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  1. Science

    What would happen to an object if the force of gravity on earth was decreased by half A. It’s mass would decrease B. It’s weight would decrease**** C. It’s density would decrease D. It’s volume would decrease

    asked on December 11, 2017
  2. physics

    Two forces, F1 and F2 act on the 7.00-kg block shown in the drawing. The magnitudes of the forces are F1=59.0 N and F2=33.0N. What is the horizontal acceleration (magnitude and direction) of the block? F1 makes a 70 degree angle with the horizon.

    asked on September 30, 2012
  3. science question

    What is the relationship between the size of the shadow and the distance of the object from the light source?

    asked on December 1, 2013
  4. music

    which sentence helps you remember the lines in treble clef

    asked on November 4, 2019
  5. math

    Note: Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. At the Last Chance Filling Station, gas costs $1.60 a gallon. Trevor paid $32.00 to fill his tank. How many gallons of gas did he buy? Write an

    asked on October 8, 2019
  6. Science

    Analyze the effect of scientific and technological institutions on New Mexico. Include at least two institutions and two effects in your response.

    asked on May 13, 2020
  7. English

    In the Outsiders by S.E Hinton who is the true outsider? Have one example why that character is the true outsider.

    asked on April 19, 2020
  8. Math

    A pumpkin pie costs $12.55 at Bobby’s Bakery. If the pie has a diameter of 12 inches what is the cost per square inch of the pie?

    asked on April 19, 2020
  9. History

    which of the following best describes the economies of the northern and southern states during the 1800s?

    asked on December 5, 2019
  10. music

    what is the missing interval in the pattern for a major scale a. W (whole step) b. H (half step)

    asked on November 4, 2019
  11. Rational Numbers

    -11 1/8 + 15 5/12 I forgot how to solve this question ;-; please help

    asked on September 19, 2019
  12. Math for 6th Grade

    A sixth grader weighs 90 pounds, which is 120% of what he weighed in fourth grade. How much did he weigh in fourth grade? (Plz help and make it simple as possible)

    asked on July 27, 2018
  13. Social Studies

    19. Select a new deal program that helped improve the lives of South Carolinians. explain what the program improved and how it helped the people of South Carolina. 20. Explain how rationing affected the people on the home front during World War II. How did

    asked on May 4, 2018
  14. Pre algebra

    The back-to-back stem-and-leaf plot below shows the ages of patients seen by two doctors in a family clinic in one day. Compare the ages of the patients of doctor 1 and doctor 2 using the mean and the median of each data set. Doctor 1 Doctor 2 | 3 | 5 9 2

    asked on March 16, 2018
  15. Math

    What are two numbers less than 20 but has more factors

    asked on November 13, 2017
  16. American Government

    In this discussion, discuss the use of profiling by law enforcement agencies.

    asked on November 8, 2017
  17. Texas History

    What was Austin able to do by bringing a large number of settlers to Texas? select all the apply. Help Texas grow* Help Mexico grow Contribute to the spreading of American culture in Texas* Contribute to Mexican culture in Texas

    asked on October 16, 2017
  18. Social Studies help

    Which group in Chinese society is not given equal education and job opportunities? A. Other countries did not want the low-priced products. B. Other countries quickly bought the low-priced products. C. Other countries made low-priced products themselves.

    asked on April 4, 2017
  19. math

    what is 2.4 times 10 to the 32nd power in standard form

    asked on February 24, 2017
  20. World History (only need websites)

    I am writing a paper comparing and contrasting Ancient China and Persia all I need are some good sites if anyone can help. Thanks :)

    asked on October 25, 2015
  21. Pre- algebra

    Giovanni went to Los Angeles, California for the summer to visit his cousins. He used a map of bus routes to get from the airport to his cousin’s house. The distance from the airport to his cousin’s house is 56 km. On his map, the distance was 4 cm.

    asked on October 22, 2015
  22. Pre- algebra

    This makes no sense: Students in classes, displayed below, ate the same ratio of cheese pizza slices to pepperoni pizza slices. Below is the Slices of Cheese Pizza column from the table. Fill it in with fractions or mixed numbers (like 7 1/2) Slices of

    asked on October 22, 2015
  23. social studies

    I have read through my text book for school but can not find the answer to my question. can someone please explain to me why Christianity was appealing to so many Romans?

    asked on May 15, 2014
  24. physics

    A car acclerates uniformly from to a rest to a speed 23.7 km/h in 6.5 s.Find the car travels during the time.(Displacement with constant uniform accleration).My only problem is the conversion

    asked on September 13, 2012
  25. world history

    What classical traditions and institutions survived despite the fall of states? ---- for Han (china) Roman empire and Gupta Empire?

    asked on August 28, 2012
  26. world history

    compare and contrast the classical empires

    asked on August 28, 2012
  27. world history

    Describe the sread of sedentary agriculture outside the older civilized areas?

    asked on August 27, 2012
  28. chemistry

    Hello, im having major issues with this problem...I need to find a pH for a 100.0-mL solution of 0.017 M CH3COOH (Ka = 1.8 10-5) is titrated with 0.025 M NaOH. Now, I've gotten some the answers all ready (right answers have *)....but three of them are

    asked on October 12, 2011
  29. chemistry

    Hello, im having major issues with this problem...A 100.0-mL solution of 0.017 M CH3COOH (Ka = 1.8 10-5) is titrated with 0.025 M NaOH. Now, I've gotten some the answers all ready (right answers have *)....but three of them are wrong, can someone tell me

    asked on October 12, 2011
  30. 5th grade

    What are the stresses of the words dozen, voyage, forbid, native, language, destroy, notice, distance, carrot, knowledge, captive, spinach, solid, justice, ashamed, program, message, respond, service, and relative??? I suck at these.........I always try

    asked on March 17, 2010
  1. math

    The answer is 80 and 8.

    posted on July 25, 2020
  2. English

    Clever you can shut up we just don’t feel like doing our work I’m pretty sure we all smart inside of here

    posted on May 15, 2020
  3. English

    Can we get the answer please with the writing cause we need em

    posted on May 15, 2020
  4. English

    what ever i just need help

    posted on May 11, 2020
  5. English

    So what's the answer?

    posted on May 11, 2020
  6. English

    Just wondering because mine only has 45 questions and neither have the same answers as me

    posted on May 11, 2020
  7. English

    Is this for English 9?

    posted on May 11, 2020
  8. math

    the answer to this question is YES!!✌👌

    posted on April 28, 2020
  9. math

    yall don't understand the test answers are different for people in math he changes the test for every one so they cant cheat

    posted on April 24, 2020
  10. Math

    Ima Just give the answer and explanation... Divide 168 by .28 to get the answer of 6. After you have your number 6 you add two zeros (00) because the number needs to be in the hundreds. There you go peoples i dont know

    posted on April 16, 2020
  11. Math

    Answers is wrong I got 10/19 :(

    posted on March 23, 2020
  12. Math

    Is answers correct??

    posted on March 23, 2020
  13. sceince

    bravo writeacher, stupidism is no more

    posted on March 12, 2020
  14. ELA

    Sal has long black hair phoebe doesn't she has short blonde hair that is curly

    posted on February 26, 2020
  15. Math help

    were all here just to cheat on the conexxus math 6 a fraction test thing

    posted on January 21, 2020
  16. English

    @renko is that right ? can i use that on test .. this test is kicking my a55

    posted on January 13, 2020
  17. Social Studies Lesson 1 Unit 7

    Anonymous is correct. Thanks

    posted on January 8, 2020
  18. Math - is this correct?

    @princessjay i dont nessecarrily feel some emotions including fear and exitment

    posted on December 13, 2019
  19. Math

    Is Ighealthcare right?!?!?

    posted on December 6, 2019
  20. Math

    I need the answers or I will get beaten.

    posted on December 6, 2019
  21. Math

    I agree with kiki

    posted on December 6, 2019
  22. math

    I hate this because it doesn’t have the answer

    posted on November 8, 2019
  23. music

    thank you

    posted on November 4, 2019
  24. science

    lun is correct thanks

    posted on November 4, 2019
  25. Math please help me

    may is correcto thanks

    posted on November 4, 2019
  26. Science-check my answers plz

    (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

    posted on November 4, 2019
  27. language arts HELP PLZ

    which test is this?

    posted on October 30, 2019
  28. Health connexues academy

    ya stupid

    posted on October 9, 2019
  29. history

    declaration of independence

    posted on October 9, 2019
  30. Writeacher

    did you have a self conversation

    posted on October 9, 2019
  31. Health

    thx every one

    posted on October 8, 2019
  32. history


    posted on September 30, 2019
  33. Pre Algerebra

    what is 0.18 with the 18 repeating as a fraction?

    posted on September 26, 2019
  34. math

    however I agree that 300 is correct

    posted on June 23, 2019
  35. math

    2015 is not divisible by 3

    posted on June 23, 2019
  36. Social Studies

    How do I turn that response into a full detailed essay?

    posted on June 4, 2019
  37. English

    i suffered a 70 to get these answers, but hope it helps. these should get you a 100 :') 1 b 2 b 3 b 4 d 5 a 6 b 7 d 8 a 9 d 10 b 11 b 12 c 13 a 14 a 15 c 16 c 17 a 18 a 19 a 20 a 21 d 22 c 23 c 24 c 25 b 26 c 27 d 28 d 29 a 30 b 31 c 32 b 33 c 34 b 35 a 36

    posted on May 30, 2019
  38. English

    anyone have a list of the actual answers yet? bc from what ive done so far, i dont think those are correct

    posted on May 30, 2019
  39. English

    anyone got them all yet?

    posted on May 30, 2019
  40. i need help with mah

    1. B 2. B 3. B 4. D 5. D 6. C 7. B 8. C 9. A 10. C 11. B 12. C 13. C 14. C 15. D 16. C 17. B 18. essay 19. essay these are the right answers, trust me

    posted on May 28, 2019
  41. Social Studies

    yeah okay, the teachers are annoying but they spend their day helping us people who just wanna cheat. Also in ur answer just talk about anything that was hard for them.

    posted on May 21, 2019
  42. history

    a is incorrect.

    posted on March 29, 2019
  43. History

    reed is mighty fiesty

    posted on March 29, 2019
  44. History

    oup tea??

    posted on March 29, 2019
  45. History

    reed is rude af its fine yall

    posted on March 29, 2019
  46. Math-please check


    posted on March 27, 2019
  47. Math-please check

    okay.... So Don't Trust Coasters Answers E.V.E.R Cos i just took the test with his Answers..and i got a 9/19... bad Ik... but the good news is that i could help u! Okay Ill just give u da Answers 1. A 2. B 3. B 4. A 5. A 6. B 7. B 8. D 9. A 10. B 11. A 12.

    posted on March 27, 2019
  48. Math-please check

    Yo Whats the Ansewer? I needs helps! -_-

    posted on March 27, 2019
  49. History

    reed you feisty feisty. quinn im sure youre a perfectly good reader.

    posted on March 22, 2019
  50. spanish

    pretty sure 18. is A

    posted on March 21, 2019
  51. Math

    the answer to 5 is c

    posted on March 11, 2019
  52. Math

    I meant i got 7/18 with helpers answers

    posted on February 13, 2019
  53. Math

    1b 2c 3b 4c 5d 6a 7d 8a 9c 10b 11d 12d 13a 14d 15b 16c 17d 18d 19 u have 2 do yourself I got 7/18 this is for lesson 10 geo. Unit test part 1 2019 cca

    posted on February 13, 2019
  54. Physical Ed

    why is Lun always right?🤔

    posted on January 23, 2019
  55. Science

    and dent is right

    posted on January 10, 2019
  56. Science

    I just kept reading this to what was going to be said and I love how their is always those few people

    posted on January 10, 2019
  57. Math

    the answer is wrong because the real answer is 716.8

    posted on December 21, 2018
  58. Math, are they all right?

    I mean D :)

    posted on December 15, 2018
  59. Math, are they all right?

    It's A B B C for connexus Finding Percent of Change

    posted on December 15, 2018
  60. Math help ms sue.

    Stop calling each other wrong and read what the questions are above and compare them to your actual test. The first question is on 2 different tests, so you have to be careful about choosing which one is correct.

    posted on November 14, 2018
  61. Math

    Gavin, are you doing the big ideas math homework or something because all of these questions were on my quiz

    posted on October 29, 2018
  62. Science

    hi its me again so i have your answer The energy from the Sun does not influence the global patterns of atmospheric movement, it causes them. Without the Sun's energy, there would be no atmospheric movement - your question implies something else causes the

    posted on October 11, 2018
  63. Science

    hi so your question go search it on google :)

    posted on October 11, 2018
  64. Science

    tsk tsk tsk. Doesn't even know how to spell "Quizzes"

    posted on September 27, 2018
  65. Science

    and i am agreeing with some of you. I honestly don't feel like it's cheating if your coming here every once in a while when your stuck on a question. I mean, yeah if you come here everyday it is... again in my opinion... considered cheating.

    posted on September 27, 2018
  66. Science

    Wow this is the most dramatically answered questions i've seen yet.

    posted on September 27, 2018
  67. science

    NapkinNate wha is ms sue gonna do call our parents

    posted on May 16, 2018
  68. Math

    The whole test answers are 1-C 2-C 3-A 4-B 5-C 100% Right I just took test

    posted on May 14, 2018
  69. Social Studies

    I did read the lesson and I obviously don't understand and that's why I need help.

    posted on May 10, 2018
  70. Social Studies

    I need help with the questions

    posted on May 5, 2018