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  1. Calculus 1

    At 2:00 pm a car's speedomoter reads 20 mph, and at 2:10 pm it reads 25 mph. Use the Mean Value Theorem to find an acceleration the car must achieve.
  2. Science (Biology)

    I think the answer is (e) but I'm not certain. In Drosophila melanogaster the genes for yellow body colour and white eye colour are linked this means that: a. They can produce only one phenotype b. They cannot separate c. They produce more parental types
  3. math

    toby buys a new mp3 player for a price of 45.50 what is the total amount of his credit card is charged if the sales tax is 7%
  4. Math

    Marie has scores of 65,72,80,74, and 85 on five math tests. The final will count as two tests in determining each students overall average. What score must Marie get on the final if she wants her overall average to Ben 80?
  5. Physics

    What is physics


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  1. chemistry

    sorry its taken me so long but I sadly have not figured out the answer to your question but the fact that it has been 7 years i'm hoping you found it
  2. calculus

  3. History

    Is it D for #9?
  4. geo

    Which of the following describes an absolute location in China? 40ºN 100ºE 100ºN 40ºE 120ºN 50ºE 20ºS 100ºE
  5. econ