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  1. chemistry

    If 19.7g of ALL, is actually produced, what is the percentage yield? 2Al+3I2 2 All3
  2. chemistry

    if you react 5.00g of aluminum with 20.0g of iodine, how much aluminum iodide do you expect to produce from this reaction? what is the limiting reactant ? what is the excess reactant? how much of the excess reactant do you expect to have left over?
  3. maths literacy

    Distance between two towns is 3,5cm,what is the actual distance in kilometres if you are givem a bar scale of 8km?
  4. stats

    Suppose for a given group of people, the mean height is 5.5 ft with a standard deviation of .25 ft, and let the data fall under a normal distribution.What percentage of the group is between 5 ft and 5.75 ft?
  5. maths

    show that (4-<3)(4+<3) ----------simplifies to <13 <13


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  1. economics business studies maths literacy tourism

    i do not know which career to choose at my level/
  2. Biology "Genetics"

    Traits like human height and skin color shows a wide range of phenotypes, as opposed to just two ot three. From the standpoints of genese and alleles, explain why is this so.
  3. math

    An atom of gold has a mass of 3.21x10^-22.What is the mass of 5000 atoms of gold.
  4. Geometry PLEASE HELP ME

    Not sure
  5. physics

    Jesse travels 3.0 meters east and then turns and travels 4.0 meters north. The trip requires 35 seconds. What is his velocity? 0.14 m/s 0.14 m/s, northeast 5.0 m/s, northeast 5.0 m/s, southwest