, 2013
  86. word unscramble

    need help unscrambling a word or words tarluna what is it HELP ME UNSCRAMBLE THESE LETTERS TO MAKE A WORD THAT PERTAINS TO SPACE AND IS A P POSSESSIVE NOUN. SEGHRTMLAN J'aodredefis Please post the word or words you need to unscramble, and we'll try to help

    asked on September 28, 2006
  87. physics

    A ball thrown straight up from the ground passes a window 5.6 m up. An observer looking out the window sees the ball pass the window again, going down, 3.4s later. Find the velocity with which the ball was initially thrown.

    asked on September 6, 2013
  88. physics

    A box of unknown mass is sliding with an initial speed vi = 5.60 m/s across a horizontal frictionless warehouse floor when it encounters a rough section of flooring d = 3.40 m long. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the rough section of flooring

    asked on July 8, 2013
  89. Chemistry

    which is the stronger acid, HIO4 or HBrO4?

    asked on June 8, 2011
  90. physics

    The figure shows an overhead view of a 3.00-kg plastic rod of length 1.20 m on a table. One end of the rod is attached to the table, and the rod is free to pivot about this point without friction. A disk of mass 37.0 g slides toward the opposite end of the

    asked on November 16, 2016
  91. Bus. Math

    a. Graduated payments result in the borrower paying A. more at the beginning of the mortgage. B. less at the beginning of the mortgage. C. the mortgage at 1¨M2 the standard rate. D. less at the end of the mortgage. Answer: B 2. When are annuity due

    asked on April 4, 2016
  92. Math: does anyone know how to solve this

    1 + tan^2 (5) - csc^2 (85) = ? Would this equal 0 could someone explain this to me and the correct answer?

    asked on March 1, 2011
  93. Chemistry-weak acid affects the pH?

    For which salt in each of the following groups will the solubility depend on pH? AgCl AgF AgBr please explain why its the answer

    asked on March 16, 2009
  94. Probability/Statistics

    A quiz consists of 10 multiple-choice questions, each with 4 possible answers. For someone who makes random guesses for all of the answers, find the probability of passing if the minimum passing grade is 70 %. I'm not sure what to do. I figured that

    asked on July 11, 2009
  95. Statistics

    Please help, I do not understand how to do this: Let x be a random variable that represents white blood cell count per cubic milliliter of whole blood. Assume that x has a distribution that is approximately normal, with mean μ = 7400 and estimated

    asked on November 17, 2016
  96. Ethics and Tech

    The Enlightenment view of addiction is that: A. there is nothing wrong with addiction. B. addiction is not real. C. addiction can never be overcome by will-power alone. D. people are responsible for the choices they make. is it D

    asked on March 23, 2015
  97. English

    Scarlet Letter Chapter 9 1.The subject of the main clause in the sentence beginning "If the latter possess native sagacity . . . " (line 68) is (A) "latter" (line 68) (B) "he" (line 70) (C) "revelations" (line 76) (D) "qualifications" (line 80) (E "soul"

    asked on January 19, 2015
  98. Chemistry

    To extract gold from its ore, the ore is treated with sodium cyanide solution in the presence of oxygen and water. 4 Au(s) + 8 NaCN(aq) + O2(g) + 2 H2O(l) -> 4 NaAu(CN)2(aq) + 4 NaOH(aq)

    asked on February 9, 2010
  99. chemistry- DrBob

    summarize part a ( the data i showed you) in a data table containing heading: anode, cathode, overall cell reaction, and cell potential . for each cell combination, write the anode half reaction, the cathode half reaction, the overall reaction in the cell

    asked on May 16, 2008
  100. Algebra/Pre Calc

    A parking lot charges $3 to park a car for the first hour and $2 per hour after that. If you use more than one parking space, the second and each subsequent car will be charged 75% of what you pay to park just one car. If you park 3 cars for t hours, which

    asked on July 7, 2015


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