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  1. Statistics

    From a sample with n equals=24​, the mean number of televisions per household is 3 with a standard deviation of 1 television. Using​ Chebychev's Theorem, determine at least how many of the households have between 1 and 5 televisions.

    asked on September 18, 2016
  2. 6th grade math

    Use a Giant One to change each of the following fractions to a number over 100. Then write each portion as a percent. a. 85/200 b. 17/15

    asked on April 12, 2010
  3. Art

    What is the symbol behind my eye at the top of the pyramid on the United States dollar what does this image say about American national identity

    asked on February 19, 2019
  4. 6th grade math

    If you had 5 pieces of licorice to share equally among 7 people, how much licorice would each person get? Show a diagram of how you would cut the licorice for each person?

    asked on April 12, 2010
  5. math

    there are 40 students at Bali high who plays stringed instruments. of these, 1/4 play viola, 1/5 play cello, and the rest play violin. how many students play violin?

    asked on October 13, 2014
  6. Math

    Jovanna gives a walking tour of a popular tourist city to one person for $31. To increase her business, she would lower the price by $2 per person for each additional person. Write the cost per person c as a function of the number of people n on the tour.

    asked on August 22, 2018
  7. Pre Cal.

    Write an equation of the tangent function with period 3ð/8, phase shift -ð/5, and vertical shift -2? Is it y = tan(8/3x + 8ð/15) - 2

    asked on April 7, 2009
  8. science

    Why is the acceleration the same between a tennis ball and a cannon ball?

    asked on December 15, 2010
  9. Math

    Carl shaded in the multiplication table.the products in the row are all even.the ones digits in the products repeat 0,4,8,2,6.what row does carl shade

    asked on November 21, 2016
  10. Chemistry

    If 1.6045g of anhydrous salt remains after heating 1.9045 g of CuC§¤2¡¤xH2O, determine the number of molecules of water of hydration in the original hydrate

    asked on February 9, 2016
  11. English

    What part of speech is did in the sentence: "Did the statue in the lobby crash?"

    asked on April 13, 2015
  12. math


    asked on October 11, 2010
  13. socisl studies

    name one cause of the french and indian wars name 2 results of the french and indian wars

    asked on January 26, 2011
  14. math


    asked on October 11, 2010
  15. math


    asked on October 11, 2010
  16. Goverment.

    The biggest drawback of the need for large amounts of money to campaign is that: a. people who can not raise money are denied the chance to be elected b. candidates must use much of their own money in order to get elected c. PACs (politcal action

    asked on April 2, 2009
  17. Science

    What is water vaper

    asked on April 20, 2016
  18. History

    Name three people during antebellum era that weren't president that were helpful. And what did they do.

    asked on December 12, 2010
  19. math

    b-9b??? how are you supposed to simplify if there isnt a nmber before the b????

    asked on October 11, 2010
  1. math

    I have the same problem. It's in my math textbook. It says to find the product and list the units 8h x $9 divided by h.

    posted on January 9, 2019
  2. Math

    u suck

    posted on October 11, 2018

    Yes it is A,B,and C

    posted on October 10, 2018
  4. help please english

    The questions are in different order on each test so none of these answers will line up to yours don’t listen to them

    posted on October 19, 2017
  5. science

    Messi is right. I got a 100%.

    posted on March 24, 2017
  6. science

    Hmmmmm..... I know a Josiah... AND THIS IS PHYS ED YA STUPIDS THIS AINT SCIENCE!!!

    posted on March 24, 2017
  7. Biology

    Yes, Kayla's answers are right. The answers are: 1.C 2.C 3.D 4.C

    posted on September 9, 2016
  8. math


    posted on April 20, 2016
  9. Chemistry

    23.5 torr

    posted on January 29, 2015
  10. chemistry

    15 cal/C

    posted on October 22, 2013
  11. chemistry 101

    15 cal/C

    posted on October 22, 2013
  12. math


    posted on October 11, 2010
  13. math

    well wered the 10 go

    posted on October 11, 2010
  14. math

    do u do 1b-9b? i think that's how im supposed to do it

    posted on October 11, 2010
  15. math

    no, what I did was called the distributive propertyyy and ou have to distribute the you get 2x2 which is 4..then you do 2x1 which is 2....then you add...

    posted on October 11, 2010
  16. English

    yes they are

    posted on October 11, 2010
  17. math

    so i did p-5(2)-5(3p)+1 p-10-15p+1 p-(-5p)+1 p-(-4p)

    posted on October 11, 2010
  18. math

    well, there is actually another p after the 3. so it is p-5(2-3p)+1

    posted on October 11, 2010
  19. math

    ok, i got -6m+4m???

    posted on October 11, 2010
  20. math

    thank you

    posted on October 11, 2010
  21. Pre Cal.

    Its 8 pi. I don't know why it shows that symbol.

    posted on April 7, 2009