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  1. Math

    find the total number of possible outcomes for 4 different cell phone models, each of which has 3 different plans. A.7 B.12 C.16 D.24 my answer is 12 please tell me if its correct if not can yo help me find the right answer thankyou
  2. Science

    Earths History unit test 8th grade Under which of the following conditions would a fossil most likely form?
  3. ss

    who was the riveter 1 point)
  4. Physcis

    You are traeling back and forth on a 10m straight lane. You go forth in 10 sec and back in 4 seconds,forwards again in 5 s and back again in 1 seconds. what is ur displacement. and what is your average speed
  5. Physics

    two cars start from rest and begin accerlating, one at 10m/s^2 and the other at 12m/s^2. how long will it take for the second car to be 100m ahead of the first car


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  1. Math

    thanks a lot Ms. Sue! :D :3
  2. Math

    a pizza shop offers 12 different pizza toppings. if the total number of possible outcomes is 36, how many different sizes of single topping pizzas do they offer? A.2 B.3 C.6 D.24 my answer for this is 6
  3. English/ L.A.

    Boo is correct I got a 100%
  4. 7th grade

    no u
  5. 7th grade math

    random is right for 2018