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  1. math

    A bottle of cordial contains 5litres ,10% is pure fruit juice.how many litres of water must be added to dilute it to 4% fruit juice
  2. math

    Anna starts the race 10m ahead of ping.ping runs at 20%faster tan anna`s speed.they will be level in the race after 9seconds.find average speed of anna
  3. math/probability

    If u pick one card from each of 5different decks,what is the probability that you will pick at least one spade
  4. math/probability

    The probability of car accident is 1in 50 in a year,what is probability in a car accident over a 5year period
  5. maths

    Find missing number 76,47,29,18,11,7, ?
  6. math

    Find the missing number please 1,8,27,?,125
  7. math

    Determine the rule when gradient =2,x intercept =3 .can. anyone please explain,cause I know y intercept =c,but I don't know x intercept,thanks
  8. math

    18s^9 t^3 - 2s^9 t^2 = 9 can anyone explain pleases,thanks
  9. math

    What is 12p^7 - 2p^7
  10. math

    4÷√2 = ?
  11. math

    How to simplify (2÷m+3)+(1÷m) and how to simplify [2÷(x+1)(x+2)+3÷(x+2)(x+3)]
  12. maths

    Mandy can get 100kg of corn cob for $160 from Matt,on condition that she buys at least 100kg.From another supplier,she can buy 100kg or less for $1/cob,or more than 100kg for $0.60/cob.she gets $5/kg of con cobs or $1.25 for an individual con cob.if she
  13. chemistry

    large and small number are most easily handle when expressed in